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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2007
The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a very effective low budget horror that manages to translate sheer terror effectively using very little blood and gore. The big hollywood remake was completely the opposite, using as much gore as possible and even though it wasn't a patch on the classic original, it was still a decent enough stand alone horror.

'Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' is another example of Hollywood churning out poor prequels when there is no more scope for poor sequels. It's not even a prequel to the original but a prequel to the remake. This film is just an excuse for 87 minutes of sadistic, gratuitous violence, a million miles away from what the original was all about. As usual, four teenagers with model good looks heading through Texas, run into the deranged Hewitt family and are tortured, stabbed, beaten, disembowelled, skinned and of course, chainsawed to death. A flimsy plot like this works fine on genuinely scary films like Wolf Creek but 'TCM: The Beginning' isn't even that scary, just nasty. The violence is so OTT that you become detatched from it all pretty quickley.

The film attempts to build an unneceassary background story around the infamous leatherface character and shows his mother dying during childbirth at the abattoir where she worked and the unwanted child tossed away with the bad meat. He is found in a bin by mama Hewitt and adopted. Then we see how Hoyt kills the local Sheriff and assumes the role himself. Apparently leatherface has a degenerative skin condition which is why he feels the need to wear his skin mask. I found it scarier when he was just an inbred mentalist, who wants to hear about Leatherfaces feelings?

Like This? Try: Wolf Creek
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on 14 September 2007
Blimey what a film,i didnt know what this was gonna be like at first and to be honest didnt really know how they were gonna get round it.But how very wrong i was.The story basically starts from the beginning of "Leatherface`s" reign,and my god its just goes from bad to worse for the victims.
I`m not gonna give to much away but if you`re looking for a really good Horror movie,then dont delay rent/buy wont be disapointed!!!
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on 1 April 2012
As a fan of many horror films for years I would happily say this is one of the very best to me. Although I'm annoyed at how long its taking to get a region 2 Blu-ray as I'm still waiting for a release date??!! But I have heard news there is also a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film planned but it will be produced by 'Twisted Pictures' (silent hill etc..) due in 2012/13 and likely to be in 3D so around that time im expecting to see Blu-ray cash-ins released or even a boxset.

As for this film it can be argued that its predictable and been too similar to previous 'Texas' fims (frankly thats why I loved it - has the best of all of them) - this could be a stand alone film to the series. It throws in all the best bits, literally gets straight into the action and carries such an amazing ingrossing atmosphere throughout. Heart pounding theme music add to that a much improved level of realistic gore (they didnt hold back) and solid acting with good characters. Leatherface and the family are spot on as last time. This film is brutal... but then it is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and if you've never seen it and you want a film that'll make you dig youre fingernails into you're sofa or armchair then...

This is it.
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on 11 September 2007
Draws heavily on the TCM (original) and TCM 2 establishing the family setting but more a homage than a direct copy. R Lee Emery is superb once again and it's really his movie, with Leatherface-to-be as his mutilated sidekick. It's not necessarily scary but it is, however, extremely violent (the unrated version anyhow), gory and very, very dark. Chop Chop Chop
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on 8 May 2016
It came it excellent condition brand new and fast delivery but it only plays on region 1 / multi region blu-ray players and does not play on region 2 blu-ray players.
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on 20 March 2007
This, no matter what the reviews say, is actually a decent film if your into this kind of thing. Dont get me wrong its not THAT amazing as with most modern mainstream horror but compared to the line up at the moment its doping okay and is one of the better horrors out at the moment. For slasher fans or hardcore horror fans then this should offer some of the bloody death scenes youd get from some of the better horrors and although their not all the most creative and gory death scenes in the world they do hold up as bieng okay and the story of how LeatherFace got to like his chainsaw fits in pretty well with the story.

Leatherface himself looks pretty good really and unlike the remake of the origonal this film doesnt get in the way too muhc in way of how it fits in with the other films of the same series, yet saying that i would say its more of a prequel to the remake than the origonal.

For fans of the actual series aswell this should be okay unless your one of the old school fans who believe if a film isnt up to par in way of story and atmosphere to the origonal then its not up to standard then this film wont be too much of a treat for you as it was for me.

Yet if your a general horror fan that will fall for most films with a few memorable or half bloody scenes in then this should be worth what you pay for it (isnt realy that much) and will make a decent addition to your ever ending collection.

This version of the film is also very good and although isnt saying much in the way of bieng "Unrated" it has a decent little line up of extras whihc are basicaly the same as most of the modern dvd's of the producer and the cover looks quiet cool if that matters?

So, if your a begginer to horro and go for all the mainstream horror and dont really care whats on screen then this should be a decent flick for you, if your a hard core and have been collecting from the depths of ebay and from the corners of the earth then this is a decent little modern slasher that may be rememberd for its title but in a while it wont stand upto some other films of its genre. Yet overall it is generally okay in terms of death scenes, and in this case acting (which is a surpise) and a decent story that fits with the rest of the films well and is quiet fast paced.
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on 3 June 2011
now this is where it gets a little confusing! take the original 1979 version and watch that one after tcm the begining. because this one's story is meant to be after the 1979 version. (hence why it's called the begining). this tells the version of leatherface's early days. and the reason why they were able to carry on killing cause everyone in this one dies! so theres no-none left to tell about em. a real good film! a must see! .... i think this is one of the best versions of the tcm ever! since the 1979 version anyway!
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on 24 February 2008
this movie is possibly my favourite horror movie, every character acts really well. Hoyt & Leatherface play amazing roles. if you wanna see the greatest horror film made, buy this, hell even if you dislike the horror genre, you should own this dvd.
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on 10 February 2016
So I ordered this to find out its region A and was not aware of this so it don't play on my player! What a waste of my money
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on 8 August 2013
very good movie good acting, scenes, direction not as good as the first remake but still great really worth buying.
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