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on 27 February 2007
On top of the page it says:

'you may purchase only one copy of this product'.

Wait a little while, and it will be punishable to purchase it at all.

Why? Well, here come the news:

1. The US Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank, not a state-run bank

2. By whom this bank is owned has never been reveiled

3. There is no law that allows the IRS to make anyone pay an income tax, in fact it is actually forbidden by the constitution.

4. The Federal Reserve Bank does not use taxpayers money for things like infrastructure or schools at all. All the money goes straight to the unknown owners of this bank paying ONLY for the interest of the state's debt with the very same private-owned bank. Totalling 950 billion dollar in fiscal year 2000.

Someone ever wondered who profits most from all the wars around the globe, and why it is that the US gets involved in pretty much every one of those?

I heard people say modern governments were merely puppets doing what those REALLY powerful want them to do. Meet those people on videotape, breaking every single law you might think of and getting away with it. Law is for you and me not for these guys. Buy this DVD while you still can I mean it.
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on 16 July 2007
Aaron Russo has produced many successful films but very likely his most passionate motives lie in his political viewpoints. Russo is a Libertarian with a capital L. He ran for president in 2004 and lost in the primary to Michael Badnarick. Of course, any third party candidate has his hands full with the Democrat and Republican voters. I could probably talk about what it means to be a libertarian for a million lines and how my state doesn't recognize the party anymore. I will say that if you're compelled by some of Russo's insights then I highly recommend you continue to research the fundamental principals of libertarianism as a political philosophy. With that said, Russo is extreme in some respects but I will attempt to go forth reviewing this film with an oversight of this information and that America: From Freedom to Fascism does present to us the facts as they are viewed by Russo. Many will contend some of his key points and others will criticize his presentation. It is propaganda but then again everything in this genre is. Don't let the banter and acid tongues out there intimidate you. Just sit back, take it all in and go along for the ride.

Russo presents his case that Americans have seen a gradual erosion of our civil liberties since the early part of the 20th century. In various interviews he paints his picture clear that we are leading toward an inevitable police state. I'm not going to get into the nuts and bolts of his arguments, suffice to say it's provoking and opinionated, but certainly not without merit. Like many documentarians, politics is Russo's engine and the film is his train. We are the passengers and by the end of the trip we are left to ponder all the facts and challenge ourselves to believe, dissent, or abstain...and we may even ignore, but I definitely don't recommend it. This is the format for all documentaries of this ilk from all political sides. I have to say, it was nice to see something other than right-wing or left-wing conspiracy theories and instead hear the libertarian view for once. But it is kind of a shame that Russo is not as articulate or as humorous as many. It was also sad to see this worthy standpoint once again placed on a shoestring budget, much like the party's political campaigns. Nevertheless, Russo provokes, and his passion alone will demand the attention of most viewers.

Russo has endorsed Republican Congressman Ron Paul for president. Ron Paul is the guy who questioned America's accountability in the 9/11 attacks at a recent debate and Rudy Guiliani responded vehemently. Paul did not assert that our government was involved but that our policies have contributed to the thinking that justified such a gruesome attack. Fox News presented this as if he was a 9/11 "truther", you know, like Rosie O'Donnell or Charlie Sheen. Few have reason to read into the story beyond Fox's presentation, so the perception stands to some degree in many folks' eyes. It's disgusting but that is what we are up against as libertarian sympathizers. Few even know we exist much less what we are. It's a rare treat to see a documentary that gives this perspective some attention, no matter how obscure the film may be.

Some recommended reading to supplement your experience with this film or your experience in understanding the libertarian ethos: The Constitution of the United States (someone very helpfully specified Section 10 in an post on another review), A Monetary History of the United States 1867-1960, The Real ID Act of 2005, A History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II, Human Action: A Treatise on Economics, What It Means to Be a Libertarian, and The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.
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on 24 July 2009
A wake-up call, mainly about the US but still very interesting to us over here, especially since we also have a privately owned "central bank" - the so-called Bank of England, pulling off the same cons as the Federal Reserve Bank in the US.

The film starts as a personal investigation by Russo into the US tax system but quickly opens out, explaining how most of us don't understand the Ponzi scheme that is the national and world monetary system. We think that we borrow the money of savers and the bank makes its profit from the differential between the interest it pays to account holders and the interest it receives from borrowers. Not so.

The money deposited in banks is used to maintain the cash flow of demand accounts such as current and savings. It is held as a reserve to meet withdrawals. Borrowed money is created by the banks out of thin air. Banks can loan (create) ten times the amounts they hold. Although governments have the right to print money, banks create 97% of US and UK money supplies and governments borrow instead, causing huge problems to all of us (yes, this is deliberate). The crippler is that the bank doesn't create the interest we need to repay, so this giant Ponzi scheme has to crash at some point.

The film goes on to examine the fact that there is no law permitting the US government to collect income tax from individuals, only corporations, and they actually collect most taxes illegally. It also explains that most federal tax goes to all these privately held banks to pay interest on government borrowing and that community taxes look after necessities like roads, rubbish collection, and the like. It also covers some of the unlawful tactics practised by Inland Revenue in the US, which brazenly uses threats and duress despite the illegality of personal taxes.

Over here, it is legal for the UK government to tax both companies and individuals - however, the increasing controls created under the banner of "security" and "freedom" that the film goes on to cover apply almost identically to the UK. This second half of the film also talks about the future plans of those in power and the next stage of control they intend to establish. Don't bother with horror films, the real thing is with us.

This is an excellent film by Aaron Russo, who produced and directed several Hollywood films including The Rose, Trading Places and Teachers; who managed Bette Midler and Manhattan Transfer; and who died in 2007, of cancer. On youtube there is a half-hour interview with Russo, talking about this film, also worth watching. And if you want to know more, google an article called "The Great American Bubble Machine" by Matt Taibbi.
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on 6 May 2007
This important new film documents how the privately run US Federal Reserve system is slowly destroying America, with massive knock on effects for the rest of the world. Think this sounds boring? Haven't got time to watch or just plain can't be bothered? You can't afford NOT to know what's been going on.
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on 1 March 2007
All I say is, it openned my eyes and I thought I knew it all !

The thing is, people are not aware of this, but there are Chinese style laws passed in the USA after 911 and the London Bombings, which now can if need be allow the 'powers at be' to execute people in kangaroo style courts.

If it becomes illegal to question the 911 inside job or the 7/7 London bombings inside jobs, as it's almost becoming in the US and will soon possibly become in the UK, if the government wanted to, they could claim you were a 'terrorist' under the new laws (which trashed the habeus corpus act and 'tore' parts of the constitution up, and trashed the Magna Carta in the UK, which was there to protect citizens against the possibility that a corrupt government was to arise again in the Uk) and if you were needed to be 'silenced' they could have a mock court behind closed doors, and then basically come back and execute you or imprison you for aslong as they liked. yes there are laws like this coming about, and one which actually exists in the US, not sure about UK, though the 'shoot to kill' fiasco and assasination of DeMenzes the poor innocent Brazilain man who obviously knew something, seems pretty revealing as to what police could do now.

This DVD is a must watch as if the USA doesn't have some sort of revolution and the UK doesn't stop what could happen, then this world is going to be a sorry sorry place to live in.
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on 14 November 2007
Aaron Russo has made a masterpiece.
This film documents the rise and rise of the Federal Reserve system. Set up by a cabal of influential bankers, the Federal Reserve is not Federal and has no Reserves. The Federal Reserve act was sneaked through Congress at the beginning of the Christmas holiday in 1913 when all but 4 Congressmen were away on holiday.
The Fed continues the long tradition of the bank of England of printing money out of thin air and controlling government through it's control of the monetary system.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws" (Mayer Amschel Rothschild).

The Fed engineered the 1929 crash and the Great Depression by calling in margin loans. This caused a run on the banks and stock market collapse. All of the Federal Reserve bankers had quietly exited the market prior to the crash.
You may see some parallels between the Great Depression and today's so-called credit-crunch. Yes, the central banks are at it again by stringing us out on debt then restricting credit.
Couple the total control of the monetary system by the Fed with an unconstitutional (and therefore illegal) IRS system and you get Fascism.
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on 11 January 2010
I loved this DVD. It opens the eyes to anyone who is looking for true freedom. Nasty truths revealed about the Government and the corruption that goes on in America. A "must see!"
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VINE VOICEon 19 May 2007
One of the companies that I did business with was ran by a man that actually did not pay income tax. He said it was a slippery road but with a good lawyer it was possible. One had to do their homework and be prepared with answers. He went as far as not letting the government force him to collect income tax on his employees. So far he has lasted several years. I still check now and then.

So as with such documentaries as "Waco - The Rules of Engagement "(1997,) and "The Siege at Ruby Ridge" (1996). We can only say "they should not have" and shake our heads; however her is a chance to act before it id too late "".

This documentary is a must see as we suspected it is them (federal reserve that is not federal) and that there National I.D. or our constitutional freedom. Aaron Russo makes several good points.

To re-enforce the points we hear from:

John Turner

Joseph R. Banister

Sherry Jackson

Charlie Beall

Peter Gibbons

G. Edward Griffin

Bob Schulz

Catherine Austin Fitts

Phil Hart

Larken Rose

Irwin Schiff

Vernice Kuglin

Tom Selgas

Edwin Vieira

David Champion

Jan Lindsey

Sheldon Cohen

Marcella Brooks

Franklin Sanders

Jennifer Long

John Colaprete

Edy Miller

Scotty Miller

Ricky Miller

Jennifer Miller

Ron Paul

Michael Ruppert

Bill Murphy

Peter Defazio

James Bovard

Katherine Albrecht

Rebecca Mercuri

A good book to read in this genre would be "This Perfect Day" by Ira Levin.
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