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4.3 out of 5 stars81
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Where do I start? The acting is either wooden or over-the-top, the plot is naff, the effects are reminiscent of when Doctor Who hit it's lowest ebb.

But the film is saved by a funky soundtrack!

Watch with amazement how John Terry plays Hawk without ever changing his facial expression, even when sword fighting! See the giant who's slightly taller than the average, and the dwarf who's just slightly shorter than most! Behold the elf who can master fast-motion, and the mystical woman who can kill using silly string - one can only imagine what she might do if she had some party poppers, and she isn't allowed near the crackers at Christmas in case she wipes out a continent.

The most surprising performance in the film is from Bernard Bresslaw, well known for the Carry On films with their almost cartoon-like over acting, he gave a natural (and to be honest, the best) portrayal.

Like I say though, given all the poor aspects to this film, it never feels as though it takes itself too seriously. This means you can laugh at the film and still enjoy it whilst the orchestral/synth soundtrack has you humming along.

This film should be crap - but it's actually not that bad!
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on 6 June 2016
Hawk The Slayer is gifted with a brilliant cast headed by Jack Palance as the villainous war Lord Voltan. His pantomime villainy is just one reason the movie is so much fun! The electronic musical score is iconic, I have the MP3 on my phone. The mainly British cast are wonderful and the dodgy SPFX add to the fun!
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on 29 June 2016
this so well done i ve waited many years just to get this one let alone score a hit on bluray which really brings out distorted parts when i saw it it has a facelift making it truly spectacular
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on 3 October 2010
Everyone can think of one of those movies that is "so bad it's good" and this movie is the king of that kind. It has very little plot, the cinematography, locations, production values, costumes, etc. can generously be described as "on a budget," the acting is mostly bloody awful (though in fairness, it might simply be that even the most gifted actors couldn't utter some of the lines of this film's dialogue believably), the special effects are about as cheesy as effects ever get, and the musical score is an unholy combination of orchestral music, meets spaghetti western, meets 1970s disco; all of which means this movie should be almost physically painful to watch, but somehow not only is it not, it's actually a blast, especially if you get together and watch it with a group of friends. John Terry turns in a rather wooden, but nonetheless decent performance (and his seriousness plays well against the other actors, who are clearly just having fun while collecting the paycheck) as the hero, who is pitted against his evil older brother, played by a Jack Palance 25 years his senior, who not only killed their on-screen father, and Hawk's betrothed, but has now kidnapped a group of nuns and is holding them for ransom (are there no depths to which he will not sink!). Hawk is aided by a blind witch who helps him assemble a band of comrades consisting of a one-handed man (who shoots a magic, self-cocking, repeating crossbow that has a rate of fire nearly that of a machine gun), a giant (who is really just a rather tall bald guy), a dwarf (who is really just a rather short guy with a bullwhip and gross eating habits), and an elf (whose acting is so phenomenally stiff and mechanical I suspect him of actually being a robot specially constructed for the film).

No need to spoil the, uh... plot, for any interested viewers who may read this. Suffice it to say that the movie really is every bit as bad as it sounds from reading this... and I almost guarantee you will enjoy it. How this manages to be the case, I can't explain. Other movies have bad plots, bad dialogue, bad acting, bad music, bad effects, etc., and are simply awful movies. One watches them and wishes one could get that two hours of one's life back. This movie is somehow different, and manages to be fun despite (and perhaps even because of) its numerous flaws.
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on 20 April 2016
Remember this from when I was a kid so when I saw it available on blu ray at that price I bought it.
So bad that it is absolutely fantastic :)
loved watching it again. Classic !
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on 19 June 2004
When Ben Elton and Rowan Atkinson wrote the last episode of the first series of black adder it is obvious they had watched this film FAR too many times, but in many ways the Hawk The Slayer is funnier than the spin off blackadder episode, more ham than you local butchers with a healthy dose of low budget cheese this film will keep children and adults alike spellbound, it keeps up the quirky tradition of british sci-fi/fantasy series' like Dr Who or The Tripods with cardboard sets, dodgy effects, and the sound guy given far too much time to play with the studios synthesiser equipment, but here like with the series mentioned lies the films charm, very toungue in cheek, very funny and very very Entertaining from start to end.
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on 4 March 2011
Ahhhh, Hawk the Slayer.

In the days before Lord of the Rings, CGI or even The Net, we had films like this.

This movie was doubled with Saturn 3 as a feature in 1981 in the UK and you have to wonder why as one is a flawed but well acted sci-fi movie and the other is a silly sword and sorcery flick.

Apparently aimed at kids some of the violence is nasty (albeit bloodless) with both goodies and baddies being sadistic in the extreme (the Giant's offing of the slave trader and Voltan's killing a nun).

John Terry's po faced and wooden acting is funny and he is totally miscast (resembling an estate agent with a big sword) but this is part of the movie's lovely awfulness.

While touches of genius are occasionally to be had (setting the entire thing in a forest, the repeating crossbow) the film is more remembered for its overacting and crappy special effects (the teleportation device seems to be left over from Superman).

However, it is ultimately putting its heart into it and you've gotta love that ridiculous disco pan pipe theme or the fact that they cast Bernard Bresslaw as a giant and a short arse as a dwarf rather than invest in decent special effects and hiring one of the Time Bandits.

Roy Kinnear's cameo as a terrified tavern owner is funny and you have to wonder why Hawk didn't challenge Voltan to sword fight much earlier in the movie (or why they didn't just let One Armed Crossbow Man and Crow mow down the baddies while they stood back and watched).

Silly, but a lot of fun with pizza and a stack of beer.
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on 8 March 2009
Brilliant film if you love the 70's/80's era. Similar style to The Beast Master and full of actors you will reconise. My favourite thing about this film is the secial affects, it show how well it worked without the computer generated affects we have today.
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on 30 June 2016
This film was childish and the acting was not very good. Only got half way through when we could not bear any more.
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on 17 May 2015
Cheesetastic epic. Lovely to watch this again; one of the first ever "Fantasy" films. Did the soundtrack sound a little bit "Jeff Wayne"?
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