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3.7 out of 5 stars19
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2007
Age of Empires is known for being a state-of-the-art real time strategy (RTS) series. And this is the best installment in the series so far. It is well balanced, so all the different kinds of troops has both strengths and weaknesses - which encourages different strategies and styles of play. Just what you wan't from a RTS. The feel is good, and both graphics and sound is stunning. And it has a very rich and interesting storyline for the single player campaign.

I've played it on both Mac and PC, and it translates very well. A clear recommendation for all RTS enthusiasts.
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on 3 August 2008
Let me clear things up here - Age of Empires III is a slightly simplified game when compared to it's predecessor, the Age of Kings, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. It is by far one of my favourite games... the civilizations are balanced and the online is great (and active). It manages to be easy to learn, but hard to master. I have been playing for about 6 months now and have only recently worked out how to properly use the British to their full advantage. Great stuff.


Beautiful graphics
Balanced gameplay
Epic musical score
Challenging online


Online can cut out and disconnect at times
Doesn't use Ensemble Studios Online as in the PC version
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It is perhaps one of Microsoft's crowning achievements in the field of video games. 'Age of Empires' is a series that, like 'Flight Simulator', has continued to expand beyond the early limitations of computer technology and into a field of unprecedented opportunity. This is entirely the case with Age of Empires III - a game that is absolutely a class above everything which preceded it.

With such being the case, faults are hard to elaborate on, and so I'd only be forced to pick on the sometimes unpredictable movement of your battle units. In cramped spaces and areas with rocky/built-up land, your warriors will walk around like headless chickens as they attempt to 'navigate' a small boulder in front of them. Of course, careful planning can avoid this before it gets too bad, but I find it funny to look at more than anything!

Aside from this glitch, the physics are just beautiful for a game that is several years old. It doesn't matter whether your towns people are cutting down trees which shake and fall realistically, or the manner to which your buildings - literally - fall apart in all the right places and right materials from gunfire, its a joy to look at and totally adds to the sense of realism and fun. There is rarely a happier feeling than invading your neighbours territory and watching their buildings 'crumble' apart in all the right ways.

As standard, the game provides feedback for your gameplay with a reward system; the more XP you gain in-game from fighting well or completing tasks, the more opportunities their are for 'shipments' (which provide you with goods whilst in the game). You have the choice of a free play mode that allows you to just set up your game against the computer - ideal if you don't like the story-based principle of gaming and just want to do things your way. From this, you can pick teams, locations and difficulty, so the game is really tailored for you.

Conversely, you can do the normal campaign mode which allows you to compete in an expanding story set across many different levels. I personally don't find this as enjoyable as starting a free play, because you have less control over the narrative and have to wait for the computer to catch up on various tasks.

I play this on my two year old iMac (running OS 10.7 'Lion', Intel Core i5) and it runs flawlessly. I can even set all the graphic options to High and still runs smooth without any kind of lag, although my machine does get very hot... I guess it deserves to be pushed now and again though! If you're concerned about the high prices that third-party sellers (ridiculously) ask, then do scour the web as this game is available to download in full at 2.3GB.

In short, I feel that this is the best Age of Empires game to date and have yet to got bored of it!
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on 29 November 2008
Have played this game for hours on end. Not a big fan of the storyline gameplay but really enjoy the online gameplay. With thousands of players online at any time - there's always someone to play with in your skill level. Sometimes do find problems with getting into gameplay online (maybe internet problems of other players) but nothing serious. At times though, gameplay can get a bit tedious with certain qualities of civilizations (i.e. wall building, super powered special team fighters, etc.)

If you enjoy online gameplay, building civilizations, and fighting with them - this game is for you. Would definitely recommend it to anyone without a doubt.
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on 27 October 2008
I've owned this a while and have all the expansion packs. Its a fun experience and is very addictive. But there a few areas that could have done with some serious work:

Combat is very shallow, the best tactic to win is to simply build a large army as quickly as possible, and rush your opponent. Thats it! Ensemble could've done a lot worse than taken a look at Cossacks (unfortunately not available on Mac) which is a fantastic example of a strategy game set in this era. At least Cossacks allowed for different formations for your troops to take - and if you knew what you were doing - it was quite possible to overcome sheer numbers with the right tactics.

AI has some issues - on maps with islands, or a dividing river, you'll have a couple of attacks early on, but soon the computer controlled players will build an army and then just stay on their island not doing anything. This hasn't been ironed out in any of the expansions either which is just annoying!

I do miss the single player experience of AoE II where the campaigns were loosely based on historical figures (Joan of Arc, Saladin, etc) whereas in this game most (if not all) the campaigns are purely fictional.

Having said all that, the graphics engine is great, with some excellent effects like buildings falling apart under cannon shot (like you'd expect!), and it does tend to take a lot of my free time! I'd love to see AoE II remade with this engine.
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on 3 July 2010
Age of Empires III follows the same pattern as earlier games in the series, you have to build up a town, collect resources such as food, wood and gold, advance through the ages to gain technological boosts and then take the fight to your enemy. As far as that goes it's pretty good and I'd recommend this to people who like real time strategy games. However, there are other real time strategy games I would recommend first, either the Command & Conquer series, Warcraft III or Starcraft are all better games. The problems with this game were that it became somewhat repetitive and the AI was quite poor, making many levels quite easy. While there are a lot of levels in the campaign they didn't take very long each and if you can survive the first few minutes of a level you won't have any further trouble winning that level.

Overall, it's worth buying if you've played the other games I've mentioned and got bored of them.
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on 14 June 2009
I bought this because it is a format of game that I love, and it has really not disappointed me. I guess I am fairly simple to please game wise, and this keeps me amused for hours.

Great game on the Mac
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on 18 March 2008
Well, I must say I was a bit dissapointed with this game.
The graphics have been improved but nothing worth talking about.
The overall game play has also improved but come on, is that the best you can do?
Story line is better than the earlier versions but however is not very moving or creative enough.
If you compair story lines of Warcraft, Starcraft, Command Conquer, this game's story line totally sucks.
I do like the cannons, additional buildings, and cards you can use from your homeland, but the fact you can Modify your home city's image just makes me laugh as to why you would add something so pathetic to a game for.
Completely pointless.
(The more I think about it, I should have spent a bit more and just bought C&C 3)

Out of all the stategy games I play, it is not the worst, but I would rank it in the mid-lower range so I think 3 stars is more than fair enough.

Fast delivery.
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on 29 August 2015
Bought this game for my mac and can't play online due to gameranger not working no more any help with this problem
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on 5 March 2013
Very good game lots of fun for all for many hrs. Lots to do and achive, great if you have time on your hands
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