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3.6 out of 5 stars18
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2007
I have loved the CSI series games, played them all, and as any other fan of this game series I love the new crimes to solve.

I'm about half way through I guess and I have to say the in your face advertising is really starting to TICK ME OFF!!! only re-enforces the feeling this game was made very cheaply with too much focus on spending as little as possible whilst trying to get as much as possible.
Biggest cheap feeling is the visuals. Very low quality film clips that are very ugly. I would say I think I remember the clips in the previous game being much better. Visuals I think remember being much better too.
Coupled with the fact that some bug in the game blocks my computer from running in 'high' quality mode (quite a high spec PC so annoying) even when on another PC that will its ugly even in high quality. Non of its pre-rendered scenes now. Its all 3D environments with objects/evidence in this virtual world that have to explore and find. I know graphics isn't the focus of this game and I haven't criticized the previous games because it wasn't a problem but in this case it looks worse than before and given your spending all the time looking at it exploring and searching for clues, the the poor visuals a couple of times made it a little difficult/unpleasant. Looks like a PS2 game or worse.

If/once you get past those affronts its a decent game and I could recommend it to anyone who enjoys these games.
Number of improvements have been made making it even more fluid gathering and processing evidence.
Does seem there more evidence and locations to go through with even more evidence types to go through making a bit more enjoyable too. Crimes seem quite good so far.
Voice acting is nothing particularly special but never really has been. Fortunately its not bad and I'd say better than others.
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I've played all the other CSI games, but this by far had to be one of the most disappointing in the series. As with the previous games, the CSI team led by Gil Grissom investigate five cases (mostly involving murder). I'll break down the points of the game...

Storylines: A cab driver found burned to death in his cab, a woman who has survived a vicious stabbing in her own home, a burned out band trying to make a come-back die a grisly death by electrocution, a man is blugeoned to death in his own bed, and a gun-fight goes down at a gun museum, leaving the cashier dead. The cases all SOUND interesting, but really the storylines were limited, predictable and quite boring after a while. The cases were too easy to solve meaning this game is easily completed within a few hours. Predictable as always, at least two of the cases always link up at the end.

Playability: While the game is highly playable, it's too fast to complete to really get any kind of enjoyment out of it. As a player you get frustrated by completing a case far too quickly and the fact that there simply isn't enough to investigate. If you're any kind of viewer of the show, you already know where the evidence is before you've even seen the crime scene. Your evidence is always in clear view - fingerprints are actually NOTICABLE on items, tables, guns, so you don't really have to do much "detective" work to find them, and even washed away BLOOD is still red splotches (which for some reason you still have to use luminol on to 'reveal') so again, you're robbed of the enjoyment of actually having to look for clues and find them. Once you've played this, that's it, you know how to complete it, you know who's guilty and who's not, and from then on, you don't have much playability left in the game itself.

Features: As with the previous game, the "SUV portable crime lab" is available again, which is just the same machines you would use in the lab part of the game but in the back of a car outside your crime scene. This has to be the most pointless and idiotic addition to the game I've ever seen as it's only used for about two minutes during the whole of your game play, accessable at the start of two cases and then never optional again. Also, you can take photographs of your crime scene, but only at certain points and again, you never need to refer to these photos again so this itself felt pointless as you're just racking up document evidence in photos that you don't need. There's a UV light in your toolkit also but there was only one use for it, so it felt useless even being there the rest of the time. Most of the objects in your toolkit are there to confuse you rather than to be used. You have about five different methods of taking fingerprints but at most points you'll only ever use ninhydren or old black dust leaving you having to keep clicking other ones and being told "try using a different tool" constantly. Other features I felt weren't really needed were the trinity part, and the crime scene diagrams - I'm sure if you're a die hard fan you might like those, but if you're a gamer, you probably won't ever look at them.

Graphics: Sadly, I have to say, the graphics are extremely poor. This game isn't THAT old, and yet it's boasting graphics from the mid-nineties, while every now and then you get "flashes" of your CSI effects shots and stock footage of Vegas that are just taken from the show itself. The characters are cartoonish and unrealistic, and look hardly like who they're supposed to (god knows who they based their "conception" of Catherine Willows on because it definitely doesn't look anything like Marg Helgenberger). Another complaint I had with the graphics of the game was that the game developers use nearly the SAME setting in every case which begins to become rather boring when you're looking for evidence in the SAME rooms you hit only the previous (and unrelated!) case. In at least four cases out of the five you're given, you will find yourself sent to the SAME casino room, and other times you'll see the other same sets come up again and again (for such a big city, Ubisoft's Vegas seems to be a hell of a small place). One gripe I have is that the developers spent so much time programming and designing graphics for the mobile SUV lab when they could have spent that time on designing more unique settings and better places to hide evidence.

Dialogue: The dialogue wasn't very well written, and was delivered very corny, even by the professional actors from the show. Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox didn't do their own voice-overs, and this hurt the characters (more so with Sara Sidle, who is on the cover, but doesn't assist with any cases, but rather just floats around the lab coming in and out and standing about saying as least as possible so you won't notice she sounds demonic).

Bonus Features: As with the other games, if you complete the games in the right order or with the highest markings, you unlock features...this time around I found it quite idiotic that I complete each case to unlock features showing me basically what I've already JUST seen either during the case or from the previous one. At one point, I unlocked a trailer for the same case I'd just completed, and I felt jipped having put all the hard work in without asking for hints and finding all the bugs to just unlock a lot of crap that wasn't worth watching to begin with.

Allover thoughts: Completing the game was just a disappointment as I'd come to the end of something I hadn't really enjoyed and wished that perhaps unlocking the bonus features would maybe lead to hidden cases or at least some funny outtakes from the game or something. I think UBISOFT really need to think hard about making a game that is challenging even on the harder levels (sorry but playing on the harder levels shouldn't be about asking the right questions in the right order, it should be about finding evidence that is nigh on impossible to see or invisible to start with, not staring you in the face on a sink like the murderer just didn't CARE to wash it). There's also alot of plot holes that don't add up...

When I bought this, it was at full price, but since this is pretty cheap right now, I'd say go for it as in this case you get what you pay for.
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on 20 March 2008
This game is far from perfect, it has poor quality graphics, the cut scenes arent exactly ground breaking. . and the biggest thing that really bugged me, the fact that Sara and Catherine's voices are done by voice actors, and not the stars of the show. It really takes you out of the world with a sharp bump the first time you hear Sara talking to you.

The gameplay is good, I have heard comments about it being repetitive, which is true to a certain point. This game is much more focused on storyline and plot. The puzzles for the most part are very simple, with only a few hair pulling "what to do?" moments. This lends to it being a very short game, but also a very well paced adventure. You wont find yourself wanting to quit in the middle of a case.

Someone in an earlier comment made the point of ingame advertising, this can be quite annoying at times. I lost count of the amount of HP branded televisions or computers i saw, and the amount of VISA billboards and window adds. Subtle it was not.

This is a pretty solid CSI game, if you can pick it up for less than £20, you will get your money out of it. Just a warning though, I dont think this is going to appeal to you if you are not a fan of the show.
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on 11 November 2007
I was slightly disappointed by this latest installation in the CSI series. Having played and enjoyed the previous games I found Hard Evidence did not live up to my expectations. First of all, the quality of graphics seems to have dropped, (Nick in particular is very badly portrayed and Dr Robbins is quite sinister looking). In addition to this, the blatant advertising in practically every scene got really irritating really fast; I was at a loss to understand why Brass had to mention 'the good people' at Visa in the fourth case. Finally, I am used to the final case in CSI games being the hardest and most complicated one to solve and usually the most satisfying. For some reason this was not true of Hard Evidence. Whilst sticking to the tradition of tying in previous cases to the finale (though only one unfortunately), it was simply not as challenging. I found that I completed it much faster than the other cases and easily gained the Master level without really having to concentrate.
Having said all this Hard Evidence, whilst not the best of the bunch, was worth playing if only because it is always fun to 'work' alongside the Vegas CSI'. The bug hunt was a nice little diversion, though I thought we'd get some sort of extra bonus for finding all of them like you do for mastering all the levels. Overall, Hard Evidence is good, just not as good as I had hoped.
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on 11 August 2007
I have all the CSI pc games so far. My son bought me the first one for christmas a couple of years ago and I'm hooked, buying each one as soon as it comes out. Each new game that is released has improvements from the last one. You do get involved in the game and if you're anything like me and don't get 100% you go back in and do the whole game again. It's exciting finding a new SOC to look around and see what you can find. You do lose points in your evaluation if you ask your pc buddy for a hint about the game. However, I've learned that in some situations, the question you are about to ask them is enough to point you in the directin of where you need to look. I would really recommend these games. Each release has 5 crimes for you to solve, each one different and imaginative. This latest release is no different from the rest. Highly addictive but I didn't notice any major advances in the game. They also suggested that the games are designed to take longer to solve than previous games. I didn't find that either but nevertheless still worth the money spent on it.
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on 5 August 2011
the reason that this gets 4 stars is because of Case 3, where you work with Warrick, it is terrible! it's a shame because case 2 and 4 are great cases!

The game is good, and worth the cheap price! :)
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on 28 December 2007
Just finished this game today and is a must have for any hardcore CSI fan! Working alongside Catherine, Grissom, Nick, Warrick, Sara, Doc Robbins, Jim Brass and Greg, you become a 'New CSI' and are evaluated at the end of each case to see how well you have done. Earn points for thoroughness, collecting bugs for Grissom's collection, collecting evidence and using initiative in the lab to analyse the evidence you have collected, speak to suspects in the interrogation room, interview witnesses, and see if the evidence takes you to the correct conclusions. Scenes are lifelike, characters look real. Collect blood, bullets, hairs, fingerprints, fabrics, DNA, photographic evidence, weapons, and alibis and analyse these all in the lab to see who your suspects are. There are 5 different cases on this game, each one a different scenario but all just as fun to complete. Earn bonus items and climb up the CSI ladder. Unfortunately you lose points for asking for hints but we all get a little stuck sometimes. Visit Grissom at the end of the case to hear your review, He tells you if you need to improve, and thanks you for his insects to add to his collection. An excellent game and cant wait to play this again! Would be better if there were more cases to solve though as it does not take long to complete the 5 cases.
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on 24 October 2010
Really enjoyed all the cases in this one, they even had me doubting myself about who the suspect was. Highly recommended.
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on 7 June 2007
I play FPS and MMORPG games mainly so wasnt sure what to expect from this game, I dont watch the series and only enjoy Columbo and Poirot on tv but thought id try it out. Its brilliant! Very simple to get started, graphics are simplistic but the voice overs and plot is outstanding.

Its a little linear when you get stuck and can be frustrating but only as much as you allow it to because you can get hints off your ingame partner on whatever case you happen to be on. The story is great and unlike 99% of computer games you really have to think and use your imagination and actually learn things, rather than bashing buttons and watching cooldowns.

I would recommend this game to everyone because its such a relief from most games out there, like being in your own movie. You can get as much or as little help from the computer as you need and the games so cheap noone loses.
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on 28 July 2010
If your a fan of CSI and want to try your hand then this is well worth the money
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