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3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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Airborne is different from the other Medal of honor games in at least 3 ways, and this is the reason why there is a massive variance in the other reviews you see for this title. The three issues are
> hardware requirements,
> the fact that Airborne gameplay just feels different, and
> Airborne levels are open ended.

Firstly, Airborne requires a pretty beefy computer with a stable and up to date software system.
It is not for casual, non-technical game players; if you don't know whether your DirectX and video drivers are up to date, then don't bother. If your computer isn't fast, try Call of Duty 4 or Quake Wars (both run much better on slower systems).

This point is pretty critical; if you do not have a fast frame rate (above 30-40fps), the game will be essentially unplayable. I guess this is the main reason a lot of people give the game a bad review. It is also worth noting that the Unreal 3 engine (that Airborne uses) is CPU hungry as well as requiring a fast graphics card. I use Windows XP, a Quad core Q6600, 2GB memory and a heavily overclocked R1950Pro, and it runs smooth as silk at 1280x1024, all effects on max.

Secondly, Airborne feels different.
The sounds are unlike many other shooters; all the weapons were sampled from real World War 2 items (including the aircraft noises, which are from one of the last flying C-47 troop carriers). The gun sounds are much harsher (high pitched) and contain much less bass. They take an hour of so to get used to, but once you do (and particularly once you realize the sounds are actually much closer to what real soldiers would have heard), it feels natural.

The game allows you to drop in anywhere on a map (more on this later), and that means no two games are ever the same. It also means that the AI is a bit better at moving around, mainly because it does not know what direction you will come from. The better AI has the side effect of making the game pretty hard; you can't just run and gun. That's not a bad thing, but it takes a while to work the game out on medium/high skill levels; the key is to know that the enemy AI DO NOT spawn; there is a limited number of enemy. This means you can (and often must) play a strategic game and clear a level from a distance using stealth/cover, and sharpshooting (it should be noted, however, that if you die, some of the enemy DO re-appear, and that friendly AI always re-spawn).

Thirdly, the missions are open ended.
I know some people say it all feels linear, but it really is not; the whole point of the game is that you are a paratrooper, and can jump into the levels anywhere. The more dangerous your entry point, the harder the game. If you play the game by just jumping in at the designated safe areas, then, yes, it is linear, but you can actually also jump in at the end of the map.

You then end up cut off from your squad, and meet much more resistance (and usually have to clear a path back to your squad if you want to use them). Also, jumping in to a `hot area' is hard because the enemy AI is harder to beat that way (you have to use the `attack from a distance' way if you want an easy life).

Here's the sort of effect this has; In one of the missions, the end target is a radio mast on top of a hill, surrounded by fortified pillboxes and trenches. The first time I played this, I jumped in at the designated start points (denoted by green smoke). The second time, I jumped in just outside the radio mast, towards the end of the map. In both cases, the game played different, and the AI handled it all beautifully.

I can see that the AI has to be perfect for this sort of thing to be possible. Call of Duty 4 gets better reviews, but is totally unplayable after the first attempt because EVERYTHING IS SCRIPTED. Airborne levels are totally dynamic, and that adds to the game immensely.

The downside is that the muliplayer isnt that hot at the moment; the responsive AI is the big deal with this game.

Personally, I had a lot of fun with this game. I also had a lot of fun with Call of duty 4, the main competitor to Airborne. Both are different. Call of duty has a lot more variation and uses tried and tested gameplay (and that makes it fun).

Medal of Honor: Airborne tries new ideas and demands newer hardware, and that makes it different (and perhaps, an acquired - or expensive - taste).
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on 28 August 2007
The game is easy enough to play, the weapons are awesome especially once you get the upgrades. Only complaint I have about the demo is it's too short!

I know some people have reported problems in running the demo, it needs a graphics card that is capable of shader 3.0

Here are the system requirements for the demo, it may help those who are interested in purchasing the game upon release. Although it says Vista 64 isn't supported, a few gamers have said the game does run on 64bit with no issues, it's just EA aren't supporting it. Also with Crossfire/SLI the final release may support it even though the demo doesn't, it just may be they've limited what is included in the demo to keep the download file to a reasonable size.

System Requirements


* OS: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (32-bit; 64-bit versions of
Windows Vista are not supported)

* CPU (Single Core): Intel P4 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 2800+ for
Windows XP / Intel P4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 3800+ for Windows

* RAM: 1 GB for Windows XP / 1 GB for Windows Vista

* Hard Drive: 9 GB or more of free space

* Note: 64 bit versions of Windows are not supported

* Video: DirectX 9.0c, NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT, ATI Radeon
X1300 Pro, or better with Shader 3.0 support for Windows XP or
Vista (Note: NVIDIA 6800XT, 6800LE, 7100GS, 7200GS, 7200LE,
7300GS, 7300GT cards not supported). NOTE: NVIDIA SLI and ATI Crossfire modes are not supported
in Medal of Honor Airborne Demo.

* Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card (Note: For Creative
Sound Blaster Audigy cards running under Windows Vista you should expect
lower performance)
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on 9 June 2008
I would love to give a complete review of MOHA but, as is the case with a colleague who also bought the game, I cant play it. The game won't load. I used the compatibility checker and was informed that my DVD drive was not supported!. To say I was dissapointed would be an under-statement. It would appear that in an attempt to prevent the game being copied it does not work with certain DVD drives.My drive is only a DVD ROM so I could not copy it even if I wanted to. I have never had this problem before and there is no warning on the case stating that you need a particular make of drive to play the game. Looks good but I will never find out so one star, only because I cant give it no stars.
OK now I can play it. I dont know why mabey because I now have Windows 7. Still only one star as this is most annoying game I have ever played. As has been mentioned before when you die, and this quite often as the enemy appear to be bullet proof, you are taken back to the begining of the level. Even if you where 15 minutes into it. Untterly and completely infuriating. The person at EA that thought this was a good idea should be sacked. Pointless waste of money. EA should create a patch to fix this.
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on 7 October 2007
This game was a bit of a disappointment. I know MOH always felt a bit inferior to Call of Duty in the realism stakes but this game is one for people wanting to play a FPS and not fussed about it being set in WW2.

The idea is good enough, we've had one mission a previous MOH involving jumping out of a dakota, so its nice to have a game dedicated to airbourne toops. Unfortunately this game is a bit too graphics intensive. Being pretty is nice but i prefer to play a good game with decent graphics than an average game in a pretty frock. Its too short, the friendly AI is dumb and the controls are a bit fiddy. Why can't i toggle between looking down my sight instead of having to press 2 buttons when i want to walk around?

The enemy's on normal are too hard to kill. Ok headshot instant death, yes. But i think point blank in the chest or a sniper shot to the groin would put you down just as quick.

But the worst part is on the second to last level. You are introduced to an enemy that takes a whole clip of ammo(but it usually seems to take more) to kill and walks around with an mg42. Is this a console shooter? Why have you put a "boss" into a game that's supposed to simulate WW2 combat? In that case why not just give me masterchief's armor and a railgun and set it in deep space?

As a game it's playable once just don't expect to get too much replay out of it. If you want to feel like you're there in the trenches, dust off COD1
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on 18 September 2007
This is a good game; yes you do need a reasonable machine to run it, if you could run Bioshock you can run this. My 7900GTX only really struggled when jumping from the plane at the start of each mission, but once on the ground ran fine. Fantastic looking game although the explosions look slightly less Next Gen than the rest of the graphics.

AI is more aggressive than smart, caught out in the open your friendly German will run straight for you in an attempt to bash you in the head, which is fine unless your in the middle of reloading. Also snipers have the amazing ability to fire through solid concrete while being completely protected by said concrete, that can be especially frustrating when down on health.

Talking of health, I like the old meets new health system. Four squares representing your health. You can take damage but if you get to cover before a square is completely drained it will regenerate, however if you total empty a square you need a med pack to regenerate it. I found this works well, better then the hide and completely recover as see in Call of Duty 2.

The music is, as you would expect, sweeping classical melancholy with a heroic tempo. Nice!! All the sound effects are fairly standard for this type of game, basically it sounds like every other WW2 shooter from the last seven or eight years. I do think the whistling by bullet noise is especially effective though.

All in all this is a good game, it is just let down by the fact it's so short I had scarcely had time to get comfortable. This really is a blink and you've missed it game, on single player anyway, I can't comment on the multiplayer aspect as not had chance to try it yet.

Wheres the rest of this game? Just 6 missions (6 great missions) and its all over bar the shouting. It would not surprise me in the slightest if four or more missions turn up as an add-on pack very shortly, not that I'm saying EA are money grabbing or anything you understand.
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on 22 September 2007
This game feels like a linier console conversion. The way the game takes you back to the plane for after each death is driving me nuts.

I like to play games on the hardest setting, but having to repeat so much of what you have accomplished only to be taken back to plane again and again completely takes the enjoyment out of the game. Maybe this was EA's way of trying to lengthen a short game.

Each part of the map the enemy is defending must be overrun by your troops to make the enemy fall back, logical you may say, but if you try to pick them off from a distance they will keep respawning until you take the area. There is a very amaturist feel about flanking the enemy and watching them respawn again and again.

The graphics are quite nice, but no real improvement on previous MOH installments.

To sum things up, I feel like i've paid full game price for an expansion pack for a game thats two years old. This will be the last MOH game I will buy.
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on 30 September 2007
The game has only 5 missions and whilst these are multi-objective to pad the game out, I finished it in just over 8 hours (during a weekend) and I am no expert at this kind of game.

When I found myself shouting at my monitor, as the level re-spawned me, following a death, "please, please don't make me restart parachuting in again " I knew that it wouldn't be a game I replayed.

The ability to upgrade a weapon based on usage and ability is a nice feature but it's not enough.

In short this game is really aimed at the consol market which is highlighted by a number of features unnecessary in a PC shooter. A red icon above a target to indicate you are aiming at it. I know I am aiming at it; I am at the other end doing the aiming!!
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on 13 September 2007
MoH Airborne follows the same tried and tested series and yes, the graphics are much better, and yes, it is not a very long game. I did not however feel it gave the player a lot of flexibility even if you have a choice of what part of a mission to completed - its still very linear. You can't really outflank your enemy, and despite having some control over your parachute you still tend to end up within a very short distance of the enemy.

Could I just say I was confused by one reviewer who stated it was very American - it is about the US 82nd Airbourne - what do you expect? Overall, nothing new just a few tweaks here and there - maybe as gamers we keep expecting something too spectacular everytime a game comes out - and sadly, we feel disappointed when we are not blown off our computers each time.
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on 20 April 2015
used to play this game ages ago at my friend and i decided to buy it now for summer....first after installing it i was discouraged because i kept getting an error message and it took me a while to manage to get it to work on my laptop (had to change something in properties>target field) and now it works like a charm....loving it
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on 25 August 2007
I just downloaded the demo and its already better than the original MoH games. They have added a sprint option which adds motion blur which just adds to the atmosphere. Plus theres a new medal system e.g. if you get 5 head shots in a row or 10 you get a upgrade to that weapon and this works on all waepons including the colt 45.! you also get achievements for landing your parachute correctly or in a hidden place and killing 3+ enemy soldiers with a cooked grenade.
you choose your weapons you control your parachute and where you want to land.(remember the roof tops are your freind)
I have a nvidia 7950gt and it works fine dont know about ATI never trusted them.
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