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4.7 out of 5 stars494
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2014
I saw Indy just at the right age,14,young enough to be wrapped up in the adventure,and old enough to be at the age when the type of literature i was reading were the likes of Wells,Verne,Rice Burroughs,Rider Haggard,Poe and Wheatley.And as it happened i had not long finnished Wheatley,s STRANGE CONFLICT( tucked up in hospital having my tonsils removed ),which was about,guess what?Nazi,s and the occult.See the connections?.
So when LOST ARK came out i was enthralled by it,totally engulfed in the Jones adventure.That passion remains to this day,and in this set it has never looked better.
Temple of Doom therefore was a MUST SEE sequel,and really lived up to the hype,albiet,despite the humour,a much darker tale.Kidnapped children forced into slavery,how could it not be? This set includes the UNCUT version which even i didn't see at the pics to retain a pg audience.
Last Crusade unites father and son and returns to its two themes from ARK,nazi,s and humour.A much more lightweight affair with some great lines and scenes between Ford and Connery.A good opening sequence of a young Indy(River Phoenix) sets up the story nicely.
And lastly the much derided Crystal Skull.
NOT as bad as its made out to be.Ford doesnt hide the fact that he is an older Indy and there are some good set pieces.
What spoiled this movie for me was the totally miscast Ray Winstone.A good actor,there is no doubt,but i just expected him in each confrontation scene to pull out some tights with a snooker ball in it and say IM THE DADDY!!Those of you old enough will know what i mean.
Overall a satisfactory end(i assume ) to a great series of escapist adventure films.
Fantastic image,sound and bonus content make this a MUST HAVE set.
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on 1 July 2015
My feelings about the Indiana Jones Blu Ray box set are similar to those I expressed in my recent review of another Lucasfilm release, namely the Star Wars BD set. If all you really want are the movies in HD you won’t be disappointed, but if you’re also looking for new, insightful special features you may be disappointed.

There isn’t a great deal of point reviewing the movies themselves as most of you will already have your opinions about them; personally I think Raiders is one of the best movies ever made, The Last Crusade is a noble effort to emulate it, Temple of Doom is dark, flawed but still hugely enjoyable, and Crystall Skull is a disappointing bodge-job. I think some of the VFX are now looking somewhat ropey in the older movies, such as some of the matte painting compositing, the second movie’s mine car chase and Crusade’s aerial dogfight sequence, though there is still very little to criticise about Raiders. So far I’ve only watched Temple of Doom in HD and it looks superb, and even better it’s presented here uncut so you get to see the full heart-removal sequence for the first time.

As for the extras, as with the Star Wars set there is nothing apart from commentaries on the individual movie discs, which I think is a bit of a rip-off as plenty of single disc BDs contain hours of extras as well as the movie itself. All the extras are on a separate disc, and it’s a bit of disappointing collection. The good news is that all the material from the DVD trilogy box set is here, including the excellent 3-part 'Making Of' documentary, so you can safely dispose of this if you already have it, but on the downside there is little if any actual new material. There are a couple of vintage behind-the-scenes documentaries which are okay but which you probably won’t watch more than once, and a few short featurettes that I don’t recall seeing before (such as ‘The Melting Face’) but I’m not sure whether or not they were commissioned specifically for this release. Another disappointment is that only a selection of bonus features from the standalone Crystal Skull BD have been included here, which means you’ll have to retain your copy of this if you want to possess all the Indy supplementary material that’s out there. Away from the extras, another gripe is that the digipack seems quite flimsy and the set is nowhere near as sturdy as the SW set.

My conclusion is the same as what I said about the Star Wars BD collection – if your priority is to own these great movies in high def you won’t be disappointed, but if (like me) you’re after something extra you may find yourself a little underwhelmed.
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on 20 January 2010
This is all the Indiana Jones films in one boxset the four film first three are well known even the fourth is known but not so much all the films have Indy and his trusty whip off on some trip.

We see the first actor to play James Bond as Indy's father in the third all these films are great for Harrison Ford fans and just for action film fans I think this film set is great.

If you a the full set of Indy film then this boxset is for you each has very few extras but enough to keep people that like them happy.
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on 21 August 2011
The movies are fast paced, thrilling, realistic and with Harrison Ford, who could ask for anything more! All movies are totally recommended if you like action movies with a good story line.
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on 23 November 2011
It is absolutely great value, and as there are four films it's okay for me to snooze through one or two parts as the rest are amazing! I've enjoyed watching them with him too, just add popcorn and drinks for a fab night in :) Indiana Jones is a timeless character, look out for the amazing effects, oh and you have to love the 70s/ 80s cheese! Getting the box set means it's easy to display and looks great as one big treat rather than one or two DVDs as smaller presents.
Great for snooozzy Sundays
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on 9 October 2012
Quite simply one of the best motion picture series' ever made, the Indiana Jones films are finally on blu-ray. And, boy, was it worth the wait.
The frame-by-frame restoration of Raiders pays of superbly with the picture being stunning and looking like it was made last week. The other three films are equally as impressive.
The sound on all three films is DTS and varies from brilliant to very good. Some of the sound effects seem overly enhanced (gun shots seem overly lound compared to explosions for example) - but, nonetheless, a vast improvement over the DVDS.
I haven't watched the extras yet, but at first glance there are multiple featurettes and trailers for each film. Nothing else in the way of extras though - no galleries, outtakes, deleted scenes etc.
As for the memorabilia in this release (the Limited Edition release); I have to admit to being a little disappointed. In the pictures these things look amazing, and, while they're lovingly produced they seem small and inconsequential when taken out of the box. Also, the lack of a Crystal Skull piece is noticeable. I would have like a small glass skull paperweight or something like that.
Anyway, this set is a must-own for any lover of the series or blu-ray collector. Personally, I like all four films and wouldn't want this set to have any missing.
Lastly - for the first time ever Temple of Doom IS uncut!!! I'd never seen this version before and it is great to finally own it.

A note on the sound - the ONLY language in DTS is English, the other languages (German, French, Spanish) are only in Dolby Digital 5.1
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on 28 December 2013
My grandson was always borrowing my copies of these great films.
I bought him this set for Christmas and he is chuffed to own his own
in this well presented collection.
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on 12 October 2012
I think everybody already needs to know everything there is is about these fantastic films, so I won't bother reviewing the movies themselves.
Firstly, yes, for the first time ever in the UK, Temple of Doom has been reclassified with a 12 certificate and is released fully uncut. The movie now features the complete uncensored sacrificial and Shortround getting tortured scenes as well as several other bits that were previously edited. The uncut version has been available worldwide since the film's initial release except for, you guessed it, in the UK where bits were edited in order for it to secure a PG rating, but thankfully no longer.
Picture and sound are amazing. I have worn these films out on VHS and DVD with the amount of times I have seen them, but the Bluray experience was like watching them for the first time. The colours are vivid, and the picture so clear that there is detail I have never seen before. The only downside is that some of the matt painting and effects shots now look very obvious, but this is how the films were originally made, and thankfully they have not added any out of place CG to hide the fact like Lucas has with the original Star Wars Trilogy. Crystal Skull was obviously going to look the best, but in all honesty the original trilogy looks like it was made yesterday, and can compete with any modern day digital CGI fest.
The set comes on five discs all housed in a nice compact and rigid cardboard slip case, that opens out to display what looks like some new beautifully commissioned artwork and photo stills for each movie. It's a pity the same design choice wasn't applied to the discs, which are oddly just plain white with the film's title on them, but this is a minor detail. As well as the four movies, there is a fifth disc which contains over 7 hours of bonus documentaries and such, so there is plenty to keep you entertained here.
There is a more expensive set also available which contains various collectable prop replicas, but I cannot comment on whether it is worth the extra money as this is the only one I have seen. At the end of the day, if you just want a definitive, no frills collection of the Indy films, then this is it, and definitely worth the upgrade from DVD. Recommended.
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on 4 February 2013
The whole package is beautiful. This is a nice gift for anyone that like movies - even yourself - as it will provide you with memorabilia from the movies, and particularly the Jones Diary, which contains notations - unfortunately just printed, not handwritten, but that would probaby be asking for too much - from the 4 movies, PLUS the awesome 80's Lucas Arts Fate of Atlantis game!
It is a must have for Indi's fans.
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on 1 February 2014
I am so glad I held out for this set rather than buying the standard set. I am a big movie & tv series fan so have quite a collection now and I usually try to get the collectors sets. This is one of the best and looks so nice in my display case. Thank god for Spielberg and his contribution to film & tv, he is amazing and I love the Indiana Jones adventures so much so a big thank you Mr Spielberg.
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