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4.5 out of 5 stars19
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2009
This thirds and final set of episodes from Torchwoods first series finishes off as it started with four good but flawed episodes.

Of the four episodes on this set episode ten `Out of Time' is my favourite. It is about three people from the 1650s who find themselves thrust into the modern world. The episode is quite funny, if corny in places, and it does have a nice emotional heart to it as the three characters try to adjust to their new situation.

Episode eleven, `Combat', is a basic sci-fi Fight Club knockoff but does give Owen some character Development. The episode is basic and predictable but is otherwise okay to watch.

The penultimate episode, `Captain Jack Harkness', sees Jack and Toshiko transported back to the Second World War. This episode is interesting and sheds a bit of light onto Jack's past. The episode also introduces the really interesting character of Bilis Manger who in typical Torchwood manner is never properly utilised.

The series finale `End of Days' is something of a letdown to be honest. Like many Torchwood episodes the finale has some really nice ideas and sets up the plot very well only to fluff it towards the end with a rather poor CGI baddie and something of a reset button.

Overall I would say that this first series of Torchwood is terribly flawed but still enjoyable to watch. It did get off to a shaky start but by the end it was definitely deserving of a second series.
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on 23 September 2007
I live in San Diego, California. I go to this huge convention here called Comic-Con each July. This year they had a presentation on Torchwood. I immediatly ordered the series from Amazon (I have a region free player), and have been very impressed by it. The writing has been fantastic, and the actors are all excellent. I do hope that they do a second season.
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on 25 June 2007
I've enjoyed this series throughout mainly because of the character of Capt Jack Harkness who becomes more mysterious throughout despite the more we learn about him.

Although the series had some disappointing episodes and a little bit too much sex thrown in at times, the series was interesting, compelling and dark. i enjoyed it more on a second watching, as soon as Captain Jack rejoined the Doctor recently i had to watch it again because even when it was disappointing the links to doc who(the hand, cyberwoman, vote Saxon posters etc.)and jacks character make you think.

The last two episodes on this were the best by far, they kept me hooked throughout, made me cry a few times and left me wanting more. i do hope they make another series and learn from the mistakes made in the poorer episodes, even if part of me does want Jack to stay with the doctor.
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A great end to a great series. I've given the other two DVD releases of Torchwood series 1 four stars each. But I feel this deserves the full five stars.

The first episode of this DVD release wasn't the best, there seems to be a bit of a plot hole around the time hole, but it did have some magnificent moments. Particularly those between John Ellis and Captain Jack where they open up and talk openly about suicide. The way this deals with the social aspect of being several decades ahead of your own time saves the episode. It gives it a really interesting spin and makes the episode so compelling to watch.

Combat was a phenomenal episode! I love the Weevils and this was an episode where they took centre stage. Weevils are hideous, but this episode makes you pity them and will them 'to win'. This was Owen's episode too. I like Owen in this series, his cocky, light hearted persona contrasts well with Jack's dark mystery and Gwen's down-to-earthness.

I don't want to spoil anything by talking about the last two episodes, so I'll leave them alone. All I'll say is that you learn more about Captain Jack, and you might hear a familiar noise!
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VINE VOICEon 10 January 2007
Torchwood is one of those TV programmes that you either love or loathe, there does not appear to be any middle ground, having read and listened to many opinions on it. That said, I am definitely in the former school of thought though, I think that Russell T. Davies has created an intelligent and enthralling Sci Fi series, that providing it can keep up the standards of this first season, should be with us for years to come.

John Barrowman reprises his role as the bisexual time traveller - Captain Jack Harkness, from the first series of Dr Who. Here he is the head of Cardiff's Torchwood Institute, a clandestine organisation set up to monitor and control extraterrestrial activity, at the same time looking after UK interests....
His team comprises of former WPC Gwen, Owen - a doctor, Toshiko an IT expert, and Ianto a Jack Of All Trades (including being Jack's part time lover). Suzy another member of the team is killed off at the beginning but gets to make a return appearance in a later episode.
The Sci Fi aspect apart, Torchwood focuses on the various characters in detail, as the series unfolds. The selfish and cynical Owen is examined in greater detail when he experiences real love for the first time, and in another episode when he gets to question his raison d'etre in an episode which nods towards the film 'Fight Club'. Gwen's relationship with her boyfriend Reece is sympathetically explored and how the pressures of work and her attraction to Owen impact upon it. We also get to learn more about Jack and his past life, loves and experiences.

All thirteen episodes of the series have their strengths and weaknesses to varying degrees. The last two episodes, however, do link into Dr Who (giving any more detail would be a spoiler). However, my favourite episodes are as follows:
'Small Worlds' where the Torchwood team find out that Faeries do exist and are in fact ancient and very malevolent beings of power who do not take kindly to being crossed. Add to that an elderly woman who is one of Jack's past lovers and school girl getting bullied by her peers and stalked by a paedophile and you have a potent mix that boils down into one of the very best episodes of the series.
'Random Shoes' which initially looks similar to the not so wonderful 'Gods and Monsters' episode from Dr Who Series 2. Luckily it is much better than that and follows the exploits of a young man - Eugene(superby played by Paul Chequers) who has a serious crush on Gwen and also wants to work for Torchwood. Eugene survives (in a fashion) sudden death by means of an alien artifact, and the viewer is taken on a tour of his life, and can empathise with his wish to get outside the ordinariness of it all... as well as his coming to terms with being dead.
'Out Of Time' sees a plane from the 1950s fly through a time portal and land in the present day. The passengers and pilot are then faced with the reality of life in the 21st Century. This episode manages to be funny, touching, poignant, and tragic.
'Countrycide' is an episode which draws heavily from the Horror genre, as the team delve into a series of disappearences in a certain rural area. Soon they discover that the reason is both very grisly and very frightening... While not very original this remains a highly watchable and exciting episode.
Other episodes see a partly converted Cyberwoman trying to finish off the process and then convert others, vicious aliens known as 'Weevils', time travel, and alien artifacts.

Torchwood is a superbly entertaining Sci Fi series yet also manages to explore human nature in an in depth and at times painfully so manner.
Love it or loathe it, I think this will be around for a while, and I for one definitely look forward to Series 2.
One a technical note, I hope the complete series DVD will be in 5.1 sound
because the part series DVDs are in 2.0 only. Dr Who DVDs were released in exactly that format, so hopefully the BBC are doing the same with Torchwood.
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on 2 September 2015
Excellent Service & DVD Thank You.
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on 14 July 2015
Very happy with my purchase
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on 8 February 2015
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on 17 September 2015
Good as ever
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on 1 January 2015
perfect item
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