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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2007
This is one of the most enjoyable games ive ever played. Seriously.

The story is actually very interesting for a game of its caliber, with good twists in it like any horror film should. Speaking of horror... I almost died playing this game. I may be a wimp, but im pretty sure it would give even the hardest of people shudders down the spine. The Girl that follows you through this game is Horrible (in a very good way). This game actually makes you want to stop playing, but keep playing at the same time.

As for the Graphics, they are awesome! You need a fairly decent PC. But Most PC's should handle it on one of the default settings. The dust and sparks that fill a room when you get into a fire fight are extremely impressive, as is the light refraction that some of the enemys use.

The AI In this game is unrivaled (I could be wrong, but i havnt seen anything like this). They think about how to flank the player, communicate, interact with objects in game like sweeping lamps, books, PC monitors off of a desk to get a clear shot at the player and Pushing over filing cabinits over to block doorways (I have actually had an enemy push a cabinit over onto my head...). Extremely cool reactions when you suprise them, for example if you nail one of their friends heads to the wall you hear a "Oh F***!!!" Over the radio!

Up until "Dark Messiah: Might and Magic" came out, this game was the most physically impressive game in my opinion, You can see your own feet and when you Melee, you actually see your whole body do the actions. Its Very cool!

Even if your a wimp i recommend this as a long term challenge for your self, If you do think of yourself as a toughie... Give it a go and you'll see what i mean :p

Overall, Awesome Game, Get it now.
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on 2 July 2009
this game fools you at first into thinking its a sqaud orientated game however its all solo which can sometimes get annoying as you cannot stand your ground to large groups on enemy soldiers . the weapons were less than satisfactory and the AI of the enemy was very limited who give away there position very early meaning you could dispatch them easy enough with grenades making the only challenging enemy in the game the random ninja things that appear from time to time and machine gun emplacements that appear from the roof . the graphics were good but the levels were very samey just being dark dingy places with blood everywhere. the one admirable quality of this game is if you go into it without reading a walkthrough or knowing much about it will make your hairs raise up on the back of your neck and actually give you a scary thrill like some of the recent doom games only more sinister . this game is good just for a good shoot out but its fun also if you actually get into it as the storyline is pretty good and some scenes are very psychadelic and interesting so it is defonatly worth playing
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on 20 May 2009
I loved the atmosphere of the game, but I found some aspects of the gameplay disappointing... there just isn't enough variety in the levels, or the enemies.
Your enemy are basically mind-controlled soldiers, mostly on foot, although there are some invisible soldiers, who seem to move around using the electrical system of the building.
Other enemies include 'walker' droids (think of the ED-209 from Robocop and you're getting close), also there are some flying probes to deal with..
One thing I did enjoy was the 'slo-mo' which you can employ at any time..
This makes taking out your enemies easier, though you do have limited time to use it in one go, then you have to wait to recharge.
The enemy AI is so-so..
for example, if you stumble upon a group of enemy soldiers, just retreat around a corner, they are unlikely to come after you, rather they just stand and wait, or maybe throw a grenade at your last position.

Without wishing to spoil the game for those who want to play it, I was disappointed with the ending of the game..
I was fully expecting to face up to some all-powerful end of game 'boss', but sadly the game just seemed to end with a disappointing bang.
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on 11 October 2008
This is an FPS, if you don't like FPSs, don't bother, you won't like this.

It is not a squad game, you occasionally see friendly NPCs but you can't do much, or sometimes anything, to help them.

It does tell a supernatural/horror story, and can be scary in parts.

It has not been buggy for me, I don't recall it crashing or slowing once, this is relatively unusual. Something usually happens with games, but this game, there have been no problems whatever for me. With other games, even with great games, there is usually some minor problem, not with this.

It doesn't need a huge machine to run on, I was quite happy with the graphics on a 256MB HD3850, and if you cut the resolution and other graphics options down it will probably run on something quite a lot less powerful than that. In terms of CPU power, the box says 1.7 GHz P4, I don't know whether that's optimistic, but it's unlikely to be hugely pessimistic.

It is is pretty gory, at times the blood seems improbably prominent, given that there are no body parts (almost whole bodies yes, scattered parts, no) associated with it.

It runs quite happily from a non-administrator account under windows XP, a lot of games don't.

Because the story is pretty linear, there is relatively little replayability, I played through the game twice, but so far I haven't felt like playing it again after the second time. Given the current price, it's still very much worth buying.

*** SPOILER ***

There is an oddity, in that if you have a gun, and pick up another gun of the same type, you will get minimal ammunition. However, if you drop your current gun of that type, then pick up the new gun, you get the full load for a new gun of that type, which is more. Then when you can pick up your old gun of that type you will get back all of the ammunition for that type of gun that you previously had. This makes the game more fun in that you're not always hoarding ammunition and frequently running out, which you otherwise might be. I don't understand why they didn't just let you pick up more from dropped guns without messing about, but it does work out okay.
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When a sequel to a successful game comes out, there are always lots of people who'll say that the original was better. Sometimes you wonder if they are remembering only the good parts of the game and no matter how good it is it can't live up to their expectations. I never played F.E.A.R. the first time around, but I enjoyed Project Origin and managed to pick the original F.E.A.R. up cheap. So my review is for those people who have played the sequel and wonder if it is worth tracking down a copy of the game that started it.

The first thing you'll notice when playing is that compared to Project Origin, the graphics for F.E.A.R. are slightly disappointing. That's to be expected, as it's an older game. Play on though, and you'll soon get used to it, and it really is worth getting used to, as the maps in F.E.A.R. are far better than those in F.E.A.R.2.P.O. As the game goes on, it keeps presenting you with better and more varied setpieces, and there are some very clever levels and visuals, especially towards the end of the game.

The weapons interface takes some getting used to after the intuitive HUD of F.E.A.R.2.P.O., but the weapons are just as good and there are some there that are far better balanced, even some that allow double wielding. The railgun and automatic cannon are excellent fun, and even the shotgun is better. Remote-detonation grenades allow for far better player strategy than the proximity mines you get in both games, and it is a wonder that they didn't appear at all in the sequel. One bad thing? Flashlight with extremely limited battery life before switching off and recharging.

The story is good - no better, no less than P.O. - but where this game really excels is its excellent and imaginative use of sound effects and creepy freaked out hallucinatory visuals. There are parts of this game that are genuinely terrifying when played in the dark with headphones on (as all good psychological horror games should be) - and I couldn't honestly say that about Project Origin, which I found generally more unsettling than frightening.

Where F.E.A.R. also scores higher than Origin is in its gameplay. You get slow motion from the start (which, as in Origin, you can increase by finding boosters), and charging at enemies and dispatching them in various ways before the clock runs down is much more fun and far better implemented.

There's no email pickups either - you get backstory clues by listening in-game to phone messages and letting your tech-guy remotely hack nearby laptops.

Having played Project Origin first and then F.E.A.R. afterwards, I can honestly say that I had more fun and frights from F.E.A.R. than I did the sequel. Although it's very difficult to get a new copy anymore, there are a few second hand copies out there - although these too are sparse, and I guess that says more about the longevity of this game than anything.
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on 20 May 2009
Again I really enjoyed this game. Excellent graphics with plenty of weapons to choose from, and as I am a pensioner I am waiting for FEAR 2 to come down in price so I can continue my enjoyment. I really enjoy FPS games and the action in this game is good, also the occasional spooky visual effects were quite creepy.
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on 26 May 2009
A game that I was expecting to scare the hell out of me but dissapointed me because it's half F.E.A.R. itself and nearly all Rainbow Six in a way as the game focuses on ghosts of the past re-telling how they died so yes you can get scared a bit when ghosts walk past you or when the "unknown origin" comes on and bins fall over. But then all the game drags onto soldiers shooting at you and robots firing missiles at you when the game is meant to be based on Alma, very much like a copy of Half-Life but worst. One good thing is that all these ghosts are the best things of the game, like one jumping into water and falling through and one jumping off an elevator and dissapearing, freaks you out a bit and without slow motion shooting the soldiers would be impossible to kill, I give this game 3 stars.
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on 15 April 2009
this might be because I've bought a long while after it came out and so know chunks of the story already but I didn't this game the creepy story I had thought it would be. I found the gameplay to be rather generic and the levels had a similar style to all of them so there was no real motivation to get to the next one. However it was a solid shooter with AI above average and the weapons were quite fun and it has a decent multiplayer.

Overall a good shooter for the price but not the best u cud get
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on 25 May 2009
Bought this game cos it was an FPS and I was going to buy F.E.A.R 2 but I wasn't sure it would run, so I bought this. It has some really creepy moments, and the enemies don't seem to be cannon fodder like usual. Amazing game. Just keep some clean pants around it's that scary at times. It was less than a packet of cigarettes too. Totally impressed.
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on 8 April 2009
well if you a great 3d shooter this is it. but if you want one to give a scare then buy buy buy. atmospheric sounds make this well scary. give me a good scare when i hooked it up to my sound system.

best played in surround sound.
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