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3.5 out of 5 stars12
3.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 12 July 2011
On reflection, The Great American Bash could hardly be called a must-see event in the years WWE adopted it for their pay-per-view schedule. Despite two marvellous exceptions (the 2007 and 2008 events), the Bash was mostly a tedious annual show, filled with rubbish matches and little to no outstanding contests that made history.

The 2006 edition unfortunately followed the same trend as previous years, but also, some key superstars (Bobby Lashley, Super Crazy, Great Khali & Mark Henry) were forced off the card due to injuries/health problems, forcing WWE to change their match line-up.

Of course, the end result can't be excused. This year's Bash was mostly disappointing. But there ARE some surprises that make this DVD worth your time.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. The Pit Bulls
London and Kendrick were absolutely phenomenal. Their ELEVEN MONTH reign as Tag Champions was the stuff of legend, because they were both awesome high-fliers, and that they would often give you the best match of the night. This opener is another chapter of their illustrious reign, featuring thrilling offence and blistering action that goes at a high-octane pace. The Kid Kash/Jamie Noble pairing for the revival of the old ECW Pit Bull gimmick was strange yet it worked. Shame they never realised their full potential. (8/10)

United States Championship Match
Finlay (Champion) vs. William Regal
Originally meant to be a triple-threat featuring Bobby Lashley, who unfortunately was sidelined due to elevated enzymes in the liver (a fate that also befell Super Crazy & Great Khali). So instead we had a difficult heel vs. heel collision. Thankfully, these are two of the purest technicians in history, and they wrestle a mat-based story with some stiff brawling and quality action, plus some funny stuff from Hornswoggle. The dead crowd don't appreciate this, though, while JBL's commentary adds to the entertainment. Difficult to rate due to the circumstances and the rare style of wrestling used, but I DID like it. (7/10)

Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy
Originally meant to be a Cruiserweight title defence against the abruptly-sidelined Super Crazy. Nevertheless, we now had a dance between two talented blokes/sparring partners from Carolina, so it was a win-win situation. Could've featured better storytelling, and the finish feels cheap, but it's worth watching. Watch out for the spectacular neck-breaker off the top rope! (7/10)

Punjabi Prison Match
The Undertaker vs. Big Show
This was a first. An uneventful, difficult first. Originally, Khali was meant to be in it, but was hastily written off (again due to ill-health). So that left Taker fighting the (then) ECW World Champion. The Punjabi Prison had never been seen before so people didn't know what to expect, and unfortunately, there were too many rules/obstacles for the gimmick's own good. Not even Taker and Big Show could save this from being a total flop. (3/10)

Four-Way Bra & Panties Match
Ashley vs. Jillian Hall vs. Kristal vs. Michelle McCool
Waste of time, waste of the talents of both Jillian Hall and Michelle McCool. SKIP. (1/10)

Batista vs. Mr Kennedy
Originally, a revenge bout for Batista against Mark Henry who had injured the Animal several months prior. Then ironically, Henry himself got injured before they could square off, with Mr Kennedy stepping in as a replacement. Although there was no history between the Animal and Kennedy, they made history here in a bloody, violent fight that succeeded in elevating both superstars. Batista was absolutely intense and Kennedy was just so crisp. It's a true clash of personalities with gripping psychology and an outcome that makes sense. Okay, so it's essentially a brutal squash...but WHAT a brutal squash! (8/10)

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Rey Mysterio (Champion) vs. King Booker (w/Queen Sharmell)
For those who were dissatisfied with the show until now, this main-event would send fans home happy. Booker T's 2006 King of the Ring triumph would revitalise his WWE career and put him back in the main-event where he BELONGED. Rey Mysterio's title reign suffered from bad booking, yet time and again he showed his worthiness as world champion. It's the same here, as he and Booker put on an absolutely riveting contest. Goes at a fast-pace, tells a fine story and has a shock ending. Match of the night. (9/10)

There're some great special features to be found on this disc, which are an exclusive backstage segment between the Big Show and Paul Heyman (how I miss him!), and (most important) King Booker's victory speech and fantastic rematch with Rey Mysterio from the following addition of SmackDown. Certainly, these are extras that are more valuable than the additional features you get on pay-per-view home releases THESE days.

But let's be honest, if it weren't for the excellent main-event and opening bout, the 2006 Great American Bash would be forgettable, complete with bouts you could easily see on SmackDown. Yes, Batista vs. Mr Kennedy is wicked, and Finlay/Regal and Hardy/Helms are good, but (except for the Batista/Kennedy collision) those are bouts you can see ELSEWHERE, and performed much better. The Punjabi Prison bout is rubbish, and the Divas `bout' is a complete waste of time. The show would have been better off without them.

All in all, an average event. Certainly worth it for King Booker vs. Rey Mysterio, Batista vs. Mr Kennedy and the WWE Tag Title match. But don't worry too much about avoiding this.
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on 12 August 2013
I purchased this this DVD when it was priced at £1.99 so bare that in mind when reading.

I bought The GAB because it was the cheapest new PPV on the market. I thought the matches were, on average, of a decent quality. The stand out matches of the night were Helms vs Hardy, they put on a great show and really worked well with each other and Mysterio vs Booker was a good main event seeing Booker T become the 6 Time World champ. Overall i would give the PPV a solid 4/5.

Also upon opening the case there was a Nice PPV poster worth probably £4-£5 which was a nice surprise!
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on 19 August 2011
Slightly ruined but still a good event with great extras.If Taker had his scheduled revenge match with Kahli and Lashley been allowed to destroy Finlay then this would have been a five star event for sure.good,solid event - buy it.
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on 23 April 2011
Smackdown hosted the third annual Great American Bash pay-per-view, where it was time for the Undertaker & The Great Khali to settle their score inside the brutal Punjabi Prison , whilst Rey Mysterio defends the World Heavyweight Championship against the 2006 KOTR winner and number one contender King Booker.

WWE Great American Bash 2006 Match Ratings:

1. London & Kendrick vs The Pit Bulls (WWE Tag Team Championship) 4/5

Great tag team match up for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Both London & Kendrick always put on a great tag team match with their high flying moves and they successfully defeat the Pit Bulls to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

2. Finlay vs William Regal (WWE United States Championship) 3/5

Originally this match was scheduled to be a triple threat match for the WWE United States Championship, but due to Lashley suffering an injury, the match still went ahead with Finlay going up against William Regal. I have to admit that this was a nice little match between Finlay & Regal, loved some of the fun activity that took place when Hornswoggle made an appearance in the match, but the lucky Irish Finlay successfully retained the WWE United States Championship.

3. Gregory Helms vs Matt Hardy 3/5

Not as good as the match they had at No Mercy, but I think this was a good match, where both Helms & Hardy show their talent to the fans of Smackdown, with Helms picking up a victory over Matt.

4. Undertaker vs Big Show (Punjabi Prison Match) 4/5

Originally scheduled for the Great Khali vs The Undertaker, but instead the Khali was replaced with the ECW Champion the Big Show who was put into the match to face the Undertaker. Both Show & the Undertaker showed the Smackdown fans on how brutal the Punjabi Prison can be, with the Undertaker being the first superstar to win this kind of match.

5. Ashley vs Jillian vs Kristal vs Michelle McCool (Four-Way Bra & Panties Match) 3/5

OMG, to see these four lovely WWE divas, Michelle McCool was really hot back in the day and the match ended with Ashley winning this four-way bra & panties match, nice little divas match.

6. Batista vs Mr Kennedy 3/5

Batista was scheduled to face the man that took him out e.g. Mark Henry, who unfortunately suffered an injury, had to be replaced with the loud mouth Mr Kennedy. I weren't so bothered about this match really, but was good to see Mr Kennedy get his ass whooped by the Animal Batista.

7. Rey Mysterio vs King Booker w Queen Sharmell (World Heavyweight Championship) 4/5

Great one on one match for the World Heavyweight Championship, with King Booker becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. It was a nice one on one match between Mysterio & Booker.

Match Favourite: Rey Mysterio vs King Booker w Queen Sharmell (World Heavyweight Championship)
Bad Match: N/A (couldn't think of one to be honest)

Overall Smackdown did a decent job of putting up a good event for the Smackdown fans.
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on 19 May 2008
The great american bash in its wwe guise hasnt taken off yet,this was the fourth year in a row that the wwe put on,what was once a very reliable wcw pay per view and this event is very poor when compared to the old classics,the event suffered due to key players being ill or injured and taken off the card at the last minute,their replacements went into matches that had no hype and in the end it was all so desperate,the great khali dropped out,as did lashley and mark henry and finally super crazy so the signs werent good,did the matches work,as a whole,no.
The event started well,the wwe tag team championship was up for grabs as teh champs paul london and brian kendrick went up against the pitbulls in a high energy,lively and entertaining match that had the crowd cheering away and forced a good match between these four men,a pleasing way to start proceedings then.
The next match didnt work,it was meant to be lashley against regal and finlay in a triple threat for the united states championship so with lashley gone it became one on one with two friends going for it,this match was dull and dishwater like,the crowd chante3d boring,jbl in commentary oversold this match and how good it was,he lied to us,this wasnt good at all,so boring in truth.
Next up was the cruiserweight title,the champ greg helms was meant to fight super crazy but due to liver problems he was replaced by matt hardy,this match started well and then got dull and i kinda lost interest,there were some good moves but nothing that will force you to watch this over and over again.
A punjabi prison match was next,and the idea was the great khali,this was his kinda match,tailor made for him,and yet he wasnt in it,he had liver problems as well,so they didnt let us know this,we saw khali and then he was replaced by big show for no real reason giving yet another match with no hype,this match was again ok at first,interesting almost but then it started to rot and i got bored,dear,dear,dear.
A fatal four way bra and panties match with the divas was up next and failed to start any fires,not good,next up was a match with little history either,batista was meant to fight mark henry,he bust his knee so mr.kennedyy stepped up to bat so to speak,this match was good and very violent but shock horror,it also got boring,few events have ever had matches like this before.
The main event was next,the champ rey mysterio went up against king booker in a good main event,thank the stars above then,this was fought at a good pace,had good aggression and a controversial ending,but this match alone couldnt save this event,vince mcmahon would surely wish he could have avoided this and in truth you as a viewer could follow the same trait,1.5 stars out of 5.
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on 25 December 2014
this was a present and was well liked
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on 13 September 2014
Great product, super fast delivery!!!
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on 1 January 2007
Tag Team Championship

Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs The Pitbulls (Kid Kash and Jamie Noble)

This match was fast paced and back and forth (with a really dropkick from jamie noble to paul london hitty out of the ring)4.5/5

Matt Hardy vs Gregory Helms

Solid matchup, a shame the cruiserweight CHampionship wasent on the line. 3.5/5

United States Championship

Finley vs William Regal

This match was originally meant to be a triple threat involving bobby lashley but he was out due to liver problems. The match was quite brutal and had a fair bit of technical wrestling. 3.5/5

Punjabi Prison Match

Undertaker vs Big Show

Once again another wrestler in the Great Khali was removed from this match due to liver problems and replaced with the big show. It was a cool variation on a cage and there where some good moves by both guys. Although it was a poor ending in my opinion. 4/5

Batista vs Mr Kennedy

A little bit of a squash match with kennedy only getting a few moves in. Kennedyt replaced mark henry agter henry hut his leg at staruday nights main event. Overall an ok match. 2.5/5

Fatal 4 Way Bra and Panties

Ashley vs Jillian vs Kristal vs Michelle

As far as Diva matches go this wasent bad so for a divas match it gets 3.5/5

World Heavyweight Championship

Rey Mysterio vs King Booker

I really enjoyed this match as it was faced paced and both have quite distince styyles that i think worked well together. A slightyly predictable ending but definatly the best match of the nigh. 4.5/5

Overall i give this event 4/5 and i think it could have been 5/5 if the inguries had not takedn place. This was certainly better than the two previous bashes.
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on 5 January 2015
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on 14 December 2006
WWE got the formula right this year. The past two GAB's were tripe, then the worst happened - 4 (that's right), 4 wrestlers had to be taken off of the show just from as little as 2 weeks to 3 days before the show due to illness - it mucked up the ENTIRE PPV. Lashley, Crazy and Khali had weird Liver Enzymes or something, and Mark Henry, being the blob that he is, basically mucks up his leg big time. Anyway, my rundown of the card:

WWE Tag Team Championship:

London and Kendrick vs Pitbulls - 7.5/10

This was an awesome way to start the PPV and it was fast paced and IMO Kendrick and London's best match to date

WWE US Championship:

Original Plan ~ Lashley vs Regal vs Finlay

New Plan ~ Regal vs Finlay - 6.5/10

I would love to have a Regal and Finlay sort of "run" but, i know I can't blame the crowd for chanting stuff, and "boring" throughout the entire match because they were visibly peeved that Lashley was taken out, but it literally ruined the entire match, and it dosen't help that Finlay and Regal were both heels which dosen't always work 1 on 1, but altogether a rough and technical match which I personally enjoyed. I would've muted the TV but I like JBL's commentary.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Original Plan ~ Gregory Helms vs Super Crazy

New Plan ~ (Non-Title) Gregory Helms vs Matt Hardy - 5/10

I don't care for these two wrestling. Greg is the man, but I've literally seen this 1000 times since then.

Punjabi Prison Match:

Original Plan ~ The Undertaker vs The Great Khali

New Plan ~ The Undertaker vs The Big Show - 3/10

Not a pretty match, and a unique idea which dosent work. There would've been major heat in the match with Khali, but it would've been worse because he can't wrestle, unlike Big Show, since he can (kinda)

Fatal 4 Way Bra and Panties Match:

Diva vs Diva vs Diva vs Diva - N/A

Meh, bra and panties, I got what I expected

Original Plan ~ Batista vs Mark Henry

New Plan ~ Batista vs Mr Kennedy

I seriously didn't care about this match. It would've been way better with Henry, but Kennedy and Dave have zero heat. It's just an average match, with a lot of blood

World Heavyweight Championship:

Rey Mysterio vs King Booker - 8/10

Good match, with a naff ending. ALL HAIL!

Overall, it was going to be better, but at least they (WWE) care about their athletes a little bit. It won't be bought much, but I say it's worth it for a sort of decent event.
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