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on 8 May 2007
Pokémon fans will not be let down by this mindblowing installment in the pokemon series.

Some of the new features of this game include:

The Pokétch, a watch which tells the time, has a calculator built in, and gets new applications as your journey continues, e.g. a function which enables you to see whether your pokemon love you and what level your pokemon at the day-care centre are,

The reappearance of real-time with day and night cycles.

Many new minigames including making 'Poffin' (which can be fed to pokemon to improve their contest capabilities and raise their affection for you), a Pokemon contest with three different stages: dressing your pokemon up, making it dance for survival in Donky Konga style (?) and the old judge-based move contest.

Nice Animal Crossing-esque graphics - the eight different gyms posses the best 3-D visuals,

14 legendary pokemon, making your journey only begin when you defeat the elite four,

a much improved bicycle,

and the not-so-amazing but satisfying ability to run in buildings!

There is a lot more than this, and even though most things are just embellishments of the previous games, it is by far the most addictive. Buy it.
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I have always been a fan of Pokemon and have had them on previous consoles so obviously wanted it on the ds.
It is slighty different to red, blue and yellow for the gameboy but not by alot and its great.

There is more gameplay, bigger towns, more people to talk and battle with, new pokemon, new challenges, great graphics.

You can enter contests for cool, beauty, cute, smart and tough where you dance, dress up your pokemon and act, the better you are the more the audience will love you and more points you gets.

I think Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are a lot better then the originals and thoroughly enjoy playing them as its a bit harder and you need to think a little bit more and is not so predictable which is what makes this game so good.

If you love Pokemon games your absolutely love Diamond

If you have never played Pokemon games before this is a great game to begin with, containing puzzles, fighting and catching the cutest and toughest Pokemon.

Thumbs all around !!!
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on 5 November 2008
Pokémon :o)

As a younger child I used to love playing Pokémon on my fatty Game Boy and Game Boy Advance! And at 19 (shh!) I still do!

So almost everyone has played Pokémon before or even seen the cartoon that was shown on TV years ago (yes, I watched that too!). and I'm sure everyone knows what the whole Pokémon fantasy is, and the Storyline.

- The Pokémon History! -
Pokémon was first released in Japan for the Game Boy all the way back in 1996. There have now been 100s of million sales of the Pokémon franchise. Originally in Pokémon, you played a young boy (you could pick his name) who was sent by a Pokémon Professor who was trying to learn about all of the Pokémon in the region you are in. Somehow you will receive your very first Pokémon from the Professor as well as a Pokedex which record information about each Pokémon you catch. I say somehow because in each different game (Pokémon Red, Blue, Green etc.), there are slight variations such as the professor's names, an evil teams name (Team Rocket, Teams Magma and Aqua, and Team Galactic), and how you receive your Pokémon.

You have a choice of three for your starter Pokémon. They are three different types, Fire, Water and Leaf. Each different type of Pokémon (such as fire, water and leaf) has a different effect on a different type of Pokémon when battling. For example, water Pokémon have a very damaging effect on fire Pokémon, fire Pokémon have a very damaging effect of leaf Pokémon and electric Pokémon have no effect on ground Pokémon. Classically, there are 17 different types of Pokémon, but as I said, there are some variations throughout the games.

Anyway back to your starter Pokémon, after you have picked your starter Pokémon, you will have a friend (you also get to pick his name) who is also working on the Pokedex who will pick the stronger type of Pokémon against your chosen Pokémon (so if you picked a fire Pokémon, your rival would pick water). You will meet your rival several times throughout the game and he will always seem to beat you.

After you have got your starter Pokémon, you will be able to catch other Pokémon using Poke balls whose data will be recorded on your Pokedex. There are two aims of the game, to collect all the Pokémon in your region, and to complete all the gyms which are in each town, then to complete to Pokémon league (which consists of the region's Elite Four and the Pokémon Champion). In the first few Pokémon games, after completing the Pokémon league, the credits are rolled and that is the end. However on the newer games such as Pokémon Diamond, you can carry on playing, doing extra challenges.

The last thing I'll say about Pokémon is the Pokémon Gyms. Altogether there are 8 Pokémon Gyms. The Pokémon Gyms are situated in a different town. In the Pokémon Gyms you must defeat the Gym Leader who has a reputation of being a great Pokémon trainer. In each Pokémon Gym, the Gym Leader will own and specialise one certain different type of Pokémon. After defeating the Gym Leader you will receive a Gym Badge. This lets you use a "HM" which is a move for your Pokémon but also a special power that can be used outside of battle. After you have each Gym Badge, you can battle the Elite 4 and Pokémon Champion. These are the best Pokémon Trainers in the whole region.

- Pokémon Diamond -
I think I've said enough about the Pokémon series now, so know I'll get on with the game!

Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl are the joint fourth generation of the Pokémon series.

Set in the region of Sinnoh, in Pokémon Diamond you must find and catch each Pokémon possible (there are 493 altogether) as well as destroying Team Galactic, the criminal syndicates of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. Team Galactic plan to create a new world order and you must stop them!

The game starts with Professor Rowan telling you all about the world of Pokémon. Traditionally, in Pokémon you could only play a boy but in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, have a choice of being a boy or girl. After picking your name (and sex), you be shown your friend who is your Pokémon rival. He will be the opposite sex of you and you will pick his name.

After that you are in your house in Twinleaf town. You will go downstairs to find your mother watching a television documentary about the rare Red Gyarados that had been spotted at Johto's Lake of Rage. Your mother then tells you to visit your friend (the boy or girl who's name you picked at the very beggining of the game) so you do so. Then your friend and you go to a lake just outside your town hoping to see Red Gyarados. Whilst you are there, you see Professor Rowan and his assistant (who will be either a girl, Dawn, or a boy, Lucas depending on your sex) talking at the lake. They leave, leaving behind a case in the wild grass. Your friend convinces you to go into the grass although you are not sure it will be safe because of wild Pokémon. And just as you reach the case, a wild Pokémon appears (two actually)! Panicked, you open the case to find three Poke balls. After picking your Poke ball you must battle the wild Pokémon with your chosen Pokémon. Just as you've defeated the Pokémon, Professor Rowan's assistant comes out, noticing you have used the Pokémon. Later, after speaking to Professor Rowan you get to keep the Pokémon as Professor Rowan has seen that your chosen Pokémon is very fond of you. This is where your adventure begins!!

You will then go on to battle the Gym Leaders and Team Galactic, as well as some other extra missions.

- Glitches -
In the Japanese version of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, there were various glitches found. However, most of these glitches were fixed by Nintendo, and the European versions of the games seem fine.

- New Features -
In my opinion, there weren't as many new features as I would have liked. The new features include, playing multiplayer as well as online multiplayer. To play in multi-player, there is an underground area beneath Sinnoh. In multi-player, mini games can be played as well as making secret bases (secret bases have been in various other Pokémon games, it is a secret home that you can decorate). You can play online using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in which you can trade, battle and communicate through voice chat online.

- Price -
As Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are joint, the two games can be bought both together and separately. Both Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond are RRP £29.99. However, it can be bought cheaper although the cheapest you can find them (separately) is for about £20.00, so the discount isn't that large. To buy them together (although it is hard to find the set together) it is RRP £59.98 though I managed to get it at £48.00 on Amazon, late last year.

- Graphics -
Just like in the old Pokemon games, the games graphics are 2D. However, from playing all of the other Pokemon games I have noticed that the colours are brighter and that there are some 3D effects in the background of the game.

- Audio -
In each different town there will be different background music. Each town has it's own sort of theme, for example, in Floaroma Town, which is the flower paradise, the music is very sweet and floral. The music for each town is quite catchy. There is also music during a Pokemon battle. There is background music which is full of action as well as the Pokemon who make sound effects when they make a move. In battle, in my opinion the music gets quite annoying and I have to turn it off!

- Critics Opinion -
Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl was given very high praise. The lowest score Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl was given was 81%.

- Verdict -
Although there were not as many new features as I would have liked Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl are both excellent games. There is a lot to do to keep you entertained, and the storylines keep you hooked. I would highly recommend both Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl.
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on 3 May 2007
I've had the pleasure of playing every pokemon game to date; and now i recently bought pokemon diamond, american import from amazon marketplace. It is leagues ahead of the rest; the stylus does indeed make for excellent gamin g - although i will mark down on the fact it isn't used everywhere; and to be honest, I was a little disappointed that it coudn't be used, like i've sene in games such as hotel dusk, to move around.

Obviously this is nothing, its pitter patter - the WiFi for trading and battling is brilliant. it takes it to th enext level; its like going to those rare local pokemon events but daily.

WARNING: I have not had the benefit of attempting this yet; but I have read in a few places that regions of games DO matter when you attempt to back-trade from GBA versions - hopefully this isn't the case, but if you're considering buying american import, maybe something to bare in mind and research
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on 25 January 2009
I love this game! Although this is my first pokemon game, I've had other DS games before, like Zelda, Nintendogs, and Mariokart. This game is HUGEEEEEEEEEEE. There is so much to do. Just when you think the game is over, there is something else to do. I thought after obtaining all 8 gym badges and beating the Elite 4 plus the Champion (Cynthia), the game was over. I then discovered that you could catch Heatron, and also start to build up your Pokedex. I've managed to catch Palkia, Uxie and Azelf, but is still trying to catch Mesprit, who keeps running away. I've managed to get her level down to yellow, and can't wait to catch her eventually. In the meantime, I can battle in the Battle zone and rechallenge the Elite 4 as often as I want, to level-up my Pokemons and earn more money. I've also managed to eventually evolve Riolu into the Great Lucario.
You can challenge a friend and I understand that you can also go online to trade or challenge other people, but I've not done that yet.
All I can say, is BUY this game. It's more than FANTASTIC!!!
Matthew age 9
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on 22 February 2007
I've been playing the Japanese version of this since it came out last Autumn (and have now been playing the US one since mid April)- so far having clocked up about 1000 hours of gameplay. Compared to previous games in the series this is leagues ahead. Why? Wi-fi is why. Now you can complete your pokedex, trade with millions of people around the world and also battle them.
By comparision to the last generation the graphics and sound are improved, the dual screen set up makes the gameplay far better, and the game mechanics are vastly improved, with a clear division between normal and special attacks, which makes for much more complex and clever gameplay.
The new pokemon are nice enough, and the story is, as expected, virtually identical to all previous incarnations. It should take about 30 to 40 hours of gameplay on average to get through the main story, but then things really take off, and depending on how hooked and serious you are, there are literally hundreds of hours of top entertainment to be milked from this game, making it absolutely 10/10 in vfm.
If you have enjoyed previous games, do not let the appalling Ranger or Mystery Dungeon diversions make you think pokemon is dead. This is the real deal and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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on 6 August 2007
My opinion is that Pokemon Diamond is the first real Pokemon game produced for the DS. It has reverted back to the original gameplay of the Gameboy classics but has used the power of the DS to take the game to another level. This time round you need to explore and battle your way around the Sinnoh region filling your pokedex with all the pokemon. There are loads of new Pokemon to find and loads of new features. The new 3d graphics look fantastic and give so much more depth to the scenary than that of previous games. The real time play is a nice little touch as some Pokemon can only be found during dark hours and others only during daylight and there moves power can change depending on the time of day. there are loads of new gadgets and gizmo's to find and use, a terrific tunnel network that runs under the whole area with loads of things to collect and do, the arrival of 'Poketch' which is a watch worn by your explorer, is a great add on which not only shows the time but can be upgraded throughout the game with more applications such as calculator, pedometer and shows how your pokemon are doing in the daycare center and how happy they are. But for me the best new features are the Wifi battling. You can trade pokemon, battle or even chat with anyone across the world. For me this is the must have DS game of 2007
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on 17 August 2007
People say this game is for young kids.
But that cannot possibly be true.
I am a teenager.
And like many of my other teenage friends, I love it to bits.
I am not obsessed with it, as the last Pokemon game i owned was Pokemon Gold. A true masterpiece. So I do have other things in my life.
I never bothered with most of the ones in between Gold and this version, and by the sounds of things from my friends, I'm glad i did so.

The 'professional' reviewers say what brings it down is the way its gameplay has failed to change over the past decade of which we have been enjoying Pokemon. It has a similar style of story line, which is true, but the only way it would bring someone off the game is if they have obsessivley played the previous versions just like I have with this one.

Pokemon Diamond contains a wopping 450+ pokemon.
It introduces many at the beginning, but Geodudes and Ponytas are persistant and are always EVERYWHERE.

I am yet to complete the game at this moment in time, so I cannot make a final judgement. But the story, although similar to previous ones, is very good indeed. The twists in it are surprisingly thrilling, and fun to unfold. Although, in some areas the weather conditions get tedious and are impossible to walk in and so take absolutley ages!

In short - this game, like all the other Pokemon versions is highly addictive and extremely fun to play.
My DS was on its last legs as I wasn't using it, but my Wii has now found itself neglected as my DS gets all the attention.

This is worth every last milimetre of the radius of every last penny you pay toward it.
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on 28 September 2007
I am eight years old.

This is a great game for children.

You need to chose what pokimon you want out of fire type, water type and grass type, I chose fire. You can go to different towns in the sihona region learning new moves and gaining new items.

It is my favourite game.
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
Ok, I'm changing my review, because it doesn't make sense now that the game is out now. I said I played it on an emulator, tested it to see whether I wanted to buy it, and the rom wasn't exactly a perfect emulation of the game. The speed was too slow. So, now that I have the proper game on the DS, I can now write a proper review. :D

There are pros and cons in the new games:
1. You have 107 new Pokemon (8 or 9 of them - can't remember - being legendaries) to catch and train to make your collection complete. Catch them all!
2. This game uses the touch screen, making it much better and more fun than the GBA games.
3. Two words: Wi Fi. The Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, lets you battle and trade with people all over the world as long as you have wireless broadband.
4. Even stronger trainers. Test your abilities as a Pokemon trainer to the limit.
5. New HM's and TM's to teach your Pokemon.
6. Mantyke! He's so cute! (This may not be a pro in your book, but in mine it is).

1. The usual. The fact that you can't catch ALL the new Pokemon on one version of the game: you have to buy both.
2. It's the same old Pokemon game - get a Pokemon and travel around the region with it, nothing really new has been added to the storyline. There's still an evil team to battle, your "rival", bug Pokemon (ugh, lol), the Elite four.

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