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4.0 out of 5 stars91
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 17 September 2007
'Super Paper Mario' is the first Mario game (other than Mario Strikers and Mario Party 8) to hit the Nintendo Wii and what a great game it is. The game takes elements from all of the various Super Mario games (such as the 2-D platformer levels from the original Super Mario Bros/World series, the 3-D platforming levels from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, the RPG storyline taken from the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Partners in Time games and the 2-D paper style graphics from the Paper Mario games) and rolls them into one to create something completely new.

The game begins as a regular 2-D platformer that we've all seen before, until Mario learns a new ability where he can "flip" between 2-D and 3-D dimensions. The technique can then be used to reveal hidden enemies, boxes, coins and items as well as access new and alternative routes to help him get to the end of the level. As the game goes on, Mario gains the help of Pixls which also give Mario new abilities to use, such as grab and throw items and enemies, place bombs and change him to be completely flat, enabling Mario to be invisible and transparent. As well as Mario you eventually get to play as Princess Peach and Bowser too. Each character has different abilities, so you will need to switch between characters every now and again to get past certain obstacles.

Generally 'Super Paper Mario' is a good fun and well designed platformer with a lot of great features new to the Mario series. Flipping from 2-D to 3-D is a great new twist to a very old formula and is one that works surpisingly well. Most levels are quite long and fairly challenging, allowing you to use the characters' new abilities to the fullest. They also vary in design, ranging from hillsides to deserts to haunted houses.

There are a few bad points that stop me from giving this a 5-star rating. First is the intro which goes on and on and on. It literally takes nearly 25 minutes before you even get to take control of the action. I do like games with a bit of a storyline, but for a platform game this is going a little to far. Next is the controls. Although it does make good use of the Wii Remote in that you use it side-ways, giving it a NES controller retro feel, it rarely uses any of the Wii's unique tilt and movement sensitive controls. Also, switching between characters is very fiddly and tedious as you need to hold 1 & 2 on the remote to open up the menu, then select a character.

Overall this is a great game and a fantastic addition to the Mario series. Fans of both retro Mario and the newer Mario RPGs should love this and it should also keep you busy until later in the year when we get the next "real" Mario game, Super Mario Galaxy. With the possible exceptions of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Resident Evil 4 (depending on taste) this is the best game on the Wii so far.
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on 30 August 2007
Super Paper Mario is a combination between the RPG and side-scrolling platformer genres. You collect points as you kill enemies, and those points count toward increasing your level. As your level increases, you increase either your HP or your attack power (it alternates, you don't get to choose which one).

As with most games of this type, there are a lot of story-based cut scenes which do have an entertaining story to them, but sometimes get long and tedious, especially at the very beginning, where there's a lot of setup.

You start out the game as Mario, after seeing Luigi, Peach and Bowser all sucked into some kind of dimensional vortex. You set off to find and rescue Peach, and recover 8 Pure Hearts to save the world. Along the way you also have a Pixl friend accompanying you to help you along. You find additional Pixls with different abilities (like creating bombs or giving you a super-stomp ability for flattening large objects). As you progress through the game, you find the other characters and add them to your party, and you'll use their unique abilities in different ways. Mario has the ability to do the dimension flip I'll talk about in a second, Peach can use her umbrella to glide long distances or hide from damage, Bowser can wipe out enemies with fire breath and does double stomping damage, and Luigi has a super-high spring jump. There are also at least a dozen or so Pixls with varying abilities that need to be used in different ways.

The game itself is primarily the usual Super Mario action... you run to the right and jump over obstacles and on enemies. One cool thing is that you can shake the remote up and down after jumping on an enemy to get a bonus score. For enemies that take more than one hit, you can do this repeatedly for increasing bonus points. Sometimes you reach obstacles that you can't jump over. This is where the really interesting part of the game comes in.

Early in the game, you learn the ability of "flipping" which is triggered by pressing the "A" button and turns the game world 90 degrees so you can see a different perspective. For instance, if you are going along and run into a really tall pipe that you can't jump over, flipping may show you a path as simple as just walking around it. Flipping also sometimes reveals hidden treasures or paths.

The game overall provides enough challenge, leading you to switch characters and Pixls frequently to solve puzzles, but without getting tedious and repetitive. The space levels were particularly entertaining.

I expect a casual player can finish the game in approximately 30 hours, and it's fun for adults as well as younger kids. It doesn't rely as much on fine motor control skills and precise jumping (though those certainly can help in some situations), but does focus more on making you think how best to use your characters and Pixls to beat certain obstacles or bosses.

I would really only ding this game on replayability... it doesn't strike me as a game I'm going to be likely to pick up and play again once I've finished it. Not because it's a bad game, but because it just won't be different, so what would be the point?
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on 6 October 2007
This is Mario's first proper adventure on the Wii and one that many Nintendo fans will love from start to finish. The graphics are bold and colorful, the ability to flip between 2D and 3D is a masterstroke and the Pixls Mario encounters all have ingenious abilities (my favourites being Fleep who can make u even thinner and Thudley who can smash things up).

The Mario magic is there, but there are still a few things missing that stops it from reaching those five stars. For one it is a bit easy - compared to the last two Paper Mario games - and some levels feel a bit too empty. The scrolls of text might get annoying to some aswell, although it an absolutely funny adventure! The turn-based RPGing of past Paper Mario's has been toned down a lot though, so it's not all bad! And the music has some delightful retro nods to classic Mario games of old.

We all know that Mario Galaxy will rock, but this is still a great adventure to keep you going until the mascot's must buy game. Definetly recommended.
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on 20 September 2007
As we all know, Paper Mario is an amazing RPG series with some of the most unique graphics ever, topped off with some hilarious humour (for Nintendo fans and others alike), as well as the unique...ish battle style. This time, Intelligent Systems decided to go for a Platformer Style with RPG elements. And did it work?

I'd have to say... Definetley. Super Paper Mario is a brilliant game with unique effects such as using Mario to go into 3-D from 2-D, and even controlling the lovely Princess Peach, Evil King of Koopas Bowser and the coward we all know and love Luigi! Awesome!

The story is like your typical Paper Mario's, where this time, Mario must collect 8 (Yes, 8 not 7) Pure Hearts (Sound familiar? Crystal Stars and Star Spirits ring a bell?) to save the world of Flipside from the evil yet hilarious Count Bleck and his minions, the scotsman O'Chunks, the crazed master of dimensions Dimento and the shape shifting queen Mimi. So a pretty basic story, but since when was Mario known for his story eh?

The game is throughout very entertaining with the abilities wowing you. Going from 2-D to 3-D yet still being paper is brilliant. However, like the past few Mario games, this one is also very short. But there's so much to do to pass time, including making recipes, collecting battle cards and even a new Pit of 100 Trials. And then there's another one straight after, so technically 200 Floors!

To conclude, Super Paper Mario is a definite buy. It's a brilliant game with charms alike that Nintendo fans will love, and the humour is very funny. Especially the nerd Francis.

Beware a glitch though in some copies. Do not talk to Mimi if neccessary in Chapter 2-2. You shouldn't need to anyway. If you get past this you're safe. Enjoy the game!

And kudos to Intelligent Systems for yet another brilliant game!
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on 27 October 2007
I just recently bought this game of amazon, and I am totally glad i did, this game is fun, funny and worth the cost, there is lots to do and it will keep you going for a long time.

There are 8 worlds in all, each with 4 chapters and a boss. Starting at 1-1 it slowely introduces you into the game and lets your get to grips with the controls and your ability to flip into 3d, this really is a change on gaming, it allows you to explore places "outside of the box" so to speak.

As you progress you meet pixls there are quite a few to find, and they basically help you do certain things, for example one allows u to pick up stuff and throw, one is a bomb. You can switch between pixls when ever you wish.

There are a number of characters which you can bee, you start of just being mario, but as you progress you unlock new characters to switch to, you can swap between the characters as and when needed while playing.

The music in the game is very cool, and the graphics are ok, for a 2d/3d game i love the paper style graphics, it makes a change from all those games which spend to much time into making the game look amazing and then skipping on the making the gameplay fun.

All i have left to say is, BUY THIS GAME NOW!
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on 6 November 2007
Good grief! I cannot stress how great this game is. New characters, WONDERFUL villians, funny, witty, entertaining and a great plot with many twists. It's nice to have cartoony graphics than all this demand for good 3-D graphics. I prefer Paper Mario style.

By the way, some people have been commenting on a glitch. This glitch only occours if you go somewhere before doing something. Just keep on track on what you're meant to be doing and this won't happen.
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VINE VOICEon 19 September 2007
As today confirmed by nintendo there is a major glitch that makes the game crash if u dont perform a puzzle correctly. Heres the original message...

"When you are playing Super Paper Mario in UK English, German or Spanish, a problem can occur in a very specific situation. Since the situation where the error occurs is so specific, it's very possible that you may not experience any issue at all.

At the start of Chapter 2-2, you will come across a character called Mimi. She will tell you to go to the farthest room on the first floor to meet a character called Merlee. Enter that room and press the green switch. A trap will be triggered, and a spiked ceiling will descend upon Mario. Before the ceiling reaches him, flip into 3D and jump on it to find a key.

If you pick up the key, you won't run into any problems. Use it to open the locked door to Mimi's right. However, if you talk to Mimi without picking up the key, the game will freeze. You will then have to turn off your Wii console and start again from your last save point.

Please note that your game freezing up will not do any damage to your Wii or the game itself, but we do sincerely apologise for this error and the inconvenience caused to your gameplay experience.

While you can avoid the problem as described above, we want to give you the opportunity to replace your Super Paper Mario game disc free of charge with a new version that doesn't contain the error. Details about the replacement procedure will be announced shortly on this website.

We hope this problem doesn't stop you from enjoying Super Paper Mario and would once again like to apologise for any inconvenience caused".

So wait untill nintendo ship out "repaired" copys of the game before you purchase...

The game is innovative with a nice unique spin on 2d-3d gaming, strongly recommended!!
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on 11 April 2009
I bought this game when I bought the console and played it until completion. It has puzzle elements, thankfully not too easy and not too difficult but challenging nonetheless. It has platform and boss elements. The seven levels in the game are imaginative and the home planet is delightful- colourful, funny characters and much to explore. You have to play a platform type game with a 3D view option which you need to finish or achieve certain tasks. The other Mario characters join you as you progress on your quest and their unique abilities are needed for different levels, sub-levels and you even find you need to change character within some individual screens. This may sound complicated but the controls are easy with no bad camera angles. Collecting items, potions and powers is an addictive aspect to the game but the most addictive parts are when you get stuck and try and try to progress. Try it!
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on 20 May 2015
this is a very different take on the Mario series but it's so good i've completed it 3 times now, it has an innovative feature where you play in a standard two dimensional face on but can flip to a three dimensional side on view to get to different areas and past enemies.

the game play has a nice mix of standard control and motion control that makes the game fun to play and unique to the Wii.

Its very well paced, there is a lot of narrative that can be tedious but you can skip past it without harming your progerss in the game.
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on 17 December 2013
im so glad nintendo have finally shown there true worth with this amazing piece of gaming excellence. what most people do not seem to see is the amazing underlying metaphor of the game and indeed mario as a concept.
I think we have all come to grips with the idea that peach and her husband bowser are having to deal with the jealous mario who wanted peach and will do anything to mess up the happy couples marriage including stealing all there stars that they won in a pie eating contest back in 82.
In this instalment of 'paper' mario we again see this behaviour against the two individuals but this time nintendo have done the clever thing and pointed out the 2nd and paper thin attempts of mario and his life, saying that if he wants to get on in life he needs to come off the page and start to grow three dimensionally.
i for one hope marios therapy within this game give him the tools he needs to get over peach and leave her and bowser to there life they deserve, after all they are trying to have a kid and with all the stress bowser just cant perform and thats very sad for him as he tries so hard.
Well done nintendo on this amazing metaphorical triumph.
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