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4.3 out of 5 stars333
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2009
Our hero can't sing, but he can dance. That's a bit of a problem when singing is so important to penguins.

There is no middle ground with this movie. You'll either sit there looking at your watch with a finger twitching for the fast forward button on the remote, or you'll be entranced. The group you'll fall into I think depends on your view of modern computer-generated animated movies. If you love the standard format of cute animals all being voiced by star names with a strong plot and jokes coming thick and fast that are pitched at various levels so that the whole family can enjoy, then you probably won't like this. If on the other hand you've grown bored of that style of animated feature and would like something different, then you might appreciate this, as it sure is different.

The story line involving singing penguins is bizarre, and even though it amounts in the end to the old storyline about how being different doesn't mean you should be ostracised, that story is very slight. It really is just a platform to stick in various singing and dancing sequences, in much the same way as the old musicals did. Then there's the humour, or lack of it. There's almost no jokes in the first hour, and that's not just that the jokes fall flat, it's that there's nothing there that's supposed to be funny. And then when the ecological message arrives 2/3rds of the way through the film, it's done without even an attempt to be subtle or to integrate itself into the storyline.

So, you'll take a risk if you try this film, but as it's not a bad film and clearly the people behind it cared about what they were trying to do, even if it turns out to be not to your taste, you'll still probably think the effort of watching it the once was worthwhile.
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on 2 December 2006
Me and my family's four big and four small happy feet have just returned from the cinema, where the feet's owners had a rare treat. This is a fantastic film! Warner Bros and all concerned should be proud of their achievement. Not only is the movie cute, it has a great sound track, is full of infectious fun, is breathtaking to look at, and is suitable for all age groups. It appeals on multiple levels, having both the obvious storyline plus lots of others too, for example about the wrongness of religious bigotry, about being rejected but finding purpose and carrying on, and about real love. It also has a strong eco-message which will register in young minds and hopefully help shape a better tomorrow for the planet.

So, take spectacle, epic scale, thrills, brilliant charactarisation, amazing voice talents, a laugh a minute and incredible feel-good - what do you get? Not just a good film, a Great film!

Everyone should see it, and it should be compulsory for 8 to 14 year olds.
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on 17 December 2006
Happy Feet has to be the best animation film I've seen in ages!!! The animation and detail is excellent and the songs are great.

When a father-to-be penguin accidently drops his egg, his child turns out to be different. He tap dances instead of singing. The other don't like this so they get rid of him. Whilst Mumble is not with the others, he goes in search for what is taking their fish along with his new buddies.

The voices add more emotion to this movie, and the music is also fantastic!!!

At the beginning, when Mumble was a little kid, he was soo cute and I actually believed that he was a real penguin!!! The killer whales also look realistic which makes it even more brilliant!!!

Overall ,Happy Feet is a delight to watch and you should see it as soon as you can as it is FANTASTIC!!!!
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Writing the review for HAPPY FEET is perhaps one of the hardest I have had to do. I came to the film with high expectations; I love cute films and realise that often disney films for kids can be just as good as those for adults. Knowing a little about the story - a penguin who, unlike the others cannot sing but can dance - I was also intrigued to see how the film makers handled such a subject to make it exciting for children. Now, having seen it, I have come away feeling unsure of how I really feel about it.
On the one hand, as another has said, there are two very good messages within this film. The first being about how society treats those who do not live upto the norm of their community, and the second about how we treat the world and the environment we live in. Personally, I believe that the first of these messages is the most successfully dealt with.
The imagery is also second to none. The landscapes and mood of the film are all created beautifully.
However, my main problem with this film is that, despite the weight of the two messages it contains, for some reason the film felt insubstantial. I can easily see why young children would become bored quite quickly.
So, mixed feelings really. Whilst HAPPY FEET is a success on some levels, I came away disappointed, not being as entertained as I had hoped I would.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 August 2007
Me and my 6y old daughter we saw this movie seven times at the cinema (including three times in its Polish version) and we were both terribly impressed. Even as an adult I must say that I felt in love with "Happy Feet" - the stunning image quality, the great story, the impressive music, the very intelligent dialogues, the humour and the message of course.

In fact this movie has a double message - the "green" one (have some pity for our planet) and also the one about accepting handicapped members of community. Very early you will see that the main hero is handicapped (according to penguin standards in this movie) and his problem can not be solved. Ever. So he has to live with it as has the whole colony.

There is more - there are elements about the difficulty of communication between civilisations and the hard choices that face the established religion (yes, there is a penguin religion in this movie) in the time of a cataclysm. A great thing in this movie is that it avoids creating villains in the penguin society - even the most antipatic and usufferable characters have their story and their point. In fact the only villains are predators who eat penguins - skuas, orcas and especially the sea leopard, one of the most impressive (and scariest) creatures I ever saw in a kids movie. The scene with the sea leopard is actually the only one which can really scare the youngest kids.

This is a terrific movie, in which every scene is perfect - nothing can be cut or added without spoiling it. I absolutely do not agree that the second part is worse, in fact I believe it is one of the most emotional and impressive moments of the cinema and not only children cinema. The travel of the main hero outside the borders of the world, his imprisonment in an alien world and his desperate attempts to communicate with aliens are incredibly described. And the solution of all the problem is actually just a little girls smile in one of the most moving scenes I ever saw...

See this movie and you will fall in love with it. And your children will greatly profit from seeing it too - even if they do not get all the message, they will probably at least start to practice tap dancing, as my kid did...
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on 3 December 2006
A film about dancing and singing penguins who find their soul mate through their heart song and a penguin is born who can't sing but can half tap dance. It's probably the most simple yet fantastic plot line a writer could think of. So did the film have the factors to match up? Of course it did but it suprises you as the film wasn't what I was expecting , however it exceeded my expectations and made perhaps one of the best films of the year.

Voice-overs can sometimes be hard to crack with Chicken Little mastering that but failing in nearly all other factors, Valiant was a classic case of wrong voice-overs with Ewan McGregor doing an awful job of the bird himself. Luckily Happy feet doesnt go down this street with all the voice-overs suiting their character emmensely well and suprise you as some can sing well, the only perhaps weak link is Nicole Kidman as Norma Jean, Mumbles's mum.

The animation visuals in this film are dazzling, managing to cross animation and live visuals well without making it seem green screen, Happy Feet makes Cars look like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The feathers seem to have every detail done with ultimate care, every detail on the penguins and the antarctic paradise are brilliant and theres hardly a fault on any of them.

The biggest winner of the film is the message that Happy Feet sends out, showing the penguins in peril due to global warming, antarctic fishing and littering send you that guilty feeling shivering down your spine, never before has an animation film sent out such a sophisticated message whilst still delighting children and adults alike. Nowadays animation films that have that unique element are worth every penny of your money and Happy feet is simply nothing you will ever see in your life. I shall be buying the DVD and shall watch it again and again with a smile on my face, even if the film sends out a strong message, it still manages to take that crucial first word of the title and give you that same feeling.

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on 27 November 2007
Emperor Penguins are born with the ability to sing.. All except poor Mumble who was dropped by his dad when he was still an egg.. So when mumble hatched all he could do was .. tap dance.. Such un-penguin like behaviour gets Mumble kicked out into the cold cruel world,experiencing danger, being alone and different..

But along the way Mumble learns about love and friendship and despite trying to save his own flock and being treated as an outcast by them Mumble goes out to save his fellow penguins and familly from extinction..and truly learn that being yourself makes a lot of difference in the world!!

Picture quality is amazing it's truly a disc to show off the HD DVD format . There's hardly any grain or colour saturation. its literally picture pristine perfect and the CGI detailing and animation is just top quality!
I was surprised around near the end of the film they mix in live action too.

Theres lots of singing in this with a mixture of well known pop, rock, disco, latin and hip hop songs all redone and resung for this movie. Along with the amazing voice talents this is an audio treat for your sound system and ears! (Elijah Woods, Hugh Jackman, Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving to name a few)

I was slightly put off by the Elvis sounding penguin father and the singing (in general) at first, but around the middle of the movie the tone changes from being light hearted as it gets more serious and dark as mumble gets kicked out from the security of his flock and encounters danger from humankind and other giant mamals.

All the extras and the film all come on one sided disc (for the UK/European version) The American's have a combo disc so if you don't like flipping the disc around stick with the UK one.

The extra's include:
2 Addition sequences
Behind the scenes
creating the tap
learn to tap dance
spannish lessons
3 music videos
classic warner brothers cartoon - I love to Singa

Overall the kids will surely love this as mumble and friends will provide enough charm and entertainment to warm the kids hearts.
The picture and sound is enough to please the "Bigger Kids" who likes to show off their cinema audio visual systems.

Video: 1080p, 16x9 widescreen. while the extras are partial HD
Audio: Audio Dolby TrueHD english 5.1, Dolby Digital Plus, English 5.1
EX, Dutch 5.1 EX, Flemish 5.1EX. English stereo 2.0
Subtitles: English and Dutch
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on 2 June 2008
I am not daft, and I realise that as with most childrens entertainment these days there is invariably some higher moral message to be had, but guess what....we adults might be cynical about all that....the kids just enjoy watching the little penguin dancing and singing and all the bright coulours and fast paced action in parts, so adults out there lets not get to wrapped up in all the underlying messages, cos they could be a lot worse let's face it, and instead try and rememeber the magic we witnessed when we watched films as children.
My kids love this film, and my 5 year old dances with her happy feet when she's watched it, and if that's not uplifting, then I don't know what is!!
Great family entertainment, don't be put off by pompous bores, your little ones will see the magic!!
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on 21 December 2007
I loved this movie. I bought it to make up my order to the Amazon minimum value order for free delivery. It was just a "make-weight". What a surprise! Superb animation, great songs, dancing, and an important message. Wonderful entertainment. We've watched it about six times now and still love it!
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on 2 September 2007
I watched this will all my family and everyone enjoyed it from ages 8 to 45! This is a fantastic film with great music to dance along to and sing. It characters are great and the storyline keeps you gripped.

Fantastic to watch with all the family!

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