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4.4 out of 5 stars129
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2006
Having been an avid fan of Doctor Who in the era of Tom Baker I was a little sceptical about a "new Doctor Who". I must say I shouldn't have worried wow this is great.

It has the feel of the original series without the Blue Peter type props. It has grown up and gone into the electronical age - sonic screwdrivers and all. If you have any hesitation in buying this as an old Doctor Who fan don't its new, original, fresh and well done Doctor - the only strange thing being that Doctor Who is actually good looking!!
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on 25 May 2006
The last series continually took me by surprise! I sat down expecting to lightly pass 45 minutes and became well engrossed, drawn in, amused and often moved. The new series and the new Doctor built brilliantly on the strength of series one, at the same time bringing a freshness and vitality to the show. These episodes are among the best so far, and show the imagination and inventiveness of the writers off well. Tenant is brilliant as the Doctor, compassionate to the oppressed, ruthless to the guilty, and always switiching effortlessly between playing it for laughs and serious drama. Piper shows herself to be far more than just a good actress too; her range is impressive, complimenting Tenants Doctor perfectly. All of the episodes on this disc are strong, my personal favourite being "The Girl in the Fireplace," when the doctor falls for Madame De Pompador in a plot that twists space and time while having some genuinely jumpy moments- check out the tick-tock robots face masks! "Tooth and Claw" is also fantastic, scary and atmospheric, with a memorably haunting performance from the boy who eventually becomes the beast. "School Reunion" sees the return of Sarah Jane Smith and the iconic K-9, and is lighter than the other two. That said it has it's brilliant moments of emotion as Rose finds she's not the only woman the Doctor has ever shared his adventures with. Tenants playimg of the "You'll age and I won't" scene is moving, and gives us insight his character.
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on 26 June 2006
5 Stars. fabulous.this dvd contains:
tooth and claw
school reunion
the girl in the fireplace
in the 1st episode on this dvd the tardis lands in 1897 were they meet queen victoria and a moonlight monster on the torchwood estate. a werewolf.this is quite scary for some children and this is why it is certificated the second episode the doctor and rose get jobs in a school as the doctor meets his old sidekick sarah-jane smith and her faithful dog K9 whilst an alien race called the krillitians disguised as teachers ,hatch a plot to crack the code of the gods using the children and the last episode the doctor finds an spaceship from the 51st century stalking madame de pompador, the mistress of an 18th century king of france. the spaceship which contains the clockwork droids has created many portholes through space into different periods in her life.but why?
this is fantastic so i suggest buy it now.
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A little of CATHERINE TATE goes a long way. Her characters are renowned for having 'big personality' stamped all over them. And as the almost-wed DONNA NOBLE in the 2006 Christmas Special, her big personality gets to mix it with two more in the shape of THE DOCTOR and THE EMPRESS OF RACNOSS. Three required presences, a fair bit of scenery chewing - and just enough oxygen left to avoid suffocating.

Of course, Christmas is the season where - despite every effort to resist - one is less critically, and more forgivingly, inclined. THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, then, is a perfect example of that process in action so pass me another sherry.

Nothing in my book will quite match 2005's THE CHRISTMAS INVASION for sheer size and movie spectacle but there are enough outstanding moments here to fend off niggling worries about downsizing or budget cuts. The scenes of Earth's formation from gaseous stardust, trapping the Racnoss spacecraft, are magnificent, almost Hubble Telescope-like in depth and dimension; the taxi-Santa kidnap on the motorway is pure punching the air stuff and the destruction of the Empress's 'star' ship elegantly realised. The Empress of Racnoss herself is a wonderful non-CGI spider creation, but its lack of movement - when it should have been pit-pattering around to more dangerous effect - slightly hampers an otherwise commendably ambitious setup.

DAVID TENNANT and SARAH PARRISH bounce of each other very well and the denoument, as the emerging 'children' are flushed down the plughole, is powerful and more than appropriate for insects and arachnids, however big they might be (please note: if I eventually re-incarnate as a bluebottle, be kind and open a window).

References to the loss of ROSE TYLER in her parallel universe keep an emotional continuity necessary to the one-off nature of this story and lend Donna's last words to the Doctor genuine weight and poignance. As he leaves, we're left feeling for him and the new horizons to come. It's a lovely ending, reflective and softly low-key. Pass me a tissue, mansize. (...) Yes, yes, I know what 'please' means...sorry. (...) I don't know, maybe there's a high winter pollen count or something? Hmm.

In 'The Runaway Bride', RUSSELL T. DAVIES has begun ringing in some of the changes for the season to come. In consequence, Doctor Who continues to be a wonderful experience with a bona-fide creative genius at the helm, surrounded by talented colleagues in every department. Even the 'Confidential' extra is a worthy bonus. Buy it.

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on 8 May 2006
This DVD contains the first two episodes of Series 2 of the revived television classic 'Doctor Who', starring David Tennant and Billie Piper. I confess that I was somewhat apprehensive about the new series, because Christopher Eccleston's portrayal of the Time Lord was quite simply sublime, so I was worried that Tennant would not be a worthy successor. I am glad to see that I was wrong, because the Tenth Doctor has charm, wit and can range from happy, to playful, to furious, etc. Although this first installment of 'vanilla' releaes contains no extra features, it is still well worth buying because both episodes are hugely enjoyable. However, there is a 6-disc boxset to be released in November, which is going to be crammed with special features.

The two episodes on this DVD are:

The Christmas Invasion

Written by Russell T Davies

Directed by James Hawes

Originally transmitted 25/12/05

'The Christmas Invasion' was the greatest piece of festive television ever, and David Tennant's first proper outing as the Doctor managed to capture an audience of almost 10 million people. This a very entertaining episode, filled with humour, action and excitment, and definitely contains something for everyone. An alien invasion by the evil Sycorax puts the whole world in danger because the monsters are using blood control to manipulate the planet, but with the Doctor still recovering from his regeneration process, Rose is left to defend Earth alone. This episode is notable for David Tennant's swashbuckiling debut as the Doctor, and his 'what kind of man am I?' speech is just perfect. A truly wonderful episode.

New Earth

Written by Eussell T Davies

Directed by James Hawes

Originally transmitted 15/4/06

The first episode of Series 2 received a mixed reaction from the fans, but personally I loved this episode, and thought that it was exciting, energetic and full of life and character. David Tennant and Billie Piper show how well they can interact together, and both put it very humurous performances (such as the bodyswap for example). In this episode the Doctor goes to the year five-billion-and-twenty-three where he is reunited with the Face of Boe who is ill, whilst Rose is re-introduced to the 'naughty' Cassandra (played by Zoe Wannamaker) who is obsessed with plastic surgery and has a score to settle with Rose. Add in some cat nuns and an army of diseased patients, and this episode is pure entertainment all the way. There are some great scenes throughout, and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

A great start to Series 2 then, and this DVD is definitely worthy buying. The new series of 'Doctor Who' has maintaned its hugely high callibre, and is still a great treat to settle down and watch on a Saturday night.
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on 2 June 2006
This DVD continues the second series of the BBC's hit revival of 'Doctor Who' and contains three episodes. David Tennant's perormance as the Tenth Timelord remains strong, energetic and vibrant, whilst Billie Piper as Rose Tyler remains his equal in every way. This disc contains no special features, but there will be a 6-disc boxet released in November that comes crammed with bonus material and content. But if you're like me and can't wait that long, this DVD is definitely a must-buy when it is released. The three episodes on the disc are all of an extremely high calibre, and the standard set so far by the series is maintaned. So, where is the TARDIS taking us this time...?

The three episodes contained on this disc are:

The Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel

Writer: Tom MacRae

Director: Graeme Harper

Originally broadcast 13/5/06 and 20/5/06

These two-episode make up this series' first double-length episode, and are special due to the fact that the metal monsters that are the infamous Cybermen are back, bigger, badder, and better than ever before. Last year, the Daleks made a triumphant and successful return to television, and this year it is very much the turn of the Cybermen, the emotionless steel giants, who haven't been seen on television since the Slyvestor McCoy era of the late 1980's. There is a wealth of the things to enjoy in this two episodes however, as the Doctor and Rose find themselves on a strange parallel version of Earth after the TARDIS crash lands. In this alternative Earth, things are very different, Rose's dad is still alive, Mickey is reunited with his grandmother and there are zepplins, strange blue-tooth like headsets, and bizarre factories of carnage all over London. The new design of the Cybermen is stunning; they look beautiful! Their return to this series was superb, and the 2006 spin on the monsters is very satisfactory, such as the scenes in the factory where Rose and Pete Tyler have to go undercover and when the Doctor realises that they have no emotions. This episode is also important because Mickey Smith, Rose's poor, long-suffering boyfriend is finally given a chance to prove himself, and the result is very memorable and exciting. There are some great moments in this two-part story but I won't spoil them. All I will say is that the Cybermen are back, and their absolutely brilliant!

The Idiot's Lantern

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Directed by: Euros Lynn

Originally broadcast 27/5/06

Mark Gatiss' (aside from being part of the dark and hilarious 'League of Gentlemen') coined last year's excellent episode 'The Unquiet Dead', but his offering for Series 2 is even better, and this episode drips with atmosphere and tension, as the Doctor and Rose travel back in time to 1953, the year of the Queen's Coronation. It is testimony to the skills of the team behind the show that it really feels like th viewer is in the period, an experience further enhanced by the terrific sets, props, clothing and realisitc dialogue and characterisation. The main plot of this episode is that people are vanishing as a result of televisions, and the Doctor must unlock the secret of 'The Wire' and find out how the television is taking over the world. Tennant and Piper are great throughout, and although The Doctor's homage to Elvis (the hairstyle) is a bit much, this episode is a lot of fun. Great stuff, with an electric climax (literally)...

There are a number of guest stars that make appearances in this series such as Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger from 'Only Fools and Horses') as the evil brainchild of the Cybermen, John Lumic. Shaun Dingall reprise his role as Pete Tyler, Rose's father in the two Cybermen episodes, and Mauren Lipman is terrifying as 'The Wire' in 'The Idiot's Lantern'. The collection of episodes is brilliant, with superb performances, writing, direction, special effects, etc, and this DVD is one that I'd highly recommend.
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on 9 September 2006
David Tennant gets off to a good start as the Doctor in these two episodes. In the Christmas Invasion he has to deal with the threat of the alien Sycorax and their attempts to invade earth. However, he must first recover from his recent regeneration.

Although Tennant only really comes to the fore during the last half of this adventure, he still manages to make a formidable impression. A superb debut story, with a nice twist at the end.

The second adventure, 'New Earth' acts as a sequel to previous season's 'The End of the World.' In it, the Doctor and Rose travel millions of years into the future and discover a hospital, which is run by a group of cat-like creatures. Behind the scenes there lies a dark and shocking secret, and to make matters worse, the Doctor is confronted with his old enemy Cassandra. This episode has received mixed reviews, but I found it a real creepy thriller, with good performances. The highlight has to be Billie Piper's wonderful turn as the 'possessed' Rose.

A very good start for the Tenth Doctor. Two very entertaining adventures, which are worth watching.
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on 7 March 2010
it is a rare thing that a series can bring together a whole family to enjoy a good piece of quality BBC drama/Sci fi. This is perfection and the scary bits are never too much for the kids.
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on 29 April 2007
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the episode but the DVD as a whole is poor value. I'm a big fan of the vanilla releases as I'm not a huge admirer of extras on DVDs but this release was just a huge disappointment for me. One episode (albeit an hour long instead of the usual forty-five minutes) selling at the same price of a release with 3 is just daylight robbery and the addition of the DW Confidential Special is a poor substitute for further episodes. At least last year's Christmas Special had "New Earth" with it too.

On a slightly more positive note David Tennant was usual exceptional self, Catherine Tate wasn't the nightmare I was dreading and the Empress of the Racnoss was a truly impressive creation. But I'm sorry Amazon, until this one drops in price I won't be partaking of it, completist even though I am.
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on 8 July 2006
This DVD has three episodes on it:

The Rise Of The Cybermen - The Cybermen double episode part 1.

The Age Of Steel - The Cybermen double episode part 2.

The Idiot's Lantern - London in the 1950s.

The Cybermen episodes are very good. The first has a lot of action and tension building up to part 2, I think it's the better of the two. The second is a bit of a let down and is disappointing compared to the previous one, but it's still an impressive episode that concentrates more on the emotional side of things.

The Idiot's Lantern is also a very good episode. There is some great acting from the Doctor, Rose and all the supporting actors too. The monsters are surprisingly freaky. There is a very inventive way of solving the problem as well.

Generally this is a good DVD to get and I would recommend it to anyone!
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