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4.7 out of 5 stars554
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 August 2008
If your laptop is overheating and cutting out or the fans are on at 100% the majority of the time I would recommend this product. After installing the latest graphics drivers for my Dell XPS M1710 and buying the game Mass Effect, my laptop suffered with frequent overheats and noisy performance from the fans running at maximum. As a temporary solution I used ice blocks underneath the laptop to provide cooling which proved rather effetive. However these were inconvenient, awkward and only delayed overheating.

To carry out maintenance on the cooling system on my laptop I used the following:

- Can of Compressed air
- Solvent to clean off old thermal compount (rubbing alcohol is fine)
- Arctic silver to replace old thermal compound
- Lint free cloth (the same you would use to clean your glasses with)

After thoroughly blowing out all of the dust on the radiator fins of the cooling assembly I cleaned off the old thermal compound on the CPU, GPU and coprocessor and replaced it with arctic silver (the coprocessor uses a praffin wax pad as the thermal compound, I replaced it with arctic silver). After this I put it all back together and not only did it stop overheating when playing Mass Effect, the fans didn't even go to 100% speed. A huge improvement. My laptop was 2 years old when I did this and the old thermal compound on the CPU and GPU was definitely in need of replacement as it seemed to be breaking up. When applying this make sure you follow the instructions from Arctic Silver's site as applying it incorrectly will dramatically reduce its effectiveness.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 June 2014
I've used this for years on various builds I've done it was my go to thermal paste though I did try other compounds once in a while.
I can say in confidence it works and it does the job very well, certainly in comparison to normal silicone pastes or standard thermal compounds. It's significantly better at pulling heat away than a cheap paste or thermal pad.

Arctic Silver 5 has been around a while though (over 10 years) it is a dense compound fairly easy to spread and use (I prefer the single dot method..just a single dot in the middle and put the heatsink over it, this avoids air getting trapped)

There are a few downsides, firstly AS5 requires some burn in time...quite a bit 50 to 200 hours to reach peak performance. This won't be a problem for most people, but bear this in mind if you are testing temperatures to compare them. The compound is also slightly slightly capacitive which I have never had a problem with, just make sure to keep it away from any electronic components on the board.

A few times I have found the compound to harden (over extended use on one motherboard heatsink used for about 8 years solid) this isn't a common issue, but whilst it won't bleed it could be a problem down the road. Any compound can harden over time though.

The company say you should see about 3 to 12 degrees centigrade lower temperatures than a standard compound. I don't disagree with these figures at all. Problem is there are now many alternatives like MX-4 and Gelid do some too (using both I've found them to be very good overall) if not slightly better than AS5 (which is older now) and without a burn in time either.

AS5 is also a bit messy to clean up, use a citrus based cleaner. Overall it's a good thermal compound, but look at various options here.
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on 26 May 2010
Having never bought thermal paste before, I was a bit worried, especially reading that this could cause a short circuit if applied wrong.

I bought this to help fix an xbox 360 with RROD and so far its working perfectly since applying this thermal paste! I also used some on my older pentium 4 computer and saw a drop in temperature around 20degrees (though looking at the stuff that was there, I don't think the manufacturer applied their paste correctly in first place).

Just a note to those new to thermal pastes, don't use too much! Also make sure you remove all the previous thermal paste on the item you're applying this to (if any), using cotton buds and alcohol (or in my case, paint thinner).
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on 27 December 2012
If you are looking for a cheap, easy and effective method to reduce component temperature, Arctic Silver Thermal Paste should most certainly be your first port of call.

I have had temperature reductions of 5 degrees centigrade on my CPU (Intel Q6600), which has been overclocked to 3.2ghz as opposed to its factory standard 2.4ghz, and roundabout 3 degrees centigrade reduction on my GPU (XFX Radeon 4870 512MB). These results may not sound particularly fantastic, but when sided with my Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 fan and Antec 900 computer case (both of which offer already brilliant cooling solutions), perfect harmony becomes a somewhat daily saying!

If however, you have already purchased the item and are looking for simple methods of application, please read below;

1. Purchase a container of methylated spirit and a pack of standard cotton buds.

2. Dip the cotton bud into the methylated spirit, give it a little shake to remove excess liquid, and then begin removing the old compound from the targeted area - i.e. CPU and cooling fan base.

TIP - try not to do it too quickly as you may accidentally deposit the old compound on other electrical components, such as the motherboard, and this could either damage, or potentially ruin said piece of equipment.

IF - you accidentally deposit the old compound elsewhere in the computer, the same method - mentioned in step 1 & 2 - of removal can be applied universally.

3. Repeat step two until ALL of the old compound has been removed.

4. Wait about 5 - 10 minutes for the methylated spirit to dry.

5. Apply the new silver compound around the designated area, at least somewhat evenly!

SEE - customer images for before and after examples.

6. Put the components back together.

7. Voilá, you are complete! Treat yourself to a beer!

8. .. Or beard.
review image review image review image
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on 24 June 2012
I'm a first time user of this Arctic Silver 5.

I just changed the thermal paste on the processor and on the Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator.

Is working very well. My processor is 7 C cooler and the Graphics Media Accelerator also 6-7 C cooler than before was.

If you are first time user I strongly recommend to dont put a lot of paste on the cpu! Just spread a tiny amount on the surface! I had a bad experience about this. First time I put to much, and the cooling become even worst!
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Arctic Silver 5 paste is simply the best thermal cpu/gpu paste at this price. Compared to stock you can expect substantial drops in temp. It knocked 10c off my temps almost striaght away and I expect it will drop further through thermal cycling.

There are good instructions on their website for how to apply the paste depending on your cpu and less really is more!

Use this straight on a new build or use their cleaner product to remove old grease and place this on. I can't praise thsi enough. As other reviews indicate it is also useful on a ps3/xbox 360.

I also now someone who replaced the grease on their gfx card reducing temps further.

Reduced temps equal longer lifespan and quiet system fans!
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on 13 November 2015
I was a bit disappointed in this product as it seemed to make little difference to the performance of cooling my i7 processor.
I was expecting more and before you say was it applied correctly I would say yes. I am an experienced pc-builder and I know what I am doing.
Pentium processors come as standard with paste applied to the heat sink and I find it adequate enough for the job but better heat loss is found using even a standard paste applied properly will give a degree or two better cooling. You would expect the same with Artic Silver 5 over a standard paste, but not so. If it was a degree better well that would be encouraging but I noticed little if any difference.
I benchmarked using real temp 3.7 and cpu-z before and after taking into account ambient temperature and honestly seen little if any difference in the results.

Ok I know Artic Silver 5 does have a reputation and possibly in some circumstances will give better results and not forgetting the feel-good factor when using Artic Silver 5 may give with peace of mind, but I'm still not convinced.
My other gripe is the price that needs consideration too, you pays your monies and after that it's up-to you?
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on 7 January 2013
I bought this product to fix YLOD on a PS3 the (yellow light of death) were the PS3 wont turn on checked out how to do it on youtube and it worked and this paste is the best ive been running the PS3 for over 12 hours a night for the last month with no problems so if you want to fix your PS3 get this paste to do it thanks
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on 6 April 2010
I have the exact same laptop as the previous reviewer which I have been dealing with its constant overheating for the two years that I have had it.

Tons of call outs to have parts constantly replaced to try and resolve the issue, none of which where any help at all. In the end I just decided to try and solve the issue myself, using the Arctic thermal material remover to get rid of the old rubbish that had been used, and then the Arctic area purifier to prepare the surfaces for the new thermal paste.

After applying just a thin layer of Arctic Silver 5 to both the CPU and the GPU chips my laptop has worked perfectly since. From 80 degrees on my CPU and 97 degrees on my GPU on low graphics settings, I now run at 55 on my CPU and a maximum of 70 on the GPU on flat out graphics settings, I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I am finally able to use my laptop for what I paid for after all this time. Best purchase I could have ever made, would recommend to anyone.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 6 June 2011
I Tell everyone who asks the same thing. DON'T SKIMP on important parts in your computer, no matter how small or how insignificant you may find it or you might regret it, Thermal Compound is primarily used between your CPU and the cooler that sits on the top, It works by transferring heat VERY EFFECTIVELY from your CPU to the Heat-sink and in the world of Thermal Compound "arctic silver 5" is the best there is!

Ask most Professional Computer Builders and they will say the same, most will use "Arctic Silver 5" simply as it does the job you want it to do better than any other Compound on the market for the money. It gives you peace of mind, so that once done you can forget about it.

Tip: for anyone new to Computer building and thinking of using this or any Compound for that matter, you don't need much on the CPU, just spread a tiny amount from the middle EVENLY across the surface!

VERDICT: The ONLY Thermal Compound i use and i can FULLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!
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