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4.6 out of 5 stars166
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2011
Quite literally, one of the most underrated comedies most people have never heard of, which is a real shame.

Due to severe oversight by the BBC, this slice of pure comedy gold was scheduled all over the place on BBC3, then had a very late night run on BBC2.

If ever there was a show ripe for rediscovery or just plain discovery, it is this one, it plays like a classic sitcom setup, two guys in a flat, and then not very much happens, yet it does, taking the minutie of every day life and examining it to within an inch of it's life, to bizarre degrees 'the man with a pony in his bedroom', 'Vince drinking his way through a flask of tomato soup just to make a sale of the flask at a car boot sale in a multi storey car park'

Every episode is dotted with lovely little vignettes from within other flats within the block, 'the man making a relaxtion in his bedroom who flies into a rage whenever a member of his family interrupts him.."I'm trying to make !A RELAXTION TAPE!" which is just one of the many quotable lines and memorable scenes from a single episode.

There is not a poor episode in either of it's two series and is clearly put together with a lot of time and effort and more importantly, affection for both the main characters.

It really is worth checking out.
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on 24 March 2013
I didn't say it wasn't funny! In much the same vein as other gloom-comedies like the Royle Family, it is one part Sean Lock's great writing - the usual unvarnished harsh witty uncomfortably-close-to-the-truth observation, and the blessed relief when you turn it off of thinking 'Thank goodness I don't live like that'.

Genuine laughs from Sean's character, a mildly vicious grumpy granddad figure and his interaction with his naive, charmingly simple housemate Benedict Wong, making an uncomfortable 'married couple' forced by circumstance to get along in a council flat in Peckham or some such grim inner city towerblock. A real anthropological analysis of the lives of people trapped by their environment and how they get their entertainment, socially interact at metapphorical gunpoint and the wide range of eccentric characters that live locally.

There's also a theme of Sean's character trying to maintain a facade of normalcy as he tries to get along with the everyday tasks of functioning in a job, interacting with a girl he fancies etc. while barely keeping a paper thin sheet over what his circumstances actually are- touching a raw nerve or perhaps just a sympathetic nod towards what most of us are really like. Bitingly observational.

This should be better known, but at this price there's really no reason why you should not try it out. It only gets 4 stars from me because I feel uncomfortably like it relates too closely to my actual life!
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on 14 July 2007
I own the first series of Fifteen Storeys High on DVD and have seen all of series 2, it is one of my favourite comedies and I am greatly dismayed by the BBC (allegedly) not allowing Sean Lock to make a third series (or another different show for that matter), for he is a great talent and I can't imagine why he doesn't have a larger TV/Radio presence on the BBC.

I can understand if some people may not enjoy this show, but they can not deny the quality of the writing and the unique, quite dark feel that Sean Lock has produced.

This show is the complete antithesis of the Little Britain/Catherine Tate-style of comedy that relies on repetition. These shows leave you knowing what is coming up and boring you, unless the writers actually develop the characters or have enough characters, which helps keep them fresher for longer(the Fast Show).

I personally rate this show 5 out of 5, but it is really a cult masterpiece that some will love, some will not get and others will hate and if you have an "alternative" sense of humour like me and don't like Little Britain, Catherine Tate or Two Pints of Lager you will probably like this, a show which has it's own identity, an individual quality and some great laughs from one of Britain's premiere stand-ups.

To give you an idea of what comedies I like, so you can see how likely it is you will enjoy Fifteen Storeys High, my favourite shows are the Mighty Boosh, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Alan Partridge, the Office and QI: Quite Interesting and anything involving Jeremy Hardy, Mark Steel and the late, great Lind Smith R.I.P.
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on 11 September 2008
Written by Sean Lock and Mark Lamarr (Although under a different name) this show is utterly fantastic.

The chances are if you have seen Sean Lock on 8 out of 10 cats, you probably quite fancy picking it up. It doesn't disappoint if you love Lock's style of humour.

A fairly unknown sit com to some people, mostly because the BBC used to put it on at ridiculous times. Sean Lock was on Richard and Judy promoting the DVD and explained that the bloke doing the voiceovers once said "if you've stayed up to watch 15 storeys high... well done".

A fantastic sit com.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 December 2014
Originating as a radio series, this is the complete TV series that followed, introducing TV viewers to Sean Lock. Over twelve episodes spread over two series we enter the world of Vince, a swimming pool attendant living in a run down tower block with his lodger Errol. Vince is reclusive and a depressive - hardly the stuff of comedy? Wrong. We watch him spying on the neighbours, giving his flatmate the run around and trying to cope with the minuté of daily life with very funny results. The humour is surreal, the plotting tending to concentrate on one facit of Vince's character at a time. His meanness runs throughout. The strange thing is Lock plays the part straight, the fallout happens around him. It's a lovely look at a man trapped in a world he can't escape from. Think of a much darker Steptoe and Son.
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on 19 February 2007
A perfect comedy series. Not a single gag falls flat in twelve episodes. Why the BBC buried it in the schedules in favour of round the clock Little Britain marathons I'll never understand. I'm not even particularly annoyed that they're making me buy series one again just to own series two. It really is that good.
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on 16 June 2014
On 8 out of 10 cats Sean Lock has me in bits.

I started watching 15 storeys high, but found it difficult to get into.
Some funny moments, but lacks the 'glue' to hold them together.
It started getting tedious, so I stopped watching.
Sorry Sean!
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on 19 July 2013
Bought this for my dad for father's day, him being a fan of Sean Lock's stand up and his role in the tv series 8 out of ten cats.

This is a very surreal sitcom, centering around 2 people who live together in a tower block. Everything about the characters and the situations they end up in is completely bizarre. You'll find yourself simultaneously in hysterics and scratching your head wondering how on earth someone had come up with this.

Sean Lock's comical mind is very outside the box and different. If you want a laugh out loud comedy series with a difference I can't recommend this highly enough.
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I had no idea what to expect, I saw it as a recommended purchase on my Amazon listings. I'd seen Sean Lock in other comedies and I thought it would be interesting to see what he could do on his own.

I was blown away. If you like very dark, very dry and very sparse humour, this is a blinding series. It's very low key photography with drab sets and constant understatement in everything. The humour comes from suggestion and understanding the situations, it's not constant funny gags that are in your face.

Errol ( Benedict Wong ) is just such a superb actor. He's now a big Hollywood star but this show really proves he has a stunning talent for understated comedy and the occasional hilarious slapstick moment, the scene in the car spares shop just had me laughing so hard.

The whole series is based on the fact that there is very little point to the character's existences, they simply drift through life with no real purpose but they carry on regardless. Despite the name there are no real stories to be told other than the silly things that happen to the two main characters. It's no surprise that this wasn't promoted by the BBC more highly, it's not a laugh a minute prime-time sort of series, you need a certain sense of humour to appreciate its quirkiness and it's not something everyone is going to get. If you like the typical US type comedy shows then steer well clear of this as you will probably find it quite boring and far too slow paced.
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on 8 January 2010
I am astonished that "15 Storeys High" only ran for two seasons. Each episode is pure gold and Sean Lock's writing is every bit as funny and inciteful as anything written by Mr Gervais. Please, someone, somewhere give this man a chance to write a third series or something new. I kid you not, there is not one poor episode and there are several that are clear classics. Well done Mr Lock, you made me laugh out loud on a number of occasions, and thats a rare thing for me.
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