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3.9 out of 5 stars24
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 1 August 2012
I first of all heard this series on Tumblr and I'm not going to lie - I bought it for the sheer Tom Hiddleston-ness in it.
However after watching each episode, the storyline develops into it's own original idea, with the addition of the gorgeous Tom as Bill.
The whole Desperate-Housewives-Meet-Hot-Fuzz is pretty funny, especially with the amount of weaponry and deviousness these woman have.
Although it's not consistently laugh-out-loud material and can be a bit dry, I urge you to persevere. It becomes addictive and I will be buying the second series.
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** SUBURBAN SHOOTOUT ran on Channel 5 between 2006 to 2007 in the UK. Oxygen showed it in the US **

Housewife Joyce Hazeldine has just moved to the quiet and crime-free village of Little Stempington after her police chief husband [Jeremy] is transferred there. They are both delighted to move somewhere peaceful, clean and safe, but Joyce is about to find out what keeps the troublemakers away...

You see Little Stempington is tightly controlled by two rival gangs of housewives; on one side we have the elegant, well-spoken Camilla and her enforcers - butch Lillian and man-eater Hilary. Camilla only cares about money and is willing to do anything to get her latest scheme [drug dealing] up and running. The thought of getting the new police chiefs wife on side is very appealing to her.

On the other side we have the dowdy looking Barbara, who works tirelessly to keep the streets clean from graffiti and hooligan free with her right-hand women; The prim and proper Pam and earth mother Margaret. If their not keeping the town in tip top condition they're trying to foil Camilla's plans.

Episode 1
"You just blew up the Wicker Barn!"

Camilla involves Joyce in her life of crime by getting her to hold a detonator and press 'the red button'. With her fingerprints now on the charger used in a explosion Joyce is unable to go to the police and report the illegal goings on in Little Stempington.
Barbara introduces her to her gang and explains the origins of the vigilante group and why it splintered off into the two rival gangs.

Episode 2
"I'll shoot your bosom off, you silly woman"

Barbara persuades Joyce to join Camilla's gang, to try and find incriminating evidence to put her behind bars.
We are introduced to Camilla's man-eating daughter Jewel, who learns that Joyce has a son...

Episode 3
"Slap on one of these and you'll turn into Courtney Love"

Camilla plans on distributing extra strong estrogen patches as the latest recreational drug. She's needs the French speaking Joyce to help negotiate with the supplier.
Bill comes home from his gap year, so Jewel goes in for the kill...

Episode 4
"If we catch you again we'll cut your bloody penises off"

Camilla makes Joyce and Lillian test the estrogen patches before deciding whether to go ahead with the deal or not.

Episode 5
"Breathe a word and I'll hack your knackers off with a trowel"

Camilla and gang still need another £40,000 for the supply of estrogen patches, so gives Joyce 24 hours to earn it or she'll kill Jeremy... Meanwhile; Interpol contact Jeremy to report that a international drug dealer has been spotted in Little Stempington.
Things heat up between Jewel and Bill.

Episode 6
"If it all goes tits up today I'd like you to have my throwing knives"

As Camilla puts the final touches to her estrogen patch scheme and goes to France, Barbara and team follow them.
Back at home Jewel finds the stashed money in the garden, swaps it with magazines and plans a new life with Bill.
Jeremy suspects Joyce of having an affair with the drug dealer, who he thinks is a cheese seller.

Episode 7
"From the outside it just looks like another scruffy community centre, but inside it's a temple of boozing, boinking and brawling"

A community centre re-opens with a 24 hour drinking licence, so it's up to Barbara, Pam and Margaret to shut it down. Camilla, Lillian and Hilary think the community centre will be the perfect place to begin selling their 'Special H' patches.
Joyce has a plan to get Camilla to allow her, Jeremy and Bill to leave Little Stempington.

Episode 8
"He's an cheese importer Bill. A french cheese importer"

The drug dealer kidnaps Joyce, so Jeremy puts 2 and 2 together and concludes that she's run off with the 'cheese seller'.
Barbara and team are busy with a charity auction, while Camilla arranges with the dealer to have it crashed, so they can get the traveling bag of money back.
Bill tries to get his Mum back from her new 'boyfriend', with Jewel tagging along for the drama.
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on 25 June 2012
I was always fond of these quirky british shows and Suburban Shootout is absolutely hilarious. Playing with stereotipes, blowing things out of proportion, everything just works! I think the cast is brilliant and each one of them does his/her job perfectly. Besides the great humour we also get some character development, so kuddos to Ruth Wilson!

I would recommend this series to all of you who love and understand british humour. It's definitely not for those who want to put their ''mind switch'' off. You just won't get the whole experience if you do.
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on 21 May 2013
I bought this product initially because I'm a Tom Hiddleston fan (please don't judge me too harshly!) but I soon realised that this series is awesome even if he wasn't in it. The acting is very good and the writing is spot-on.

Would definitely recommend this too fans of Hot Fuzz.
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on 27 April 2010
This comedy series takes a dark look at the competitiveness between wives in a small British town. A couple from the city end up in the suburbs and things are not simple. The wife gets caught between two groups that have gone to war, literally. The gunfire and bombings are a bit much but the whole series is over-the-top fun. It is about what would happen if the daydreams of opposite factions in say a PTA meeting or town council, came to life. Very funny in an absurd way. I cannot wait for the release of Season Two here in the States.
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on 2 May 2014
I giggled and snorted my way through this series. I caught the first episode when it was originally aired but then forgot to watch the others!
The "ladies" are far from ladylike in their antics. The men are useless and completely oblivious to their behaviour, even when they are covered in blood.

Anna Chancellor is wonderfully snooty; Tom Hiddleston is just clueless and blinkered to any female advance.

Looking forward to seeing series 2
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on 29 June 2013
Authentic small-town life with a killing twist, an ongoing range of plotlines to please the most fussy and some nasty moments of clever satire that will make you think long and hard when you visit the boss' house about who exactly will be offended by where you park... Watch all the eps in a row and send everyone else away because I said so.
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on 17 April 2014
Hard to find show, good condition. A uniquely British production, it examines what would happen if the usual suburban intrigues and the ebb and flow of gossip etc. were to involve weapons. Gangs of housewives, carefully keeping it hidden from the men around them. Weirdly fascinating
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on 10 July 2008
Joyce Hazledine's ill judged move to the village of Little Stempington plants her smack in the middle of a gang war between hedonistic mafia don/ suburban housewife Camilla Diamond and Barbera Du Prez - a green wellied guerilla who protects her Middle England way of life with heavy artillery. Joyce soon finds herself coerced into being an accessory to Camilla's drug and protection rackets while Barbara persuades her to act as an insider spilling the beans on her estranged friend and rival.
Overall it's an enjoyable romp. My only reservation is Joyce's policeman husband who has to be mind-blowingly incompetent not to notice the crimewave his wife is up to her ears in. The script falls short of making that convincing, but if you let that go there's plenty of fun to be had. If you enjoyed "Hot Fuzz", this has a similar vibe to it, but from the criminal's point of view.
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on 2 August 2015
Yes, I bought it because Hiddleston's in it. No, it wasn't worth it.

When they wrote this, they forgot to put any jokes in it. Hot Fuzz it ain't.

If you're a Hiddlestoner, just watch the bits he's in on YouTube.
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