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3.6 out of 5 stars34
3.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 August 2007
Well, I'm not that young anymore, and my friend's son could fly one of these indoors on his first attempt (in a pretty large hall) but our rooms are too small/low/cluttered to allow this, so we had to wait for a calmer day and try it outside.
It's cleverly made, and tougher than it looks. After one month, still no breakages, but ours is a fairly big old garden. It would not stand much abuse from (say) a very small kid or enthusiastic dog. It's not meant for that. Fisher-Price do that sort of thing.
That it flies at all is amazing, a real triumph of ingenuity, and it stays up for longer than one might expect - ours will go for somewhere around 15 minutes if we remember to look at the clock - but each charge is worth a half hour of entertainment at least - what with recovering it from our bushes and trees. Like most battery flyers it recovers a bit after a rest and will often give you another minute or two - we rarely fly for much more than a few minutes at a stretch.
Flying was a disappointment at first.
It flew, yes, but it semed to dive for the ground as soon as it was turned. The problem was we were out in too much wind with insufficient skill. Not more than a light breeze, but smoke was moving and the top leaves of the trees were too. It prefers still air for beginners.
It also prefers to have its ribbon tail attached. This makes a serious improvement to its stability and it becomes a delight to fly on 'expert' mode - this allows steeper turns to be made by beginners without spiralling in, and increases usable manoeverability.
It also helps if you reduce power slightly before making a turn, apply it again afterwards, and 'prod' or 'nudge' the steering stick rather than try to steer it like a car.
The flight is always slightly 'swooping' on ours - it climbs as you add power until it appears to stall gently and then climbs again. At reduced power that is less marked, and the tail ribbon helps reduce the swooping even more. Flight resembles a woodpecker in some ways, and is not quite as swoopy as some of those small twin-prop RC biplanes.
Once you have a bit of practice in still air, more wind is acceptable, and we are more adventurous now - but the calmer the better, since you don't want to watch it blown into a tall tree *or* the next county.
....."We're not in Hampshire any more, Toto"
Highly educational, it combines the technology lessons of its design with an understanding of insect flight, and lessons in patience when recharging and learning to fly it. We watch real dragonflies with increased respect. It is great fun, too.
Sutable for all ages with the self-control to learn a new skill.
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on 20 July 2007
I have just got this for my 14th birthday. At first, I found it very difficult to fly, but I then put the Dragonfly on 'EXPERT' mode. This makes the Dragonfly much easier to turn, and makes the experience much more enjoyable. I don't know haw many times I've crashed it into a wall, or a door or whatever, you name it, and it keeps going. I crashed it a bazzillion times and I haven't needed to replace the wings or anything. I think that this thing is great value for money, as it's a really good fun, flying machine!
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on 7 November 2007
I can understand people who have been frustrated trying to get these things to fly but don't give up!

First of all I would recommend a fair bit of space to get a feel for the controls and I would say leave the riband on the tail to start with. If you get a dead calm day take it to a field or park. Secondly (and probably the most important thing) do not use too much throttle, just a touch is enough (especially indoors), if you give it too much it will just climb and stall. To start with I would also try flying in circles until you get the hang of the throttle (means you only have to worry about one control).It really is just a case of being very light on the controls but once you get the hang of it it is amazing to watch.

Build quality wise it looks a lot more fragile than it is; I think the only way to break it is to stand on it! As long as it is not deliberatly abused it will last a long time. It also comes with a spare set of wings and also a spare tail rotor - which is taped to the plastic bag for the remote ariel so watch you don't throw it out by mistake. The only thing is the paint rubs off it quite quickly but you can just repaint it yourself.

They are also available in two control frequencies ( Green or Blue Dragonfly) so two people can fly at the same time.

All in all an amazing flying machine. My father who is retired was absolutley entranced with it so I bought him one for his birthday. Truly something which can be enjoyed whether you are 7 or 70.
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on 4 June 2007
Outstanding toy! Best flying toy I've seen for a while! You have to see this fly to believe it and I would recommend it to anyone. When I got mine delivered I did the sensible thing of practising in my front room first. Initially I crashed it in to everything, luckily it's been designed to bounce off things so I didn't break anything and the Dragonfly was unscathed too. Once practiced and mastered it on beginner and expert modes and learnt a bit more about it I took it outside which was a whole different ball game. You have to adjust and learn to compensate for breeze etc and learn new flying skills but that's the fun of this toy, each step is a learning curve and you have to develop your skill. It's not as hard to fly as some make out, my little brother loves it and can fly it almost as well as me and he's 8.
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on 5 September 2007
Bought for my 10 year old, he loves it. You need to be patient to get to grips with flying this thing. You need to trim the weight of the 'tail' with blu tak to get a long flight. All good educational stuff for him. After many crashes, it is still in perfect order. Stop the flapping if you see it is about to crash, saves the wings.

If you expect to be an expert flying it around the office after 5 minutes - forget it!
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on 3 November 2007
My seven year old son got this bought for him for his birthday and he loves it. He could fly it on his first go. We have been flying it inside the house and out in the garden and it has done well on both and we havn't got a big house or garden. It charges up quick and I think seven minutes is long enough flying time as kids get bored easily. It is a tough thing too which suprised me. But I can see us going through a few pairs of wings until my son becomes an expert. A great toy and a lot of fun for any age.
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on 18 December 2007
So much fun. Bought mine a few weeks ago and I have not put it down. It is so much fun. It is easy to learn to fly but then you can start to do tricks etc and use the more advanced mode that is a bit more difficult, but allows you to try new tricks etc.

I looks quite fragile but actually it is very tough even after several major crashes it is still in one piece.

FUN FUN FUN is all I can say
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on 5 May 2009
I bought this dragonfly for my 9 year old daughter and she is loving it as well as the rest of the family. It looks delicate but so far it is surviving all the hits and bumps. The color in the front is fading due to the fact that it keeps getting hit in that area. It is a great idea, it moves well and it comes with an extra set of wings, but we haven't used them so far. I would recommend this toy.
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on 21 November 2010
This is a present for our 13yr old Godson. Friends gave our son one for his birthday. It required a joint effort of father and son (good bonding exercise) to get it to fly. But what joy when they finally succeeded!!!! It looks quite fragile but to date, despite crashing into countless walls, doors and trees it has survived.
BEWARE batteries not included. We all love it.
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on 13 January 2013
I ordered this as a Christmas present for my husband. He has already got some remote controlled helicopters so I was looking for something a bit different for him. He started off flying it in the living room but it does need quite a large space to fly, on the plus side I can confidently say that its tough as he has crashed it hundreds of times while practicing in the house and it is still fine! he has been practicing for a few weeks and can now fly it round the room easily. We like to take it out to a local park to fly and it is absolutely brilliant! as it is very lightweight its better to fly it when there is little or no wind but other than that its great. My husband says its much easier to fly than any of his remote controlled helicopters or planes. I would highly recommend this Dragon Fly, its great fun for adults and I think older children would be able to fly it easily with just a little help initially. We love it!
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