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3.4 out of 5 stars26
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2007
The weirdest thing about The Weirdness is Ron Asheton's guitar style. There's nothing to be found here reminiscent of the first two Stooges albums. If you're expecting No Fun and 1969 type riffing, forget it. Ironically, with The Weirdness Ron has concocted a bunch of riffs that give a more than knowing nod to the material on the one Stooges album he didn't play guitar on, Raw Power. He's very much doing a stripped down and lighter version of James Williamson's style, but that's certainly not a bad thing. Infact it makes for a more original and contemporary sounding album than one made using a bagfull of 3-chord Real Cool Time retreads.

The surprising let down on this album is Iggy. His voice is fine, it certainly doesn't seem to have decayed in the same fashion as many other Rock singers the same age. The problem is the lyrics. A lot of them are embarrassingly bad, sounding like the immature and angsty scrawlings of a 14 year old.

I get the impression that when the band agreed to record this album, Ron and Scott seriously got down to the business of working out the music - whilst Iggy lounged around in his garden in Miami, stroking his lizard and topping up his tan. Then when the time for recording came, he turned up with nothing, and bluffed his way through with a load of off-the-cuff lyrics that had about as much thought put into them as a kid puts into doing overdue homework at 8.45am in the school library.

But....once you accept (or get used to) the embarrasing triteness of many of the lyrics, this isn't a bad album. It's not a classic in any respect, it sounds too half finished for that (Iggy's half!). And of course in this day and age there's no way it was ever going to be as innovative or original as the material the band were penning almost 40 years ago.

The Weirdness is an OK album. Musically it's better than much of what is getting released by Rock bands these days....but if The Stooges ever decide to record another album, Iggy really needs to try harder..then maybe I'll hand out five stars, not three.

A+ to the Asheton brothers, and C- to Mr Pop.
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on 24 August 2008
Often times, when bands have a reunion, it's a dreary rehash of their old songs and almost 100% of the time, a live album. As a result, they always disappoint. Not this time. This is a good renunion album because there's new studio material contained within.

The presentation is simple, yet excellent... black on silver, utilizing their original logo and even the typeface employed on the first two Elektra records. And much to Iggy Pop's credit, it does not emphasize his presence here. This is not a solo effort, nor is it "Iggy and The Stooges" ...this is the genuine article. This is The Stooges. Writing credits are given to the three original members. Anything else would have merely been a vehicle for another Iggy Pop solo album.

Original bassist, Dave Alexander, passed away a long time ago, but here we have Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton and Scott Asheton, not to mention the truly pleasant surprise of Steve MacKay playing sax on four of the twelve tracks. Also, Mike Watt makes for an excellent bass guitar replacement. In other words, this is pretty much the same musicians who brought you Fun House nearly four decades ago.

From the instant the first track begins, "Trollin'" you know you are listening to The Stooges. And you never forget until the album is over. Slashing, savage and recognizable as The Stooges throughout. Highlights include the Andy MacKay tracks as they harken back to that unique "jazz" sound that only The Stooges could achieve with the very best song being the coda, "I'm Fried" ...reminding one of "L.A. Blues" (unfortunately, it ends all too quickly). There were four other tracks that do not appear here. One is on the Japanese import version, while all four are featured as Side 3 of a now out-of-print vinyl version. With room to spare on this CD, it is a shame that these extra songs were not provided here as 'bonus' tracks.

This is certainly not a "mature" work, bringing new musical ideas and clever words to the table, however, it is not the same compared to what has gone before. The greatest disappointment lies in the lyrics, which sound as if they were written in less than an hour's time. Perhaps if they stay together and write another album, it will progress from here. Hopefully, such will the case.
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on 30 April 2007
Following the general consensus on this review page I think The Weirdness is a good album. It is EVERYTHING you could possibly want from the Stooges so I am baffled at the reviews it's been getting.

By the way, if there are any full-on Iggy fans out there I bought a surprisingly good DVD slideshow of Mick Rock's photography recently, and it is fantabulous. Rock obviously had a real thing going with Iggy (and David Bowie) because he took so many amazing photos of him on and off stage. The DVD is called 'Punk Drunk Love' and I bought it on (they do appear to have it on amazon but it isn't in stock, or something)
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The pressure on Iggy and the Ashton's to get this right was enormous...and they are almost there.

The album is in the spirit of their earlier material and some of the songs are pure dynamite (for example 'Trollin' and 'My idea of Fun') but there are a number of tracks that are a little disappointing.

Good, but could have been great.

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on 10 February 2013
I suppose it was too much to expect this album to match up to any of the earlier Stooges albums and it doesn't seem to relate to those albums very much. The Stooges tracks on Iggy's SKULL RING album were excellent and I had hoped for more like them, but it seems as though they were their good tunes and this album is the rest.
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on 10 December 2007
Iggy Pop kicks off this album with some of his dumbest lyrics ever, like he wants to be a teenager again fronting his first garage-punk band. Who can blame him - The Stooges invented the genre almost 40 years ago. Trouble is, we know Pop is an intelligent man (even if he's driven to get his knob out on stage) and we know he can do a lot better than this with the reborn Stooges in 2007. The Asheton brothers can play much more competently than in 1970, Steve Albini is producing (a mixed blessing, it has to be said), and the Ig is as perky as ever, and in good voice too. So what's to lose by growing up? Instead, the general idea is to ham it up; self-parody being the keyword, and the results are no fun at all. Someone put the shopping list together OK, but no-one thought to hire a chef. If you're a fan, investigation is just about worthwhile for the slowed-down title track: the rest of the album fails to improve on the ever-patchy fare we have been suffering since Pops's Arista period, ending with the sub-par 'Party' back in 1981. On the other hand, if you're a newcomer, go straight to 'Fun House', the band's excellent second album from back in the day. On 'The Weirdness' not even Andy Mackay's sax can claw back the majesty of that complete stone classic.
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After reading some of the press reviews and comments on here I approached this album with some trepidation. I think a few people need to refresh their memories about what 'The Stooges' are about. They are a garage quasi-punk band who have made full on good time thrash out music. It's never been about musicianship or delivering a musical tour de force.

It IS about Idiot Savante, primeval rock and roll which is exactly what 'The Weirdness' delivers. It's funny, observant and doesn't waste time. There is no fat on this baby which is exactly the way a 'Stooges' album should be.

Tracks such as 'ATM' and 'Free & Freaky' are very amusing using off the cuff lyrics which are deliberately trite but also well observed. 'Greedy Awful People' and 'The End of Christianity' are just succesful hits on some big targets which are achieved without compromising the music.

I really like this album. It's a 'Stooges' album, it's funny and sassy and well worth buying. What did the critics expect from them? Baffling.
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on 29 March 2007
The new Stooges "The Weirdness" album is a real blast. Whilst no classic like the first 3 albums, this is mainly due to age and in particular Iggy's voice which is more a rasp than the young street walking cheetah of yore. Lets face it guys sixty can never be as sexy as twenty except in the mind of the perpetuator in question. However from the opening "Trollin'" to the closer "I'm Fried" this is a surprisingly good. The Asheton brothers sound fantastic, stuck in a time warp of 1973, with great tone and riffs perfectly fitting Iggy's voice and lyrics.....they sound like young men not men fast approaching the pensioner years. The songs are real good, full of dumb lyrics, more cosmopolitan than before, and bring a real smile to the face. "Mexican Guy" especially springs to mind. Even the weaker tracks which are reminiscent of Iggy's solo stuff benefit from the Asheton's touch.....these Detroit guys are perfectly in tune with each other. The sax of Steve Mackay on a few songs also helps lift this album from numbskill metal into free from art jazz territory. The track listing, with nods to all 3 of the original Stooges albums is almost a true follow up to Raw Power, some of it even reminds me of Raw Power or the MC5 albeit with the Ron Asheton sound. Other reference points are the Black Flag tribute album that Henry Rollins released a few years ago and on which Iggy guested, and of course the Sex Pistols particularly in the bass department. I also like Steve Albini's production. Great stuff!
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on 27 July 2008
its ...ok or is it ??
i fully except its not going to be raw power or funhouse I KNOW THAT !
the first 20 seconds i was still thinking this is it !! then you hear the lyrics and oh god its skull ring 2.
like the guy before says the ashetons are on great form iggy you let them down .lyrically its almost appalling
opinion = couldnt be arsed and no one had the courage to say iggy this is crap

the two stars are for the ashetons, Mike watt & steve mackay
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on 3 July 2009
Quite simply the worst album I've ever heard. I wasn't necessarily looking for another great album from these guys. They did, after all, record the holy trinity of pre-punk albums back in the sixties and seventies, but with that in mind you'd expect, if nothing else, something that rocked. This doesn't. The music in uninspired, and whilst unoriginal isn't necessarily a concern, it's painfully formulaic, and that is a concern. No member of the band really offers anything that becomes their musical status, boring guitar and drum work, ordinary sax that may as well not be there, crappy lyrics offered in an unconvincing and uninspiring monotone, and the whole thing helmed by Steve Albini, who should know better, but doesn't, it seems.

I feel justified in saying it's the worst album I've ever heard, because I've never felt such intense dislike for an album recorded in a genre I love by musicians I respect. There are albums in other genres I have no time for, but this offers absolutely nothing. There is nothing new in it worth hearing, and there's nothing in it that's not new that hasn't been done better somewhere else before.
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