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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2007
At first when i heard about this game i was a little aprehensive however when i was swayed by other reviews and bought it, i was amazed. It truly is a modern day classic. Its a little gimmicky but still fantastic. I admit that the the jokes made by your handy sidekick are rubbish but still i am addicted to this game. The brush stroke technique is easy to control and understand. One slight hitch, the amount of dialogue that u have to scroll through but its bearable. This is a MUST BUY.
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on 18 June 2007
okami looks and plays like no other ps2 game. It's simply beautiful and not too fast to play so great if you're not as reactive as you should be. You fight using brushstrokes. There are puzzles as well. The game isn't linear but you move backwards and forwards through different parts depending on what powers you've acquired. If you're bored with the usual violent shoot-em-ups then try this. It has fights, quite a lot in fact but the graphic style doesn't show bloodshed. My 8 yr old loves it as much as I do. If you only buy one good game then this is it
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on 20 March 2007
It doesn't seem very often that a game comes along and makes you sit up and take notice due to it's utter uniqueness. Not since Ico have I been as captivated by a video game.

This game is unlike anything previously conceived. Everything from the graphics of a japanese style painting to the haunting music, the unusual and easily utilised celestial brush action and the sheer sprawling environment pulls you in.

It seems unlikely when embarking upon the game that much satisfaction could be had from feeding rabbits and deer, or helping withered trees bloom but satisfying it is. There are lovely inconsequential moments too. The joy of seizing a bird in your lupine mouth and just running around with it is quite amusing. Covering friends and foe with ink also illicits a delightful response.

The only draw backs which stop me from giving it full marks are the way that your annoying companion, Issun, keeps spelling out the solution to puzzles which you would be quite able to work out for yourself and the nonsense language grates at first. But these are minor quibbles which should not impair any enjoyment that this special game holds.

Not one for everybody, but a treat for those that like innovation in their games. Who needs a PS3 when games like this are still being released?
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on 15 April 2013
And I am being completely serious. A wonderful mix of traditional Japanese mythology, adventure, action, humour, side quests, unique art style, unique weapons and storyline. It's a fairly long game if you want to play through every little detail, but it is definitely worth several play throughs anyway due to new items, gifts, etc... being released at the end of the games. I have played it through several times now myself and every time I find something new about it. This is a very enjoyable game and incredibly heart warming and breaking at several different points throughout. The characters and story draw you in close from the start and makes finishing it all the more bittersweet. Everyone should play this, be it if it's for wanting a great game to play, wanting to play a game for the sake of it's unique art and graphics, an appreciation of Japanese mythology, anything. After playing it, you will leave it feeling like you've achieved more than just finishing a game all the way though.
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on 25 October 2013
A very accomplished action adventure game, with great visuals. The main innovation is the Celestial Brush, which provides a way of interacting with the landscape with brushstrokes and offers much more variety in your approach to puzzles, combat and hidden areas than other similiar games. It's long enough to satisfy seasoned adventurer, without being too difficult or frustrating. Well worth it at the price.
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on 7 February 2009
this is an awesome game - it takes getting used to the graphics and the brush but it all comes pretty quickly- its extremely addictive and i spent hours on it at a time :D im not even that much of a gamer! definitly a must! buyyy it nowww
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on 30 December 2008
In my opinion, this game is one of capcom's greatest inventions. The graphics are stunning(a mix of Japanese watercolour-paints and computer generated effects). The characters each have their own story to tell and are all special in their own way. I would rate this game 10/10 if anyone asked, however, I find the most unique aspect is the atmosphere and the story.

Okami is based on Japanese mythology combined with beautiful illustrations. It is about a god in the form of a white-wolf named 'Amaterasu' and the wolf's journey to restore the once natural land to its original beauty. Amaterasu is accompanied by a tiny artist called 'Issun' who is sometimes very amusing in parts of the game. He is just like a little advisor and throws away many clues to help complete tough quests. Throughout the game you are presented with godly powers to aid you on your quest to defeat the evil that plagued the land. These powers are brush techniques(patterns that you draw on the screen) and help solve puzzles further on in your journey. Once you've mastered all thirteen brush techniques, you can make the sun appear, turn daytime into nightime, even create a bomb to finish off your enemies. There are many side-quests for you to complete and as a word of advice, complete one by one-that way they wont co-incide with each other.

The game is reasonably long and in itself, a puzzle to solve. I find the combat quite straight forward once you get to grips with the powers but the challenges can be very difficult at times. The storyline is richly told through pictures and sometimes it is fun to spend a whole session just on side-quests. There is lots to explore and lots to do so this game doesn't get boring once you think you've finished it!

Overall, this game is a treasure for any gamer and beats Onimusha, Ico and God of War as it is well thought out and does not really have an obvious weakness. Okami is a legend; a legend to be told...
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on 30 April 2007
43 hours... This is the amount of time I play this game to complete it, and this was without getting 100% on the side missions.

When people rave on how original and unique this game is, there not lying this is a breath of fresh air on the PS2. As many reviewers mention it plays very much like Zelda Twlight Princess - Yet Okami was the first to be released (1 year old in Japan even before Zelda came out)

It follows the story of the white wolf sun god - Amateras, accompanied by the talented artist bug like thing - Issun.
You must defeat the Evil that has risen from 100 years ago and bring harmony to the world of Nippon.

The story is set in a beautiful stylized painted water-colour world of vivid and bright colour and fantastic graphics.
Every thing in this game compliments each other if you've ever played Ico/Shadow of the Colussus its thats pretty a truely pretty beautiful game.

The battles are easy to handle and you have various ways you can change your weapon/sub weapon to alter your fighting styles and indeed with the add-on new moves makes fighting system really really good.

Add this to the Paint brush and the various paint strokes you can learn to aid and help your journey. These methods are needed there is no way you can manage the game without them. Alot of the time you see a puzzle it normally involves using the brush in some way.. The actual actioning of the brush is extremely easy to use and a truely original idea, the A.I pretty much recognises even the most vague attempt at requested symbol.

The whole journey from story to end is fantastic, brilliant story and graphics and some extremely original ideas makes this a must for the PS2.As mentioned it took me the 1st time 43hrs plus to complete it- but I didnt have most of the side missions done or all the items located its a massive game if you want 100%.
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on 15 February 2007
If you like Zelda games, then you WILL like Okami. The gameplay, while not 100% identical, is very similar and, just like in Zelda, there are TONS of side quests than will make you spend hours and hours on the game.

The first thing you'll notice are the graphics. They are just gorgeous and I don't think anybody could disagree with that. You have the feeling you're controlling your character inside a beautiful japanese watercolor painting, which is actually very fitting since drawings play a very big part in this game.

At your disposal is a pain brush, that will allow you to manipulate your surroundings. You will learn a total of 13 brush techniques and you can use them to defeat foes or to make the world around you a better place. A tree is withered? Make it blossom. A lake had dried up? Replenish it with water. A bunch of rocks block your way? Slice them up!

Like I said earlier, apart from the main storyline, there are countless quests you can choose to undergo. These will rewerd you with money, items or praise. Praise is a very important thing since it will allow to level up your skills and attributes (eg increase your life bar, give you extra ink so you can draw more, etc). You can also gain praise by returning colours and light to an area, by feeding animals, by making trees blossom, etc.

One thing I did not really like is that the game feels like it could (should?) have ended after about 20 hours of gameplay. Yet it doesn't, but the rest feels redundant, at least to me. It's like the developpers felt the game was too short if it was just left at that, and had to find a way of artificially extending its duration. Good thing about it is, they actually managed to do so while still keeping a link with the main story but still... is there REALLY a need for fighting the same boss several times in the game, in the exact same way (the boss doesn't even evolve or gain new attacks, you basically do the same things as when you first fought him) even though you DO defeat him every time?... Adding any more would be a spoiler, but I just think it gets a bit cheap...

That's the only thing, really, which stops me from giving a perfect 5/5 to this game, but I'd still recommend it to anyone who like good action/adventure games, and definitely to anyone who enjoys Zelda.
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on 25 November 2006
Today's video game market is a stagnant one for the most part. Publishers rely on franchises and proven formulas to make their money. Meanwhile when something creative and original comes along publishers don't want to take a chance on it in fear of lousy returns on their investment. While this does make for a great business decision, it makes for poor gaming experiences. Thankfully Okami made it to fruition.

This game is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda. The cell shaded graphics harken back to The Wind Waker, and inevitably any third person adventure game is going to merit a Zelda comparison. However, this is definitely not a Zelda clone. It merely takes the genre and builds on it to produce something extraordinary.

The gameplay is relatively simple. You can run around, fight baddies, talk to villagers, etc. The real innovation here is the use of a "paintbrush" that you activate with R1 to alter your environment. If you run up on a bridge that's broken down? No problem, activate your paintbrush and paint another one onto the landscape. Bad guy getting you down? Simple, just activate the paintbrush, draw a slash through the enemy, and he's down for the count. I've only progressed through the first hour of the game, so I have not collected all of the paintbrush techniques. But there is no doubt that the paintbrush is a big part of the game.

The graphics are nothing short of beautiful. You do a good bit of running around in this game. Fortunately it never gets old because the scenery around you is just so awesome to look at. I never thought a Ps2 game could look so good.

The story takes on the guise of Japanese folklore (I've read that the basis of this game is an actual legend, but I would assume some liberties have been taken with the story to fit the game). The story is interesting, although nothing groundbreaking (at least as far as I have progressed). Still, it is enough to keep you interested.

There are some small things that annoy me. The text comes with a gibberish voiceover (like Animal Crossing). Its bearable at first, but tends to grate on your nerves the farther along you go. The intro is about ten minutes too long, and I never found a way to skip past it or make it go faster. The big gripe I have is that there is no widescreen support, which would have made this game really shine on TVs that supported it.

This game might be the last great game on the Playstation 2. I'm happy that Capcom decided to break the industry mold and publish a title that displays a lot of creativity and beauty without it being a proven franchise. I consider this game to be in the same mold as Psychonauts, Shadow of the Colossus, Katamari Damacy, etc. Games that displayed a ton of creativity and were fun. Unfortunately games like this often go unnoticed by the majority of gamers and they don't sell well. Hopefully Okami will be an exception, and it needs to be if we ever want developers and publishers to release more original and "unproven" content to us.
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