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4.5 out of 5 stars188
4.5 out of 5 stars
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32 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on 17 October 2006
I watched Over the Hedge with my almost-40-yr-old husband and I spent the movie doing what I usually end up doing while watching funny films.....rewinding it to hear what I'd missed while my husband was roaring laughing! And is that funny.

The movie starts with a greedy raccoon (RJ) getting caught stealing a bears stash of food. The bear gives RJ just one week to replace everything he's taken....or else. RJ stumbles upon a group of simple forest critters who he entices into a plan to go `over the hedge' into the new housing development and feast upon some of the best food they've ever tasted. What follows is a laugh a minute. It's a movie that the kids will watch over and over and not one which will have the parents going `oh no, not again' as you could watch it over and over and still find it as funny as the first time you saw it! If you enjoyed the likes of Shrek, Monsters Inc and Cars then you'll love Over the Hedge. If you didn't enjoy any of them......what's wrong with you!?!?!?!?
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 7 July 2006
With stars like Bruce Willis, William Shatner and Nick Nolte you get the idea that this movie is not going to leave you disapointed...and if you thought this you would be correct.

A very enjoyable movie even though i'm not a kid. It may not have terribly much slapstick as you may look forward to and the movie can begin to slow down in parts, however it is quickly picked up again with quick, and exciting scenes.

The story line is simple and sweet, RJ a hungry Racoon steals food off a bear named Vincent, so RJ must get the food for Vincent before Full moon or Vincent will hunt him down.

An easy moral of deceit and lack of trust which is good for anyone watching it and a favourite character soon becomes one of the worst.

Make your decision, see the story, enjoy the movie and most of all...have a good laugh!
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70 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on 4 December 2006
The film is excellent 10 out of 10, however the second disc in my opinion is poor for a DVD of this quality from Dreamworks. When i checked the file size when i was installing the PC hammy desktop i was shocked !! to see how little was actually on the second disk.

1. DVD Video Part it mostly Seasonal with Hammy dancing and thats about it. Hammy busting out his best moves (Dancing Hammy )

2. The second part is computer based Give hammy a home on your desktop and printable seasonal goodies. when i put it in the drive to see the computer goodies

Including pt1 and 2 there is very little on the second disc if you are only getting Over the Hedge.

In my personal opinion if you only want the DVD Film and the better extras ie the Hammys Bomerang Adventure etc then go for the One Disc version, and save the difference in money to put towards another Title
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
For entertainment value "Over the Hedge" is without doubt one of the funniest and likeable animation comedies i think ive seen.

The two chracters i particularly loved were Racoon and Ground Squirrel whose dialogue was superb.

Trying to keep Squirrel from drinking the caffine sports drinks because of his hyperactive behavior was the highlite for me.

The dozens of reviews written about this scream of a comedy must speak volumes of its popularity.

There was not a single dull moment from begining to end.

The animation and expressions on all the characters faces were magic.

Only a short film but for likeability and enjoyment factor i think this enchanting comedy beats the like of Shrek and others hands down.

Its the kind of film you would never tire watching again and again.

Pure Magic
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
A scheming squirrel gets caught trying to pinch a psycho bears stash of grub, gets one week to replace every last crisp packet or its death by bear claw. He runs in to a band of simple wood dwellers who fall for his food gathering con trick.

The story is tiny and as usual full of aww schucks moralizing as per usual but who cares when the films is this funny? The voice overs are all very good and any cartoon worth its salt will have every last hair rippling with realism and thats all very nice but far too often these sort of kiddie flicks blast out of the blocks and then fizzle out with a wimper but not this one it starts off funny and keeps it up right to the end. Whats more some of the scenes are truly inspired in paticular one, where the potty squirrel who runs away with the whole film, gets so stoked up on fizzy drink that the whole world appears to be moving in slow motion to him.

This is a nice change from the usual and stands up to repeated viewing.

You'll enjoy this and so will the nippers it's well worth getting, go on, splash some conkers on this one.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 December 2010
When RJ the Raccoon (Bruce Willis) gets Vincent the bears food smashed up on the highway, he only has a week to get it all back. RJ comes across an family of foraging woodland creatures and cons them into stealing food from the encroaching suburbia.

The film is based on the hilarious comic strip by Michael Fry and T. Lewis, Over the Hedge is a brilliant film for all the family. The voice cast for the film include Bruce Willis, Steve Carrell and the hilarious over-actor, William Shatner.

Hammy (Steve Carrell) the cookie obsessed squirrel is the funniest of all the characters. Verne (Gary Shandling) is the constantly panicked reptile, who doesn't want RJ around and doesn't want to have anything to do with the humans.

Overall the movie is a funny one, but they could have pushed it and made it hilarious. It's a film for all ages, but the younger children will definitely enjoy it the most.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 4 February 2007
1: The story and writing is... good. Not awesome, but entertaining and often very funny.

2: The voice acting is fantastic.

3: The action sequences are awesome and funny.

4: The visuals... are out of this world. Or maybe that should be "into this world", for the amazing thing, apart from the sheer amount of detail, is how photographic they are. You might not notice because the story is engrossing, but if you watch it a second time (the commentary track is good), take note of the light. They have very deliberately made the light look like the real world, including making sun-drenched details in the background be almost washed out (as in the picture above), and big blocks of things in the shade, etc. The light coming through semi-translucent objects like the turtle's shell is gorgeous.

The way they use "tele lenses" and "wide angle lenses" (of course it is all data in a computer, but they can program everything to simulate the real world, including camera positions and what lenses to use...) is amazing. The space is so convincing.

Of course this is a comedy aimed at the family market. (Read: basically for children, but we hope the adults will enjoy it too.) But the amazing progress of talent, skill, and technology displayed here make me very optimistic about future CGI films for adults, like SF and fantasy. It is getting very hard to imagine what can't be done any more, given a good budget. (And the budget necessary shrinks every years as hardware and software progresses.)

Actually I think that the main reason almost all the CGI films so far have been family films is that the big problem is making really convincing humans. The humans are getting very good, but they still look a bit like dolls. Not the best thing for a serious film. But it'll get there.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 October 2007
This is one of the best and smartest family movies I saw in those last years - and having a 7y old daughter I saw a lot of them, believe me. This is the story of a raccoon named RJay who succumbed to the temptation and tried to rob a very nasty and very big bear, named Vincent (Nick Nolte gives his voice to the bear - and he sound like a real, real bad guy!). And now he has four days to get all the food he stole (and lost) back, otherwise he is bear snack. Only one solution to do that - get some help and stole all this food from humans. And he gets some help, from a bunch of animals, whose forest was mostly destroyed.

Those animals are:

- Verne, a very conservative turtle ("It is me. Tentative. There are even places in my shell where I have never been yet")
- Hammy, a hyperactive squirrel, a little simple but incredibly cuddly ("Hi, I am Hammy, do you want to see my nuts?").
- Stella, a cynical, tough girl skunk ("I can clear a room. That much I can do")
- Ozzie, a possum, lone parent rising a teen aged daughter, not really very bright or courageous, but a great actor, whose voice is provided by William Shattner ("Playing possum, is what we do. We die. To live")
- Heather, his teen aged rebellious daughter. Somebody had the great idea to hire Avril Lavigne to be her voice - and it really works!
- Lou and Penny, porcupines, a very loving couple rising three kids.

But there is one problem: with all the food being stolen, some humans finally call Dwayne the Verminator (a verminator is like an exterminator, just meaner...) who uses equipment banished by law everywhere except Texas....

"Over the Hedge" is a very, very funny film, with a great number of gags for the kids and some one-liners, that the adults will appreciate more that the children. And then there is one moment which is simply Oscar material - a plastic chirurgical intervention to transform Stella in a gorgeous cat girl who must seduce Tiger, an enormous, nasty, almost genocidal tomcat, who happens to watch the access trap to one of the houses. Those two scenes are possibly the most irresistible moments in family movies since Shrek's courtship to Fiona!! And I almost died laughing during RJay's presentation about relation of humans and their food - one important detail here: RJay's voice is provided by Bruce Willis and it magnifies the comic effect....

I simply love this movie. And one year ofter watching it my kid is still sleeping with the toy of Stella the Skunk, her favorite character....
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 March 2011
This is a very nice film centred around a happy go lucky racoon, and a group of innocent, hardworking forest animals emerging from hibernation. It's funny, and it's sentimental at the end, so it's an absolute winner which is more than suitable for very young children. There is no risque content and there a few moral lessons that emerge from the story. With the DVD you also get numerous printables (that's got to please youngsters) and web links for additional fun. A very good value for money, item.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 February 2008
This is probably one of the funniest, ones i have seen although that you might not be able to use the second disk on your computer (Windows vista) It is still the best film over the year
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