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4.2 out of 5 stars20
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2007
I haven't watched much Asian horror but I think I know a good one when I see one. This film should not to be overlooked! While it borrows a bit from the Ringu cycle, the film makers have added enough originality to make the film stand on its own. It is all done with a great deal of talent and packs quite a horrific blow! I had the pleasure of viewing this film the other night and was surprised by all of the clever editing tricks employed by the filmmakers. Some of this editing is so sneaky it happens before your eyes can catch it!

After a night out drinking with his fellow graduate friends, photography student Tun (Ananda Everingham) and his girlfriend Jane (Nattaweeranuch Thongmee) accidentally run down a girl who's standing in the middle of the road. After panicking and leaving without stopping to help, Jane begins to have nightmares and Tun finds ghost-like images in the backgrounds of his photos. When his friends start apparently committing suicide, Tun and Jane's investigations lead to more possible incidents of guilt concerning another student, Natre (Achita Sikamana). They may only be in their mid-twenties and this their debut film, but "Shutter's" Thai co-directors Parkpoom Wongpoom and Banjong Pisanthanakun have a fantastic feel for what makes an atmospheric, tension filled ghost story.

One of the remarkable things about this movie is the cast especially Everingham. Besides being easy on the eyes he has shown several different sides to his character as the story moves in unexpected directions. As beautiful as Jane is, she has the most straightforward and possibly the only completely sympathetic character but she does really well to make Jane far more interesting than the usual screaming girlfriend. Sikamana is good as the quiet reclusive student and then downright terrifying as the vengeful ghost. Even though the ghost is still a woman with messy hair, at least she doesn't stand at the end of halls trying to trick you into thinking she is scary. She actually moves and does things, a winning combo in ghost movies... and the bedroom. The scary moments are so effective. The "pick a boo" scene are really scary cause it actually made me jump and I don't do that. Another thing that "Shutter" has going for it is director Banjong Pisanthanakun cause he got skills compare to the other directors in this territory. I thoroughly enjoyed the look of this movie and the ending was amazing.

"Shutter" will stick in your mind along with your time because it truly deals with a justified passionate revenge from the grave. I can feel the fear again, will you?
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on 29 September 2009
Some of this genre I feel can be a bit patchy and so when I sat down to watch this (one Sunday afternoon), I wasn't expecting much. Turned out to be great entertainment with some superb tension building. Okay so the storyline isn't spectacularly different, but great direction, well-judged (not OTT) effects and pretty convincing acting served it very well. Thoroughly recommended!
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on 16 May 2008
It's a very long time since I watched a film that genuinely scared me. This one really did. It uses excellent techniques to draw your attention and hold it, and the scares do not let up right up until the end of the film. A must for fans of the Asian Horror genre.
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on 23 May 2008
This film does not break any new ground but has a good story and the ending is satisfying. If you like The Ring, The Grudge etc then you will enjoy this.
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on 3 July 2011
This movie has a good story and a good ending :-) . One of the best asian horror movies I have seen :-) . I would recommend it to everyone who likes a good scare.
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on 11 May 2014
This film really creeped my out! Haven't seen a great film like this in a long time. really need to watch it if you haven't seen this film before!
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on 15 June 2014
Really good film, i rather enjoyed it myself, good atmosphere, high tension and its like a puzzle, you don't see the full picture till the end.
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on 14 January 2013
If you liked titles such as the creepy 'Dark Water', 'The Grudge', 'Phone' or even some of the haunting work of Kim Ji Woon, such as 'A Tale of Two Sisters', you'll simply adore this!

'Shutter' perhaps isn't the best known of the crop but for me is up there with the best. If it's an atmospheric, unsettling ghost story you're after, look no further.

The 'basics' are all there early on - the acting is fine, the characters/plot well developed and the scares frequent enough to grab the attention and not let it go.

As with so many Asian horror films (this one is Thai which is a different take on things), 'Shutter' is shot superbly and the chilly, bleak tones used throughout all adds to the atmosphere, as does the musical score.

You don't need me to go over the storyline but what did please me was the ending. I find Asian filmakers approach film as an art form still (unlike Hollywood) and as such demand a beginning, middle and an end....and boy does 'Shutter' end well! With a really haunting final 5-10 minutes and a very unique twist/take on the topic of haunting I was left feeling a little freaked out...but very satisfied indeed!

'Shutter' is horror in the true form - tension, atmosphere, a sense of unease and some excellently timed and executed frights (if like me, you find 'ghost photos' particularly creepy, have a cushion at the ready!).

'Shutter' is yet another example of the east ruling the modern horror genre - like many before and since this is an absolute gem that I can't rate highly enough.
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on 12 March 2014
At first I was a bit concerned about the quality of the film but after about 10 mins, I didn't really care about the SD resoultion.
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on 30 March 2008
I love this movie.
Rewind....I once made the mistake of buying a Thai ghost movie called the closet, it gets less than one star and put me off any Thai ghost movies. I kept reading about Shutter and thought, 'could this be the project zero movie I have been waiting for?' (Project 0 is a video game where you enter a mansion filled with ghosts but you can only see them through a special camera. Taking their photo is the only way to repel them.)
This movie was definately including the ghost photos I so wanted to see and made me sit on the edge of my seat so I could watch the backgrounds for any spooky happenings that may occur without the characters' knowledge. I love that!
The best Thai ghost movie in my collection so far, ok I only have 3.
It's not low budget and the way it is filmed gives me the creeping fear I love so much.
Yay, vengeful ghosts!
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