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4.7 out of 5 stars40
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2007
I wanted to switch it off after 20 minutes but please bear with it. I'm not easily offended, but the slow opening scenes of cruelty and incest were nearly too much. It's about a simple man called "Bubby," held captive by his deranged mother in a room for his entire life of 35 years. He only knows his mother, his poor cat and the four, filthy walls of the room. His absent father turns up unexpectedly and Bubby's world is turned upside down.

I don't want to say much else as it will ruin it. But I must say that any film where a person robs a petrol station with a dead cat must be viewed. If you are religious avoid this, as its underlying message is that "it is our duty to think god out of existence" and that "we are merely just a bunch of complicated atoms that don't live or die, just change shape or form."

This film will make you cry with laughter, writhe with disgust and above all consider life, religion and society. A true cult classic with a good moral message and by far the best film I've ever seen.
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on 8 September 2007
There is a pivotal point about 30 minutes into this film where what seems to be a potentially heart-rending film about sufferers of domestic/sexual abuse features a jarring moment of completely misplaced humour that threatens to derail the entire project. By this time you are also painfully aware that despite an astounding central performance by Nicholas Hope, almost everyone else in the film has the acting ability of a first year drama student. That the film goes on to transcend both of these unfortunate aspects to rank alongside some of the greatest movies I have ever seen is testament to the belief and (for want of a better word) 'balls' that the makers have displayed throughout this remarkable movie. The film frequently teeters on the edge of pretention and even condescencion without ever succumbing to them and prevails with a final hour that takes in religious pondering, racism, environmental concern and an unbelievably prescient commentary on the cult of celebrity without ever forgetting that it's essentially the tale of one man adrift in a strange world. You will sit through the final credits shocked, damaged, possible even offended but certainly not unaffected and very probably uplifted by a movie that you will not forget for a long time. A stone cold classic in every sense.
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on 19 April 2010
This film was on channel 4 (uk) a couple of years after it came out, as part of their 'extreme' season. I can't remember any of the others but for some reason I recorded bubby and am so glad I did. It came out at a similar time to mike leighs 'naked', and for me overtook it in terms of its optimism for us.
Both brilliant films, naked shows johnny as a conscious social parasite, whereas bubby is naive in the extreme on his quest to fill the next hour. I didn't see forrest gump until 2000, and as soon as it started all I could think of was bubby. Gump and bubby (and yes chauncy gardner) are thrown into a world that has no want or need for them, and by random actions become celebrities through no fault of their own. Gump and bubby are the same person, except gump lives in a nicer post code. They learn through their mothers and repeat their lessons. Their fates are out of their tiny minds, and they're the better for that. Both bear sons and settle with a family, outcomes unthinkable at the start of each film.
These two are anti anti heroes, kicking against a system they have no idea exists. They break rules they have no knowledge of, rules imposed and followed by those not questioning them, which is a total bummer, man. I've just read this and realised I haven't told you a thing about either film. Buy me a pint and i'll tell you all about it. I don't own the blu-ray three-disc "perfect until the next format comes out" (dam you gil bates, you cockpuncher) version yet but:

a) I'm about to go and buy it, and
b) so should you.

Oh yeah, this isn't the kind of film that you should show to your girlfriend who's in bed with flu cos you think it might cheer her up and aid her recovery, because it won't and she'll think you're weird and that you want to wrap her cat in cellophane.

People who bought this film also purchased

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Given the amount of people who'll read this review, AND get this far, is between 1 and 3, I can safely say you're both great people and your choices in life have been excellent, so far.....
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on 1 May 2005
...That's not a joke. This is possibly one of the best films ever made. In the UK (or US) Hardly anybody has heard of it...In Australia (A country renowned for filmmaker who think outside the box) -people sit in pubs and quote bits as we Brits may quote parts from 'the life of Brian' (or something equally ingrained into our pop-culture).
It's no suprise really that this isn't a film that's recieved the recognition it deserves. For a start there's the the title 'Bad Boy Bubby'...You'd expect something idiotic and trashy...Blood?..Chainsaws?...low production values? stupidity? ...No...This is about as considered and well crafted as film making can get.
The film is a beautifully crafted, intelligent and eloquent 'essay' on quite number of taboos that we quietly have to deal with everyday-yet simply don't find reflected back at us by the screen (And for very obvious reasons)
For a start...Dont watch this film if you're religious! (Please...I'm afraid you will simply find it offensive)...for those of you that aren't religious...consider the implications that, having watched the film- why it's film that has been 'quietly tucked away'...and realise that it's quite a few years yet before the importance and significance of the movie will be 'palatable' to the mainstream. (If ever!...and that's not an understatement...the film very simply puts a number of things our 'culture' takes for granted into a certain persective...and naturally...there's a lot of people who'd really rather not think it.)
If you dont want to think about the possibly that severely disabled people need to fall in love. Dont watch this film.
If you have spent your life laughing at fat people...or pushing as much of your own personal hatred and anger onto others...don't watch this wouldn't understand...actually...forget that....lock yourself in a room for a month with the film and learn some damn humility.
If you want a dose some of the most absurd humour and pathos backed up by the simple beauty of 'a childs logic'...If you're looking for a clever, well concieved snapshot of the human condition-with no special effects...well...this could be one of the most important films you could ever watch.
They should show this in'd be a far more 'human' society.
Anyway, I really could rant on about this for months...please-Just somehow get a copy of this film (steal if you have to...from the collection plate if you can)
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on 2 February 2002
I saw like the first 40 minutes of this late one night on tv (but fell asleep), that was about 4 years ago. A friend of mine got the video not really knowing what it was - the box kinda made it sound cheesy "He's been in his room for 35 years....It's time to let him out!". Man, who thought up that slogan....terrible!
Anywho, absolutely brilliant film, overall it kinda reminded me of a Forets Gump before it's time (although Bubby went through a lot more psycological events compared to Forest).
I don't really want to give anything away, just buy the film, it's an absolute masterpeice.
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on 14 June 2011
I cannot believe this film is not more well-known.It really is an astounding piece of work and one I believe all serious film-fams should own.It is sad,cruel,funny,heartbreaking but also incredibly touching and uplifting(I never expected the ending...things don't usually turn out out so well in these types of films!)It really did blow me away and I would certainly put it in my favies list!
Another thing,I really can't understand why this film is so controversial? It really saddens me to think that some people would be put off viewing the film because of this.Now I am an avid fan of extreme cinema(ironically,it was the controversy that ATTRACTED me!),so as someone who actively seeks out repulsive subject matter maybe I am not the best person to judge this!!!!However even looking at it subjectively I don't understand.Sure,there are two scenes of incest at the VERY BEGINNING of the film,but they are both very brief and(dare I say it)tastefully done.I really don't think think there is anything else that would offend even the casual if you don't like these scenes,please stick them out because the rest of the film is such a payoff.
It reminded me a lot of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" in that somehow there is an underlying feeling of tragedy running through the film,so if you like that film(who doesn't?!)then this film is well worth a look.Poignant,powerful and moving,the film says a lot about the human race in general.How we react to the mentally challenged,the effect of religion,relationships(both sexual and platonic)and ultimately the power of love(sorry to get corny!).....I really did get so much from this it!
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on 13 November 2009
I've watched scores of independent, low budget flicks over the years but this little gem from down-under is the king. Calling this flick sick or labelling it as a comedy would be selling it short; it's both of these extremes but it's also so much more. Bubby has been misguided by his mother who has locked him up for 35 years and used him as her whipping post and sex slave. She leaves the house to do her shopping wearing a gas mask telling Bubby it's essential for breathing; without the gas mask you will die and this is how she keeps Bubby in captivity.

One day Bubby's pop (father) returns and his mother welcomes him with open arms and neglects Bubby in the process, resulting in Bubby throwing a tantrum of epic proportions. Pop kicks him out and Bubby soon realizes that he can in fact breathe. When his parents return home drunk, Bubby decides to wrap them both in cling film, thus suffocating them to death. At this stage of the film Bad Boy Bubby is so grim that I expect a lot of people to have turned off and retreated to the household chores for comfort. Wrong! If you can persevere then a magical and bizarre journey will ensue, transforming Bubby into one of the most iconic figures in the history of cinema; by the time the credits roll you will be singing the Bad Boy Bubby Blues along with him and his band.

Nicholas Hope plays Bubby so convincingly I would rate his performance up there with the likes of: Jack Nicholson, The Shining and Cuckoo's Nest; Al Pacino, Scarface; Robert De Niro, Cape Fear and Taxi Driver and Heath Ledger's definitive version of The Joker. Making Bad Boy Bubby not only the king of independent flicks but also one of the top ten character driven flicks of all time.
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on 2 October 2012
Great film ...

From dark beginings to it's redemptive conclusion this is a must see movie masterpiece for lovers of Cult cinema ...

Nothing quite like it ...
But, Think Forrest Gump meets Eraserhead!!!!

This edition contains ...

Bluray, DVD & Digital Copy.

Nice 20pg booklet.

It's uncut.

The print is beautiful.

Extras include commentary.

20min interview with the writer - Taken from The Blue Underground DVD release.

This is the definitive version & at a Tenner it's good value.

all round ...

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on 21 September 2000
After having watched this on television late one night, we just had to track the film down on video. "Byyyy godddd Flo", when we saw it again, that be some whopper of a film!
It is easy for people to be disturbed and want to turn off, but persist! The film addresses serious psychological and philosophical issues and has some of the most hilarious and entertaining bits in cinema history.
We'll never look at clingfilm, pizza and cats in the same way ever again - five stars just isn't enough!
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on 18 December 2010
I came across this film via a recommendation about 8 years ago. it was an awfull vhs copy i bought but even so i have never seen a film which is so funny or outhere and i doubt i will again. It certainly isnt a mainsteam film and the first half an hour is hard going but bare with it and it is well worth it. it tackles every taboo subject but with brilliant humour. its very dark but one of the funniest films ever. anyone who likes films like braindead and that kind of homour must see it. its not one to watch with your mum but watch it and love it. some of the lines are genius. I BE POP NOW LOL
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