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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars29
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2008
By inclination I tend towards the knockers of this project, on the premise that, like radio the pictures are better in books. However I find it difficult to quarrel with the way that it was produced given the constraints of the medium and the probable budget. I do, like others quarrel with the casting of David Jason in the roll of Albert or at least in the way that he played it, it is clear that he is there for the publicity value and little else he may well stand a better chance as Rincewind.

Most other things have been said and you will gather from my rating that I feel that this was a very creditable exercise. Marc Warren is chilling enough for anyone and the voice he uses is edgy enough to be upsetting (good). Susan is good, Death is terrific, and I never expected to say that, ever. True to the book? Yes I think so.
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on 29 April 2007
In California with no hope of getting the Sky One broadcast for the holidays; pre-ordered my UK region 2 version; it arrived Thursday last (26-4), told my computer we were in the UK, ran an S-Video and Audio through my 90's TV and 80's receiver -- Got to watch the Hogfather in Dolby stereo and wide screen! Hooray! The tech works! All you US fans, go ahead and order this DVD and enjoy the story, I'll go back to the book for the details they couldn't possibly include in so few hours, but the film is truely wonderful. The acting is supherb, the special affects remarkable considering the budget, and the story just as dear as ever. My 7 year old son sat through the entirety and only asked a question every 10 minutes.
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on 16 August 2007
Have you ever wondered why Harry Potter's on the 'Big Screen' while books from the Diskworld not? If, like me, you consider HP essentially for kids and Diskworld really for adults then you know where I'm going with this. The Diskworld stories are just so much more rich, subtle, moody, dark, funny - but all in a grownup kind of way.
I guess that this is where the problem lies in producing a Diskworld Hollywood blockbuster - how to translate such a rich and variegated Diskworld universe to film without it being perceived as children's entertainment only. This DVD comes closest to getting that balance right - like the dark (but amusing) mood in the Assassins Guild at the start of the DVD. Like many good books you could watch this DVD at various `levels' - so kids can enjoy it `on the surface' while parents who may like to ponder the larger plot of 'killing death' and the hilarious philosophical implications.
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on 8 February 2016
Good all round.
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on 17 February 2009
Sorry if it's against the rules here but I really, really need your help.
There are 2 different versions of Hogfather: 2 dics edition (about 5 GBP) and limited edition (about 15 GBP) with the same year of production but different cast. Which one should I buy? Are there different extras or something? M.
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on 18 June 2007
As I don't have Sky I had to wait for this to be released and it lived up to its expectations. My young daughter who was home ill from school also enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one (if rumors are to be believed it might be The Colour Of Magic with David Jason as Rincewind)
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on 30 May 2007
When are this team gonna put more of TP's magic on celluloid? you just have to like it - the characters are pretty much as Pratchett writes them and the team has really caught the whole Discworld feel.
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on 25 September 2007
I hope that Mr. Pratchett's involvement in this was limited, because SURELY this is not how he envisaged this wonderful book being translated onto screen.

Teatime's voice is inherently incorrect, and seems to be to be a cheap copy of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka. Though I do complement the casting directors for finding someone to play Mr. Teatime who does indeed look the part. Also, the fact that he is portrayed as NOT being a true Assassin at the beginning distresses me enormously. "Take the black?" was a line that almost caused me to laugh out loud with incredulity.

Why is David Jason playing Albert? Albert is a grumpy, cynical old man and Mr. Jason's portrayal of him is one of a jolly old great-uncle.

I fail to see why either he or the wizard are on the front of the DVD, or the poster, or the book cover. They are not main characters. The word 'kitsch' flies disastrously into my mind. And while I'm sure I'm being pedantic, the wizard is holding a wand on the front of the DVD case. I'm sure Discworld fans will join me as I roll my eyes. How can one fit a knob of any size onto the end of a wand, after all?

The film was poorly editted, with the action flitting around from the Unseen University and Susan and Teatime's thugs before any plot seems to have developed in the scenes. Had the book moved that quickly I wouldn't have been able to read it. And I have; five times.

It is a shame that I am compelled to write this review, because I am an enormous fan of Mr. Pratchett's work, both Discworld and otherwise. When I first heard of a Hogfather movie being made I was delighted; my jaw dropped with joy. As I watched it, the only thing dropping my jaw was the fact that I was still watching such a poor adaptation.

I hope that another attempt will be made, because Hogfather is one of a select number of Disc titles that has enormous film potential. But please do it right next time...
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on 12 May 2008
Yawn - as a long time Pratchett fan this sent me to sleep. Not sure about the cracking pace suggested by another viewer - it was tedious. Although the cast was excellent the distinctive Pratchett humour didn't translate at all. Sorry try again please.
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