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4.4 out of 5 stars48
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 September 2007
What a keyboard I must say. Purchased on the 2nd, received on the 5th. Now that's what I call speed delivery. Although it's not next day delivery, it only costed an extra £2 for 1st class which I received 1 week quicker than super save delivery. Okay, to the keyboard itself, it came in a massive box which gave me a scare that I would have no room on my desk for it. When I opened it, it had half of the box filled with cardboard lol!! But I presume it's to protect the keyboard so it arrives in execellent condition. The keyboard is really nice and comfy. The LED light control is awesome which allows you to turn on and off the light whenever you want, you can also change colour which makes this product exciting. The keyboard was detected and installed within 2 secs on the main desktop [I suppose that's system speed wise ;)]. I read a review before purchasing this keyboard saying that the keys are really close to each other. I don't think they are really close since it's more spaced out than a standard keyboard. I think that's everything for me to say. I'm really please with Amazon and of course future purchasing will be a definite YES!
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on 14 August 2007
the Eclipse 2 is an amazing bit of kit. the backlighting is awesome. personally i went for the purple light. the majors reason for getting the eclipse.. was 1 it looked cool and i like my setup to look pretty nice for lan compatitions... and also i needed it to be quiet. i live with ym family, and late night gaming etc can cause alot of key noise.. i assure you this will do if what you need is quiet. there are times i can hardly hear my own keystrokes.
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on 3 February 2007
I got my Eclipse II yesterday, but havn't been able to use it, as my computer is on the other side of the room to where the screen is, and it has a rather short lead (only 1.5m). However, this was easily resolved by a quick click on the [...] website and the order of some USB extension leads [...]. I plugged it in, and my first thoughts were as follows: "WOW! pretty lights!!!"
This is worth it purly for the iluminated keys. Usually when im sitting in the room with the lights off i cant see the keyboard at all (hence why i learned to touch type) but now its lit up like a christmas tree!!! All the buttons are exactly where you expect them and want them, the rubber padding means that the keyboard stays firmly rooted to the desk, and their is only the tiniest amount of noise coming from the keys. This is a fantastic keyboard for everyone!
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on 13 January 2010
This is a very good and sturdy keyboard. Yes, indeed I played World of Warcraft a lot on this one, and the paint on the keys didn't start to fade yet, after two years of heavy usage. However, the silver paint of the enclosing case started to wear off, revealing the white plastic underneath, so this may be unappealing for some people.

Overall, 4 stars, mainly because of the paint issue. Nothing wrong with the keys visibility, light or functionality. This keyboard is build to last.

Update: Nov.2012 - this keyboard is still alive and kicking, I just went to PC world to see what else it's out there, and nothing comes close in simplicity and practicability yet. I've never had a PC peripheral that lasted this long, but there is a first for everything.
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on 26 September 2008
Actual picked this keyboard up for £30 at a certain PC "shed" t'other day - had it mis-priced i think so i leapt at the oportunity...heh.

Having gone through (as others have) many wireless jobbies over the years, it's a joy to have a robust keyboard that suffers no cut-out or lag issues again.

Love the lighting - perfect for a dimly lit environment, especially when your writing reviews etc.

Another (unsuspected) advantage is that this could possibly be THE PERFECT SMOKERS KEYBOARD! Gone are the days when fag ash goes unnoticed down into the crevices of the peripheral only to later foul the keys and make 'em stick. All such detritus is highlighted by the lighting and can be swiftly removed. :D
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 July 2008
I do online typing work (as well as a part time job in London) and chose this keyboard for home as sometimes I work late and even with the light on low (as I hate bright lights when working on a computer) the keyboard is not always visible if I have to move my hand from the typing keys .. this keyboard is perfect with its back illumination which is why I ordered it but more than that, I found it is absolutely fantastic for a typing touch - light, fast and perfectly proportioned!! I am delighted with it .. just plugged it into the back USB port and off we went! Highly recommend .. best lighting is the red or purple for visiblity, however, the blue does look very special!!!
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on 17 December 2009
I purchased this keyboard for my younger brother who liked the backlit keyboard built into my laptop decided he wanted an external one for his laptop, so as always the first place I looked was Amazon and I saw this keyboard which had a good price/feature ratio especially with the ability to change lighting colours so I ended up buying this keyboard.

It arrived one day earlier than expected and was packaged well.

Overall I think my brother will love this keyboard and I am considering buying one for myself.
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on 24 May 2008
Why does Amazon's system think this keyboard is a game? 'How much fun is this game?' it asks!

Anyway, the backlight looks nice in the dark, and does have genuine practical value if you are the type to compute in a darkened room. Good for Doom3 at least.

Build quality is good, but nothing to get wildly excited about given the cost. I can't for the life of me get the media keys to do anything.

Personally think its a bit cheapskate to make the function and escape keys half size on a keyboard of this cost, but that seems to be very common these days.

Apart from the backlight the only other particular plus point is that the keyboard doesn't take up excessive amounts of desk space, given that its a full size keyboard. The likes of the G11 and the saitek cyborg seem excessively huge in comparison.

Edit - for benefit of anyone having similar problems, have now managed to get the media keys to work. Seems a previous uninstall program had removed relevant windows dlls from the system folder, had to restore them from windows disk. Unfortunately can't remember now what all the files were, but one was kbdhid.sys and another was hidserv.dll. The aim is to get human interface device access service up and running (Or HID input service, opinions seem to vary on the terminology)
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on 26 March 2010
I have had this keyboard for roughly 2 - 3 years now and amazingly their isn't anything wrong with it. Every key still works and none of the key letters have worn at all which I frankly find astonishing since I am using It every day (programming usually). The keyboard is a good size and something which I find particularly handy is the wrist rest you get with it (if you don't want it you can easily remove it as well).

The key lighting is a nice touch especially if you use it in the dark you can choose 3 different colors :blue red and purple , or you can turn it off.

The multimedia controls are good but most of the time I find myself simply using my mouse to click on a play button or fast forward etc. The volume controls can come in handy if you need to to turn down the PC volume fast.

The numeric pad,caps lock and scroll lock LEDS are positioned at the top near the SAITEK logo so it is easy to quickly look if one of those setting is on or off.

There is a minor problem with this keyboard (but it happens with all), it does pick up alot of dust and its hard to clean since the buttons are like standard keyboards (hard to get to the space in between the keys) but a hoover and a can of compressed air should clean it all out.
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on 29 January 2010
Bought this keyboard as I found it very difficult to see my old one in low light conditions and given the way my lights are set up is quite a lot of the time.

The keyboard lights up around and through the keys making it very easy to see even in zero light conditions. The number keys do recieve less light than the main letters but I have not had an issue you with this so far.

As mentioned in previous reviews the blue colour is the worst (least bright), then red with pink/purple being the brightest however blue is still very easy to use.

The lock keys are always blue which may annoy some users.

Media keys work well and need no setting up for iTunes at least.

The rubber feet keep the keyboard in place extremely well, as the way my desk is set up the front of it has to hang off the edge. But the back two feet have kept it from moving at all during use.

Another point is this keyboard is quiet. I thought my old cheap board was quiet but my girlfriend pointed out that she notices the noise a lot less when I am typing now and is not something I was aware of before.

Overall very good but some users may get annoyed by the small design flaws
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