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4.8 out of 5 stars59
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2006
So, i've had a sneaky listen of the album and I was so glad with the final product. Now being a huge fan I was concerned that through time the band would conform, like a whole heap of other bands, and 'go pop'. However, Killswitch have retained their integrity and produced an album that is inspiring and memorable. I am a big fan of riff driven songs, and decent breakdowns that get my heart beating and head banging. Killswitch deleiver the goods with stand out tracks such as first single 'My Curse', 'For You', 'Break the Silence', 'Through the Eye of the Storm' and 'This is Absolution'. Howard Jones's vocals are just incredible, with breathtaking versatility, the guitars are as always technical and heavy, with a hint of ambience at times. Justin Foley nails the drums as if he were powered by some kind of machine. One pleasent suprise was to hear a lot more of Adam D singing on certain tracks, a great set of chords right there if I don't say so myself! All in all superb!
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on 26 February 2008
Whilst it may not be the biggest compliment, there is some truth in the fact that Killswitch Engage are the acceptable face of metalcore; heavy enough, melodic enough and, if this genre is your thing, easily accessible.

'As Daylight Dies' sees the band putting in a heavier performance than we last saw on 2004's 'The End Of Heartache', and this is evident from opener 'Daylight Dies', with its simple, hulking but effective verse riff. It feels more muscular than its predecessor, and thats further backed up through songs like 'Still Beats Your Name' with its fast and desperate delivery. And the band's single writing ability doesnt seem to have been dampened with age with 'My Curse'; yet another contagiously catchy tune. Elsewhere, 'Desperate Times' provides a welcome change of (snail) pace, and intense album closer 'Reject Yourself' might just be the best song the band have done.

I cant claim to subscribe to the 5 star rated views of everyone else here, because 'Alive Or Just Breathing' will probably remain this band's high point. But the return to a harder edge and heavier sound are still very welcome here, and Killswitch have again done what they do best; write a solid, consistent and impressive metalcore album with every tick box from breakdowns to breakups covered.
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on 30 November 2006
If you don't have this album you should buy it immediately! Straight from the get go Killswitch unleash a fury of guitars and heavy beats into your aural passages. There is nothing, i repeat nothing that i can pick about this album that i don't like. First single "My Curse" is a fantastic pick to give you the general gist of the album. From the first time i heard Killswitch back in the day with "My Last Serenade" i was hooked. When Jessie Leach quit the band in a hurry i did not know how Howard Jones would replace such a talent. What Howard brought to the band increased their power ten fold. Jones has an unmatched vocal ability and Joel Stroetzel (lead guitar) has even been said to "channel God through his fingers". I believe that not only are they a step ahead of the rest of the Metal bands around these days but are one of the most powerful and influential Metal bands of all time.
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on 23 November 2006
So i was so excited about this album when i bought it, recieved it and put it straight in to the cd player and sat back and listened. If i hadn't sat back this album would have pushed me back! its that good.

I would love to know how killswitch made this album as it is so much heavier but still keeps all the great melodic breakdowns that we have all grown to love. for instance the song 'my curse' has some of the heaviest parts of killswitch ive heard but then goes real melodic during the chorus and this is followed throughout the album and it all flows so well.

So, Is it worth buying?

Yes, this is THE album of the year! songs such as 'This is Absolution' and 'Arms of Sorrow' will define Killswitch forever, these two tracks are possibly the best Metal/Metalcore songs ever written. Fact. Don't take my word for it,

Buy it and hear it for

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The Massachusetts based Killswitch Engage are one of the best loved Metalcore bands out there at the moment. Its not difficult to see why, with the gigantic riffs, the interesting lyrics and the absolutely fantastic vocals. Howard Jones quite simply has one of the best voices in metal, an absolutely majestic singing voice and all the furious bark and shout you would expect for the heavy sections. The integration of Howard's outstanding vocals into the band's perfect light and shade formula make Killswitch Engage one of the most vital and important bands out there.
Even on first listen this album grabbed me, straight away I knew it was amazing and every time you replay it, the music washes over you from beginning to end. The band's last three albums, were genuinely brilliant and this is no exception, with a real step up in musicianship and songwriting.
The guitars have never been this fast or technical and the drums are even more powerful and authoritative than before. The band just seem to have kicked up a gear as musicians each seeming to have a more complete mastery of their instrument than on any previous album. The vocals have similarly never sounded better with the vocals on the songs `Arms of Sorrow,' and `This is Absolution,' being career highlights. This also includes Adam D's superb backing vocals which are simply incredible cementing many sections as standout moments.
The sound on the album is all incredibly good, nicely complimenting a good set of very well written songs.
Standout tracks include the previously mentioned songs `The Arms of Sorrow,' and `This is Absolution,' which so perfectly encapsulate all that Killswitch do well; heavy in just the right ways, anthemic in the choruses and full of catchy staccato rhythms . Other highlights include the typically immense `Still Beats Your Name,' and the single `My Curse.'
In fact this can be said of every song on the album, the more you listen to it the more you like it, all the clever drum fills and vocal hooks make themselves known and after a few listens the album feels like a real classic. If you like Killswitch you simply will not be disappointed.
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on 21 November 2006
I bought this album yesterday and iv been listening to it since then, over and over...its that good! i was so impressed with this album that i decided to share my excitement at this release of pure genius and have written this review of a few of my favourite songs on the album, and also an overview of the entire album at the bottom.

My third favourite track is the first track. "Daylight Dies", is a fitting opening for a truly epic album. The start really builds up the entire album and lets you in for the catchy riffs to follow and the amazing vocals, starting with brutal screaming and then going into a melodics for a beautiful chorus. This song really gets the little rocker inside you going all out, headbanging, jumping around the place and generally being a true rocker.

My second favourite track is the third track, "Arms of Sorrow".this is a much more emotional track and really gets you into the music. It starts with a riff that suggests to me the almost epic quality of this song. This, accompanied with the melodic vocals of Howard Jones, truly makes for a memorable metal experience. This track is filled with true emotion, channeled into the listener through a mix of brutal drumming, epic riffs and the harmony of Howard Jones' melodics. This is truly a great song and represents a part of KSE that everyone has to love.

My favourite track is the eighth track, "Eye of the Storm". It is a brutal force of lightening guitar work and monstrous drum-work, blended with heavy riffs and an amazing bass line, then ripped apart by the vicious vocals of Howard Jones to create a true metal masterpiece. This track sums up KSE in 3 mins 56 secs, whch is an achievement in its own right, showing the brutality, the memorable riffs and the lightening drum-work of KSE, not forgetting the versatility of Howard Jones' vocals, fierce at times, yet peaceful and emotional at others.

This album is another step forwards in the amazing musical progression that Killswitch Engage have made. The style is the same. The sound is the same. The quality, dare i say it, is worthy of even Iron Maiden, Metallica, the biggest bands on our sweet Earth. This album is truly worth your hard-earned cash, the ideal gift for any rocker, a necessity for any Killswitch Engage fan.
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on 27 October 2007
The band KillSwitch Engage I imagine must feel very positive after listening to this album after making it and the response from people who listen to their music they must be very pleased with. If you enjoyed "End Of Heartache" Id imagine you will enjoy this a lot "As Daylight Dies". I try not to judge art as art is not about ratings. However I still feel I can say its very good. Theres so much heart and soul and meaning in the lyrics and the music, it is truly a great thing what the band has created. And im very glad I own this copy of their cd. Even When I felt depressed and at my lowest, the music was doing something that would keep me more alive than not listening to it. Over time it helped me recover to some extent replaying the album a few times. The special edition comes with a second disc which neatly folds into the actual case unlike some bonus discs with dvds. Ordinarily the standard version of this album there is 11 songs but on this S.E there are 15. And they are worth the extra money. Wrestling fans will notice 1 of them "This Fire" which is the entrance theme to CM Punk of ECW. So 15 songs on disc 1 and on disc 2 (the dvd) 3 videos all from songs on this album and the making of each video in short. If you enjoy music videos it makes sense to buy this. This is a great album and I recomend it to any who apreciates music. Well done KillSwitch Engage and thanks for your great music.
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on 17 April 2015
This is the only Killswitch Engage album that I have on CD and it is totally amazing! The music is heavily influenced by 1980's Thrash Metal with the guitars sounding heavy, crisp and clear. The vocals are influenced by Burton C Bell of Fear Factory and range from melodic singing to coarse raspy screaming and are delivered at a very high standard. Musically speaking each of the musicians in this band are superb and deliver a quality of song writing you would expect from a more seasoned act. There are beautiful choruses and melodies that enhance the heavier sections of the album which makes each song memorable and groovy. I was taken aback by the quality and power of this modern day Thrash Metal Master piece and can highly recommend it to anyone who loves heavy music that transcends mere genre. This album will blow your mind and make you sit up and pay attention to the proficiency that Killswitch Engage deliver in a seemingly effortless way. In my humble opinion this album deserves to be spoken of in the same category as "Master of Puppets", "Reign in Blood", "Among the Living", "Impact is Imminent", "Practice what you Preach" and "Peace Sells but who's Buying". If you love Thrash Metal with Death Metal leanings then you owe it to yourself to buy this incredible piece of music.
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on 9 January 2007
Killswitch Engage, go into there fourth studio album, with a lot of promise. After the huge success of 'End Of Heartache', KsE were bound to come up with something good, and they certainly did.

'As Daylight Dies' starts off with the title track, Daylight Dies, which starts off slow, but straight away you can tell, that they have grown again. Each album getting stronger, in riffs and vocals. Howard Jones vocals are more melodic, but still as heavy on the screaming. The riffs more technical, and the songs just as infectious. This is proved no more when the second song kicks in straight after the first. 'This is Absolution' is one of my favourites, this is because it has everything, technical guitar work, fast drums, brilliant singing and hard hitting bass.

The first single from this album, 'My Curse', is a good choice, as it appeals to all rock fans, moshing away will be easy to do, and so will just listening to it in your room. And with the second single 'Arms Of Sorrow' similar, KsE are on a winner with this album.

With a sell out tour started, KsE's set list will be even stronger, and the gigs even better. If you have a ticket, get ready for the show of your lives. Three major albums worth of songs, a cover of Dio's Holy Diver, what more can you need. KsE are coming to take over the metalcore world, look out Shadows Fall, the KsE boys are here to kick some ass!
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on 26 November 2006
I've been a KSE fan since the self titled album back when Adam D was the drummer and Jesse Leach was in charge of vocals. Alive of Just Breathing followed on smoothly, the sound barely changed. Although on that album Adam D moved to the guitars and Tom Gomes came in to play drums.

Then Jesse and Tom left, I thought it may be the end for KSE, most bands tend to die when they bring in a new singer. But Howard Jones and Justin Foley came in from BloodHasBeenShed, The End of Heartache came out, and they proved that the right changes can improve even a band as great as KSE.

Howards vocals are a perfect blend of agression and melody. He's also a big guy, which makes KSE look as hard as they sound. As Daylight Dies is in my opinion the best album yet, it's got a much more polished sound than the previous albums, and with Adam D producing in the same way he's produced many hardcore albums its no suprise this sounds so good.

I've listened to this album a lot already but can't choose a standout song. They're all amazing, and when the CD finishes you want to hear it all again. If you are already a fan then this is a no brainer, you just have to buy it. If you're into Hardcore/Metalcore then the same applies. Not only are they great on CD they are also great live so I'd recomened getting tickets for the shows in 2007.
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