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4.7 out of 5 stars44
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 1 October 2006
Season 7 of Seinfeld is the last to feature the talents of head writer and series co-creator Larry David, who would go on to find equal critical acclaim in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Therefore, this is a must buy for Seinfeld fans, as while season's 8 and 9 contain great episodes and moments, they lack the bite that Larry David's fevered imagination provided the show.

In season 7, the main subplot is the engagement of ne'er do well George Costanza to ex-girlfriend Susan, a woman whom he accidently got fired from her job at NBC and converted to lesbianism. The impending marriage of this odd couple provides some genius moments, and the show's finale, "The Invitations", contains a surprise twist that provoked controversy when it was first broadcast. There are some standout episodes that have to be seen, including "The Doll", "The Wink" and classic "The Soup Nazi", and, as usual, the rogues' gallery of supporting characters, from Newman and Frank Costanza, to Kenny Bania and J.Peterman, make scene-stealing appearances. The DVD comes jam-packed with special features, including commentaries, deleted scenes, 'notes about nothing', documentaries and the 'Seinimation' segments.
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on 2 April 2007
Series 7 has one of the strongest starts of any Seinfeld series - the first five episodes are classics, and in fact critically acclaimed episode 6, The Soup Nazi, is actually quite disappointing in comparison.

As always, the mix of characters is the key here - George's anxiety is upped a notch with his impulsive engagement, and works brilliantly against the relaxed Jerry; Elaine is back on form as a confident woman - deciding whether her date is "spongeworthy" - and there are some great set pieces with Kramer, particularly the sequence of events that end in him striding down the street in classic pimp outfit.

The production of the DVD is first class as usual, with 'Inside Looks', commentaries and deleted scenes for most episodes, along with docs and bloopers. There's one problem: the Inside Look for episode 1 does give away the (brilliant) ending of the series, as it assumes you've already watched it on TV - but that aside this is intelligent, clever, well written and often genre-pushing comedy at its best.
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on 30 December 2006
I'm a massive Seinfeld fan and already own all the box sets released so far so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this edition and it's exclusive CD of stand up material. Of course the DVDs are brilliant. This is one of the greatest ever seasons. However I have deducted a star because of the CD. I feel somewhat cheated by Amazon on this as it merely contains an audio track comprising of Jerry's stand up material from the previous seasons. So Amazon have sold me something i already own as an "Exclusive". Don't bother with this edition. Save yourself a fiver and buy the regular box set without the "exclusive free cd".
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on 1 October 2006
This was the final season with Larry David (from Curb Your Enthusiasm), and alongside season 8 this is regarded by many as the pinnacle of the Seinfeld series. There are many superb episodes here such as the Soup Nazi but the season is most noteworthy for the consistently high standard of the episodes. That said, the most controversial episode still doesn't sit too well, with the death of George's fiance treated quite indifferently by the characters. Its quite groundbreaking for a primetime sitcom (although technically Seinfeld was not a sitcom but a series of comedy specials,) but personally the episode is probably a step too far. But as far being a great comedy this season in particular has no low points; every single episode is hilarious.

As with all Seinfeld DVD releases you get a documentary about the show, bloopers, commentaries on certain episodes, unreleseased standup by Mr Seinfeld himself and for many episodes the "inside look", which is a 2-3 minute interview with cast memebers or writers about the actual episode. Also all of the episodes are uncut, meaning that they are slightly longer than the ones that are broadcast on TV (though to be honest I haven't noticed any real differences between the DVD episodes and the aired ones.) If you want to find out even more there are 'notes about nothing' for each episode, which can be turned on to appear on the screen while episodes are playing.

The episodes this season are;

1 the engagement (George gets engaged while Elaine and Kramer kidnap a dog)

2 the postponement

3 the maestro

4 the wink

5 the hot tub

6 the soup nazi

7 the secret code

8 the pool guy

9 the sponge

10 the gum

11 the rye (with the magical horse rusty, and George's stealing parents)

12 the caddy

13 the seven

14 the cadillac (part 1)

15 the cadillac (part 2)

16 the shower head

17 the doll

18 the friar's club

19 the wig master (Kramer wearing the technicolour dreamcoat and being wrongly arrested for being a pimp)

20 the calzone

21 the bottle deposit

22 the bottle deposit

23 the wait out

24 the invitations

thats 24 episodes of comedy gold and it doesn't get much better than this. If you even remotely like comedies or want to see how clever and funny US shows can be (take note Friends) you need to buy this. If you like Seinfeld this is easily one of the best seasons, and its both funny and clever. And unlike most US sitcoms this is not a drama or soap (again take note Friends) and you won't be subjected to any cheesy 'heartwarming' scenes. The characters aren't really that nice, but they are funny and thats what its all about.
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on 14 July 2011
Season 7 of Seinfeld was the last season on which Larry David worked, and it's not hard to spot that he was tiring of the grind, and perhaps running out of ideas. The number of classic episodes compared with seasons 3-6 are noticeably down - the only real classics this time out are The Engagement, The Soup Nazi, The Wait Out and The Invitations (which must surely be the most outrageous episode of any mainstream sitcom - and the look on George's face when he's told of Susan's end the most infamous Seinfeld moment).

Despite the drop in quality season 7 does have one huge plus: George's engagement. Watching George squirm, panic and scheme to get out of the hole in which he's found himself is pure joy. It makes the season.

After The Invitations Larry David would leave the show, and it would never be quite the same again. George in particular would lose much of his edge. Still, Larry gave the show 7 seasons - and those seasons will go down in history as the benchmark against which all others sitcoms must be judged... and those others will inevitably fall short.
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on 6 December 2012
I remember by the time that the seventh season of Seinfeld had ended, some critics were complaining that the show had gotten too dark. By the finale, "The Invitations," they thought the characters had turned a corner and there was no coming back. Human life had no value, death was just another punchline.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. With Larry David at the helm, this shift in tone was not just a whim. The idea is put on the table in the opening episode, "The Engagement." In a rare moment of self-awareness, Jerry begins to question his life. Is it enough to go through a string of women, never staying with one for long, never committing to anything? He and George make a pact to get serious about their lives, to grow up and look to the future. Of course, this plan goes awry. Kramer quickly talks Jerry out of giving up his freedom for the prison of a stable life, but no one stops George from running off to find Susan Ross and asking her to marry him.

Seinfeld spent its first six seasons tearing into the rest of the populace for its idiosyncrasies and what the core cast saw as faults. In Season 6's "The Face Painter," Elaine says to Jerry, "I will never understand people," and he replies, "They're the worst." This is Seinfeld summed up in two lines. Though we have been laughing all along, we've largely been laughing with Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. In Season 7, Larry David decides that we should be laughing at them. Now all of their obsessions and peculiar ideas will be seen as their downfall. Jerry's reasons for dumping his girlfriends will grow more and more ridiculous, and though Elaine will also make claims to wanting a better life, her need to judge men on whether or not they are "sponge-worthy" makes her as updateable as Jerry.

Susan Ross ends up providing the main counterpoint against the Seinfeld-centered world. In "The Pool Guy," George begins to disintegrate when Elaine tries to bring Susan in the circle. George points out that there are now two of him: Independent George and Relationship George. If the two ever meet, he fears that Relationship George will devour the Independent version, who gets to do all the things that relationships usually put a stop to. What George doesn't count on is that Susan will find that independent world as crass and would rather stay out of it than interrupt it.

Many of the stories will feature George trying to navigate these two worlds, and when he does, it sheds more of a light on the others. The nature of secrets and shared information, for instance, are subjects of both "The Secret Code" and "The Sponge." Plus, there is the disastrous meeting of the in-laws in "The Rye."

Not that Season 7 is only about George's engagement, even if it does take us from the premiere to the finale. We get more outrageous schemes, like kidnapping the dog that annoys Elaine by barking through the night, as well as Newman and Kramer trying to make a fortune from bottle deposits. We meet the Soup Nazi, homosexual thugs who terrorize Kramer, and a creepy doll who looks like Estelle Costanza. Even if the flavor is a little more bitter this year, it's still plenty hilarious.

It was also to be Larry David's last season. Would we have wanted him to leave under any less shocking circumstances?

EPISODES: * The Engagement * The Postponement (Audio commentary by Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus) * The Maestro * The Wink * The Hot Tub * The Soup Nazi (Jerry Seinfeld, director Andy Ackerman, and writer Spike Fersten) * The Secret Code (writers Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer) * The Pool Guy (Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Ackerman, and writer David Mandel) * The Sponge (writer Peter Mehlman) * The Gum (writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross) * The Rye * The Caddy * The Seven * The Cadillac, Parts 1 & 2 * The Shower Head (Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus) * The Doll (writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross) * The Friars Club (writer Dave Mandel) * The Wig Master * The Calzone (Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Ackerman, writers Berg and Schaffer) * The Bottle Deposit, Parts 1 & 2 * The Wait Out * The Invitations
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on 3 September 2009
Hi, I'm from Portugal and I bought this product and it's perfect but here was one thing that I was scare about before I purchased it. The missing details on subtitles. This item has almost 15 subtitles (Potugueses included) but theres nothing on the page of the product that says that. This time I was lucky. Please AMAZON, try to put the subtitles details on the products. Not everybody is from an English language country. We need to know if the products have subtitles of our language.
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on 21 April 2014
The 7th season of Seinfeld would end up being writer Larry David's last on the show (though he would later return to help write the finale episode) and so he was determined to go out with a bang. Now while Season 7 may not be the best season of Seinfeld, it is definitely a worthy season and a big step up from Season 6.

Like Season 4, this season features an entire story arc which sees George become engaged to former girlfriend Susan, who was ironically he girlfriend from Season 4. However, George quickly starts to regret the decision and is constantly trying to figure a way to get out of it without success. But will he get out of it by the season finale?

The one flaw I found with this season is noticing how Eliane had become a lot more bitchy, whether it would be loosing her temper at barking dogs or her unwillingness to waste any of her sponges or any man she doesn't consider 'sponge worthy'.

However, the show is still as funny as ever featuring such classics as 'The Soup Nazi', 'The Sponge' and the highly controversial season finale in 'The Invitations'.
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on 9 December 2009
This was the last season of Larry David's direct involvement with Seinfeld and he certainly goes out with a bang. Classic episodes which bring laughter again and again include 'the postponement' (George attempts to retract his engagement proposal), 'the wink' (a squirt of grapefruit juice in George's eye leads to his sincerity being questioned), 'the soup nazi' (Seinfeld has to choose between soup and his girlfriend 'schmoopie'), 'the rye' (George and Susan's parents meet for the first time), 'the seven' (George announces he wants to call his first child seven, then comes up with a better name) or 'the doll' (Susan has a doll which looks exactly like George's mother). I could have mentioned every episode - the most amazing aspect of this seventh season is that it is so consistently funny, without a duff moment. Absolute comedy genius!
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on 25 March 2009
I'm working my way through Seinfeld and have just today bought the last season (or series as I remember they used to be called before everything got all 'americanized').

I'm up to 'series' 7 and am at the point that I remember watching when Seinfeld was on telly years ago (BBC 2 I think it was). I missed the majority of the first 6 'series' for one reason or another and to the best of my knowledge they were never repeated, so what a joy it was to find they were getting a DVD release.

So, as I say I'm up to 'series' 7 and this 'series' includes one of my all time favourite episodes... 'The Soup Nazi'.

The entire cast is on top form here and the script is as sharp as they come.

Comedy gold.
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