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4.3 out of 5 stars36
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 August 2007
It does take getting into, but it's just such a brilliant game!

Where the other metal gear games have been difficult to really see your surroundings, the new controls for the camera on the PSP completely revolutionizes the experience. The plot is fantastic, and it fills in a huge gap in the series.

I never really liked MGS3 because of the depressing storyline and the fact that it was Big Boss, not our favourite Solid Snake, rather like the way having to use Raiden through most of MGS2 annoyed people. However, I absolutely love this game!

As you go through the single player, you'll love the plot, and then, if you have fast access to the Internet, you'll discover the multiplayer, and will never want to play anything else again! No, seriously - my brother bought this game, we both completed it, and then we discovered multiplayer and went out and bought another one just for the multiplayer!

You don't even have to be a real fan of the other metal gear games, but I suppose it helps, as it fits nicely into the storyline.

As long as you don't mind the online multiplayer being a little laggy, I'd recommend this game to anyone, and even if you don't have the internet on your PSP, the single player's excellent anyway, so get it!

Trust me, it'll be 20 odd quid from Argos, and it'll be really well spent!
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on 26 January 2007
As a fairly long time Metal Gear fan I was skeptical about picking this title up for my PSP since the last 2 games had been only card based so I totally ignored them. But this game is awesome. It takes the best bits of MGS3 and puts them into this awesome PSP game. This game is well up there in the ranks with the rest of the games as it is literally the same engine as PS2.

Some things have changed though. As you run around as Snake (Big Boss) not only is your goal to complete the objective of each mission but also to capture enemy soldiers and get them on your team! This adds a WHOLE lot more depth to the game which used to get fairly tedious in past titles. Also the addition of Short missions and variety of Locations for each mission makes this game completely worthwhile.

This cinematics have been removed and replaced with (if anyone has purchased it) MGS Digital Graphic Novel style cuts, with full voice acting by original cast members where necessary - David Hayter is especially top notch as always!

The controls were hard to get used to at first and for those of you who haven't played Subsistence with the new camera angle that can also be a bit difficult to get used to.

Overall defintely worth 5 out of 5. Kojima strikes again with his brilliance fully in tact. Also with possibility of sequels and rumoured interactivity with the PS3 and the Godly MGS4...theres no reason NOT to get this if you own a PSP.

P.S. Review based on US version, only changes being made to EU version are apparently 12 EXTRA characters to acheive in some way or other, and more missions!
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on 10 October 2007
OK this game is actually the best game ever!!
i love it the whole recruiting system and managing your team with all these cool weapons, gadgets, explosives all kinda stuff like that.
its really interactive , its got really good graphics(best ive seen so far for the psp)and the multiplayer rocks!!
its just so addictive i advise any1 to buy it but the only problem with this game is the controls.dont get put off by them though coz once you got the hang of it then you can enjoy the full experiance of MGSPO!!
wot i luv doing as soon as ive loaded it up and get my team ready and go to this cool patrol base for fun and shoot 1 of the gaurds on the head with a tranquiliser dart, then climb up this ladder to a platform where i radomly shoot something with an RPG and all the gaurds come rushing to you and then you shoot there heads of with a heavy arms machine gun
all i can say is that this is the best game ever for PSP!!
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on 11 January 2008
This is the first MGS game I've played since the original, and I bought it on the strength of the reviews I read. This turned out to be a brilliant move.
I'll get straight to the point, this game is totally brilliant. It's clever, its deep, it requires careful thought as well as skill and the graphics are brilliant.
Also, the online mode is brilliant. I've had little experience of gaming online, so I was stunned at how easy it was to log in and be playing with other people in a minute or two.
One great feature is how you have to build yourself an army of soldiers, spies, doctors and technicians by capturing enemies.
Also, the non-linear-ness is brilliant. You work through the game in the order that you want, and you can travel to any zone at any point.
This game is highly reccommended to everyone, especially if you've been a fan of previous games.
I can't wait to get playing again!
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on 24 July 2007
When i first heard that there was going to be an ACTUAL MGS game for the PSP, (Acid isn't included), i couldnt wait to play it. I knew that the next installment had to be awesome. I got home, tried to play it, realised i couldn't do it. i just couldn't. i had no idea why. then i remembered that this was no shoot 'em up, this is a stealth game. And then everything made sense...

The recruiting system is astounding. Hard to grasp at first, trying to manage 50 or so soldiers into a coherent fighting unit, but stupidly effective once mastered.

Wireless Access Points... Fantastic to use when travelling on an urban bus, many prizes to be found.

The gameplay, once the controls are mastered, is almost flawless.

The thing with this game is, you need to put a fair bit of time at the start getting used to it. once you have, this is the easiest game to play.

Storyline is gripping, right from the first character you meet, you can see how it'll intertwine with the other games.

Please, if you're a MGS fan, or if you've got a psp and want something incredible, buy this game.
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on 29 June 2007
For the first few days of playing I thought this game was really let down by the control system, I was really struggling when I needed to shot my way out of a situation.

But all of a sudden I started to understand the idea of the game. Now due to this chance of idea -real stealth, rather then the usual -blast your way out of anything. I think the developers have been brave and I commend the game as being something new and thoughtful.

The online function really adds to the game to makes it five stars, the way the single player game and the online blend is very well done. Currently thou I am being beaten heavily as I have not found decent weapons in the single player version.

This game is a complex in depth, thinking persons game that is unlike many other stuff I have played. I would highly recommend it if you want somthing a litle diffrent and have access to online with the PSP.

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on 20 August 2007
the metal gear series of games is certainly the best series of games ever invented. i'v played and finished them all now, playing number 1 on gamecube, every one,(even 2) was incredible. portable Ops is by far no exception.

to begin with, i don't know why everyone's so shot up about the controls, they are more or less identical to the rest of the games except the camera in ops is far more manouverable.

the cut scenes are so well done and it has an amazing finished feel for a psp game. the graphics are by far the best i'v seen on psp aswell.

the concept also suppasses the rest of the games, you have more freedom, and the ability to recruit enemy soldiers.

the game is slightly short and the maps are pretty small but these points aren't significant to outbalance the positives.

all in all another credit to the series.
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on 31 January 2007
For any avid MGS fan this is a must buy and for anyone else it is still an amazing PSP game. Firstly it expands on the story line and you find out how key players fall into the series. Also for the PSP the graphics are seriously good.

For anyone who has not palyed this series before it is still an engrossing game that drags you in from the start.

This is actually a key addition to the MGS story line so anyone thinking it is a stand alone game (like Metal Gear Acid 1 & 2) think again, In truth a couple of key characters pop up in this.

The levels are short enough to do on the shortest journey, (Maybe too short) but it adds to the fun. Also the team management sytem is unique and definately adds to the gameplay and makes for replay value.

I got this game on US import and the only thing ou cannot do is the multiplayer online option. I will be getting this on EU release for that reason alone.

Final verdict..... It is a must biy for the PSP.
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on 7 April 2008
I read most of the reviews on this game, only one was bad and they were wrong. This is an amazing game all the soldiers are really cool there are tones of guns and every soldier is recruitable. The levels are long but not really long and quite fun. A good bit of this game is you can choose where you go and what you do. Each of the soldiers has a different job some are spys some are gamblers they have more chance of hitting a vunerable spot or getting hit in one. A must buy for stealth fans and fans of the other games, by the way this game is in real time unlike in metal gear acid on psp buy this game for the psp its amazing, the online modes really good and not fiddly at all. BUY THIS GAME!
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on 6 June 2007
One of the reviewers said "we don't have time to press 'X' to scroll through dialogue." Well if you hold Triangle it moves a hell of a lot faster. This game is indeed not a "pick-up and play" type game. It's a tactical game, tactics require patients and thought.

"There is an unlimited amount of guards." Says another reviewer. Did you even play the game? If you kill all the guards without them calling for backup then there will be no more guards. OR, if you kill the backup ones as well sooner or laters (providing you don't die) they will stop coming.

Another complaint was that you couldn't "shoot your way out of confrontation." Well it's a STEALTH GAME not a shoot 'em up!

You can indeed only carry 4 items, but with a team of 4 that's 16 items. Which means you have to pick your items carefully based on the mission and the skills of the other members in your team.

Now my thoughts on the game rather than correcting other peoples mistakes:

This game is fantastic. The graphics are superb, I was put off at first by the cutscenes not being the 3D models like in previous games, they're 'comic book' style from the Digital Graphic Novel. They are a great substitute when you consider how much space the old cutscenes would take up on the UMD.

I was disappointed by the lack of sound on the radio dialogue but oh well. A Very good storyline, fantastic game play and unlockables which means you'll be playing even after you've beaten the game 3 or 4 times.

The storyline falls into place with the other games rather than it being separate from the MGS chronicles. Which may be a shame for those who are fans of the series who don't have a PSP.

But if you do have a PSP. This game is a must. There isn't a better game on the PSP.
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