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4.0 out of 5 stars
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2007
Before I begin, I feel that I must say that this isn't a game for everyone. It demands a certain amount of effort to play and if you enjoy mindless violence then it certainly isn't for you. However, put in the time to complete the training levels and you will be rewarded with a huge amount of satisfaction.

The graphics are brilliant and really show what the 360 can really do. Your eyes are gently massaged by various calming blues and the ocean looks so cool and deep that if you play this on a hot day, you will have to constantly fight the urge to dive through your television screen. It's not all like this though; you'll be exposed to beautifull sunsets, fog and other elements. This experience changes with each unit you use, for example cruising 5,000 feet above the sea in a flying fortress weaving in and out of the clouds and occasionally glimpsing the lazy white slithers left by distant ships on a perfect blue ocean. At the other end of the extreme you'll find youself in a small patrol boat racing at full speed, dodging the pillars of spray that remind you that there's a war on and someone is trying to kill you. This is part of the genius of the game; the constant shift between the peacefull and the manic and it really is exhillerating.

The attention to detail is excellent. While in control of ships you can see the crew walking around on the deck and it really gives you a sense of power. Playing as the various units gives the game a huge amount of diversity, especially the submarines. I mean, how many other games give you the oppertunity to pilot a sub, which is so much fun. At times you feel like a predator, hunting unsuspecting ships; then you hear the pings of the enemy sonar and the thud of depth charges detonating all around you and you can't help but feel scared and vulnerable.

The controls are well thought out and you can really feel the weight when piloting the larger ships and planes.

Once you've completed the useful training course, the campaign is good fun and gradually builds in difficulty level. During this time you will have been given the oppertunity to sample most of the units, aswell as the various stratagies that can be used. After the campaigns comes the challenges. These really are a challenge and are very satisfying to complete, as you really feel like you've achieved something. If, after finishing these, you still haven't had enough, then Midway pulls out another ace from up it's well stockpiled sleve: the online play. Fighting with or against other human players provides another completely different gaming experience which adds months onto the game's lifespan. All in all, a brilliant gaming experience, not quite perfect, but pretty close.
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21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 15 April 2007
When i 1st bought this game i crindged in horror, sure it looked nice but i just had so much trouble getting into the game so i put it away for a day or so, i finally desided to have another go, i worked my way thru the tutorial, practised using all the planes, boats, subs and once i got the hang of it i was hooked, it can be quite technical and strategy does play a big part of the game but never the less there is enough in the game to satisfy the action gamers. just take the time to learn the controls etc and within a few hours you will be sinking enemy battleships, shooting down enemy planes and enjoying every minute of it.. frustration can sometimes creep in but stick to your guns (no pun intended)
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 22 February 2007
Battlestations Midway is an ambitious game which doesn't quite pull off every trick it sets out to achieve but gets away with most of them. The idea is to give the player command of naval units in the pivotal battles of the Pacific war during WWII. This is done using a combination of hands-on combat by controlling ships, aircraft and subs, and planning of overall strategy using a tactical map.

The various units are fairly easy to control and the large number of tutorials cover the controls well. There are a lot of controls to remember in this game and referral back to the tutorials is often a good idea. The manual doesn't even bother explaining all that much as it often refers to the tutorials in the game instead.

The single player campaign breaks you into controlling and commanding your units gently, starting you off in a PT (torpedo) boat, then up to destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, submarines and eventually entire fleets. You also get to fly virtually every plane in the Pacific theatre as you engage in dogfights plus dive bomb and torpedo enemy ships. Some missions are far too easy and others are ridiculously hard - the difficulty curve is all over the place rather than ramping up as you get near the end of the game. It can also be pretty confusing what is going on as the game does not pause whenever you are looking at the map.

As well as the main campaign, there are challenges based around the various unit types. These are standalone missions and pretty tricky. They are very useful, though, in preparing you for multiplayer.

Battlestations Midway is played over Xbox Live with up to eight players taking control of either the US or Japanese forces and attempting to complete certain objectives. This is good fun but naturally, as with so many online games, playing with dedicated people or friends makes it more enjoyable.

Graphically the game is mostly very good. As there is often an awful lot going on, some simple textures and effects are required to keep the framerate up. But that isn't to say it's ugly - ships lean as they turn, roll on the waves, water splashes on the `camera', men move around on deck. Planes glint in the sun and water kicks up with explosions and sinking vessels. It often looks absolutely great with the odd rough edge. Sound is good, lots of authentic bangs and good radio chatter keeping you up to date on how soon your ship is going to sink if you don't get some repairs on the go very soon.

The campaign is pretty short, but has secondary and hidden objectives and multiple skill levels to reward replaying, plus the usual achievements. Online play extends the game and overall makes Battlestations Midway a good purchase.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 15 February 2007
It's about time that a decent strategy game finally the XBox360! This game has everything to keep you busy for ages!

I wasn't sure what to expect with Battlestations Midway after seeing a few demos prior to release with less than impressive graphics and blocky gameplay, however I am very glad I took the chance and brought it. The game itself is very well presented graphically and the sound is fantastic, particularly if you have the full array of rear, front, side, top and bottom speakers that most new systems come standard with! The models of the ships and aircraft are very highly detailed and accurate and although the controls take a while to become accustomed to, when it all starts to come together, it is a phenominal experience and highly addictive! The thrill of flying a Hellcat at breakneck speeds almost vertically to rake and dive-bomb an enemy destroyer is almost real - you can even hear the whistlig of the wind past the cockpit canopy! Alternatively, if stealth is your thing, what can be more satisfying than watching a spread of torpedoes fired from your sub sending a cruiser into a ball of flame before watching it slide under the surface?

The strategy element is probably more important to completing the game although the gameplay itself can be hours and hours of fun. There are so many alternative options you can take and different strategies you can use that no one level is played out the same so combined with the varying difficulty levels, the longevity is amazing! I cannot recommend this game highly enough for fans of strategy that also enjoy a 'hands on' feel to the game. Take the chance, I am sure you won't be disappointed!
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on 23 March 2007
In BATTLESTATIONS: MIDWAY you are thrust into battle during World War II as you take the war from Pearl Harbor to Midway, completing objectives via a whole host of combat vehicles ranging from seaborne ones such as destroyers, torpedo boats and submarines to various aeroplanes that can carry other weapons such as bombs and torpedoes alongside the standard machine-guns. On some missions you also get to control how many of a particular squadron uses which planes and carries what extra weapon (maximum 12 planes airborne at any one time, spread across up to four squadrons), all controllable from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Whenever you have multiple squadrons you can use the D-pad to cycle through each one, with the added ability of controlling the vehicle yourself, or you can place an order on a squadron (e.g. attack, land, regroup) and let the XBox 360 do the rest - fortunately the AI of the CPU is pretty good and seemed to consistently down enemies.

The objectives usually consist of at least one primary objective (these are the only objectives that are compulsory), at least one secondary objective and at least one secret objective; whereas the former two are highlighted during battle, the secret ones are not, so hopefully you'll be able to remember them and where they are should you choose to undertake them!

Each type of vehicle has similar movement controls as others of its ilk (e.g. all seaborne vessels such as destroyers and submarines control pretty much the same, even if some do have extra unique abilities e.g. subs can dive); however, on missions where you switch from one kind to another (e.g. from a destroyer to an aeroplane) then the sudden change in controls might confuse you to start with. For example, to look around while on a boat, you simply use the right stick, but in a plane you click and hold the left stick and move that around instead. Also, while in some ships, you have to worry about assigning a proportion of crew to deal with damage (e.g. fire, leaks, damage to the engine [meaning that you can't move] or damage to the weapons [meaning that you cannot fire]), whereas you don't get that in other vehicles.

Fortunately there is a training section where you get taken through each of the different vehicle sorts and their unique capabilities. To be fair, this is a tad long-winded and a little bit daunting, and before I was even two-thirds of the way through this I was starting to think 'How am I going to remember all this in the heat of battle?' and even after a selection of missions I still made some errors due to the slightly overcomplicated controls.

As well as a training section, there are also three vehicle-specific missions (i.e. a section where you only control a ship/boat, one where you only control a plane, and one where you only control a sub) to further familiarise yourself with the controls.

Graphics-wise, BM is hard to fault unless you're really picky. This has possibly the best water effect I've ever seen in a videogame to date, with some convincing water-wakes and waves. The crafts are suitably impressive, as is the overall environment. You can even see people walking around on the ships if you look carefully. Even when you're underwater in a submarine you get light diffusion through the water; brilliant!

The sound is also top-notch; just a little bit of balancing here and there to avoid the occasional sound drowning out dialogue would have been a welcome effort.

Now it's quibbles time: one I've already told you about, namely the fact that the controls are a little too complicated. Also, while you are using binoculars on ships or the periscopes on submarines, because the left stick (usually the movement stick) is used to zoom in and out, you cannot steer or adjust your speed; because of this I have nearly crashed headlong into a cliff edge and actually have broken a periscope on a sub because I was so absorbed in sighting my target that I forgot to look where I was going.

The second is that, while a lot of the time it runs smoothly, when things get really hectic I've noticed the action and movement become more jerky, and I can imagine a whole heap of people complaining that this sort of thing should not be happening on a next-gen console like the 360, and it does remind you that you are playing a game.

But possibly the biggest bugbear in BM is that, if you fail a mission, you have to start that mission again from the very beginning. As I write this review I have just spent 45 minutes on a mission only to fail it and now I have to do it all over again. You can only save between missions, not during them, and when you've spent that long on a mission only to fail it and have to go through all that again you can understand people feeling a bit peeved.

These disappointing aspects are a shame, because without these niggles it would be on its way to being a classic strategy game, but as it stands, it's a good idea which has been presented well, but ultimately falls short of the mark due to its slightly unforgiving nature and jerky action when things get busy on-screen.
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on 19 May 2014
This game has the perfect balance of strategy and action.

Most RTS games either get too boring or too messy for me.
Instead I prefer those with a strong action element like Enemy Unknown, Omerta and Carrier Command.
And 'Battlestations Midway' is the type of RTS that I like.
It should appeal to fans of both action and strategy games because it has a great mix of both.

The campaign can be completed in just 8-9 hours, which is short for a strategy game.
However the replay value is very high as you get a new combat experience each time around.
That's the cool thing about strategy games.

The unique thing about this game is that you simultaneously command a wide range of planes, ships and submarines.
'Midway' reminds me of the old boardgames and PC games I used to play as a kid, only more advanced.

In this game you don't just tell your units where to go and what to do, you can actually do it yourself as a gamer.
This way you get to experience a wide range of combat styles. Which is what the game is all about for me.

The game has a good and lengthy tutorial, which is necessary because the game is quite complex.
Managing all the units simultaneously is very challenging unless you are used to RTS games.
However even gamers like myself who prefer the action side of things will eventually get used to it.
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 13 June 2007
Now this techniqually is the first attempt at WW2 naval combat. And they have done this in such an amazing way!

Im a big fan of WW2 games, and even i was getting tired of the same old aerial, and ground combat games like, Call of Duty, and Blazing Angels, so the smart men of Eidos thought, well lets take this to the pacific ocean!

At the height of the war in the pacific where the great nation of America fights the Japanese imperial armies, now i remember theres not even many ground combat games for the war in the pacific, the only one i really remember is MOH Rising Sun, and that in some cases was unsuccessful. Naval Warfare on the other hand can be, if you know what's going on, now the japanese navy wasn't amazing, but it was formidable, so that gives some insight into the pacific theatre of war.

Ok then, enough history, now for the fun, the ships are BEAUTIFUL! i love them to bits, from the little torpedo boats, to the aircraft carriers of the amercian navy, re-live the battles you had only seen in Nval warfare films, and footage. Carriers- Without them, USA wouldn't have done so well, though proving extremly easy targets, they have formidable flak coverage. And Also has the capacity of Fighters, Fighter Bombers, and Dive Bombers!

You send these planes out in three squadrons, of 3, which are unique in there own way!

Battleships-Destroyers- The brunt of the Navy, the Battleship!, powerful guns, and the speed of a turtle, these titans are amazingly powerful in the right tactical way! Remember, these also prove Large targets, but have again a powerful Flak coverage.

The work hourse of the Navy, and my personal fav, the Destroyer, nimble, and powerful, this ship provides accurate, shorter ranged fire, but if stcuj in a difficult postion has the speed, and just about enough fire to get you the hell out!

Submarine- Sneaky, and very powerful, set the sub to a depth and chose your victim, launch upto 4 torpedoe's a time, but remember, theres and oxygen count, and you will surface, making you very vulnerable.

The planes, useful for attacking airfields, and Naval facilities, Fighters intercept other fighters, or dive bombers, and fighter bombers. The dive bomber, launches a torpedo in the hull of a ship, and remember there's a squad of three planes with you and they will fire along with you. You can track the torpedo into the hull of the ship. But to do this you must reduce speed, and get to an angle which would hit the ship, making you a sitting duck!

And to finish off, the Fighter Bomber, useful for taking out Aifields and Nval shipyards, like the name you go into a steep dive, and at the right moment release your bomb onto the target, and yes you follow the bomb, and your other teammates will release on time with yours!


With great Power comes a great mulitplayer capability, and this is shown on Midway, everyone takes a position on board, like for example, one player, would take one naval shipyard on the amercian team, and another player would take the naval shipyard on next to the first, sending a total of 4 ships out a time! (The same goes for the other side!)

When it all hits off your thinking of what to do, and its hard, no one is following a tactial route, so you must use your units, and find a way to out think, and out match your ememy, this may not always be the case though, overall the multiplayer is fantastic, with an array of vehicles at your disposal!
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 21 July 2009
I don't know what the other reviewer meant, as this has plenty to do with midway, that's what the storyline is about, and where the end 2 battles take place. It is also a main multiplayer map. Now, this is a brilliant game, flawlessly combining strategy, in the control of an army, with 1st/3rd person combat, in the control of any unit in that army. You can even control most of your army while controlling a single unit, to some degree. This is what I love about this game, that, and the realism. Things like geting an artillery shot on the magazine causes explosions, and a torpedo hit causes leaks, that kind of thing. Put that together with the graphics, and you have an amazing game!!
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on 26 April 2015
Good game once you get to know the controls it becomes an enjoyable game to play . graphics are good and being able to pilot both planes and boats is more challenging.Good service came quickly would recommend
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 3 January 2008
all i can say is WOW! the first time i played the game i was astonished how complicated it was but if you go through the naval academy it is easier. Its about time they produced a decent strategy game. This is the one. It is easy to complete the first time round but as the difficulty level gets harder it is very challenging.

The specialised levels for ships planes and subs are difficult because the stuff you use is rubbish. The specialised levels can only be played as japs and the campain can only be used as an americans.
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