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on 9 May 2009
The short version: If the software that comes packaged isn't Win-TV v7 go to [...] and download it. Install the .Net framework if you haven't already and everything will be superb.

I bought this product some time ago but only recently installed it. The installation went like a dream and I was watching TV on my XP laptop in no time. Recording and using the EPG was a different matter. Lots of problems, the worst being that the recordings were losing about four seconds out of every ten making them unwatchable. The interface was awful, not remotely intuitive and very clunky. A Google search brought me to the .com version of the Hauppauge site which wasn't remotely helpful. It was only when I went to the "contact" page that I saw the link to the Uk version of the site which is way better and has a really helpful forum.

V7 installs and works like a dream. It has a proper intuitive, Vista look and feel. It integrates the EPG and scheduler much better, and the pause/rewind of live tv is a lot more intuitive. Recordings are excellent quality, and the scheduler now allows you to specify recording lengths less than 30 minutes long; a stupid restriction on the old version. This is now the product I was expecting when I made my purchase.

A couple of final points:
The mini-aerials that come with it are insufficient. I have a good digital signal and couldn't pick up anything using them. Additionally when I tried to split my signal with my main TV I needed a signal booster, a normal Y-splitter didn't work( I mention this not as an issue with the product but just so that it may be factored into the potential cost of setting it up )

The installation programme for v7 is much-improved however it waits until it has started the installation before it tells you it needs the .Net framework installed. When you cancel the install it doesn't clean up after itself. I think it tried to create an "undo" log at the start of the installation but failed; either way it was none too slick. After that when you install .Net and start the installation again it suggests uninstalling the existing version of WinTV and gives you a misleading error message, but if you just continue past it, everything works fine.
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on 27 September 2007
Ok, so it's not as good as my old solution which was two pci Hauppauge WinTV cards, but it's pretty close. Media Center works a treat. As long as you've got a good signal this product is a great way way of getting TV on your Vista Home Premium PC/Laptop, plus you get a remote control too.
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on 8 December 2009
Comes with splitter and Remote (mini version of other huappauge remotes).

Works fine with Mythtv - low power consumption - ok reception (not noticed any issues). With recent versions I have 2 virtual tuners per real tuner (ie 4 total).

Bit expensive compared to other dual tuners.

When are huappauge going to do a dual tunner DVB-T2? Or even a single tuner for that matter.

To get 5 stars it would need to be cheaper and huappauge would need to release open source drivers to the diversity stuff.
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on 17 October 2009
Purchased this to plug into my little Acer Revo Nettop PC running Vista. Works flawlessly with Vista Media Centre and gives a really good picture (I am using a loft antenna) with 2 tuners so can record two programs at same time. Haven't tried any of the included software as media centre works so well with it anyway.
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on 19 August 2007
Diversity Works Well (but this involves both tuners working together to give the best signal possible) in Dual Mode it can't see any stations under Windows Media Centre. Perhaps this has to do in part with signal strength. No stations found when used in conjunction with included aerials - I don't know where you'd have to sit in order for these to work.
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on 9 August 2009
Got this product to use with my windows 7 media pc and the first thing that I should say is the drivers on the disc do work with windows 7.

Set it up in the media centre as a single tuner did a scan and got all channels (including channel 5) flawlessly on my powered room aerial

I then wanted to get the NOVA TD working as a dual Tuner (for this you need to install the software) and in this mode all channels work fine except for channel 5 and other weak channels such as virgin 1 which get no signal at all.

So the NOVA TD is a great product if you only want to use as a single tuner as it benefits from the Diversity mode, however suffers when used as a dual tuner

I'm also trying to download the latest drivers and software from the Hauppauge website but at the time of writing this there website is incredibly slow and is only downloading at between 2-10kbs on my 10mb line
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on 8 December 2009
Worked out of the box with ubuntu karmic koala (9.10) and mythtv (0.22) on an dual core Acer Revo 6300 (atom 330), but without diversity which is not supported under linux. It does require a good signal to work (I've not managed to get flawless and predicatable decoding yet, and I'm playing around with different amplifier combinations). I assume most freeview boxes have hefty amplifiers built-in.
The device is warm when in use, and care should be taken to make sure the antenna input Y cable doesn't get knocked, as they are easily dislodged. I have not attempted to get the integrated IR receiver to work, opting instead for a wireless keyboard and trackball.
Overall I'm happy with this device, and I am just trying to get my home environment stable enough to let it work to the best of its abilities.
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on 29 October 2015
As easy as Plug-and-play with Mythbuntu 14 - After configuring the documented two tuners, I ended up with 4 (as MythTV automatically added a further virtual tuner to each). This allows 4 channels to be recorded at once - *WIN*.
I've since done a little reading about virtual tuners and understand that MythTV (likely other software too) can be configured to add several virtual tuners per physical tuner. These will likely be limited to broadcasts on the same MUX - but I advise you do your own research if you intend to use virtual tuners.
Before I get too far off topic - The one I have is different to the product image shown; mine (as odd as it sounds; the front of the box states "model 1172" but has a label on the box-base stating "Model 1175") has two mini-aerial ports on the top (not a full size on the end and mini on the bottom (as per product image)).
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on 9 November 2009
The product delivered differed from the one in the picture, in that instead of a single UHF socket on the end, there were two very small coax sockets on the side. These are intended for the two standalone aerials supplied, no doubt to provide the diversity function. Fotunately also supplied was a UHF socket adapter with two short pigtails that match these two coax sockets. This is what I used, with a standard external TV aerial, and the unit works fine. It is compatible with the version of Windows Media Centre that comes with Windows 7, which supports two tuner inputs. I have it plugged in to a USB port on a Media Centre PC that I have built, based on the Zotac Mini-ITX motherboard.
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on 19 November 2009
I previously owned a Nova-T 500 PCI card in a desktop PC. Since moving to laptops, I've been looking for a replacement to handle simple viewing and recording of UK Freeview television..

This product is excellent, and picture quality (when using a rooftop aerial) is exceptional. I would say that it's comparable to the PC Nova-T 500 card I owned previously. I run this USB stick in dual tuner mode, so that I can view 1 channel, while another is recorded to my laptop. The device also has diversity mode for boosting quality in low signal areas, or when using the included mini aerials.

With the supplied mini aerials, I was able to pick up about half of the Freeview channels I expected, and there were occasional reception glitches. My apartment is North West London. Note also that when I did play with the supplied antennae, they seemed difficult to set up - the combination of suction cup (for the base) and magnet (for the aerial) always falls apart or pops off the surface you stick them to.

None of this is a concern to me, however, since I don't plan to take the device on the road. Connected to a rooftop aerial, I'm happy. I'm even thinking now of looking for a simple ION-based nettop and media centre to use with this product. Smallest HTPC possible!
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