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on 31 August 2007
Don't bother - no really, don't bother. Offers minimal facilities and doesn't even have the new interface. Many essential features are disabled in this version.

I can't think of any good reason to buy this software. It's a cynical marketing exercise by Microsoft to tempt buyers into parting with their cash to buy something that needs to be upgraded before it's any good.

It will strangle many older machines because of the massive size of the program and the system requirements. It really needs at least 1GB of RAM, not 512k, especially if you need to multi-task, and you will also need at least 128MB of video RAM bear this in mind if your PC video RAM is shared with your main RAM that Vista will hog the RAM for graphics thereby slowing the machine down further.

If you really MUST buy Vista (which I would not recommend) then go for Home Premium as a minimum.

I would give this zero stars if it were possible.
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on 19 December 2007
I'm an old fashioned sort that feels an OS should should just be a basic layer that lets me run the applications I want to run. Not a load of garnish that someone else thinks I should. Therefore, even though I'm a PC enthusiast I decided to install the 64bit version of Home basic on my gaming rig.
Do I need DVD playback/CD burning/secure backups/3D desktop/media centre/multitude of network features/tablet PC etc. etc. to run BF2/Eve or COD4? NO! Its a gaming rig, I have my laptop for that other stuff.
So anyway after some tweaking and further pruning of services I have to say it works fine using about 650mb once its settled down. No hardware problems on initial install and I found current 64bit drivers for all my hardware on the web. Home basic has all the functionality that XP had and then some. This is due to the inclusion of DX10! Again needed for current and future gaming.
All my games run fine in this OS with no apparent performance hit.
In fact I dont find Basic basic at all. It really does have most things you need and usually better free versions can be found elsewhere of the parts that are not included. It still has a lot of new stuff in it that XP doesnt have so there is some 'oooh' factor for less experienced users.

So dont be afraid of Basic, if you are a run of the mill user then it will do just fine. If you are a hardcore gamer then Basic will work great too. You can spend the savings over Ultimate on some more hardware.
I will mark it down though for once again being bigger than its predecessor for no real apparent reason and that if you dig down a layer of menus it looks 85% similar to XP. Whether you think thats good or bad is up to you.

Not the hopeless case folks a bit too hyped up on caffine and hormones, would tell you.
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I'm sorry, I just don't get it. It doesn't feature the hyped up 'Aero Look', it doesn't feature most of the normal programs/facilities from the other versions of Vista. It's not up to date with drivers for various peripherals, the performance is questionable ...

... so why upgrade? This is a step-backwards - XP feels like the new operating system compared to this pointless release! Don't buy it, their is just no need yet.

So, will the 'WOW' actually start anytime?
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on 27 October 2007
I decided to buy Windows Vista because my old Windows professional was looking a bit boring. I was curious to see whether the new version of Windows was better. Before I installed Windows Vista i put in extra memory but not a new graphics card because I wasn't interested in the Aero graphics.
I installed Windows Vista on a fresh partition and within an hour it was ready. The problems started when I started installing software. The wireless connection that works perfectly on the XP partition gave frequent problems with Vista. Sometimes my neighbour's connection would appear but not my own. When downloading software from the Internet Vista would crash completely; in fact Vista crashed and restarted five times on the first day. I hadn't seen the blue screen of death so many times since using windows 98. A piece of software that has been upgraded for Windows Vista crashed every time I tried to transfer music to my Walkman: Sony sonic stage works perfectly well on my Dell laptop running Windows XP home. However, it is completely useless on Vista. My anti-virus software wouldn't work either.
I knew that my four year old soundcard would not work with Windows Vista but the motherboard has a built in soundcard which is very common; the AC97. I downloaded the driver for it but Vista could not install it. If I want to hear any sounds from my computer I will have to buy another card. I find it difficult to understand why Linux can recognize everything on my computer but Microsoft Windows Vista cannot.
On the positive side, the new operating system is more attractive and the search facility and built in parental controls are a good. After installing several updates the system has not crashed again.
In conclusion, my recommendation is that you should only buy Vista if you have a computer and printers that are no more than a year old. If your existing computers work with Windows XP then you should not waste your money on the new operating system. If you want an operating system that is a big improvement over Windows XP then you should consider buying a Mac; a Mac mini will only cost you 300 pounds more.
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on 8 January 2010
This is the first ever vista I used in 2007. Its a good simple easy to use operating system with media player 11 and ie 7. It has loads of great games to and is very reliable. Although it does not have windows aero or flip 3d or any premium games including 3d chess titans or inkball. Still its very good for first time users not good for people who want it all go for ultimate if you do go fir this if you dont. I had lots of fun using this and its pretty reliable and basically a secure os. Buy now to get the wow out of windows.
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on 4 August 2009
This came pre-loaded with my new laptop and it is useless...I can't play DVD's, it doesn't have a fax facility, all of which were standard on XP, and I have yet to find out what else I can't do on it! A complete waste of time!
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on 18 June 2011
I'd just like to know if anybody knows if this is compatible with boot camp for Mac OS X 10.5.8? Thanks.
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VINE VOICEon 1 March 2007
"The WOW starts Now"

Not Likely.

Home basic does not contain Aero (the main feature difference of Vista). This means it is totally pointless. Also, all Vistas can not run Microsoft Access due to SQL conflictions (great).

Home basic is featureless and basicly just ruins your machine for nothing. If you insist on getting Vista (I would have to recomend MAC OSX as an alternative) then get Home Premium. Home basic is just a marketing strategy so that microsoft can say: "Hey, Vista costs less than £100!" (upgrade cost).


DO NOT Get home basic.

If you must have vista then get home Premium

If you want a decent operating system then get Mac OSX.
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on 22 June 2007
Yes, Vista has its' flaws, but unless you've been living on another planet for years, you'll know that OSX is only available on Macs (= huge outlay).

I wouldn't buy Vista (particularly basic) for my personal machine, but in a build for the parents, it works just fine. I couldn't tempt them to try Linux :(
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on 24 December 2007
Its a nightmare and is not backwards compatable with software designed for XP! Typical of Microsoft.
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