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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2007
The Nintendo DS doesn't need reviews. It's the biggest selling game system in the world right now and is number 1 in every global marketing territory. It was the first games console to successfully appeal to children, parents, grand parents AND gamers.
I've owned a lot of hand helds and home consoles and whilst I still feel a bizarre emotional attachment to the GBA SP I have to concede that this is probably the best console I have ever owned. The touch screen just works as a control system and it's the key to the machines cross-generational appeal. Even my own reluctant Games Widow enjoys Brain Training, the new Tetris and Wario Ware. She said she likes that she doesn't have to learn what the buttons do if she wants to play on the DS: it's instinctive.
For gamers there are some absolute classic titles available. The DS entries into the Zelda and Mario Kart franchises are among the best both series have ever offered. Sonic and Bleach are much better on the DS then their home console equivalents and Elite Beat Agents is possibly the best music game yet released.
Also the DS is the only handheld system currently on the market with a battery life that will see you through a transatlantic flight. My DS also holds a charge much better then my PSP. After a month without touching it my DS still had several hours of power but my PSP runs flat when left alone for a few days.
The DS is quite possibly the best system Nintendo have ever made. It certainly has an excellent library of games that will provide years worth of fun for kids and adults alike. I recommend it over any other game system currently available.
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on 18 July 2008
The pink Nintendo DS..

I got a Nintendo DS in december 07,by April 2008 i had sold it on. I really, really wanted one and when i got it was completly addicted to it,perfect for when your partners watching the football! The Games appealed to me and i loved that i could take it anywhere and loved how it looked..but then i started to get bored because the games were too short and easy and i ended up not playing on it because i had completed all the games. I think i found i was too old for it at 20 and it was better for younger children as the games were too easy and childish. I would recommend it for children 100% as its great fun and educational. But if your older and like a bit more of a challenge then you may get bored quickly and feel like theres nothing that will last you a good few months of play time. I bought some games and completed them in the same day which is disapointing when you spend £24.99 on a game. I would highly recommend anyone who does have one to purchase Harvest moon because this is a game which really makes the nintendo ds come into its own.

Overall 8/10
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on 17 November 2006
I have to say I was pleasently suprised as soon as I turned my new Pink DS on! I owned the original version of the DS, and compared the DS Lite is much more sleek and stylish, the screen is so much brighter, but the best thing of all is how much clearer lower screen is.

I was always upset when I bought a new DS game, such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and found that I would be playing mainy through the lower touch sensitive screen. The old DS touch screen seemed to be darker than the top one, with a strange reflective appearence, but the DS Lite touch screen is perfectly clear, just like the top screen. You wouldn't even know that it's touch sensitive.

I found this excellent value for money too. It is a vast improvement on the original DS and there are lots of new titles coming out in the future too. My hubby bought a PSP a long time ago for a lot more money, played 2 of the games which were boring (although best of the bunch at the time) and he's never played it since. The Pink DS Lite seems like the perfect accessory for us gamer girls and it's better, cheaper, and much more fun than the PSP, and has a much wider variety of games. If you're interested in the DS, go for the new DS Lite rather than the original, it's fantastic.
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on 29 October 2006
I have to admit that I'm not a big gamer and purchased this as an early christmas present for my daughter. Anyway, it seems i have become slightly addicted to it after only having it a few hours and my Daughter has not had a look in. I bought the DS Lite in Pink, its gorgeous, its very very "lite" to hold and the graphics are amazing. To newbie gamers, the games may take a bit of getting used to as the stylus is used in some games more than the buttons and for someone who's last console experience was on an was certainly a complicated process for me to learn, but after around five hours of playing "the little mermaid" lol i think ive crack it. (im 30 yrs old btw)

I love the interaction you have using the highly sensitive microphone, for example you have to sing into the microphone and copy the mermaids do ra me's in order to open the treasure chest and then blow into the mic in order to clean the dust of a golden goblet!!! The technology is amazing and the DS is a fantastic console.
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on 15 March 2007
We owned an original Nintendo DS for two years - we bought it right when it released in December 2004. When I first saw the DS Lite at E3 in 2006, I was thrilled. The game great handheld unit design - but lighter! Brighter! Tuned! It really showed that Nintendo had been paying attention to customer feedback during those two years, and had tweaked its unit to be even better than before.

First, the weight. We always *loved* the design of the DS, with its folding top. As PSP owners, I can't tell you how many time that poor PSP screen gets dinged or scratched. We had to buy extra carrying cases for our PSP and get screen protectors. In comparison, the DS's clamshell design means the screen is perfectly protected when you tote it around in your pocket or purse. The only down-side was that it was a bit heavy. With the DS lite, they keep the protection of the clamshell and also lighten up the unit significantly. It really does help a lot.

The screen brightness - with it being *adjustable* - is an incredibly helpful update. Sometimes you're playing outside in very bright light. Sometimes you're playing in full dark, staying awake in bed. There are all levels in between. If you need that brightness, you don't care if you're burning up your battery power. If you do NOT need that brightness, why kill your battery for no reason? Having that ability to adjust really means that your battery works as best as it possibly can.

We play several games that use the microphone, like Brain Age, and it definitely helps to have it in the center. Usually you're holding the unit with both hands, centered on your face. To have your mouth pointed right at the microphone helps out greatly with those games.

In general the DS system is a fantastic handheld gaming system. We have both the DS and PSP and we play both frequently. Many of the games on the DS aren't available on the PSP and are a ton of fun. The Brain Age / Big Brain Academy / similar games stand out as games we enjoy daily. There are many other games that use the DS touch screen extremely well, giving a full interactivity of gameplay. Yes, the PSP has better graphics. It's something that the DS compromised on. They have less detailed graphics, but more interactivity. Both are great for the games they offer. So for example we play flight simulator style games on our PSP, where the high end graphics matter, and we play puzzle / platform / thinking games on the DS, where the interactivity and plot is more key.

I highly recommend the DS Lite for anybody who doesn't have a DS yet - whether you have a PSP or not. It's not an either-or situation. It's like having a stereo and a TV set. They're both great for their own reasons, and most people would enjoy having both.

If you HAVE a Nintendo DS already and are wondering if you should get a Lite, it really depends on how much you use it away from home. The primary benefit here is the lighter carrying weight, smaller size and much better battery life. If you're carrying it in your pocket, purse or backpack every day, I would really recommend getting a Lite. You can always give your original DS away to a friend or relative as a present, or sell it on eBay. The DSs are still in high demand and would be much loved by a new recipient.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2006
Bought this pink DS Lite console for my daughter and she absolutly loves it. The initial set up was easy (for her and me - a novice to these game devices). She was worried that the DS Lite would not work the same as her friends' DS's, but it does, and more.... The screen brightness is excellent, as is the sound; battery life is acceptable. Using the WiFi link to her friends' DS's is excellent too. Bought pink accessories to go with it and it all goes to make it a great little package.
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on 18 October 2007
I've been wanting a pink DS Lite ever since the launch, and my boyfriend recently got it for me. It's the best thing ever, I can have hours of fun on it and it just looks so cool and girly, I love it! New Super Mario Bros was fun to play, but now that I've finished it, Im waiting on my R4 DS, which I heard is a must-have if you've got a Nintendo DS. Since I've had my DS, 3 of my friends have gone out to buy it as well, and I'm getting my boyfriend one for himself.

The colour screens are really bright and the battery life is good, I have my screen resolution on the 3rd setting (there's 4 settings) and I can play up to about 4-5 hours in total on it, then the red battery light will come on. The wireless game modes are a lot of fun, and there's loads of stuff you can buy to customise your DS. I also got the accessory pack for it which came with a matching case, ear phones and in-car charger, so now I practically take my DS everywhere with me =]
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on 11 November 2006
I had the old DS in pink and I sold it so I could buy this one. It was defintely worth it! I love using the touch screen. It is so much fun! The DS Lite is better than the old DS. The screen is a lot brighter and the console itself it is way smaller. The games have brilliant graphics. The Nintendogs game is very good and it is like having your own dogs! I would recommend this brilliant games console to any girl!
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on 21 February 2007
Let me tell you one thing straight, I loathe games consoles. I hate action games. I hate games controllers and messing with all the buttons, they confuse me, I can't deal with them. I hate all consoles from playstation to xbox. With that off my chest I love the DS. I prefer adventure games and slow moving games. On the PC I tend to play point and click action games (like monkey island). I must admit that the DS is VERY easy to use, thus eliminating my propensity to hate all consoles. Animal Crossing and Nintendogs are fab, they are effortless and addictive. The best thing about the DS is the sugar pink (catering for the "princesses" and "primadonas" of this world. I am preious and I admit sue me. I urge all females who want to have an easy and hastle free gaming experience (minus fiddly buttons and a gloating boyfriend who delights in watching you struggle to even move), then this is the console for you. I am strongly thinking of buying brain training, the sims and zoo tycoon (uber girly) and other easy games. That is before I can prize myself away from Animal Crossing....
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on 18 January 2007
ok, i bought the pink DS Lite a few week ago and it's lovely. i love using the stylus and the touch pad. i only have one game so far as im waiting on 2 from amazon and i cant wait to get them. i ordered phoenix wright (i cant wait to play this) and 42 all time classics which looks cool also. i looked everywhere for the pink ds and im glad i found it.

i thought i would regret buying it. i saw my friends little girl's black one she got for christmas and decided it looked cool and i hadnt played on a game for ages so went out on bought one on a whim! i didn't regret it at all. it's brilliant. and it will be better to have 2 more great games to play on. it's so much better looking than the Play Station hand-held and i just think u should get one. now. go on.....
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