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on 15 June 2009
If you like (or want) a projection clock I can recommend this. The fact that it has two alarms; making it un-necessary to change the weekly alarm time (in my case); is most useful.

The colour changing facility is good and easy to turn on and off. The single colour default mode is blue and I found the blue projection makes the room a littler lighter than I would like but I have found that if you switch the multicolour projection off when it is the colour of your choice (red in my case - clear but does not light up the room) it will stay that colour.

The fact that it is radio controlled too is mighty useful given that we cannot resist mucking about with the time winter and summer.

All in all I would recommend this clock and would buy the same clock again.
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on 10 October 2009
when it is on blue it is just bright enough to see if you nead to get up in the night, if it is on any other colour it will not disturb you but it is easy to read the time where ever you project it too.Ie. Wall or celing.
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on 28 October 2010
Just returned this - should have read all the reviews carefully. The clock is almost good - but has two fundamental flaws - when switched to continuous projection on the roof/wall the LCD backlight is also continuously on - not only is this useless - you already have the time projected onto the roof/wall - it also lights up the room - even when set to the dullest colour (red). Second flaw is that having set to the dullest colour (red)- every hour the clock switches to the brightest colour (blue) for some 4 minutes - which is a feature of it syncing up with the radio controlled atomic clock. You can pretty much read a book when it switches to blue. If you like to sleep with a child night light on, or have the disco effect hourly then this is for you - if you like to sleep in the dark look somewhere else.
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on 22 March 2010
Althought this product is a bit pricy it is definately worth it. The display is very clear and is also very easy to use. I also like the different colour displays on it and also the dual alarm facility available. I will definately encourage people to buy this item.
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on 16 November 2010
I've had this clock for three and a half years and it's still going strong! The reviewers who complained about the blue light being rather bright are correct, although I don't find it disturbingly bright and always set my clock to show this colour over the others (even though the red is more clear, I prefer the nice blue colour). The fact it's radio-controlled is a bonus, not having to faff about changing a clock when daylight savings kicks is fab! The thermometer seems to be pretty accurate, useful that you can change it from degrees C to F. I can't comment on the alarm function, as I always use the alarm on my phone, so don't have a need for the clock alarm. All in all, a lovely clock, when it finally gives up the ghost, I'll buy another just the same (if they're still making them by then!)!
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on 28 June 2009
The clock is easy to setup and the projection function is configurable to allow legible display on the ceiling or wall. The colour changing function is a useless gimmick because all of the colours except red render poorly on the projected display. However, you can easily fix the colour to red. My biggest gripe is that the clock face features horrible backlighting making it difficult to read from more than a couple of metres away (of course if the clock is right next to your bed you're ok). This means that you can tell the time at night - it's clearly projected, but by early morning when the daylight obscures the projection you have to get out of bed to see what the time is!
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on 19 February 2010
It is a very good buy, the coulors (red, green, blue) are very good. If you like a dark room, you should keep it on red, if you like a light room, go on either green or blue, all though I did find the blue hard to read, I wouldn't recommend the colours on a loop as they make your room go a whole variation of colours and it gets quite annoying. I have had mine for a bout three and a half years and the projector still works, but the time isn't displayed anymore, it's just a box of colour, it's also satallite so it has the correct time all the time and it changes it self, but it stays at your home time when your abroad.
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on 3 February 2010
This is my second projecting alarm clock. I had to take a hammer to the first one (an Oregon Scientific Radio Projection Alarm Clock RRA320P) as it was the most badly designed thing I've ever owned.

This one is far better, but loses as star for it's gimmiky and pointless default mode of cycling between colours (luckily you can turn that off, but you have to do it by hand every time you turn it on). It also suffers from the fact that when it's projecting, the facia also illuminates and you can't turn it off, which is fairly pointless too, and means that it lights up the room a bit too much.

Otherwise, it's fine and I've had no problems.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 7 January 2013
I've had one of these for two years now and it has stood me in great stead. Any cold, wet and miserable morning when I would much prefer to stay under my duvet, I can always rely upon this clock to completely ruin my day. But that is a good thing. Not every gadget can live a glamorous life, where people are overjoyed to spend time with it. Some of them are doomed to spend their days being sworn at and cursed, simply for doing their job. A bit like being a traffic warden I suppose.

I quite like the fact that the projection is so prominent in an otherwise dark bedroom. There is nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night and being able to perform a quick, and rather favourable, mental calculation as to how long you still have to lie there and perform your calculations. A top tip for the gentlemen though, if you're planning on 'entertaining' anybody under the watchful glare of this gizmo you'd better have a long list of boring details ready with which to distract yourself at any crucial moments. You don't want to be beginning and ending any mixed-company bedroom manoeuvres too rapidly, not when there is proof of your inadequacies writ large and laughing at you from the ceiling directly over your shoulder. On the other hand of course, it does give you ladies something pretty to concentrate on while wishing you were anywhere else in this universe.

If the lights annoy you, you can always ditch the mains plug and revert to battery-power. Although I did that once and was astonished to discover that the clock had transported itself back to the year 2000. Only for half an hour mind you but even the thought of Tony Blair being in government again, even for half an hour, quite chilled my blood. I'm not quite sure whether this time travel element to the machine might mean setting the alarm in one century and waking up in another. It's worth thinking about though.

One last positive as far as this clock is concerned is the amazing effect it has on dogs - a little Westie of my acquaintance, for example. He thinks nothing of chasing the clock projection around a darkened room for, literally, hours. In fact you don't even have to move it, you just need to hold it. That's not quite as dull as it may sound, not when you can justify your generosity to another creature by bunging on a DVD box-set, breaking open a Babycham and catching up on the sleep that this gadget cruelly manages to steal from you every morning. Everyone's a winner.
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on 1 September 2014
I've had this clock since 2007, got it for £25 (still more than it's worth) and yes it has survived until now, but most clocks tend to (my old alarm clock, a Sofa Calendar Clock, is from 2001 and is still going strong), so this is nothing special IMO.

I say it's "survived", but it hasn't really: all the buttons require hard/multiple presses to get it to work, most of them also become stuck after pressing (most annoying for the centre /- button, which usually causes the wrong button to be pressed), the projector's LCD has broken so now only 1/4 of the LCD lines actually light up, and if it's jarred then the beeper goes very quiet.

Even when it worked fine, it was rife with design flaws. See other users' problems with the backlight being constantly on when the projector is on. Red is the only usable colour or it lights up the whole room, and when it syncs up with an atomic clock which it does every hour for 5-ish minutes, it reverts to blue, the brightest colour. The projector can also only be constantly on when the alarm clock is plugged in

The alarm is also annoying. Not the standard 4 beeps we all know, but Alarm 1 just beeps once for about 20 seconds, then twice for 20 seconds, then 4 times for a while, then after that it just goes BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP for at least 5 minutes. Alarm 2 is 3 beeps and doesn't seem to go into full-beep mode, so maybe this one is better. Snooze is only 4 minutes for each one though, and I don't think this can be changed.

It would get an extra star if the design has even slightly changed in the past 6-7 years but it seems to be the same old tat I bought a while ago. Now looking for a new alarm clock so I thought I'd write this review: although it'll be alright for the first 2 years if you can put up with the design flaws, the buttons and projector quickly play up, so I can't recommend it.
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