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4.5 out of 5 stars72
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 October 2012
I'm a big fan of Steven Seagal, so much so that I have every film he as released to date across multiple formats, but even the most ardent of fans surely cannot deny the considerable drop in the quality of his output.

There has been a gradual decline in production values from more or less his first few films, there have been the ocassional glimmers of hope offered but these are very much few and far between unfortunately.

However, 'Undersiege' is a film that very much shows the actor at the height of his powers; a good story, high production values, and an excellent cast with a reliable director resulted in this film being his biggest financial success to date.

If 'Undersiege' is to be remembered as the finest film of Steven Seagal's career I see no shame in that.

I won't take the time here to provide a synopsis of the story, I can imagine that there are few purchasing this Blu-ray who have not seen the film at some point, I will instead concentrate on the reasons as to why someone who may already own this film on DVD should re-invest in this high definition version from America.

Ok, first things first, this Blu-ray disc is REGION FREE.

Secondly the disc casing whilst having the same general dimensions as UK versions is the thinner American type, measuring 10mm thick (rather than 15mm), I only mention this because it may bother some, personally I think I actually prefer them!

The running time of the feature is 103 minutes, the UK DVD release is 98 minutes, and therein lies the first advantage of this version, it is UNCUT.

Just about all of the Region 2 DVD releases of Steven Seagal's early films (ie. the best ones!) have been heavilly censored; I actually first became aware of this several years a go when I purchased the Region 1 DVD version of 'On Deadly Ground', this much maligned film certainly has its faults but I simply could not believe just how much better the longer uncut version was.

And so it is also the case here.

The main difference is that the scenes of violence are generally just that little longer, the camera shots linger just that second or two more when a limb has been broken for instance, but trust me when I say that it makes a huge difference. An example that springs to mind is when Seagal's character Casey Ryback pushes a 'villian' into a bandsaw, the blade cuts into the unfortunate chaps shoulder, and whereas the censored version shows the impact but then very quickly 'cuts' (please excuse the pun!), this version shows the blade cutting into the body part quite some way (I know this doesn't sound very nice, and of course it is gratuitous, but it does illustrate my point I hope!).

The film has many examples such as this, and although there are no major alterations to the actual story, what changes there are do add up to it being quite different to the UK version.

With regards to the audio and visual improvements, they are superb.

This Blu-ray release of Under Siege delivers everything you could hope for from a 1080p High Definition transfer of a film that is now twenty years old (my God that makes me feel old, I remember going to the cinema to see it on a date!).

I have played it side by side to my DVD version for comparison and the difference in clarity is stunning, in particular the scenes at night and in the bowels of the ship, with low light the extra clarity really comes into its own.

The sound is also excellent, I didn't find this to be such a huge improvement however with it being presented in the same 5.1 as the DVD version, but this is no bad thing as it still sounds spectacular with the sound turned up!

The disc is pretty bare bones with just a trailer on offer.

There are subtitles provided in English, French and Spanish; there is an audio track provided in the same languages.

Overall I am really pleased with this Blu-ray; despite already owning the film on DVD (and VHS before that!) it has still proved to be a most worthwhile acquisition, with the added bonus of having additional footage that improves the film on top of the massively improved picture quality, thus making it a justifiable purchase for anyone regardless of whether they already own it on DVD or not.
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on 15 March 2015
After all these years Under Siege is still one of those absolute gems of a 90's action film. When I watched it again recently, I realised that at that time Steven Seagal was so close to giving other more well established action stars a run for their money. Namely Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis. To try and show this, take a look at where those action giants were in 1992 when Under Siege came out. Arnie was coming off the masterpiece that is T2. However he was about to have his first flop, Last Action Hero. As much I love that film it failed somewhat. Sly was in one of his career lows with comedies Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot and Oscar. Bruno was the one who made the best film at that time with the s**t hot The Last Boy Scout but also made the OK comedy Death Becomes Her. Please note I have a copy off all the above mentioned films.

Jean Claude Van Damme was also muscling his way in with the fantastic Universal Soilder. But I think the crown goes to Under Siege because this was Seagal at his very best, following on from Above The Law, Hard To Kill, Out For Justice and Marked For Death. Awsome! If you have read some of my other reviews you will know I am a big Seagal fan and like his recent films very much too. But Under Siege is the dogs b******s and still holds up very well today. It's up there with Die Hard in my opinion.

Seagal plays ex-Navy SEAL, Casey Ryback stationed aboard the USS Missouri as the captains cook. Yes, a cook! Brilliant! The ship is taken over by a rouge CIA operative, Tommy Lee Jones, helped by one if the ships officers, Gary Busey. Both these guys are excellent as the baddies and i would say Tommy Lee is up there with Die Hard's Hans Gruber. Ryback comes to the resue and kicks some serious ass showing off his truely remarkable martial arts skills. The fights scenes are top notch and the action well executed. If you get the Steven Seagal Collection Bluray box set you will get the uncut version of Under Siege which has a few more bits added to the fight scenes. This includeds more broken bones, an eye pulled out the socket and a few more sliced bad guys. The Bluray box set is excellent value for money and you get 5 films: Under Siege, Under Siege 2, Above The Law (Nico), Hard To Kill and Executive Decision.

Well things change, as does everything, especially action films. Things like Under Siege have their place in a certain time but what makes films like this great is the way they make you fell when you watch them years later. It must be an age thing because the 80's and 90's were the best time for action films for me and I have great memories of these proper action flicks. While I do like action stuff of today, my money is always on nostalgic films like The Expendables franchise.

To finish off then I think I'll do a top 20 list of my favourite action films EVER!
In no particular order:

Die Hard
Lethal Weapon
Under Siege
Demolition Man
The Last Boy Scout
Face Off
First Blood
The Rock
Con Air
The Rookie
Universal Soilder
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Tango & Cash
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on 19 January 2010
Absolute classic action movie that never ever will get old! Has all the formula! Steven Seagal is top of his game in this film, a must own on blu-ray as the picture is much, much better than the DVD version, there are bits of grain here and there but who cares! The u.s import version is region free and 5 minutes longer with all the blood and gore, the u.k version is cut to bits and is not the definitive version for your collection.
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on 22 September 2010
OK, here's the deal. You love action thrillers and you've just seen all four Die Hard movies. Now you're sweating; you're hands are shaking; you're getting a really bad headache. You need another fix of guns and explosions fast. Well may I recommend that you try out this movie? Under Siege, the 1992 movie starring Steven Seagal.

In this movie a large group of terrorists, lead by the hippy-looking William Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones) and the traitorous Commander Krill (Gary Busey), hijack a battleship filled with tonnes of weapons and take all the sailors on the ship as hostages. To rub further salt into the sailors' wounds this all happens on the Captain's birthday. The nerve of some of these terrorists! The sailors' only hope of rescue comes in the form of Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal), an ex-Navy SEAL working on the ship as a lowly cook.

As an action thriller Under Siege does not disappoint. The opening 15 minutes are slow as the storyline needs to be established, but after that the movie really gets going and maintains a fast pace right up until the end credits start playing. Being set on a battleship you would think that there wouldn't be much room for maneuver in terms of gunfights and explosions; but this actually works for Under Siege. The cramped confined nature of the ship's corridors only make the gunfights more intense as you watch, knowing that one false move could spell the end for the hero.

As with most if not all of his movies Steven Seagal plays a level-headed character who always knows what to do, where to go and when to move. From start to finish he'll leave you repeatedly saying "He is SO cool." But threatening to upstage Seagal is Tommy Lee Jones. Jones plays Strannix, the leader of the terrorists and a lover of the 60's. Jones' character is more than just evil. His character's eccentric behaviour, dress sense, and love of 60's war make him funny without turning him into a comical farce. Definately a joy to watch.

Criticisms? Negatives? Complaints? In all honesty there really isn't much to criticize about this movie. The only downside to it is the final confrontation between Ryback and Strannix. It could've done with being at least two minutes longer and being a little more intense. But other than that this movie is pretty near perfect.

Under Siege is a movie that seems to have gotten lost in a tide of action thrillers, and has clearly been overshadowed by the Die Hard movies; and that's a real shame. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy John McClane's antics as much as the next guy, but Casey Ryback should get an honourable mention as a great action hero character.

So does Under Siege warrant a 5 star score? You bet it does! Now go buy the movie and enjoy 98 minutes approx. of action thriller heaven.
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Ah, the late eighties and early nineties were a golden age for movies. All you needed was a musclebound hero (preferably with some martial arts expertise), a lunatic villain or two, several tons of high explosive and a script based around some impossibly implausible situation packed with lots of really corny one liners and you would have a smash on your hands.

Under Siege, a late entry into the action genre and starring Steven Segal, ticks all the boxes and a thoroughly entertaining action flick results. It has absolutely everything - a laconic mysterious Segal is the ships cook, but has a very different background (and a healthy tension with his superiors) that makes him the ideal person to start sorting things out when a somewhat demented Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey take over his ship. There are slimey CIA agents, big explosions, arguments with the top brass, a damsel in distress, evil men in black shirts, a threat to world peace and a ticking clock before everyone on the ship dies. Absolutely every staple of the action genre is here as Segal does what he has to do to beat the bad guys in the most visceral and explosive manner. And it works perfectly - a thoroughly entertaining film full of big fights, silly humour and large explosions has resulted and it is a great way to spend an evening with a beer and a pizza. I just love it, it is one of the best of the silly action film genre. 5 stars.
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on 24 February 2006
I have no particular genre of film which I would say dominates my collection of DVDs. I enjoy films that make me think, films that thrill me and films that I can turn on, sit back, turn off my brain and just enjoy. Under Siege is such a film.
One of the reasons that the film works so well is that it keeps a good pace all the way through. You are never waiting for things to happen, yet it is not a 100mph action film where nobody seems to pause for breath, like some films can be. One of the reasons for this is Segal's very laid back acting style.
The other main reason why it works is the supporting cast. Tommy Lee Jones and Colm Meaney are both excellent (though Colm doesn't get as much screen time as his character deserves) and Gary Busey as Commander Krill is a hoot at times.
The plot is routine, the ending predictable but if you turn off your brain and just sit back and watch there is a lot to enjoy here.
This is probably Segal's best known film and despite the fact that the guy really only knows how to act in one way, it doesn't matter as his persona is ideally suited to the character of Ryback.
If you need to have a movie that makes you think then don't bother with this. Otherwise what do you have to lose for a few pounds?
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on 13 April 2013
This has to be the highlight of Segal's career. He plays ex-navy S.E.A.L. Casey Ryback, who's now the cook on a battleship that gets taken over by a band of mercenaries, and it's up to Ryback and a stripper, brought on board for a party, to take it back again. It's a great story and Segal's supported by a good cast that includes Gary Busey, Erika Eleniak, and Tommy Lee Jones, giving a great over the top performance as the wild leader of the mercenaries. If you're a fan of action movies, even if you're not a fan of Segal's other films, then this is one you can't afford to miss.
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on 15 April 2015
The 90's were a great decade for action icon Steven Seagal with the likes of Marked For Death,The Glimmer Man,On Deadly Ground and this film's sequel all being huge hits and after first hit Nico in the late 80's along came Under Siege which is still Seagal's most successful movie and is a top old school action film that don't really get made really nowadays and contains some terrific action and thrills along with a excellent cast especially movie legend Tommy Lee Jones as the corking bad guy.

The plot is of course about Casey Ryback a ex Navy Seal now a petty officer (Seagal) who is now the cook of the battleship USS Missouri who has to spring into action when a bunch of mercenaries led by ex CIA operative William Strannix (sensational Tommy Lee Jones) overtake the ship and kill the captain (Patrick O'Neal).
Its made worse by the fact the turncoat Commander Krill (slimy Gary Busey) is part of the bad guys and hating Ryback locks him in a freezer to get their plan in operation but luckily he manages to get out and take out some of the bad guys and with the help of Playmate Jordan Tate(stunning Erika Eleniak) starts to hunt down Strannix and Krill's team but time is running out as Strannix plans to unload all the ship's nuclear warheads.

The acting isn't spectacular but you don't watch this type of movie for great acting but we do have a quite brilliant villain turn from Hollywood legend Tommy Lee Jones who's sheer presence ups the ante to a normal Seagal film and any film with him in adds stars to the rating even hit and miss films like Volcano and Men In Black 2,he for me is better as a cop type character but of the few films he's played a bad guy this is his best villain role and though his fight with Seagal is a bit naff after the build up he is just terrific and is aloud to give a spectacular over the top performance with some very funny moments to go with it including a rendition of the three little pigs and witty banter with Busey's Krill.Talking of Krill this is Busey's best role to date as he just seems more slimy but less serious than his characters in Predator 2 or Lethal Weapon and his wind up of Seagal means he will regret it later and at times feels like the real bad guy of the picture plus he has a few laughs too even if the cross dressing might go a bit far(bit strange to me).Other cast members are a bit underused and Eleniak is just a pretty face really even if it is a beautiful one,at least she shares some good banter with Seagal.Last we get to the star leading it and a time when Seagal was in good shape unlike nowadays and looked quick and less sluggish,he isn't in this or any of his movies to act better than the likes of Jones or Busey but he is in to kick backsides and take names and he damn well does it and his aikido moves are quite phenomenal and he gets the bad guys before then even know it,also like stars like Van Damme and Arnie he has a lot of quips to aim at villains he takes out and acts quite well better than nowadays.

The action is superb with awesome Seagal fights and explosive shootouts and great special effects and apart from the mentioned naff final fight with Seagal and Jones they are some top moments including the arrival of the mercenaries,Krill trying to drown some of the crew,a submarine getting blown sky high,a superb shootout with Seagal being helped by some of the crew and a Navy Seal helicopter getting shot down there is so much action and for me this is one of the best action thrillers of the 90's not to involve the likes of Arnie,Van Damme,Snipes or Willis and Seagal was born for action like this.

A few things niggle like the quick fight between Seagal and Jones,a cheesy nature that creeps into most Seagal movies which means it can be too straight forward at times,the crew calling Casey by his first name(you don't do that in real Navy ships),Eleniak being treated like a crew member even though she's really a stripper,some plot holes and Busey can border on silly occasionally.

Though you look past it and you find a proper old school action thriller with Seagal in his prime facing off against a sensational Jones and better than ever Busey with some corking action and lots of humor and a lovely lady looking spectacular.

Check out Under Siege 2 as for me its even better.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 March 2015
Okay, so that’s not saying much. Seagal has hardly had a glittering career as far as ‘critically acclaimed’ movies go. Let’s face it... he’s a B-movie actor at best (and not always a very good one!). His films normally involve him beating up baddies, as he can throw a pretty decent punch and a kick, although, recently, that’s come into question as he’s got older!

However, ‘Under Siege’ is one of those movies that is so simple that everything just works. It’s impossible to talk about it without mentioning ‘Die Hard,’ largely because it’s basically the same film, but set on a boat. There were even rumours going around in the mid nineties that Under Siege stopped production on Die Hard 3 because the third instalment of the Die Hard franchise was also going to be set on a boat and they didn’t think they could outdo Under Siege.

Terrorists overtake a US Navy ship. Steven Seagal fights back. That’s all you need to know. It’s a simple action movie that anyone can understand. It doesn’t try to be anything different. There are countless others like it, but few that actually stand the test of time. This one does. Although there isn’t really anything I can tell you which really differentiates it from the masses, apart from the fact that it works. If you’re in the mood for an action film, watch it. It’ll do the job. Yes, there are also pretty decent performances from some of the other cast (mainly Tommy Lee Jones as the – cartoon-obsessed – baddie), but it’s the whole package that makes this one stand out from the other.

Naturally, after Under Siege’s success at the Box Office, a sequel was green-lit. Sadly, lightning didn’t strike twice and it was pretty poor and fell into the category of all the other forgettable action B-movies. Just stick to the original. It doesn’t try to be anything other than a fun action flick. And, in that, it succeeds totally.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 January 2014
Ex-Navy Seal Casey Ryback (Seagal) is busted down to Chief Petty Officer & assigned to be the cook for Capt. Adams (O'Neal) aboard the battleship USS Missouri docked in Pearl Harbor. As it is given orders to sail to California for decommissioning. Where upon a group of disgruntled US employees & some mercenaries intend to take advantage of it's skeleton crew, to hijack it & it's payload of Tomahawk missiles. However they didn't account for the cook to be the fly in they're soup.

This is a film i always have time for, having seen it at the cinema upon release back in the early 90's it holds a little nostalgia for me. But don't let that make you think i'm overrating the film as a result, as i know Steven Seagal is best known for numerous so, so straight to DVD films. But this film has something that those don't, a great cast of supporting actors in they're prime, that means Mr Seagal's shoulders aren't where the film solely falls upon.

The story is simple & straight forward to follow, a brief introduction setting up the story & characters, as a group of mercenaries all with a particular set of skills take over the ship as they surprise the skeleton crew celebrating the Captains birthday, and threaten the naval powers that be with a ransom demand. As the most underestimated man on the ship, the cook, who only the Captain knows about his true abilities, takes they're mutiny personally, and goes all out to bring them down in a series of well thought out & exciting combat situations. Director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) certainly knows how to keep a film ticking along nicely at a good pace always keeping you engaged & getting the most from his cast.

Steven Seagal handles the co-lead role reasonably well in acting terms for him, but it's his peak physical prowess that sells him as this bad ass Ex-Navy Seal, that is always a move ahead in tactics & snapping bad guys in two. Co-leads, Tommy Lee Jones is excellent as the eccentric mercenary leader , Stranix , with an outward persona of a maniac hippie, who is actually in control of all of his marbles in reality... or is he ? Tommy Lee's huge performance is only rivaled by that of Gary Busey (Point Break) as Commander Krill, who likewise has an air of not all his dogs barking, and has one the best lines in the entire film to his credit & Jones as the straight guy in that scene making it hit home. Co-stars Colm Meaney (Con Air) as one of the mercenary lieutenants & Erika Eleniak (Baywatch) as Miss July who bounces out of a cake memorably, and dragged along as sidekick to Seagal.

In conclusion, Under Siege is a great old school macho action movie, arguably Seagal's carer highlight. Contains strong language, graphic violence & a topless Erika Eleniak in one scene. Highly recommended.
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