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4.4 out of 5 stars44
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2007
Have you ever read seen a film that was so good you wished you'd never seen it so you could have the pleasure of seeing it again for the first time? Well for anyone who loved Vice City and was then disappointed with the setting and style of San Andreas then this is heaven because it gives you the chance to replay vice city all over again but in a completely different way. Think of it as the original GTA: Vice City but with all new characters, new scripts and songs on the radio, new vehicles, new missions and lots of new game play styles.

The game map is similar to the original VC but with a few additions such as a fairground by ocean beach and a few carefully placed ramps for those high speed stunts. The most impressive aspect of the game for me is the sheer depth of game play because you're now able to not just buy property but to develop it into businesses of different styles such as protection rackets, arms dealers etc and also decide on the size and scale of the business. Gone are the annoying trips around the map to collect your money as you're now paid each day at 4pm by the wonder of direct debit (this is 1984 remember!)

The music is brilliant with some new stations and old ones like flash returning with colossal hits from the 80s such as Laura Brannigans "Gloria" and Blondies "Heart of Glass". Some of the new radio ads are so funny you'll have to pause the game until you stop laughing at them. Another great musical feature is Phil Collins! Yes that's right, he must be a big fan of the game because he's in here as a character complete with a voiceover and is even involved in the missions. Him and his manager "Barry the Brummy" add a touch of realism to the game by bringing in real stars to Vice City, I hope this is a trend that continues in future games.

As for missions, they're much more involved than ever before. There must be about 100+ story missions ranging from playing golf to filming stunt scenes in movies. There're literally dozens of hidden missions including a new PCJ route, a golf cart race, buggy racing, street racing, helicopter races etc.

So with all this there must be a downside, right? Admittedly the graphics aren't quite as sharp as the original VC because this was converted over from the PSP and while it's a little disappointing they didn't take time to fix this for the PS2 you can hardly complain for a game costing less than £15. That's the only slight drawback there is and it's such a tiny point you'd hardly notice. I suggest anyone with a PS2, it also runs fine on a PS3, grabs this and it will more than keep you going until October when GTA 4 is released. As the guy in the Ammu-nation says "Buy it, hold it, love it".
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on 4 September 2007
I was over the moon when I first heard that Rockstar were going to be making 'Vice City Stories' for the PSP because Vice City was, in my view, one of the best locations/islands in the GTA series. I loved San Andreas as well, but Vice City was more colourful and I've got so many fond memories playing the original 'Vice City' on the PS2.
Vice City Stories is a sort of prequel to the original Vice City game with the events in this new game taking place 2 years before the original which was set in 1986. Vice City Stories is set in 1984.
But as for the game itself, wow where do I start. Ok, no GTA could ever scale the massive map we saw in San Andreas on the PS2, but bearing in mind Vice City Stories is a PSP game, it is among one of the biggest games ever to hit the handheld console. You could complain that this port to the PS2 could have had featured more missions or perhaps an extra island, but that would only ruin the game so I'm glad Rockstar didn't do that. Overall though the port to the PS2 is very good and the graphics and the gameplay haven't changed a bit from the PSP version, not that I've noticed anyway.
But as for the game, there have been a number of improvements from the previous GTA games. Among the changes are the ability to now grab and physically attack people using hand to hand combat, swim in the water (although only for a limited time) and take over enemy territory, something which was explored in GTA San Andreas.
The missions in Vice City Stories are somewhat bigger than the missions in the last PSP game 'Liberty City Stories' and some of the missions are as big as those in the GTA games on the PS2. Some of the missions are tough, like in any GTA game I suppose and the odd few are very annoying but GTA wouldn't be GTA without them kind of missions.
All in all, Vice City Stories is the best PSP GTA game to date and among one of the best GTA games to hit the PS2 as well.
All we need now to complete the 'Stories' series is for Rockstar to respond with a 'San Andreas Stories'.
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on 1 June 2007
Again, Rockstar have decided to release a PSP game onto the PS2. Their previous attempt at this; "GTA Liberty City Stories", was, in my opinion, not great. Was this any better?

It most definately was! The storyline is much more engaging than previously; this time you start as a corporal in the army. You're on the other side of the island to begin with (yes, the bridges are all closed yet again! Another hurricane is on it's way...) and it's two years before the action of Vice City (the original game) takes place.

The creators have decided to make the difference in time a feature of the game yet again. The car showroom is under construction, for example. They have also improved some of the geography, for example by inserting a road leading from the car showroom to the airport.

However, the game can be quite shocking. One of the early storylines is centred around domestic abuse (a brave choice) and some of the content on talk radio shows are even more horrific than before. Of course, the game is rated 18 so the content is expected.

The big problem I have with this game is the "missions". They are very uninspired, and merely repeats of missions in San Andreas. Probably the first example of this is the mission "Boomshine". The whole series does now feel very tired, but that could be because the Rockstar team chose to reuse this location; perhaps GTA4 will be another "new dawn" for the series?

So, the game is rather tired, however some new ideas come to the fore, such as the taxi driver missions. Here, they have introduced "follow that car!" type games and multiple journeys with a single passenger.

The exhaustion does not stop this game from being fun, however, and it is as addicting as ever. It's a shame that it wasn't more imaginative, but this game will still provide hours of entertainment.
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on 4 March 2007
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is an enjoyable video game. If you don't have a Sony PSP and you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto Series, you may want to pick up a PSP to play this game. Vice City Stories is an extension of the 2002 hit game Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The game takes place two years before the original Vice City with different lead characters. This time around you will be playing as Victor Vance. Vance is a military man, frustrated with his career looking to make a little extra cash. Surprisingly it's his supervisor Martinez who hooks him into making a little cash on the side via crime.

If you played and enjoyed Grand Theft Auto Vice City, you should like this game. Afterall, there is no place like home. The map is not identical to the first game but it's very similar. Some of the businesses you remember from the PS2 game have not yet been built but there are a lot of new businesses and the roads are slightly different in some area. There is also much more time spent on the military base near the airport, as your first save house is Vic's barracks on the base. For this game you start out on what is known as the second island. When driving along you hear the familiar message about bridges closed. Road blocks block access to the other island, but you can access Starfish Island from the beginning of the game.

The first few missions are simple enough. The main character Vic can swim for a short amount of time and the first mission has him swimming to shore and then delivering a package. The next mission you will be paying a visit to Phil Cassidy (a character from Grand Theft Auto Vice City), and helping him with some problem some people.

Rockstar Games did not push the Grand Theft Auto series further with Vice City Stories, so don't look for a lot of new features that didn't appear in San Andreas, the most recent game in the series. GTA Vice City Stories is basically a new adventure in a familiar setting.

The game looks gorgeous and quite cinematic on the PSP system. The soundtrack is awesome with all of the previous stations returning and a few new ones. The vehicle handling is awesome. I had a few issues with targeting as far as shooting but I got better with that. Playing the game you rely on the left analog pad a lot. On the PSP the pad is not raised off of the system. This caused my thumb to get sore a lot quicker than it ever did than when I played a game on the PS2.

Overall, GTA Vice City Stories is everything you loved about GTA Vice City in a portable system with a great soundtrack and a new storyline. I had absolutely no complaints with the game. I love the free roaming that GTA Vice City Stories provided in no time I was wandering around finding hidden body armor. I will say that the game is much better than Liberty City Stories, a lot of improvements have been made. This game will provide you with hours of fun.
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on 19 June 2009
Simply Outstanding!!!

Its so addictive.. its better than san andreas (easily)... its without a doubt the best GTA game ever made... I wonder weither the new one will meet up with this great game..

If your a gta gamer this is deffinatley a must buy.. its so amazing honestly!
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on 27 June 2007
I can't understand why Liberty City Stories was the big hit 'new' GTA since San Nandreas, Vice City Stories for PS2 is by far a better game. It rivals every other GTA in its new gameplay style with hundreds of features. You can now grab and attack enemies, swim and have access to brilliant new vehicles such as the jet ski. The game has been polished so that it is completely different to GTA: Vice City with a new feel to the whole map. The new mini-games too are very inventive, with things like Air Ambulance, taking tourists sight-seeing and red balloons scattered around that require shooting rather than collecting.

A new feature that does give the game a brilliant adge is the combination of purchasing properties and controlling gangs with 'Empire building'. You take over businesses and invest money to create money, but along teh way rival gangs attack you and your businesses.

A brilliant game with an award-winning soundtrack and a whole new spin on the fundamental brilliance of GTA!
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on 22 March 2009
san andreas is one of my favourite games of all time but after i had played it i thought that would be it because i dont own a next gen console.but no vice city stories came out after it and its brill, you can fly choppers ride motorbikes recruit gang members and all the the good stuff that makes gta especially san andreas so good.being a psp port the graphics aren't quite as good as san andreas but they are still good nonetheless.What really stands out is the soundtrack which is probably the best of any gta game and phil collins makes an appearance in the game as well.If you love gta youll love this .***review udate****since i reviewed this game iv'e now completed the story missions and only completed 34% of the game!!! still recommend although the story is a bit weak. No san andreas then but still a solid gta offering and at a bargain price.
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on 25 November 2014
Unfortunately I did not get the correct item delivered to me. There was an incorrect disk inside. I am sure that this was just a mistake but still something that needs to be taken into consideration in the future !
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on 30 June 2007
Iv played all ps2 gta games and this is certainly one of the best it takes vice city and makes in even better, definatly a good buy.
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on 10 April 2015
Game is very good nice music whilst driving along. Just like the other gta games doing plenty missions or just have fun messing around .
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