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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars59
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 1 September 2007
Don't believe the reviews here. Bjork's new album is pretty forgettable - this coming from a huge Bjork fan who adores Vespertine, Debut and Post.The first few tracks aren't bad but 60% of the album just wallows and leaves no lasting impression. I think Bjork is a genius but this album is quite dull.
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on 7 March 2008
I've been a big fan of Bjork for years. Not only is she stunning, her music has always been top notch - with the Post CD being the pinnacle.

This CD leaves me not wanting to play it again. I can't pick out a single track I enjoy - or would want to listen to again. I just find it all a bit weird. I had a similar feeling when I played Aerial by Kate Bush.

I know artists like to experiment but for me this is one experiment that should have remained in the lab/studio. All but the last track (11) comes across as noise rather than music - it all just seems a bit random and disjointed.

I hope future projects are better than this. Sorry Bjork - this one just isn't for me !
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on 25 May 2007
After reading a couple of reviews which hailed this as a stunning return to her catchy, irrepresible best, I bought this album, hoping for the beautiful and madness that was Debut. Did any of the reviewers actually LISTEN to the album, or where they on short deadlines and wrote the review straight off the press release?

I think that the latter is more likely. Unfortunately, Bjork is still wandering about in a musical wilderness which is in habited only by her, a frog in a fez playing a giant harpsicord, and her sappy PA, who continually says "Yeah, that's beautiful. People will love it."

Do you really think so, mate? She's got a wonderful voice but it is completely wasted because she backs it up with a disharmonious selection of random noises which, by and large, refuse to relate the to what she is singing.

She might as well have tied bin lids to the feet of a herd of pigs and recorded herself singing over that.

Actually, Bjork, you can have that idea. Use it for your next album. People will love it.
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on 18 May 2008
What the gibbons has happened to Bjork? She wants to be different and 'unique' and she used to be those things BUT for all the right reasons.
To my ears it seems that,whereas on most of her previous albums (Medulla not included),she came up with great tunes and then wrote the song around the tune,now she seems to be doing it the other way around but forgetting to include any cohesive TUNE in the final mixes.It's such a shame because,let's face it,she is,after all a very,very talented musician and vocalist (i have seen her live in Manchester and her singing is so much better live)and songwriter.Medulla stretched me to fever-pitch whilst trying to find its attractions and,difficult as it turned out to be,i finally succumbed to my internal pressures of frustration and found myself enjoying it BUT i had to be alone to do so (not one of my friends,my family or my partner could sit in the same room as i persevered with it!!)
However,i just cant find any passion for this trite and tuneless drivel...she's tested me too far this time and i can only get any satisfaction from about 3 songs at most...and 2 of those were singles.
AND,there is now nothing different about her work because,looking back at her career,in retrospect,even she has done it all before.She desperately needs to find a fresh and innovative approach to presenting her music instead of the tried and tested 'bang/crash' and squelchy keyboards of at least four of her albums ('Post','Homogenic','Vespertine' and now 'Volta')
It's ok to keep introducing a few touches of strange and beautiful orthodox instruments here and there but she now seems to constantly swathe them in this aforesaid method.
It's the songs and the tunes that are important and without those being strong and memorable,she will continue to baffle and alienate potentially loyal fans such as myself.I certainly will always keep my ears open in the future but this is a bus stop too far for me and for now,i'm getting off.....
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on 24 October 2007
Up until now I have adored Björk's music (apart from "It's All So Quiet", of course) but this is a complete mess.

Many of the tracks are ruined by this Timbaland fellow who, to my ears, just seems to stack up huge walls of unpleasant samples; his 'sound' reminds me of a small child's finger painting - but done with mud and maybe something less wholesome and, all in all, it's a mindless noise; one that could be made with anyone with a half-decent sampler.

I was greatly looking forward to hearing what Björk would sound like with Anthony Hegarty. Again, disappointment struck. There are large chunks of unmelodic wandering (often seeming to search for the correct intonation) and often with the lyrics sounding as if they've been hammered into place - squeezing five words in where there was room for only two.

On a couple of occasions it sounds as if Björk has forgotten a word, or comes in just a shade late - this too jars.

Björk has made some absolutely wonderful music - in fact MOST of her music has been wonderful. I hope that, for her next album, she ditches this Timbaland oaf and returns to using real musicians - or just her own glorious voice.
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on 9 May 2007
She has totally surpassed herself this time!

I personally think this is her best Album yet... it has small flavours of Vespertine, Medulla and The Music from Drawing Restraint.

She's playing at Electric Picnic (irelend) this year.. I can't go becuse it's my fiends wedding..aahhhhhh.. I'm gutted!
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on 13 September 2007
How the mighty have fallen! And this is coming from someone who (used to) be a major Bjork fan, down to the initial Sugarcubes albums. Bjork could release a CD full of silent tracks and I'd still buy it. Well apparently even this fanboy has his limits.

Why am I comparing Volta to Beck's Guero? Well, Guero took everyone by surprise by layering insipid lyrics (3 songs on that album actually use 'sha-na-na-nanana-lalala' as lyrics) on forgettable beats. The magic was gone if you will.

It's gone from here to. Someone less kind than me on the RollingStone site said 'put a fork into Bjork, she's done'. I very sadly must concur, and I'm off to listen to different artists.

Before you buy, listen to the samples, loop them and you pretty much have the whole song. And if you still don't believe me, try to listen to our beloved 'Pluto' and then compare it to 'Declare Independance', and you'll truly see that Bjork's creativity has gone on extended leave.

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on 25 April 2007
I've now heard two full tracks off this album and snippets of others. Earth Intruders (first download single) is very tribal and brilliant. It sounds like it could fit on anything from Homogenic and is a very catchy song.

Innocence (the next single) this has lots of drum loops and noises and has got lots of electronic noises.

The concept for what I've heard so far behind this is that Bjork's character is going back to nature - that kind of stuff. And she uses brass and the creation of this album came out of lots of improvisation stuff.

So it sounds like its going to be very innovative and will bring freshness to your ears! Something different!!
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If you liked her last album, you may like this, but if you liked the beautiful songs of Vespertine, you won't. This album is unfortunately very similar to the last one, which was also absolute rubbish. What happened to the music? Avoid.
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