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4.1 out of 5 stars47
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2011
As is stated here by others*and i wish i had read this before i bought it!* HD can only be enabled on NTSC US/JAP xboxes, even though my pal xbox will play ntsc us/j no problems *unleashx* it wont produce HD, even though i have the options to do so, 780p/1080i etc...however there is a fix for this if you can be bothered reading some walkthroughs and downloading a patch from various xbox1 forums/sites.
Now after reading the above your probably wondering why on earth i rate it highly then?...i rate it so because even with no HD the clarity/sharpness/ and detail are improved a good amount. The problem with these new HD tellys is they are great for PS3, 360 etc, but if you try to play anything older with no HDMI connections and using the standard AV cable, the picture and sharpness is not good at all...oddly, worse than a standard CRT tv *but i guess xbox was made when CRT was the intended host*
So all in all, while im yet to fix my xbox for HD, the improvment in picture on a HD tv makes well worth the price anyway. It was like looking through a misty window using the AV lead.
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on 30 November 2014
First up please note that this is an component cable for the original xbox console and in theory should produce pictures up to 1080i. The cable itself comes in a plastic wrapping and not box as pictured but is sturdy and feels wee made.

Right now for the quality. When hooked upto a HD TV instantly everything looks better however if you have a big standard Pal console without any mods then ensue that the settings are amended to allow for the console to output at the highest resolutions or else it won't!

If like me you have a modified console then this is where it becomes best. First MAKE SURE that the machine has been set to NTSC mode and this is done via the Enigmah video mode. Then under system settings make due the display categories are amended for 480, 720, 1080 support. Finally you might want to do the same fir the MD Dashboard settings if you want the homepage looking on hd. Trust me once done shinobi, golden axe, street fighter etc look all fine and modern! With the games I have on it and the number of old Skool ones the cable makes this console become a whole new experience better than any of the modern day ones for nostalgia. Just one thing when playing games on coin ops it's better NOT to select the option for 720p on the picture settings for coin ops as although the picture is sharper the frame rate suffers.

I've rated this a 4 star as it's not perfect and noticed the odd funny sound here and there which is not the game but likely the cable - sounding a bit like interference but it soon goes and it's minor quibble.
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on 24 October 2010
This lead has given my old xbox a new lease of live. It's a plug and play lead, no skill required. Screen resolution is much improved, colours and definition are considerably better when compared to the originally supplied RGB scart converter. If you have a old Xbox then breath new life into it with this lead. Screen resolution now looks more like a Xbox360! A really good but cheap upgrade to an aging but still good system.
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on 20 July 2012
Every now and then i like to play games on my old xbox (since not all games play on 360). Switching between consoles was fine while i had an SD TV. But once i got a HDTV the visual problems began while playing the xbox1 with the standard AV cable:

- VERY dark shadows, so much so it can be hard to see what is happening.
- Heightened motion blur. Most noticedable on fast-moving games such as racers or some shooters. It can make it hard to see what is going on.
- General "fuzziness" The game just looks slightly blurred.

Now i didnt want to fork out £40 plus for one of those "HD conversion" boxes. So seeked out something cheaper. This is what i found, and it works very well. The wire simply plugs into the xbox, and into the various source plugs on the back of the tv (The OTHER set of plugs to the AV plugs, make sure your TV has the colours as shown on the picture).

Now my games look AT LEAST how they did when i had an SDTV, maybe even a little better. All the problems i mentioned above are gone, which is all i wanted really. My TV says it displays the games at 576i, so it doesn't go all the way to 1080p. This is a limitation found on UK PAL xboxes for some reason, and cannot be fixed without some sort of hack. American Xboxes can go all the way to 1080.

One small problem i found while playing was that the picture has flickered a few times. Usually at the bottom of the screen. But this only lasts a split second, and is hardly noticeable.
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on 13 March 2008
I bought this item (and the PS2 equivalent) as I had heard they made a massive difference to picture quality, especially on HD TVs, compared to SCART and other connectors. Even so I was extremely surprised to see the results after plugging the connectors into my TV - the picture was so much more sharp and the colours were much better defined. I almost felt like I'd upgraded to the next generation of consoles... If you have a good quality TV with component ports then you should definitely get this cable.
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on 15 February 2009
Works well, just be aware to actually make the most of these you need to put you Xbox in to NTSF mode, once this is done HD progressive scan modes can be accessed.
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on 10 April 2009
IF you have an (original) xbox and an HDTV get this -- no question. Worth it at 3 times the price.

One thing to be aware of though -- if your xbox is a PAL box then you will only be able to get 576p with this until you change to NTSC mode: 720p and 1080i will be unavailable.

If you have chipped / cheapmodded your box then you can easily set the xbox into NTSC mode (there is a program called Enigmah Video Switch to do this). I don't know if you can do this on a softmodded box.

I have a pal xbox which now runs XBMC @ 720p on a Samsung 42'' HDTV and it is glorious. The xbox is a little slow to actually decode 720p video but it will up-scale standard def very well and the xbmc interface is a million times better in hi def -- All the fonts are 100% readable from my couch now.
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on 4 June 2012
Works great, I've experienced no ghosting (50" plasma & 32" LCD".
As mentioned a pal xbox needs to be modded & switched to NTSC.
Modding is achievable without opening your console & the 'Enigmah Video Switch Disc' is what you need to force NTSC.
No optical out which is a shame, but is stated & these seem to be really rare now.
Get these while you can!
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on 31 March 2014
Good cable for your original xbox if you are thinking of updating it with a soft modded dashboard or just would like a bit of higher quality, however soft modding will double your quality and I would highly recommend doing it, also there is no interference with this cable, eg ghosting, colour fading which is great.

Lastly i would like to note that the customer service was very helpful when the product got lost in the as they sent a replacement to me immediately and were very friendly.
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on 6 May 2013
Era el cable que yo necesitaba para poder ver mi xbox en mi television de 40 pulgadas. Barato y rápido el envío
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