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on 17 May 2008
The 5's were my first upgrade from stock buds and they were a definite 'night and day' difference. I was happy with them for a while until I yearned for more midrange presence and clearer vocals. In the past year my quest for the 'perfect' earphones has included: Sony EX90, q-JAYS, Etymotic ER-4P, Shure SE210/310/420 E4G and E500, phew. . . oh, and also my favourites for the past 9 months, the Denon AH-C700.

When I saw Amazon discounting the Triples, I had to buy them :)))

I've been listening to them exclusively for 12 days and wanted to wait until I was familar with the sound and the fit before writing a review.

FIT: Easier for some reason than the 5's. I think the shape of the Triples is slightly more curved and they certainly don't feel as big as they look (if that makes sense.) I wear them with the cable running down my back and have absolutely no problems with microphonics or annoying cables sticking in my face. I insert them by pulling my ear up and out, putting the earpiece in straight, and then 'twisting' it up further towards the ear canal. They stay put really well once the memory wire is secured over the ear. Initially (for the first few hours) they hurt quite a bit and I thought I wouldn't be able to keep them. But once I 'broke' them in, they were fine.

SOUND: Fantastic. The Triples produce a wide soundstage with big big sound. They sound like speakers are strapped to my head, nice! In comparison with the super-fi 5's, the midrange is unrecognisable. It's much less recessed and a whole lot clearer with vocals. The bass is much better controlled and the treble detail is beautifully sweet. For those who were disappointed with the 5's - the Triples 'fix' everything. They are fairly neutral but with a fullness that adds real weight and body. I don't listen to much rock with earphones as I prefer to use my main speakers for that - but they excel with just about anything. Any preference for the E500 will probably be down to individual taste rather than a difference in quality since they're both high-quality products.

COMPARISONS: I had the Shure E500 (twice) and simply couldn't enjoy them at all. They have a very warm sound which no doubt suits 'bright' daps, but I have Sony daps and I found the 'warm + warm' too much for me. Also, I found the E500s weren't involving enough for me. The frequencies sounded so disconnected from each other that it was hard for me to get involved in the music. The Triples produce detail and enjoyment without me being aware of the separate frequencies. It's easier to get 'lost' in the sound. The E500s also (to my ears), sounded quite cheap at lower volumes. They needed to be cranked up to shine, whereas the Triples sound enjoyable at lower volumes which is nice if you tend to listen before going to sleep. However, the fit of the E500 was much more comfortable and less intrusive than the Triples, they just melted away into your ears. The Triples do not melt away!!

Finally, I still have (and love) my Denons, but I was curious about the Triples. Now I have them, I shan't be letting them go. But my Denons will still be in use due to the ease and quickness of insertion and their fantastic 'magic' cable that never tangles!

They also sound fantastic, great bass, tight and controlled, forward midrange and very sweet treble. But the Triples seem to magnify all that and give me 'more' of the same sound. Still... the Denons are less than half the price of the Triples and are beautifully built with aluminium housing, sturdy enough that you don't have to worry about dropping them or babying them at all. The Denon AH C551s are the cheaper C700 but the sonic differences are barely noticeable. The C551 has more bass impact, the C700 more treble extension. Both phones are excellent value and sound great.

And finally pros and cons for the Triples:


* Great overall sound from all of the frequencies.

* Great fit if you can deal with spending a few moments positioning them. But once the memory wire has 'remembered' where it's supposed to be, insertion in much quicker.

* Isolation is great. I could barely hear the lawnmower when I was wearing them.


* Yes, well, they're not the smallest on the market! Compared with the tiny q-JAYS, it's like having a football stuck in your ear. I read that people with small ear canals should 'look elsewhere'. Well, I'm a female with small ear canals and have no problem with the fit at all. The beauty of these is that I can even leave them resting slightly further away from the ear canal and still hear everything I need to. The sound doesn't become 'thin' and 'bassless' when I do this, unlike with most other earphones. Also, with the cable running up and over the ears, there's no pressure on the top of the ear lobe (something I had problems with various other phones)

* Price. I think they're overpriced even with the discount. For that price it would have been nice to have had a more flexible cable and at the very least, a spool in the metal case to wind the earphones around. You just have to shove them in and slam the case shut before they spring up again.

Having said that, I'm still keeping them :))

If you can afford them, and are happy to fiddle around with the fit, then you'll love them. I certainly do.
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on 4 August 2007
If you check my other reviews you will find they pretty much all relate to my quest for better quality sounding earphones.

I already own a set of UE Super Fi.Pro 5's & the EB (Extended Base) version of the Pro 5's and they are indeed awesome plugs but the Pro 10 Triples are in a class of their own!

I predominantly listen to MP3's ripped as lossless formats on an iPod Classic and as mentioned by other reviewers unless you rip your CD's at high bit rates (256 kbps & above) there is very little point investing in these as you will find they will pick out inaccuracies in the compression. If like me, you do rip at high bit rates then you will undoubtably hear the benefit & open up a completely new listening experience. Every high is so crisp with clarity I've never experienced before, every low is warm and deep but still defined and tight, mid ranges are there in spades but seem just as balanced.

I am working my way slowly through my whole music collection again and hearing something new on every track. I love earphones and I would probably find something endearing about any set I tested but these are unequaled on every level. They are comfortable, they reveal every tiny detail of all music genres and have an expansive, warm, instantly likeable soundstage unlike any other phones I've tried.

Yes they are expensive but as old grandpapy used to say ''you get what ya pay for''
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on 3 May 2008
Got these thinking they might be an upgrade to my Shure SE530 as suggested by a German HiFi magazine. And yes they are great sounding in ears which offer a tad more clarity and slightly cleaner, leaner bass compared to the excellent Shures. They are however nowhere near as comfortable, the cable is quite fiddly and the sound isolation not a patch on the Shures, which means you end up cranking the volume higher to get the same level of detail. They also stick out quite a bit and look a little too Star Trek for my liking. One also constantly feels they are there unlike the Shures which you forget about after a while.
They are a great piece of kit but probably more suited to using them at home where sound isolation is not a big issue rather than on the go.
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on 20 July 2008
I love these earphones - a little jewell I wear proudly and clearly the responsable for 95% of the quality I can get from the listening experience of my classic iPod 160Gb.

I upgraded my Sure's SE-210 to UE Triple.Fi's about 1 year ago, not before listening and trying the Sure's SE-410, Super.Fi 5 and others ... the UE Triples are a class of their own, absolutely amazing sound reproduction all across the range - it delivers what you feed on them, you will notice the difference in quality in every album.

To enjoy the most, be sure to get the best source possible, like the 320kbps mp3 or looseless Apple.

Listening experience:
The high frequencies are cirurgical, quick, clear and vivid but without beeing harsh or tiring - The bass is fantastic, more like a 3-way floor speaker; This is a bass on "its place", it doesn't obtrusively enter the terrain of the mid-tones (like a lot of earphones do), which are one of the strongest points of this earphones, such is their clarity and definition.

Looks and feel:
Nothing to critique here. I ordered the Comply foam tips (series 500?) but in my case the biggest improvement was in sound isolation, not the fit. The standard rubber medium sized tips are confortable too and last longer - in fact, I found the Comply foams to be less durable than expected (by comparison the Shure's foam tips were better).

Construction is top notch and the detachable cord is a great feature, it protects the investment on the Triples and its customizeable. I ordered the short crystal clear cord which I use almost all the time - it has the perfect length to use iPod on my shirt pocket, front jeans pocket or Jacket. The metal case with the rubber seal is also great with a bonus I didn't realize until I used them a lot: the water protection. The Triples are always with me and it happened me twice to get a shower rain and get all wet. Its a small detail but can save your day.

This is clearly a well thought product, in every aspect but mostly in sound quality, that is astonishing!
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on 9 January 2012
Ok, I may be new to the audiophile game, and I may have less ability to word my feelings over these headphones than other people. However!

I bought these whilst they were reduced, as a last minute grab, having spent the entire day trawling through various websites and companies looking for a good (but not bank breaking) set of in-ears. These appeared at the last second, and having read positive review after positive review, I felt compelled.

Simply, I couldn't ask for better. All of the other 5 star reviews on this page say the same thing as what I would say if i had the time and patience to type such in depth feedback, but I'll keep it short and sweet:

The audio quality is superb, with crisp mid tones, and, (after some burning in time) a rich bass that isn't too deep or pounding, especially in comparison to the budget earphones i was previously using.

The provided foam buds are fantastic, keeping the music in, and the outside world out. They aren't **perfect** at isolating background noise, but i personally wouldn't notice the difference between these and other high ranked brands.

The ***ONLY*** problems i can possibly think of, are that the earphones themselves are a bit intrusive, and do stick out quite far from the ear canal. However, others have mentioned this, and it isn't really that important,some and, the burn in time is time that i would rather not have to spend for the bass to develop, BUT, it's a necessary sacrifice for fantastic sound.

£110 spent on these, and would I spend it again?

Damn right i would.
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on 29 April 2008
(2nd time I have written this review - don't know where the last one went?)

Anyway, I do like these phones. The sound is very very good with a decent amount of bass and excellent mid range. I would describe the sound as smooth and warm rather than bright and - perhaps as a result - they don't sound quite as open and expansive as my Shure E5c's. Nevertheless the detail is there if you sit back and listen and the overall experience is extremely enjoyable. It's a very relaxing, unfatiguing listen.

The fit, however is far from great. They are on the large side and because they do stick out quite a bit, I found there is a tendency for them to get knocked and the acoustic seal broken, and then the bass is gone. So unless I sit still in the lounge, I am constantly having to fiddle with them and re-adjust the position to restore the seal and the bass. To be fair, I haven't yet tried the foam plugs and that might well work better.

So overall 4 stars from me. If you want these for something like long train journeys where you can sit back, relax and listen, I'd definitely give them 5 stars. For joggers or tube commuters, probably only 3.
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on 17 April 2009
I've been a very satisfied Shure customer with regard to sound quality, but as a very heavy user (three hours' daily commuting plus extensive office use) I was less than impressed with the longevity of the E500's cables. I replaced my first set after less than a year (under warranty, fortunately), but they also wore down worryingly quickly, forcing me to look for a replacement once I lost the sound in one of the earbuds.

Thankfully, I found one - because while the sound quality and other specs of the Ultimate Ears 10 are more or less identical to the Shures, the crucial difference is that Ultimate Ears make the cables fully replaceable. As a result, I have much more confidence that they will last much longer.

I also found, contrary to expectations, that the 10 earbuds fitted my ears rather more comfortably than the Shures, and I wasn't the slightest bit bothered that they stuck out a bit more, though that's an aesthetic issue that might affect others more than me. And because of the better fit, I also found the sound of the Ultimate Ears to be more satisfying, though they're both absolutely outstanding.
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on 9 May 2009
Like many others I read what felt like almost every review on the internet. I've previously owned a pair of Sony digitals, Shure E3Cs and Ultimate Ears Super Fi Pro 5's. I was really amazed with the Shure's when I first got them, but the wires weren't up the challenge and ended up splitting 2 years down the path. So, I went for the UE's and was blown away by the difference, unfortunately I let my partner borrow them (she was using Apple's in ear buds) and I lost them seemingly forever. So I decided to upgrade to the Trip Fi 10's and they are in a different class.

Everyone's music taste is different, but I've listened to grimy dubstep, minimal techno, old school blues, folk, opera, thumping drum 'n' bass, rock, trance house, indie, reggae and a range of violin concertos I never thought I'd be interested in. Everything sounded fantastic, you will not be disappointed. I'm buying music in either Flac or Apple Lossless formats to make sure I dont miss anything, you can sense my enthusiasm... last thing, the reseller I bought them from was 5* as well. They were in my ears in two days.

Thoroughly recommend.
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on 9 January 2013
My story is similar to many here. The quest for the perfect headphones enevitably led me to these and i too have been through many makes & models prior to these including the ultimate ears SFI5 Pro's. Believe me, once you have had a taste of good IEMs (In Ear Monitors, for those wondering) and the 'OMG-what have i been missing' factor they slap you with, its only a matter of time before you start looking for more.
Chances are you too are on a similar quest, and perhaps you are wondering where it ends? If IEMs are even for you?. Well im here to give you the shorcut you are looking for. My quest has taken a number of years, and here is my bottom line.

I dont need to tell you how awesome these sound. Reviews everywhere, not just here on amazon will tell you what you need to know on that. Having owned these IEMs for years now i am still facinated how something so tiny delivers such rich audio.
But you need to know something if you are new to IEMs like these; a correct Fit is EVERYTHING, whithout a good seal in your ear they WONT work properly. I have seen a number of bad reviews because the user could not achieve a good fit or could not maintain a good seal whilst being active, dont let this be you.. IEMs dont sit in your ears like standard buds (supplied with ipod,cowon etc.), they go deeper and sit in the first stretch of your ear canals, sealing your ears from the outside world and creating a direct IEM to eardrum link. These UE Triple Fi IEMs and others like them are universal fit, in that they are designed to fit most average ear canals out of the box. To help with this they come with an assortment of rubber flanges that fit onto the end of the IEMs that you then put into your ear canals creating a seal. Many people can achieve a good seal with what is supplied in the box, others resort to thrid party bits like foam flanges that compress for easy insertion then expand to seal, double or triple rubber flanges etc. If you can achieve a good and comfortable fit with any of these (and it IS worth persevering) then congrats you have made it and you are enjoying IEMs at their best.. almost.

I achieved a decent fit with smaller thrid party flanges and enjoyed the SFI5 for a couple of years. But recently I discovered remoulding. Let me tell you, if you are prepared to shell out a shiny penny, remoulding these is the way forward.
What is remoulding? a process where the components in these headphones (or other IEMs if you choose) are removed and put into a custom made shell, moulded to you own ears. Its the same thing you see performing artists wear in their ears on stage, or presenters on TV etc. THIS is the ultimate. The sound of an outstanding IEM, in a custom made shell fit perfectly to your ears.
Interested? read on..

I used this american company [...] to remould my new UE triple Fi's. Their IEM remould service, workmanship and prices are all very good. You wont find anything like it in the UK, and i have tried. There are other american firms to consider and a popular asian firm called unique melody that provide remoulding services. However prices and the friendly pre-purchase support lead me towards inearz and i was happy with everything i recieved from them.
First you need pair of IEMs to remould. There are many IEMs out there but these UE triple Fi represent fantasic value for money and are equipped with 3 drivers per ear delivering an amazingly rich spectrum of sounds to each ear. You simply cant go wrong with them. Then you need a mould of your ears. I got mine done at a local specsavers for £40. I was quoted as high as £100 from one audiologist so do shop around! insist on speaking to a specsaver audiologist, they are your best bet IMO.
Then ship your IEMs and moulds to your chosen company for remoulding.
In return for your persistence you will be the proud owner of your very own -just for you- Custom IEMs that house the drivers inside these UE triple Fi.
I have ranted enough. For more, check out the inearz remould owner thread on HeadFi. An ever growing Bible of knowledge on all things audio awaits you on that site.

For now - buy these, and start your Custom IEM journey now.
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on 4 March 2011
Bought these phones to replace my ageing Sony MDR EX 90s (which are great, but battered from all my traveling).

WELL - the Triple fis arrived, and the first thing I noticed was the need for a good fit! Using the silicone buds was useless at getting the seal required for the best sound. Without effective ear insertion, sound is no better than a transistor radio from the '60s. WITH a good seal, the sound of these 'phones is astonishingly good. Excellent sound stage, well defined bass, and great tones across the range. I was impressed.

BUT, these great sounds are only possible with a perfect seal in the ear, using the Comply buds. They take a few minutes each time to fit properly, so make sure you don't think you'll be removing them for a while :) They're not the kind of things to take in and out every few moments.

SO - if you don't mind seeking the seal, these 'phones are (for a triple) a great buy. Otherwise, I'd advise something less pricey OR step up for the Shure E530s, which are allegedly much easier to position and use.

UPDATE: Well, I returned these 'phones in the end. I found that getting a good seal took so long, and it was too much hassle :) They did at times feel uncomfortable too - jamming them in my ears just never became 'natural'.

Still, these things produce a great sound, and if you don't mind the need for such a perfect seal, then these 'phones are for you. I'm going back to my trusty EX90s (even if they are stuck together with sellotape!).
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