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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2011
Do not purchase this version based upon the 75 cutomer reviews,as they refer to a different more lavish production. I was looking for an un-abridged fully illustrated version and all the reviews were glowing. Unfortunately the book that arrived, whilst the same as in the image, was of low quality and with zero illustrations - how disappointing!
Having reported this to Amazon, I looked for an alternative and found several more copies with the exact same 75 customer reviews - something is fishy.
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on 13 February 2014
I love beautiful books, and this definitely is a beautiful book. It's leatherbound, as per the description, a gorgeous red colour with gilt edge pages. It was delivered very quickly, as I ordered express delivery. Very nice book, that does credit to the writing of Mr Dickens inside.
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on 24 November 2012
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To be frank, I would not describe Tom Baker as "Sonorous". Of those who have assayed the role of Dickens' grasping, covetous old sinner Ebenezer Scrooge I would say that Patrick Stewart was "Sonorous".
This tale of a miserly and yes, tragic man's redemption and conversion by supernatural means must be familiar to nearly everbody by now; it is my favourite story, especially when the evenings lengthen and the nights grow chill. I have seen many film versions; I have heard Bransby William's celebrated if abbreviated version across three 12" 78 rpm sides.... and now let me review Tom Baker's excellent reading of the full text of "A Christmas Carol"
This is not a dramatisation, but a full reading (even as Dickens might have done in public) of the text with the merest trifle of atmospheric music and effects to add a festive seasoning.
Listening to it I felt like a child again, being told a story by a favourite uncle; Tom Baker does provide a slight variation of his usual voice for dialogue from different principals (although Jacob Marley did recall Henry Crun to an extent) but the sensation of raptly sitting by firelight was palpable, and I was enthralled.
I know this story well, yet Dickens' words seemed new.....
Can this tale really be 175 years old, set in a world alien to most readers experience and still resonate in the human breast? Yes, yes and... yes.

An excellent tale told by an excellent raconteur. BRAVO!
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on 5 January 2012
So once again I'm late to read a book that most of the English-speaking world at least has read before they leave school.

I was captivated by A Christmas Carol. It's first and foremost a moral, cautionary tale, which is primarily why I'd never read it. I went to a Catholic school and recieved quite enough moral instruction on a daily basis.

But it's not just about learning a lesson. You find yourself wondering, and never get a solid answer, whether Scrooge has really experienced the visitations, or is in fact dreaming vividly as a result of the day's events. We've all had dreams so vivid that they seem like reality. Perhaps Dickens himself had a dream that sparked changes in himself. From what I understand he wasn't the nicest of men and a pricking conscience is one thing that will enter our dreams.

A Christmas Carol is done and finished in no time at all and is a real joy to read. Dickens' usual powerful characterisation enables an immediate knowing of each person. The descriptive language paints vivid pictures of people, ghosts and places transporting you into the world of Ebeneezer Scrooge and you understand that he is a lonely man who simply won't acknowledge that fact.

Not long after my Mum passed away in October just gone, I had a dream not unlike the visit of the three ghosts, probably, I hope, as a result of reading the story, and it had a similar impact on me to the ghosts on Scrooge. So perhaps it is a morally edifying tale. Perhaps if I'd read it years ago, my dream would not have been necessary.

It's a story that makes you think about your life and how you conduct yourself and provides a strong visual to aid the analysis. I'm not at all like Scrooge, I hasten to add, but I'm human and there's room for improvement. A Christmas Carol does not need to be read at Christmas to have its impact. It is well worth a read and is a story I'll read again from time to time, quickly established as one of my favourite pieces of literature.
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on 19 January 2015
Having never read "A Christmas Carol" before I was a little apprehensive when my English tutor set if for my extended reading.

However, now I HAVE read it I would encourage everyone to read this book as I guarantee it will leave you "glowing with good intentions".

The story starts with the main character Scrooge being described in Dickens fantastic descriptive way as a mean,unkind and uncaring man who has little time for anyone and although he has money does not help people less fortunate.

One night three ghosts come to visit him from his past,present and future and shows Scrooge how his behaviour and actions affect others and during this night the ghosts give the reader an insight into who Scrooge used to be, a lonely boy sent away from home, a brother who loved his sister greatly,a man who lost the love of his life through his greed and a well thought of master and uncle.

Dickens uses his fantastic writing to gently influence the reader into slowly sympathising with Scrooge and before you know it Dickens has turned Scrooge from an oyster to an angel!!!!

Scrooge wakes up and realises that he has been given a second chance to change his ways and goes on to do so.

Personally I think that once you have read this story it stays close to your heart because maybe, just maybe we would all like the chance to reflect on our own behaviour and get that second chance.
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This Vook edition has an active table of contents as well as illustrations. Dickens' novella has now become so famous that I don't think that anyone doesn't know the story. Old miserly, miserable Scrooge is given a chance to turn from his bad ways at Christmas, and get into the Christmas spirit.

Dickens gives us the impression of what an ideal Christmas should be like, which ironically as we now see it, isn't that old a tradition. In recent years due to the commercialism of Halloween which we have got from the US we seem to be forgetting that we had our own tradition of ghost tales at Christmas, which this story gives us as well.

The illustrations here are good, and if you look at them on a computer or other device you will see that some of them are in colour as well. I know that some people don't like Dickens (sacrilege!), but this novella is always worth reading.
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on 11 October 2015
I love the Dickens' stories but, in common with a lot of people, I first came across them in the film versions as opposed to actually reading his books. It's definitely an acquired taste but if you can wade through the excessively 'wordy' style you might find them rewarding. This is the internet age and some may find the ramblings too much. That aside who doesn't love the actual message of 'A Christmas Carol'. Redemption and forgiveness.
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on 13 February 2015
Had to immediately buy a second copy of this book for a relative who loves Christmas, it so beautifully captures the spirit of Christmas and also that of Dicken's masterpiece, A Christmas Carol. The illustrations are truly superb and the four accompanying prints are seriously delightful gifts, to frame and hang in time for Christmas every year. The prestigious award winning Irish artist P. J. Lynch is one of the foremost illustrators in the world today. The book makes a precious heirloom gift for any family library.
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on 1 December 2010
This book arrived in excellent condition and is a beatifully written book. The story is one that really grips young children, however, this book is not suitable, in my opinion for children under 10. The language is complex and a great many explanations would be required even for a 10 year old. With the best will in the world the magic in Dickens is in the writing and this can't really be watered down. I read reviews that stated this would be ok for 5 year olds, not so in my opinion. Great writing but wait until they're ready for it.
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on 17 June 2015
I have watched the film with Alastair Sim of this book ever since I can remember. As I am 66, that quite a few viewings. Every word is exact to the film, (they weren't movies then) so every word was that spoken by Mr Sim, a truly brilliant actor and Gentlemen in a truly brilliant and emotional film. A pity I can only award this book just five stars, it deserves far more
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