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4.1 out of 5 stars494
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2010
On the package it says these can be set up in just one minute, and that's a true representation of how easy it is.

We recently bought a retro telephone that needed to be plugged into a conventional wall socket, but the nearest phone point was in a completely different room. This wireless phone extender let us site the phone wherever we wanted without having ugly trailing wires all over the house.

The kit actually comes with more bits than the manufacture's description shows; you get not just the two wireless units but also:
One RJ11 male - RJ11 male lead.
One BT male - RJ11 female adaptor.
Two RJ11 male - BT female adaptors.
All in all, just about every type of socket / cable adaptor you should need to get everything hooked up, except.....

...our retro phone (along with any 'traditional' phone) needs a ringing signal to make it ring, so it still needed a specific ringing adaptor (which I got from Maplin). Now everything IS hooked up and fully working.
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on 16 July 2010
This extender does extend your phone signal fine, but it doesn't seem to send the bell line, which is something specific to the british phone system. Most modern phones don't use the bell line, so that is not an issue in general, but older phones like the BT Diverse phones only ring if you have the bell line connected.

You can work round this by installing an ADSL filter after the output of the receiver unit, because in addition to their normal job of filtering out the ADSL signal, ADSL filters also re-create the bell line signal. It's a pain that you have to do this though, and it wasn't documented anywhere on the manufacturers web site.
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on 20 May 2011
I liked the idea of this product - being able to move the phone around without being tied to a jack socket.
The setup was easy - the pilot light is supposed to change from red to amber when it locks on. Maybe my eyesight is not what it was but the colour change looked more a lighter shade of red than amber. When I plugged in, the voice was very soft and the bell did not work - so I looked at other reviews and saw that one reviewer had experimented by adding an ADSL filter inline before the phone even though there was no ADSL use on the line.
I fitted an ADSL filter and it worked perfectly. More instructions needed here please ! I subsequently bought a second slave unit
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on 22 June 2012
This is a very useful product which has solved a problem for us, but it is let down by poor instructions. Some are written awkwardly, and some are just missing. To avoid headaches for others I'll try to document what I worked out with a combination of the manual, their website, prior knowledge and experimentation:

* The UK version comes supplied with the necessary dongles to adapt British phones to the RJ11 sockets. Use these with the supplied leads rather than ones you have lying around as not all RJ11 plugs are wired the same way. As supplied it works fine with old-school phones with mechanical ringers (e.g. Wild & Wolf Series 302 Desk Phone). No extra adapter is required.

* DECT can't carry ADSL in any configuration. Connect the base unit to the filtered (phone) side of your microfilter if you have one. If you want to get your broadband to some other place in the house without wiring you don't need this product, you need a wireless router. If your ADSL modem/router has an ethernet port (as most do) then you can plug in one of these: TP Link TL-WR702N 150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router

* The two sockets on the base unit appear to be wired in parallel. You can plug your master/emergency phone into it, and it will still work even in a power cut. This phone will ring before the others do (which is a limitation of the technology).

* The base unit comes already paired to the extension. If for some reason you need to unpair them you can do a hard reset: Unplug any leads from the base and turn off the power. Wait a few seconds. Flick it on-off EIGHT (8) times (waiting for the light to go off each time) and finally back on. The light should flicker to indicate a successful reset. Follow the same procedure with the extension(s), but cycle FIVE (5) times. It might take a few tries; at least it did for me, as I have difficulty operating switches.

* There's a switch on the extension unit. Set it to 'S' (Speech) if you're going to plug a phone into it, or 'C' (Computer) for a modem or fax machine. You can still take and place voice calls in modem mode but there will be a burst of noise on the line before you get a dialtone.

* The base supports up to 4 extensions. The relevant product is RTX Wireless Phone Jack Slave. To pair with a new extension (or the original one if you've unpaired it): Turn both units off. Disconnect the phone line and connect a lead directly between the base and the extension. Turn on the base. Wait a moment. Turn on the extension. The light on the extension will start red, then turn either yellow or green on a successful pairing. The colour merely indicates which mode you've set the switch to.

* The base supports using a DECT/GAP handset directly as an extension. The pairing procedure is similar to the reset: Unplug any leads from the base and turn off the power. Wait a few seconds. Flick it on-off FIVE (5) times and finally back on. If you're successful the light will flash quickly. Now do whatever your handset requires to register to a DECT base station. Mine prompted for a pin. I tried 0000, 1111 and 1234. I can't remember which one worked but it doesn't take long to try. Feel free to leave a comment with the right answer :) You need to complete the registration before the light stops flashing. For reference, I'm using one of these: BT Diverse 7200 Dect Cordless Additional Handset.

* Hitting the Intercom button on the DECT handset rings the other voice extensions, which is useful. It doesn't ring the master phone or any extensions set to 'C'. GAP features not directly related to placing calls don't work.

* It doesn't appear possible to "butt in" to a call (party line style) except from the master phone. Whether this is a good thing depends on your needs.

I think I've got that all right. If there's any minor errors please do point them out so that this otherwise very good product is actually documented somewhere.
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on 6 April 2014
Phone master sockets are never where you want them to be, so I have to get the box moved but I've just moved house and spent the national debt of a small country on stuff so the options are trail extension cables or use some of these.

Setup was quick and simple, no faffing with settings, there's one switch which you set to S for speech or C for computer at the end where you want your phone to now be and that's it really, took no longer than 10 minutes and most of that was reading the instructions.

Update 06 May 2014, hmm exactly one month on and these have stopped working, now when I pick up the handset on the phone I hear a loud screech much like an old dial up modem and then nothing.

Harumph etc.

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on 28 October 2010
Not going to be a very long review as it doesn't need one.
I am a SKY engineer and i know customers hate wires at the best of times so anything that can reduce the need for them is a god send.
I am no exception and i have just re-jigged my living room.

Bought one of these and it works just fine with my SKY HD box.
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on 18 May 2012
Bought this with the intention of using it on an Amstrad Sky+HD box (Multiroom). Wouldn't do a callback at all when a wired connection worked fine.
Tried using it with a phone instead to make sure it was all working - it wasn't. On the computer setting I was getting hissing before the dial tone (which is what the instruction booklet suggested would happen), but it did at least dial out okay. On speech though, it wouldn't dial out properly at all - 99% of time I was getting a 'number is not recognised' message. The Sky engineer who did the install said it must be faulty as they usually work fine. Amazon sent me a replacement but it had exactly the same problem, and to make matters worse, that one killed my broadband internet connection too!! N.B. I'm not talking about my wireless network, it killed the ADSL bit of it - it burst into life again as soon as this kit was removed from the socket though. Micro filters all in place and all working, so really don't know what to make of this thing. Could be something weird with my phone line (Talktalk) I guess, but of no use to me whatsoever. Second one sent back today for a refund.
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on 15 September 2007
This Item works great on my Stardard Sky sky box very fast to setup Saves me running wires everytime I want to use Box Office
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on 23 January 2009
The instruction manual takes you as far as. If you get a flashing red yellow or red green light, this means the extension unit is locked but not registered to base unit. It's a pity it doesn't go on to tell you how to remedy this. I contacted the manufacturer thinking I had purchased a faulty product. To reset the SV-1550. Plug just the extension unit into the power outlet-the light will flash between red and yellow.
-Unplug as soon as you see the light on the extension coming on
-The red light on the extension will still be on for a second or two after unplugging
-Wait for a second,until the light goes off,then plug the unit back into the power outlet
-The red light comes on again, unplug immediately wait until the red light on the extender goes off (approximately 1 second)
-Plug back into power outlet again.
Please continue to repeat this procedure 5 times ( plug/unplug the extender). When plugging the unit back in for the 5th time the red light should be steady and the extender has been reset. Now you can proceed with the following procedure to get the SV-1550 to communicate with the base.
-Make sure the Base unit and the Extension unit are powered on (via a power outlet)
-Unplug any cords attached to the base unit ( phone wall socket cord and base unit adaptor,these can be connected again later.)
-Plug the extension into a power outlet near the base unit and switch the power on ( a double socket would be ideal for testing this).This will activate a red light on the extension unit.
-Plug one end of the supplied cables for the phone line into the Base unit and the other end into the extension unit. A red light will be activated before changing to yellow switch at "C", or green at "S". This can take up to one minute.
-Once the light changes on the extension unit, unplug the cable for the phone line between the Base unit and the extension unit
-Replug the phone cables you have unplugged. It does work perfectly with the Amstrad Sky+ Box.
Hope you find this helpful-Good luck.
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on 26 January 2009
After reading the early reviews i was concerned about buying this product, i decided to take a punt.

My setup is Sky HD in the lounge using this product and Sky plus in the study for multi room which is hard wired.

Straight out of the box this worked flawlessly without any adjustments at all, i can only guess that they have tweaked this since the early models causing the Sky plus problem
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