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4.3 out of 5 stars146
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 April 2013
Why is Britain always behind the USA? I suffered from acute tennis elbow. I went to the Dr's had the cortisone injections, went again & got referred to phsyio. Not much better. Googled it, and came across this item being used in USA and instructional demo on YouTube. I have to say its worked. My symptoms are mild now, and I used this item regularly. The only downside, is the instructions that come with it are in German. Also the colours of the grip denote different flexibility so make sure you get the right one. A GREAT PRODUCT?
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on 2 August 2015
I will start this review by saying that I suffered from severe medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). It was so bad that absolutely ALL bicep exercises were a complete no-go for me unless I wanted my arms to stiffen up with pain the next day; straightening my arms was extremely difficult. Bicep curls of anything but the lightest weight were simply unmanageable, which I'm sure you can imagine severely hampered my workouts.

Having finally had enough, I was tempted to take a trip to the NHS to see what they could do for me, but I'm not much of a fan of the doctor's so thought I'd try other options first. Like me, you've probably found many recommendations for this product but are a bit skeptical about this simplistic solution. However, I have to say this product has completely cured me of all issues to the point where I can do regular bicep curls again, with a heavier weight. My confidence in my inner and outer elbows is through the roof with the right exercises (a simple youtube search will show you how to use this for either golfer's or tennis elbow) and it is a firm part of my workout regime between sets. Whenever I feel even a bit of tightness beginning to form, I do a couple of exercises with this band and I am instantly cured enough to carry on with the workout.

I'd strongly recommend anyone with elbow difficults to try this before going to your GP. If your problems continue, then pop in and see them.
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on 16 November 2012
When you first put the flexbar in your hand, you'll immediately notice it feels like a piece of dense foam rubber - very spongy. A few details about it...

* its used to exercise the forearms

* because it works the forearm muscles, its a good tool to try if you have tennis elbow

* you use it by holding it in both hands. It requires you to twist it - then, when it untwists, that's when it gives you some resistance and exercises your muscles

* this untwisting motion provides what is known as eccentric exercise to the forearm muscles - which has been shown to help with tendinitis conditions (see Treat Your Own Tennis Elbow for more info on that)

So it's pretty easy to use - but it does take a few minutes to get the hang of - then its a piece of cake. Know that its lightweight, and pretty durable - so it should last awhile. If all else fails, you can always use it to throw at stupid people or play fetch with your dog.
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on 23 January 2015
I bought this to help with elbow rehab (strained tendon preventing rotation). I've only had this 4-5 days and already have noticed a huge improvement just by doing a few exercises and playing around with the bar whilst working. As an added bonus my wrist, which has been crunching for years after too much keyboard work over 30 years, is already much smoother and getting stronger. I'm really impressed! This medium weight is ideal for me (fit mid 40s man).
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on 14 August 2013
I bought one of these because I had pain on the inside bony part of the elbow. Searching the internet this is called Medial Epicondyltis. Otherwise known as ‘golfers elbow’ or ‘climbers elbow’ and is damage to the tendons of the forearm. It is usually caused by overuse such as taking up a new sport or activity too quickly, and in my case was very sore and painful. Looking on various internet sites the FlexBar is suggested as a means of rehabilitation.

The FlexBar is a 12 inch long round bar made of a dry rubber material and has a ridged surface. They come in different colours that have a different level of resistance. Red is the lighter one, then green with the blue bar having the highest resistance. I decided to go for the green one and this seems to offer the right level of resistance for me.

As others have mentioned this arrives with a booklet of exercises written only in German. However it doesn’t take long to find descriptions of the exercises to do on the internet.

I found a very useful You Tube video - search for ‘ Intrinsi, formally The English Osteopaths’. They have a video called ‘How to use a Theraband Flexbar for wrist, elbow or shoulder rehab’ – this covers all the exercises you can do. Also the ‘Thera-band Academy’ site has a leaflet you can download in English and details of exercises. It is also worth searching for the ‘Tyler Twist’ (for tennis elbow) and ‘Reverse Tyler Twist’ (for golfers elbow).

Most of the exercises for tendonitis problems are what are known as ‘eccentric’ exercising. This is a fairly well established concept and means exercising a tendon by starting with it contracted and then letting it extend under load. This is how both the ‘Tyler twist’ for tennis elbow and ‘reverse Tyler Twist’ for golfers elbow work. There are other exercises that can be performed with the FlexBar for wrist, forearms and shoulders.

I have combined using this with stretching exercises and t only take a few minutes each day. I have had an almost immediate improvement in my elbow. Obviously may not work for everyone but in my experience so far, well worth the money.
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on 6 January 2016
I can't believe I failed to come across this flex bar for almost a year of suffering from tennis elbow. Initially Went to physio who told me some common stretching exercises. They didn't work. After popping NSAIDs like crazy and massage therapy, ice and lots of rest I.e days off from building work i really was beginning to get depressed.

Having suffered with chronic tennis elbow for 8 months by now and sometimes waking up in the middle of the night with pain I had enough and went to the doctors with a view to having cortisone injections.

They were only too happy to oblige and I even contemplated surgery. Somehow I came across the flex bar and what a revelation.

I went straight for the blue because the green one was out of stock and having read reviews I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. The blue one was a bit of a challenge but I built up reps slowly over 2 weeks. Now 4 weeks have gone by and my arm feels better than it has in 12 month. Tennis elbow has all but gone and I even recommended it to the physio who is a bit sheepish having charged me £400 for ultra sound sessions. You must do the exercises as recommended. Nice and slow without causing pain. It's the slow release that works more effectively. Buy one now if you suffer from forearm tendinitis.
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on 26 December 2013
Sadly I'm no stranger to tendon injuries, so when I got golfer's elbow from weightlifting and muscle-up training, I knew I needed some form of eccentric loading exercise. I started out with eccentric bicep curls, then when I spotted the YouTube videos for "Reverse Tyler Twists" I bought the blue (heavy) flexbar (note: the "Reverse" part is key; standard Tyler twists are for tennis elbow). Standard advice is to progress from light to heavy, buying each of the different strength flexbars as you go. I'm a tight-fisted Yorkshireman with a very strong grip :) so I just went straight for the blue, and it was the right call for me.

I did 15 reps of reverse Tylers 2-3 times per day plus 1-2 x 30 sec wrist stretches, combined with icing then re-heating via infra red lamp. I didn't stop training though I did reduce volume and frequency of exercises that caused the most pain. The reverse Tylers were of course painful to do, but effective. Two and a half months later my golfer's elbow is all but gone. Even plyometric pullups & muscle-up negatives don't hurt the elbow now.

In my opinion the flexbar coupled with reverse Tyler twists is superior to the alternatives such as eccentric bicep curls, eccentric pullups and so on because of the rotational nature of the resistance. Even now, a set of reverse Tylers still causes some minor discomfort on my affected arm, whereas eccentric curls do nothing (and discomfort goes with the territory for effective eccentric loading)
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on 5 November 2013
I bought this due to findings in a peer-reviewed journal, so there is probably some truth that it helps tennis/swimmers/golfers elbow etc.

But what I will say is that when I used it my lateral epicondylitis (tennis or swimmers elbow) hurt like hell, and in my mind that can't be good. I went back to the most effective treatment recommended by my physiotherapist which is to bend your wrist as far as it can go and extend your arm to stretch the tendon attachment, and count to 30, a few times a day. That did help and didn't hurt much.

But epicondylitis has a habit of recurring once you have had it once, so this is probably ideal as part of your regular exercise regime once you have recovered to strengthen your tendon and make sure that it doesn't happen again.

To be altogether fair, i bought the medium one. If you have tennis elbow, even if you think you are a big strong man, get the soft one because it's going to hurt otherwise.

But then they recommend that you move through the whole set, and they are awfully expensive for a bunch of lumps of rubber.....

Or rest your elbow from sport and exercise for a bit, and try my physiotherapists stretch instead, it's free.
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on 20 June 2013
I have been suffering with lateral epicondylitis (also known as Tennis Elbow) and despite visits to my GP this was not getting any better. I bought this product solely to use with the "Tyler Twist" physiotherapy exercise which I found on the internet and it really works. Watch the youtube video to see how to do the exercise then give it three sets of 15 repetitions each day. As far as I can see this is the only sensible treatment for tennis elbow so to be honest you don't really have a choice!
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on 6 February 2016
Amazingly this actually seems to work for my golfer's elbow which I picked up from weightlifting. I get immediate relief from the reverse tyler twist and over the last few weeks the pain is fading. Im doing a modified version of the exercise - with the eccentric and concentric
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