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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2007
I cannot understand why film distributors gave this excellent family action film such poor exposure in cinemas worldwide. I saw 'Stormbreaker' in my local multiplex and immediately told two friends how much I had enjoyed it, returning with them to see it again the next day. We three septuagenarians (two of us retired high school teachers) agreed that it was the best action movie for young people in a very long time, and that it also had the rare quality of being thoroughly enjoyable to adults. We also greatly enjoyed the many aerial and ground level views of London, a city familiar to all three of us. Alex Pettyfer, whom we had previously seen in 'Tom Brown's Schooldays', acquits himself very well indeed, and the humorous overtones of the 'Batman' grotesques and the reactions of the cartoon characters on the background TV screens during violent action sequences will reassure those youngsters who might otherwise take them too seriously. I have enjoyed the Harry Potter films, but I consider this adaptation by the author of the original Alex Rider book series to be very much more suitable for family viewing. As the DVD had not then been released in Australia, I imported the UK version and lent it to a young friend who works with me in a heritage cinema staffed by volunteers. He loved it, paying it the compliment of making it the subject of his next school essay. 'Stormbreaker' stands head and shoulders above the American pap passing for humorous childrens' movies which crosses our screen during school holidays. Buy the DVD and watch it often with your children.
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on 18 November 2006
I've read all the Alex Rider books to my son and looked forward to seeing them transformed into films. I thought that Anthony Horowitz had done a pretty good job of transposition; books don't morph easily onto the big screen and I did feel the first Harry Potter suffered from the attempt to simply be 'true' to the original novel. In this film, the result is a comic, slick, and genuinely exciting movie. I got very fed up with all the critics who argued that it was too funny to be a thriller, because for me it's a family film and I don't want to sit there worrying about the blood and guts being spilled in front of my children. I also thought that Alex Pettyfer was excellent in the lead, and am surprised by the poor reviews he gets below. Compared to Daniel Radcliffe, he's fantastic, and I felt that he managed to convey very convincingly both the pluck and the insecurity of a 14-year-old coming into his own in a very alien environment. It's not Shakespeare, it's not European art house, it's just good entertainment that anyone could enjoy.
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on 7 September 2006
I took my children to watch this, with no prior knowledge of the themes of the movie. I would best describe it as a "teenage James Bond" character with appeal for all ages, from about seven up. It is slicker than most of the other "teen hero" movies on offer, and appeals to adults more than a lot of the other films I've watched with the kids. And of course, with a proportion of British cast, and set in London and Cornwall, there is the added bonus of some familiar homegrown footage.
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on 14 November 2006
I've read all the Alex Rider books.

Stormbreaker is not the best book in the series, but I can understand the movie makers starting there as it gives them the option to make at least five more Alex Rider films..

The film follows the book pretty faithfully, though with a few inevitable cuts and the introduction of a character from a later book. More is given to the female characters, particularly Alex's housekeeper/guardian (Jack Starbright/Alicia Silverstone), presumably to widen the appeal beyond teenage boys and their dads.. The relationship between the nasty head of MI-6 his deputy Miss Jones and the reluctant spy Alex is nicely transferred from the book. I particularly liked the Miss Jones characterisation. I thought the SAS training camp and the relationship with Wolf could have been handled better.

Overall, the plot in Stormbreaker is not the strongest in the series, so

I am sure many will criticise this, but the studio have done an excellent job of transferring what there is to the screen.

It is much better than the awful SpyKids series...
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Stormbreaker does exactly what it sets out to do, provide a James Bond for the under 12s.

The story is the usual "bad guy (Mickey Rourke) wants to take over the world" stuff, as seen in almost every James Bond film. After his uncle is killed it is up to the young Alex Rider to stop the evil Rourke getting away with it.

There is plenty to enjoy for all ages here. The girls will fancy Alex Rider and the boys will wish they were him. Some of the action scenes are gloriously over the top and fun to watch. The film does sag in places and perhaps would have been better paced if it had a slightly shorter running time. There are numerous cameos along the way which help to keep the film flowing though and Alex Pettyfer, who plays Alex Rider, is good throughout but not totally convincing. He looks far more comfortable in the fast paced action scenes rather than in slower ones where there is lots of dialogue.

Overall this is a good, inoffensive film which is suitable for all the family.
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on 1 December 2006
I have read all the Alex Rider books, and I recommend them. Although the film was brilliant, I was a bit disappointed with it. The acting was mostly lousy, and the storyline is completely different to the original book. The film was exciting, with pretty good special effects, and heart-stopping stunts!

I would watch the film first, before reading the book.

I look forward to a sequel!

Written by my son, age 11 Years.
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on 24 February 2007
If you haven't read any of the Alex Rider books they are sort of like James Bond. The main difference is that Alex Rider is a teenager. Alex is a teenage spy who lives in Chelsea and part-time works for MI6. He is linked with this accocation because of his father who worked for them, i won't spoil the rest of the film for you!

The film is similar(ish) to James Bond in the sense that it is action packed and there is lots of fighting. Alex goes to investigate the computer 'the Stormbreaker'. The film has action all the way through and there is far less soppy moments than in James Bond films.

There are many twists just when you think the film is coming to a climax! The climax is very good, some of the footage is fantastic and it is great becuse it is a proper British film. You get to see some of the most famous parts of London, sometimes in some very entertaining situations!

A very enjoyable and action packed film. A very good adventure, well worth the hype! 9.5/10
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on 20 March 2007
I show 10 minutes segments of this as a reward for hard work for low ability sets as school. The kids love it. Alex is eye candy for the girls and the boys love the action.

It's not in your face action and it touches on some issues like death in a family and bullying and how a young person can overcome this.

It's good fun, has a great soundtrack and as you would expect, the good guy wins.
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on 10 May 2015
not very good. The villian is pantomime, Mr grin is ok. Nadia voles "fight" with Jack is not worth watching. Smithers is heavily disappointing a bit like the film. Ewan McGregor and Alex pettyfer are the only good actors. Overall this film is not very good, yassen is alright , Sabina is not even in the book and the fights and car chases are well, ok. SO BACICALLY THE FILM IS ONLY A TINY BIT LIKE THE BOOK AND NOT REALLY WORTH BUYING.
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on 15 January 2007
This is a teenage version of James Bond and it does it very well great cast & action. That young man will make a great Bond one day he has the looks. Anyone over 18 would not find this adult enough but for the under 18's it was a great film.
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