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4.6 out of 5 stars183
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2012
Speed falls into the same category as Die Hard: it may have been conceived as popcorn fodder for the multiplexes, but as the years go past (almost twenty of them since its cinema release), it ages more and more gracefully into a classic. Dennis Hopper turns in a nicely insane villain, Sandra Bullock does her slightly off centre quirky but good hearted person, and Keanu Reeves is the solidly dependable maverick policeman who saves the day. The tension is high throughout, largely because of the excellent performances by all involved, and the stunt sequences apparently done for real and not by computer generation.

Where this Blu Ray particularly excels is in the quality of its transfer. The print is sharp, the sound is clear, the colours are balanced. And there are some interesting extras on the disc. In short, this is the way that Blu Rays should be, and I highly recommend the extra investment over DVD.
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on 16 April 2009
"Speed" is as daft as a bag of hammers, but entertaining at almost every turn, if you will.

The video and audio quality of this Blu-Ray release are both perfectly good; as a life-sized, live-action film (little use of models or CGI), "Speed" holds up well to transfer to HD and has aged relatively well.

Although the Product Details section above reads "Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1" (at least, it does as of writing; I have submitted updated product details) the feature is actually presented in 2.35:1.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2014
Great action film, if not Keanu reeves best film. Keanu Reeves who works for the L.A.P.D SWAT team, has been sent by the bomber to diffuse a bomb planted on a moving city bus, if the bus goes below 50 miles per hour the bomb will detonate and kill every one on board.

The driver who has been shot, has been taken over by one of the passengers.(Sandra bullock) There are some gripping moments when they find away of tricking the bomber who is played by the late Dennis Hopper who was wonderful in this film.

The Blu-ray is just beautiful, and the master audio is in DTS HD is just perfect.
But to tell you the truth the two disc DVD release was much better than this and
that is the why I gave it four stars, it could of been better.


Commentaries from director jan de bont
and writer graham yost and producer
mark Gordon

Speed: Take Down Java Game

Trivia track, personal scene selections and
high definition trailers
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on 21 January 2006
I'm not particularly into films. And I've never really gone for action films, to be honest. See one car chase and you've seen them all. Explosions are always orange. But 'Speed' is something else. It's one of those films that comes on while you're doing the ironing and two hours later there's a large triangular hole in your best shirt, but you don't mind in the slightest. The best opening sequence since Die Hard 3 (and I only watched that because 'Speed' attuned my palate to the genre) reels you in and then whisks you along at well over 50mph to a breakneck (sorry) finish.

The plot is as strong as a rock: After seeing his painstakingly crafted bomb plot fail at the hands of two LA Cops (Reeves and Daniels), the bomber (Hopper) sets about exacting his revenge by setting a bus to explode if its speed drops below 50mph. The tension is expertly crafted, the film adjusts its pace at the all right times and the character development and attention to detail make the film rounded enough to avoid the trap of it becoming a formulaic action or disaster movie. A smart script full of nice touches and clever one-liners keeps you listening as well as watching. The result exceeds your expectations time and again throughout the length of the film.

Hopper is perfect as the crazed bomber "I'm not crazy, Jack - poor people are crazy. I'm eccentric." Bullock gives the best performance of her career (what a shame she consistently picked turkeys after leading in this epic) as the gutsy damsel at the wheel, and Reeves (let's be kind) grunts and flexes his way through the film except on the few occasions when his acting ability is uncomfortably stretched. Jeff Daniels meanwhile appears like a different human from the actor who goofed around so hilariously in Dumb and Dumber.

The film has everything. The Radio Times (and who doesn't trust that?) gives it five stars. Even girls will like it.

If you don't like action films, watch Speed. I did.
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on 21 February 2015
Two action films blew me away in 1994. One of them was True Lies, the other was Speed. Since True Lies will most likely never see the light of a Bluray laser, we're left with Speed. Popcorn film aspirations aside, it's developed into a classic in the action genre, and I really wish modern action directors would go back to see where they're going horribly wrong with today's films. Everything is filmed and framed properly (little to no shaky-cam nonsense here), the stunts are spectacular (minimal CGI if any) and the excellent score sets the audience's pulse racing with the pace of the film. Absolute textbook stuff for a high-octane action film.

I won't rehash the plot - everyone knows it by now. My only quibble would be that given the amount of property damage that ensues during the course of the film, the City of Los Angeles would have been much better off paying the meagre $3m ransom demand to Dennis Hopper. But I guess that would make for an incredibly boring and short film, so it's a good thing they didn't!

I have mixed views on this Bluray release. On the one hand the picture is much better than I was expecting, especially for a film of this age. The soundtrack however I was less impressed with, maybe because almost every review hyped it as "reference material". It certainly is crisp and clear, and there are some good directional effects. But it just sounded "thin" on my particular setup - I really had to max out the bass on my amp to coax any sort of response out of it. And as for the LFE channel, it barely gets used (and when it does, it's underwhelming). A little disappointing, but like I said, perhaps it's just my particular sound setup that doesn't like this disc since other reviews can't all be wrong.

Overall, should you buy this? Yes, absolutely, even if it's just to experience one of the best action films of the previous century.
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on 16 June 2014
A man tries to extort money by threatening to kill a lift full of people with explosives. The city is about to give in when rookie cop, Jack Traven stops him.

Jack and his partner, Harry find him and corner him but instead of giving up he detonates an explosive vest.

He is believed to be dead but he tries again, and this time he has placed bomb on a bus that will exploded if the bus goes below 50 mph.

Jack tries to stop the bus before the bomb is armed but he's too late, all he can do now is to keep it going......

It's one of the most high concept films ever made, and to be fair, it's three Die Hard movies in one; Die Hard in a lift, on a bus, and on a train, and it's as brilliant as it sounds.

Hopper makes the film, and although this shot Reeves' star right into the stratosphere, he still clearly is just a pretty face, as he cannot act for toffee.

The second act is the defining element of the film, as soon as Jack boards the bus, the tension is racked all the way up, and it doesn't let up until one of the most wonderful explosions ever committed to screen.

Ignore the flaws, there are plenty, and De Bont never helmed a film as good as this again.

One of the highlights of 1994.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 January 2015
Answer: Speed. I just watched it again, now twenty-one years after I first saw it in the cinema. There are few movies that can be considered ‘timeless’ and, although ‘Speed’ may be an unlikely name to be added to that list, I truly believe it deserves its place among the ‘action greats.’ Even though it was filmed in the nineties, it looks as good today as it ever did. Okay, so the absence of iphones and Twitter may be noticeable, but it could basically be set today and you wouldn’t really notice. The special effects are perfect and blend seamlessly with the action (no dodgy computer generated armies of monsters of far away planets to distract you and pull you out of the moment).

Yes, it’s definitely an ‘action’ movie (okay, there’s a beautifully-woven romance element in there, but it’s not central to the overall story). And, normally when I watch a blatant all out action film, I assume that the – primary – audience would be the lads. However, Speed is actually a film that’s so good it’s probably quite watchable even if you’re not really into explosions and car chases.

Speed’s primary selling point is its simplicity. The story is hardly complicated and yet so original that it’s amazing that it’s never been done before. A mad bomber places an explosive device on a Los Angeles passenger bus and, if it slows down to less than fifty miles an hour, the bomb detonates. That’s pretty much it for the majority of the film – the bus ride. And it’s a hell of a ride to say the least.

And then there’s the cast. Poor ol’ Keanu Reeves sometimes get a little flack for his acting abilities. However, he’s on top form here as the no-nonsense cop who’s determined to save the passengers and bring down the bomber at the same time. I always remember one of the reasons ‘Die Hard’ is also regarded as a classic action film – because the relationship between the hero and the villain is at the forefront of the story. Here, we have Dennis Hopper as the bomber who’s always one step ahead of the police. Thanks to mobile phones he’s in constant contact with Keanu, reminding him how the police are going to fail. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory ‘love interest.’ Granted Sandra Bullock was sort of well-known from Demolition Man the year before this, but Speed was definitely her break-through performance.

Like I said, Speed is timeless and one of the most accessible, watchable movies ever made in its genre. It really does have everything you could ever want if you’re looking for an all out thrill-ride – it’s primarily fast, but also contains moments of genuine heart and sadness (let’s just say the path of the righteous doesn’t always run smoothly). It’s just a shame that lightning obviously wasn’t able to strike twice (and by that I’m talking about the – sadly – inferior ‘Speed 2’).
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on 18 January 2008
Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) stars as Officer Jack Traven, a professional police officer who is caught up in a deadly game with Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper). Payne puts a bomb on a city bus, and if the bus drops below 50mph, it will explode.

Jan De Bont (Twister) delivers twists and turns in this high paced edge of your seat action thriller.

A plot which has Oscar winning special effects, Speed will keep you on the edge of your seat with fast buses, trains, lifts and explosive scenes justifying the thriller genre. The plot to keeps you guessing and engaged with character situations essential.

Hopper's character is marvellous. One of the best villains I have seen, Howard Payne is in control and a genius at causing problems for the public and police force as he demands money for his trouble.

Keanu Reeves also portrays his Officer exceptionally well, portraying him as very professional and organised and adventurous. The relationship between Traven and Payne makes the film even more engaging and exciting as it becomes very personal.

It's the suspense which makes this film. As the bus speeds around the city it faces many obstacles in order to get through unscathed and when unbelievable circumstances arise it's up to Traven and the passengers to tackle.

When certain scenes have featured you may question the realism of the event and I myself have a few views about that, but the bottom line is that this is a high paced energetic thriller with stunning effects, plot, scenarios, and acting and is not to be missed.

a must watch
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on 5 August 2013
Not the best blue ray transfer but quite good and better than the standars DVD. Sound is good if a little loud at times. There are some tense moments as the bus dipps towards the 50 mark which would cvause it to explode killing everyone on board. There are afew humorous parts especially when Keanu Reeves hijacks the jamacans car to catch and warn the bus driver. For me the film is spoiled by the not too often strong language. However the film has pleanty of action and the blue ray quality is reasonably good.
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on 7 August 2014
Speed and Speed 2 are two good all rounders with plenty of action, believable plot and a (small) dash of romance thrown in. Speed 1 is slightly better with the Keanu and Sandra Bullock combination, and Speed 2 has unfortunately repeated the 'Annie must also be rescued from baddie' formula, which is a shame for originality, but both rate quite high in speed, action and believability'. Both are are altogether a great set of films, guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen and wildly entertained.
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