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4.6 out of 5 stars30
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2007
I don't know why people give season 5 of Columbo such a hard time. Ok, so there are no "classic" Columbo stories but there is plenty to enjoy.

The first story Forgotton Lady has a very mooving performance by Janet Leigh (Psycho)as an ageing broadway actress.

Next up is A Case Of Immunity which isnt one of the better Columbo stories. There is no real motive for the murder and the resolution of the case is abit of a cop out (no pun intended).

Identity Crisis is the best story in this season. Patrick McGoohan is superb as an ex spy. Watch out for his "be seeing you" straight out of The Prisoner. In real life he is a great friend of Peter Falk and they have alot of screen chemisty together. Leslie Neilson also appears. He was also in the Columbo episode Lady In Waiting.

A Matter Of Honor is not a great episode. Dispite a great performance by Ricardo Montalban the story is quite dull.

Now You See Him sees the rumpled detective pitted against a sinister magician with a dark secret played by Jack Cassidy who also appeared in the Columbo stories Murder By The Book and Publish Or Perish. Not a bad story.

The final story of the season is Last Salute Of The Commadore features Robert Vaughn who starred in Columbo Troubled Waters. In this story the person you think is the murderer gets bumped off half way through the episode. It's nice that the producers decided to try something different ie we now don't know who the killer is. This episode was directed by Patrick McGoohan.

So as I said dont be put off be negative reviews this is a great season and seasons 6 and 7 are still as good, if not better.
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on 1 September 2010
I want to make one thing clear: this would have been a 5 star review, were it not for one thing... Last Salute To The Commodore. But we'll get to that later on. Let's focus on the positives first - they are, after all in the majority.

I am watching Columbo in order and have just finished season 5. By far, this season has the most diversity and the greatest variance in quality.

It starts out solid - Janet Leigh gives a stunning performance as a veteran actor of the MGM musical milieu. The episode is typical vintage Columbo, with higher than average acting and an ending that, while it deviates a little from the usual formula, is all the better for it and is certainly satisfying. Also the inclusion of footage of a young Janet Leigh in a lesser known musical is a fantastic touch.

Next up, A Case of Immunity. Often, when a T.V. show attempts an episode that rests heavily on characters and iconography of a different culture, it can seem a little disjointed from the rest of the series. As a viewer, if you like the show, you probably like it best when it has all the trappings you are used to (in the case of Columbo, Nouveau Riche mansion houses, men in suits and urban location footage). Familiarity breeds comfort. So, although this story was merely at an embassy, rather than another continent, it would have been easy for this episode to feel like a sort of 'Columbo goes on vacation' type story (see A Matter Of Honour). It doesn't. This is one of the best written, expertly paced and perfectly acted episodes, with just enough exotic imagery and cultural intrigue to give it a spice of variety. The political issues are also dealt with very well, which is nice to see in an older show.

I was amazed when I first saw the next episode, Identity Crisis, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the directing. In all the reviews I've read of this episode none have noted the fact that the directorial style is, at moments anyway, leagues ahead of most episodes. The studio-shot stuff looks pretty much the same, but a lot of the location footage seems a whole decade ahead of its time. It first becomes apparent at the eponymous Lieutenant's debut - the examination of the body. A night-time scene, ostensibly lit by the headlights of three police cars, this would not look out of place in the late 80s/early 90s work of James Cameron or Michael Mann. All throughout there are little visuals that catch you off-guard: intimately and unusually staged dialogue scenes; sophisticated yet subtle camera angles. The scene where Columbo enjoys a drink and cigar with the killer is a masterpiece of pacing and retains superb tension in a curiously hypnotic way. This is not to say that Columbo isn't usually well directed - after all, Spielberg once sat in the chair and most episodes are textbook examples of great visual storytelling - but this is truly exceptional. There's nothing wrong with shooting proscenium, but an artful departure now and then can be fantastic. My biggest surprise came at the end of the episode when I noticed who the director was - none other than McGoohan himself.

In story terms, the episode is typically well written, but with a few weak points such as the killer's 'old man' act and the easily explained away clinching clue, but it's nice to see Patrick McGoohan and Leslie Nielson sharing some great screen time as guest stars. Columbo's personality is a little different here, more menacing and arrogant. I assumed this was because he knew he was dealing with an unshakable and dangerous man, rather than the usual society types or professors, but it's a trait that runs throughout the whole episode, even down to his uncharacteristically lecherous attitude in the bar just after viewing the body and is resurfaced in the horrendous last episode of the season.

The next episode, A Matter Of Honour, is a little weak. Ricardo Montalban is excellent as always, but the plot is thin and the episode suffers from the viewer alienation deftly avoided by A Case of Immunity. I won't spoil the ending, but the motive given is a bit hard to believe. It's below-par Columbo - eminently watchable, but not too engaging.

The fifth episode is back to Columbo basics: familiar guest-star; tricky killer; flashes of homour; deferential and faux naïve Columbo - priceless. There's even a reappearance of an old minor character into the bargain. Nice little story, well executed. A crowd pleaser.

Now, the big problem. It is hard to express just how bad Last Salute To The Commodore is without showing it from start to finish, but there are some very basic flaws. Firstly, much of the dialogue is far too quiet. A lot of the script for this episode was improvised (which is one of the reasons it feels so odd), but this brings with it a complication - the nuances can't be captured again so there's no ADR. When you shoot half the episode by the sea, you're gonna get a lot of noise and when you can't dub over the dialogue you get a horrible slurry of sound quality. Columbo acts like an annoying and overly familiar drunk from beginning to end and the pacing is dreadful. The whole thing feels like a horrible acid trip, the clinching clue is awful and no-one seems to know what they're doing or what the point is. It seems that it was meant as the last ever episode, which would have been a disaster, but, luckily we are saved from oblivion as Columbo declares he's not quitting 'yet'. Strangely, it's also a McGoohan effort, but couldn't be further in quality from Identity Crisis.

This is an excellent series overall, but for one terrible, terrible mistake.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 March 2013
It is a classic season. Theres so much to enjoy in this season, including a number of classic episodes. Last night I watched the only one of the season I'd not seen "The Forgotten Woman", starring Janet Leigh. This is a great episode. When Columbo first appears, at 1:30 in the morning he is unshaven and a complete mess. He's falling asleep on his feet, literally, but with the aid of a black coffee he manages to get to the murder scene and start the process of unraveling the mystery. This episode pretty much sums up Columbo, its funny, cleverly written, wonderfully acted by Peter Falk, and at the end in this episode really quite sad.

There are other classic episodes in the series. The Great Santini, starring Jack Cassidy as a devious magician who thinks hes committed the perfect murder, but of course Columbo gets him in the end. And the end to this episode is a real gem. It has to be said that Jack Cassidy who appeared 2 or 3 episodes is a marvelous foil for Peter Falk, and a has a magic (excuse pun) that only existed with Patrick McGoohan (who is also in an episode in this series) and John Cassevetes.

So overall it may not be the best season, but it is excellent.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2006
If Columbo's fourth season is arguably one of the best then unfortunately season five is possibly the worst - at least from the original seventies series.

Season five is Columbo's most uneven season in terms of quality where there can be found examples of Columbo at his very best ('A Matter Of Honour','Now You See Him'), his very worst ('Last Salute Of The Commodore') and stories somewhere in between ('Forgotten Lady', 'A Case Of Immunity').

It's also the first time the show's traditional formula has been tampered with as with 'Last Salute Of The Commodore' and the one of the few times a Columbo plot has been too complicated to follow as with 'Identity Crisis'.

Apart from the couple of stories i have singled out as my favourites i find a lethargy in many of these stories which gives me the impression the show perhaps needed to take a break. 'Forgotten Lady' for example isn't bad but it lacks the sharpness and focus that can be found with Columbo at his best and it's also a little overlong. Unfortunately this seems to be a problem that's all too common with this season.

Luckily Columbo did have a couple of more inspiring seasons left in its seventies run.

It's still a wothwhile purchase however.
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on 9 March 2011
I love the Columbo series vary much. It was simply unique in that we always knew who the murderer was and how the deed was committed. Instead, we had to watch Columbo figure it out for himself and to trap the killer into confessing. I prefer the early series, the ones made in the 70's. I can't explain exactly why but they just seemed better. There was always a host of stars who made appearances throughout the 10 series, including Donald Pleasance, Patrick McGoohan, William Shatnar, Leonard Nimoy, Roddy McDowall, and on the list goes.

There are no extras on these DVD sets, but the picture and sound quality are vary good.
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on 23 April 2013
Being a Columbo fan from back in the day, I really enjoyed this DVD. Classic Columbo and so very watchable. Sad to see he's passed away. I'm not a fan of detective/crime series usually. However, he makes this series what it is and overrides my usual preferences. Having grown up watching Columbo the episodes hold fond familiar memories for me and I still don't tire of watching each one.

The deeper message of this apparently simple series is that of the great strength of the humble underestimated underdogs of society. I really admire that depiction of the kind of quiet-storm greatness in the title character.
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on 29 March 2013
Not my favourite series but glad I bought it to add to my collection. There's a few good episodes and a few which I could live without but I'm a massive columbo fan so happy to have it. My only bug bear is the DVD holder it came in seems to have been used and it had no sleeve over the top of it which suggests that the series I was sent was second hand. Bit suprised about this as I paid for a new one! So buyers beware!
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on 20 January 2010
Everything that you could expect.Great quality.
This compilation consists of:
1.Forgotten Lady. Janet Leigh.
2.A Case Of Immunity. Hector Elizondo.
3.Identity Crisis. Patrick McGoohan.
4.A Matter Of Honour. Ricardo Montalban.
5.Now You See Him. Robert Loggia.
6.Last Salute To The Commodore. Robert Vaughn.

Well worth the money.
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on 26 March 2016
Another good series of columbo, won't do an episode by episode review as there are a few already, at the time i bought this it was on offer and i got it cheap, well worth it
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on 29 October 2011
it makes you wonder why people commit murder with the super sleuth in his old mac around , they must be stupid because he gets them every time. SUPERB.
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