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3.1 out of 5 stars103
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 May 2010
To be honest, just watch it. It's eye candy, it's escapist, it's science fiction.
Don't try to read too much into the plot, the visuals, the characters. Just slam it into the player, sit back, and ENJOY IT!

Unless someone is paying you real money to write reviews that purport to plumb the depths of what the director meant, what the actors were trying to express, what comment about modern society was intended, then don't try to analyse it. It was made to earn money by entertaining people, full stop.

Alternatively, don't buy it, don't watch it, but above all spare us your angst.

Personally, I liked it. Action, sci fi, nice sets, undemanding storyline. Go for it.
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on 6 March 2008
I feel this film has been unfairly hammered in reviews. Yes the story isn't going to win any Oscars, so if thats what your looking for then give this film a miss; you'll save yourself some grief, and spare this film more bad reviews.

However if you love watching a barely clad Milla taking down bad guys a dozen at a time, while still having time to make sure her outfit matches her mood, then this movie is for you. As an added bonus their are loads of cool gizmos in this movie which should appeal to any sci-fi nerds out there, like me.

My only real criticism is that quite a few of the CG scenes (especially the city shots) where clearly done on a low budget, and the blu-ray version really highlights the poor quality of some of the renderings. If you have bothered to actually read this review all the way to the end, then i'll be honest and say its not worth 5 stars but i think the movie needs some affirmative action in its ratings, and providing you like this genre you'll get a kick out of it.
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This is a pretty cool movie and all, but at some point you just have to pause and say, "Huh?" To borrow a phrase from the great and wise Ricky Ricardo, this movie has some 'splainin' to do. Heaven knows I love watching a young woman kick butt every which way from Sunday, and there's nothing sexier than the bare midriff look Milla Jovovich has going throughout this film, but -- and maybe I'm old-fashioned -- I sort of expect a movie to explain at least a few of its most unusual facets. For example, our heroine in this film can pull weapons out of thin air, make her hair and clothes change colors on a whim, and has no respect for the concept of gravity. All I know about her is that she was a normal human being who caught an engineered virus that turned her into a hemophage, died and was restored to life for further testing, and then escaped. I can buy into the whole heightened senses thing, but how this allows her to morph and avoid hails of bullets fired directly at her is quite beyond me. While I'm at it, let me also say that the central storyline has more cracks in it than, uh, something full of cracks. The ending is pure deus ex machina squared.

The movie starts off great, though. I really liked the comic book montage style of the opening credits, and the film itself wastes no time in throwing Violet (Milla Jovovich) up against hordes of bad guys trying to kill her. The point of her initial, solo raid is to steal a new weapon the humans have designed, a weapon supposedly capable of wiping out Violet and all of her fellow hemophages. Said weapon turns out to be unlike anything you would expect, and Violet's decision to protect it rather than destroy it sets the stage for the remainder of the film. Her hemophage allies want the weapon either brought to them or destroyed, Vice Cardinal Ferdinand Daxus (Nick Chinlund), the weapon's creator and all-around power-hungry tyrant, wants it back, and Violet has to forge her own path through all this mess.

Obviously, the filmmakers just wanted to show ninety minutes of Milla Jovovich doing what she does best, and the plot they threw together is really just a means to that end. The basic storyline is easy enough to follow, but far too many of its details go unexplained. As for the special effects and fight scenes, there's some really gnarly stuff on display here, but a lot of the CGI work is just overkill. Additionally, the cameramen are like kids with a new toy as they experiment with every angle known to man.

Despite its inherent weaknesses, though, I really enjoyed the first hour or so of this film -- and then the novelty of all the fast and furious action wore off, leaving me to wade through another half hour of a pretty slippery and generally unimpressive story. Even the action goes downhill as the climax approaches, as too many of Violet's fights prove to be laughably easy ' and accompanied by incredibly cliché dialogue. The bottom line is this: Ultraviolet will definitely get your blood pumping, but it inevitably puts your brain cells on standby.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2007
Before i put this film in the DVD player I turned to one of the people with me and said " this film is going to be absolutley terrible with some good fight and action scenes". I was right.

The acting in this film is very mediocre with the exception of Cameron Bright as six who plays his part very well. Milla Jovovich gives the same performance in this as she does in the resident evil films (playing a sexy woman who kicks a lot of ass).

The storyline is very predictable and does not really set itself apart from the crowd. The heamophages have the super strength and speed of vampires and the pointy teeth but for the most part seem not to be bothered about daylight or drinking human blood, basically they seem to have all the strengths and none of the weaknesses. One problem i had was that with the Haemophages being so much quicker and stronger than regular humans why wasn't it the humans on the brink of extinction?

The fight scenes are fun to watch and very reminisent of Kurt Wimmers earlier film Equilibrium.

with this film you have to watch it for what it is if you want to enjoy it. If you want great acting or great plot dont bother if you just want a bit of eye candy wioth minimal brain use needed this is the film for you!
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on 28 January 2016
I don't often leave an unsolicited review, but this came up on my recommended for you tag and my blood boiled.
For years I had heard the phrase "well, that's an hour of my life I'll never get back" without understanding what it meant. Ever hour is an hour we'll never get back and as long as you are experiencing something new then you can't be said to be wasting any moment.
Then my flat mate asked me to come with him to see this steaming pile of bovine waste.
I sat there, feeling myself get older, skin cells die and be renewed and the world grind along it's lumbering orbital path.
This film is a thief of your life. It says nothing good or worthwhile, it won't make you think new thoughts and even the action is too broken up and disjointed for the flashy special effects or lacklustre acting to save.
This was exactly what it was; a vehicle for Milla Jovovich as she shot to a brief moment of superstardom and it is honour of my childhood crush on same that I have given this film it's one star (which is three stars more than it deserves).
Avoid this film.
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2006
The subject of very bad reviews, I was not particularly keen to see this film. Having actually seen the film, I agree that there are too many fight sequences, to the point that you could be in a PS2 game. These sequences are at times too drawn out and some become predictable and tedious....

Also the plot could have been better developed too.

So what is good about the film?

Set in the future, the world is in the midst of a war between humans and people infected with a vampire like virus which gives them superhuman skills.

Milla Jovovich is actually quite good in the ambiguous lead role. She has fled the laboratory that infected her with the Hemomphage virus which resulted in the death of her unborn child. Now embittered and angry with Humanity, she has become a lethal assassin for the Hemophage movement.

However, her stance is turned upside down when she encounters a laboratory bred, nine year old boy. Well played by Cameron Bright, he is a vessel for a virus that could threaten Hemophages or Humanity. Both sides want to get hold of him. In scenes reminiscent of John Cassavates 'Gloria', this boy's plight cuts through Ultraviolet's cynical exterior and awakens her maternal instincts, and she goes on the run with him, trying to protect him from her fellow Hemophages and the security forces of Humanity's dictator.

She and Bright develop a convincing and sympathetic relationship while on the run, and just like Gloria, this enhances and underscores the moments of danger and peril

The sets are superb and give the film real atmosphere at times, I believe that Shanghai was largely used as the location.

See the film for what it is - undemanding but entertaining Sci Fi.
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on 2 September 2012
ULTRAVIOLET is a stylish,highly visual, action-packed and fast moving blokes movie.

Unfortunately it has a hackneyed plot [read the other 70+ reviews here for detailed plot] and lacks much depth.

It really is a movie for blokes with beer; lovely Milla Jovovich plays a sort of female futuristic COMMANDO-type, despatching enemies at every turn, in what is essentially one long chase scene that lasts most of the movie. There is loads of action, and its really quite fun to watch.

The setting of the future [2076] is very techno and very intruiging, but is left largely unexplored. It all looks very nice, but is just a bit flat, lacking much substance.

Its a Ferrari with a chocolate engine, a movie not a film, a good 'turn-your-brain-off' bit of spiky entertainment, but an extra half an hour to flesh out the world, story and characters could have made it into a minor classic.
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on 27 January 2008
i think this is the sort of film you have to watch several times to get the hang off and appreciate because it is very fast paced.
The film itself didn't do too well because of it's resemblance to Aeon Flux but i think this is better because of the fast fighting scenes of gun kata, while the story takes a while to comprehend the special effects and choreographed scenes are absolutely incredible, the acting is not fantastic however there is a very emotional scene in playground with Violet and six. Once you get your head round it, i think this film is well worth watching!!
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on 25 July 2014
Resident evil meets Underworld, good special effects, Milla Jovovich in many tight outfits, great action sequences and a storyline that takes a bit of following but good sci-fi fare.
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on 27 March 2014
Milla Jovovich is my favourite female kick ass character. The fight scenes are my where my fangirl moments go into overload. A lot of different ways to kill c;
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