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on 26 April 2007
I have been struggling with the iPod supplied earbuds for quite some time, they truly are awful. I switched to a Phillips set which sounded good but broke within 3 weeks. After searching Amazon and various places for reviews on the net Sennheiser came out as the best again and again, so I went for it. Glad I did, they are great. Brilliant sound, very comfortable with a great seal - in fact, so good that when I'm doing my housework I can't hear the vacuum at all and have to keep checking it's actually on and unfortunately missed numerous phone calls. I've also had it confirmed that no one else can hear the music at all while I'm listening to it either so it would be great for trains/buses etc.

I also really like the way they have designed the actual connection plug where it sits in the iPod - it's solid, sturdy and it's angled so the wire is running to the side rather than straight down. I'm positive this will limit the likelihood of the wires becoming broken or unstable as happened with the Phillips set.

In fact, these earphones are so good, a friend who worked as a sound engineer and has been in the musical equipment business for years thought they were brilliant too and got me to order another set for his daughter to replace her iPod earphones.

I struggled to get used to the one side being much shorter than the other, but it's sorted now. The longer one just goes round the back of your neck. The wires are rubbery so may catch easily but I just put the wire through my t-shirt if necessary to ensure my arms don't catch it.

At last I can finally really appreciate the quality of the iPod. It's amazing how just changing to a quality set of earphones makes such a massive difference.

Oh, and these are a brilliant price too...I saw the same set in Curry's and PC World for £39.99.
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on 13 June 2007
I was really hoping that these headphones would be an improvement on my iPod's standard pair, but I was really disappointed to find that I simply couldn't use them to listen to most of my music as I am a classical music listener. I tried a number of different styles of classical music from solo voices and chamber music up to orchestral music and found the sound distorted at all volumes. This was also the case for spoken word too. I appreciate that they are "Bass Driven" but surely this must not be at the expense of music that isn't. I did by them direct from Amazon in order to make sure they were not the fakes that others mention, so had been expecting better from such a well respected make as Sennheiser

I also suffered from the electrical hum, which many other people reported, but to be honest, this was the least of my problems!

That said, I did listen to pop and rock music with the earphones and have to say that they were excellent for that, and I was able to hear some things that I had never heard before. I also found the earphones very comfortable indeed and the noise exclusion excellent (which was albeit rather negated by the electrical hum).

To conclude, if you only listen to popular music then these are an excellent pair of earphones, but I would strongly advise classical music fans to give them a miss.
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on 3 April 2007
The regular iPod earphones are weak, especially bass-wise, and I find they actually hurt my ears after about 10 minutes of use, due to their size.

The CX300s are an extreme improvement in both sound quality and comfort. The noises experienced when moving are very obvious when there is no music playing. However, with music playing, it's nigh-on unnoticeable unless you're doing something that would cause the cable to pound against you fairly hard. Whether or not intensive jogging would cause this I don't know, but it shouldn't be such an issue if you wear them properly (see below), as the cable ought to be at your side.

Many people complain about the right earphone's cable length. I don't think these people understand just how these are designed to be worn; the right earphone cable goes around BEHIND your neck, which makes it a lot less likely to tangle and generally more comfortable. It means you have only one wire in front of you, which is more manageable. If it's 'flapping around in front of you', you're wearing it wrong! The earphones were designed so that you have cable running up the left hand side, one earphone going into your left ear, the other going round the back of your neck and up into your right ear. This way, the cable being knocked against is a lot less likely, too.

In short, if you use the product the way it was designed to be used, there ought not to be any issues! Strongly recommended.
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on 2 October 2007
I bought a pair of cx300s a few weeks ago from Amazon market place for about £7, and to say that i was disapointed is an understatement - they were awful. i should of sent them back, but they did seem to improve a little, and with some cds they were almost acceptable, although the complete lack of bass could only be overcome by judicious use of the equalizer.

last night, i was doing some online research, when i came across the possibility that they were counterfeit. i compared all of the criteria, and they passed every one, suggesting that they were genuine, but they still sounded awful. Today, i bit the bullet & bought a new retail set. WOW!!! these headphones are AWESOME. With the equaliser flat, there is bass by the shedfull, yet the middle & treble are bright & clear. the new ones look identical, but audio wise, they are universes apart.

You may be tempted to buy cheap, and maybe there are genuine cx300s being sold cheap. Just don't say that you haven't been warned!
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on 12 May 2007
I read many review's for these earphones, most were good but a few were bad, but I took the risk and bought a pair to replace my iPod earphones.

I have had them for just two weeks now and I love them, the people who say the sound is tinny or not good enough must be either deaf or not using them correctly because the sound quality is incredible, excellent bass and treble.

I used to like to be able to feel my earphones in my ears but with these I could barely tell I was wearing them and it makes them even better still.

With my iPod earphones I would be constantly moving and twisting them to make sure they didn't fall out but with these earphones I put them in and, in the 2 hour bus journey that I take almost every day, instead of rearranging them about 10 times I never have to touch them.

My only problem at first was the fact that one earphone cable is twice as long as the other but I got used to putting the longer one around the back f my neck really quickly and now there's no problem at all.

I highly reccommend these earphones to anyone and everyone, especially if you love music as much as I do.
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on 30 March 2007
I've been really impressed with the sound quality on these earbuds. You also get a nice bit of bass if they are properly positioned in your ear canal.

Only downsides are:

- They cut out a lot of background noise - Which is either good or bad, depending on the situation you are in.

- The cable is made of quite a tacky material which clings. Unlike regular headphone cable it sometimes sort of sticks and ends up pulling one of them out of your ear.

- They amplify all the sounds your body makes, from breathing, to drinking, your heartbeat and if you are walking you hear your footsteps and the sound of the cable moving against your body.

In summary, they are a good buy, but some people may not like to use them while moving.
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on 19 March 2007
These earphones are in a different league to the standard ipod issue when it comes to comfort. Sound quality is good, and they fit snugly. The downside as far as I'm concerned is the amount of noise interference caused by the leads/wires rubbing or knocking against clothing etc if you're on the move - which as most MP3 players are essentially portable, is annoying. Maybe I'm just too animated! And don't even THINK of running with them unless you enjoy said interference (plus extra caused by the too-long right ear lead flopping about) added to the noise of your breathing, heartbeat & footsteps - all of which seem to be magnified in your ear. The search for comfortable earphones with good sound quality and minimal interference which stay in place and are reasonably priced (I regard [...] as too much to pay for use with a [...] ipod shuffle!) goes on.....
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on 19 June 2007
First thing I thought when I tried these was "Wow, I didn't know this song was actually supposed to sound like this!" The sound quality is amazing. And the insulation from outside noise is also brilliant, which contributes to a better sound quality. Before I got these headphones, I used to listen to music at top volume mainly to muffle "outside noises"... Since I got this, the volume on my mp3 player very rarely gets over 25%... much better for my ears, and less headaches after 8 hours of music at work to muffle the outside noise!

All in all, really worth the money. I wonder if at some point replacement buds will be available in Amazon as well.
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on 20 April 2008
Just a quick note to all those who gave a bad review for the in-ear headphones. The most important thing to do here is to fit them correctly. Now, it`s not rocket science nor does it take long. Simply remember to 'pull up' the top of your ear before placing the headphone into it, if you use the correct size bud (I normally go for one on a larger size as this generally produces a more comfortable fit) then you will achieve an amazing bass sound as described under the product description. Remember, do not force the bud into your ear, just gently release close after inserting the phone and 'hey presto'....happy sounds.
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on 3 November 2006
sound has depth throughout. bass is excellent. comfort is excellent. light weight & better build than sony ex71's. bargain price - need i say any more?
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