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VINE VOICEon 13 August 2007
The second DVD box set from John Pilger , following in from the rather grandly titled "Documentaries That Changed The World" is In The Name Of Justice , a four disc set containing another twelve of the type of enlightening, shocking and erudite journalism that we have come to take for granted from John Pilger. The twelve documentaries are "The Mexicans" , "Streets Of Joy" , "Pyramid Lake Is Dying " , "A Faraway Country" , "Do You Remember Vietnam?" , "Vietnam-The Last Battle" , "The Truth Game", "Japan Behind The Mask", "Apartheid Did Not Die", "The Last Dream -Heroes Unsung", The Last Dream-Secrets" ,"The Last Dream -Other Peoples Wars".
These date from as far back as 1976-"Pyramid Lake is Dying" and "Streets Of Joy"- and a lot of this DVD is concerned with his native Australia and while interesting is probably only really of special concern to Australian natives only. It's most contemporary episode is "Apartheid Did Not Die" which came out in 1998and highlights that the real beneficiaries of Apartheid are not the people we necessarily first think of and it's Pilger at his absolute best stripping away the propaganda , lies subterfuge and getting to the hard empirical truth of a situation and telling it like it really is.
"Japan Behind The Mask " is similarly revealing but having been made in 1987 before the real technology boom seems a little dated .The two Vietnam documentaries made in 1978-"Do You Remember Vietnam ?" and 1995 -"Vietnam -The Last Battle" are curiously still compelling but they have the sense of staunch history behind them whereas other episodes feel more like period pieces ."The Mexicans" made in 1980 also suffers from this.
As I have pointed out previously a lot will depend on how the viewer feels about Pilger . I still maintain that a lot can be achieved with black satire and caustic humour but Pilger prefers a more sombre and earnest approach and who am I to argue with him. Besides if he suddenly started with the Mark Thomas or Michael Moore approach , it would seem rather odd. I personally find him riveting to watch and listen to but occasionally he can come across as rather needlessly bitter but maybe I would if I did his job for a living.
This box set isn't quite as good as the previous one, bit it's still well worth a viewing at least once , though again I would suggest it's best consumed in one episode segments. I would have liked to have seen his 1997 documentary on Rupert Murdoch "Breaking the Mirror-The Murdoch Effect" another outstanding piece of journalism and one that still has implications today included here. You are left to reflect and regret that there are no journalists working in TV today with his compassion and utter commitment to uncover the truth. It's not that they aren't in all probability out there , its just that TV executives don,t think that's what we want to watch anymore .How wrong can they be.
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on 9 May 2008
Why these excellent DVDs are not available in the U.S. is a mystery. I'd never heard of John Pilger until 2 months ago, when I stumbled on one of his books. When I found out he's made dozens of documentaries, with none available in the U.S., I was thrilled to find them on Amazon UK.

Pilger's unerring sense of decency, free from corporate media propaganda, gives us new eyes to see what we have done to our world. His interviews with high-level antagonists of every sort-- from CEOs to Bush Administration henchmen, are deeply disturbing. Nothing of this caliber is available in the states. He's spent his life following the lead of corporate greed and western hegemony. A bloody, sad trail indeed.
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on 20 August 2007
I have only watched 'The Mexicans' - 'Street of Joy' and 'The truth game', but I'm hooked already! I was amazed at the truth game - I had no idea how bad things got. Most of the subjects are about issues that were around before I was born (or soon after), but the docs seem to have a timeless dimention to them. The concepts, the government deceptions and the secrets are sadly still with us today. In recent times we have seen quite a few people making shocking docs exposing the evils in this world - but it is sad to see that nothing seems to happen. The ruling elite still keep on ruling and the herd still keep on getting decieved - or just don't care.
Alex Jones has made some good docs, and are quite popular - but in 30 years time, will things still carry on the same? (I hope not!). So the value of these docs are in question, but I'm glad they are there to educate those that are awake. It seems that those who most need to watch these docs probably won't (i.e. military, gov officials, general public etc.).
I like the suggestions of making them compulsory school watching. With home school I guess that will be possible :-)

I was so impressed with the documentaries so far that I ordered three copies of 'Documentaries that changed the world' for my family members and myself... I'm looking forward to seeing more recent stuff. I also ordered some of his books...
As for humour - I think he is pretty funny in places. I mean - in 'street of joy' he compares the marketing techniques of pre-moist toilet paper and presidents. He also has a sharp tounge in places, and rightly so. He has a sort of dry sense of humour, but I appreciate that. A fan already!
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on 13 July 2007
This is another first class documentaries dvd set from John Pilger.

If you want to know what the USA, UK and others are doing in the world check this out as I was shocked and appalled by most of the stories

Its first class when ITV made great programmes like these
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on 21 April 2009
watching the documentaries was agonizing, how can so much injustice be committed while the world looks on and does nothing
John Pilger knows what to look for when he makes his films
although it is always hard to get government spokespeople to ever admit to wrongdoing
too bad the world has been turned into a money grabbing free for all, everyone thinking he will be the one who will survive rich and unaffected
schools should be forced to show this in class!
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on 27 December 2009
10 stars out of 5. Modern history as not reported by the MSM.

The real truth behind government lies, propoganda and corruption.
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on 12 March 2009
John Pilger has received many awards including the UN Media Peace Prize.
His ability to expose the other side of our, and foreign military and economic activity is usually hidden by western media. These DVD's should be seen more than once, as they contain so much information. Sincerely,John.Jones
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