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3.6 out of 5 stars46
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2007
White Noise 2, is of course a sequel to the original, however this time its with different characters,

This follow up focuse's on a man (amazingly played by nathan fillion) who after losing his wife and son in a murder in a cafe, he finds himself wishing for his life to end, so he trys to commit suicide, and is brought back, but around certain people he see's a light that seems to hang over them like a invisible blanket. He soon realises the people with this light are dying, so he decides to save the people, but of course this courses other problems

this is a well structured, well acted little shocker that actually made me jump more than i have in years

the characters are likeable, the script has a few new things to say (including a nice in-joke about nathan fillion in serenity)

well directed, and i would reccommend this little gem

its not going to change the world, but its a good film that doesnt try to hard

i give this a 4/5 for all the above and its nice to see a horror movie that doesnt need to gore us in the process and rely on story insted!
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VINE VOICEon 14 May 2007
This can be considered a sequel only on the most tenuous grounds. None of the characters remain and the nature of the phenomena are entirely different. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable, light horror movie.

The excellent Nathan Fillion is convincing in the lead role but gets little help from a rather tired script that takes no pains to avoid the various cliches of the genre. Evidently, the number 666 is a numerological reference to a phrase in ancient greek. Really? Our hero gets to find this and other clues laid out implausibly for him in a study, in the way that happens in these films but would be considered preposterous in real life.

There are few surprises here: most of the plot 'revelations' are signalled from miles away. But if you like your horror light and quaintly old-fashioned, this could be for you.
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on 8 January 2008
I saw this film by chance. I actually prefer this film to the first one as the cast did not look wooden in this one. With the first one it was about radio noise, this one is about seeing thing's when you have a near death experience. The cast are much better as I have just said. This is just a film that tries to explain about life and death and if you should save people's lifes if there time is up. This film was quite good. I thought this movie was quite imaginative. I would recommend this to people who are open minded.
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on 7 August 2013
Didn't really enjoy the firat white Noice film but being a huge Nathan Fillion fan I decided I needed to see this one. So glad I took the time, although the story is fairly predictable, Nathan Fillion demionstrates how good he is at serious acting. Love it
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on 27 June 2015
Abe Dale witnesses his wife and son's brutally murdered, then the attacker turns the gun on himself.

Abe attempts suicide but is found by a friend and taken to hospital. He has a near death experience, and upon recovery he sees white light protruding from select people.

He begins to experience EVP when close to electrical devices. Discovering that those who manifest the light die shortly after, Abe develops a new sense of being, saving those who have the white aura from death.

But all is not as it seems, as he unravels the mystery surrounding the death of his family while being haunted by angry spirits, realising in the process that no good deed goes unpunished........

It's certainly a step up from this films dire predecessor, but when watching for a second time, one cannot help but feel a slight sense of Déjà Vu. To the reviewer, it seems that the makers somehow found a rejected script for Unbreakable 2, and made this sequel instead.

Able feels very much like David Dunne from said movie, and the powers he receives are pretty similar to his also, as are his acts. He even wears purple.

But the twist is the payoff here, as saving someone equals them doing something homicidal later on, which explains why Abe wife is so bonkers in the opening scene.

It's nothing groundbreaking, Fillion seems bemused as the lead, Fairbrass, if you've seen him in other movies, is pretty restraint, and puts in one of his better performances.

If your looking for scares, you won't find them here, it's more of a frame with some paranormal elements, but for a straight to DVD sequel, made to cash in on the original, it's not bad at all.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 December 2014
When his wife & son are killed in front of him by a gun toting disturbed stranger, survivor & loving father Abe Dale (Fillion) decides to take his own life to deal with the pain. Resuscitated in ER after being briefly clinically dead, he finds that he now has a connection with those in the afterlife & can see a white glowing light around people that are about to die. Using his new power to save people, he soon finds that there are terrible consequences to his actions.

Overall , White Noise 2: The Light bares some similarities with it's predecessor White Noise , but is it's own standalone film with no connection to characters from that movie. It uses the same electronic voice phenomena (EVP) to good spooky sinister effect with crackling/warped radio/T.V signals etc.. that combines well with this films focus on near-death experience (NDE) which hits you with some great sixth sense scares with the two phenomena working effectively in tandem & enhanced with some very nice visual effects. Intertwined with the scares is an interesting investigative story , albeit expectantly cliche & the ending, while unconventional, did leave one big loose end that was annoying. But still it was made more rewarding thanks to some well executed foreboding set pieces scattered throughout. The acting is very capable, with the charismatic Nathan Fillion (Castle) captivating in the lead role. Co-stars Katee Sackhoff (Longmire) as the romantic love interest, Craig Fairbrass (Eastenders) as the disturbed stranger & Adrian Holmes (19-2) as Abe's best friend.

In conclusion, while less than original, White Noise 2 still serves up a few genuine shocking scares & it's build up of trepidation is very effective. Contains mild language (1x F-bomb) , violence & disturbing scenes. Recommended.
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Well firstly this in my opinion is far better than the sequel,(White noise.}. .I thought this was a great little film a different storyline and approach altogether than the first, but all the better for it.The first film was good but this was different, full of suspense and a thrill ride throughout,. Some scary stuff that makes you think .And interesting special effects, If you haven't seen this movie and its been out some time now, go get it at a very low cost here,it was far better than I was expecting after seeing the first film.
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Wow - this was really good! It's miles better than the first one which I would give 1 star to - it's not really a sequel and doesn't bare much relation to the first one (definitely a good thing!!). The lead actor, Nathan Fillion is easy to warm to - I've seen him in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Serenity and I think he's very well cast in this film. This isn't one of those films that will scare you so much that you have to watch it with the light on but it's definitely worth your time - it had me hooked within the first few minutes!
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on 31 December 2011
Whilst perhaps unrelated to the prequel, White Noise [DVD], the premise is quite a unique; a man witnesses the brutal murder of his wife and child, and attempts to commit suicide.

Although surviving, he returns to a semblance of normality with the ability to see the dead through electrical devices, as well as being able to predict when some people will die.

Whilst sounding hokey, the first act is tense, well delivered, and sets up for a taunt thriller.

Unfortunately, acts two and three descend into farce, with botched and clumsy references to the bible (can someone please point out to Hollywood that there are other religious books available), nonsencial plot devices, and some syrupy "acting" that quite frankly made me want to vomit.

In short, a film that should have been brilliant but ultimately failed to live up to a brave premise.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 August 2007
The first of the White Noise films was pretty weak and had a lot of plot holes. "The light" sequel is not really a sequel in that it's totally independent of the first film plot-wise. It starts off better than the first film, but it's the pseudo-religious aspect which leaves the plot weak because you're not sure then whether it's a film about the paranormal, or if it is an "Omen" style occultism type story. So it feels a but muddled while you watch it. In the end I guess if you think about it too much then the film does weaken further. It's quite entertaining though and it does have a few unexpected "jumps", so it gets 2 stars from me since it's an improvement on the first "White noise" movie.
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