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on 28 April 2008
As other reviews have mentioned, this is NOT a full expansion pack, but a cd which will install 60 new items into your Sims game. You will then require the Glamour Life CD to run the game from then on.
If you like new stuff and more choice for building houses and making Sims, then this is for you. If you're more interested in new gameplay features (new neighbourhood features, social interactions, past times etc) then you are better off with one of the full expansion packs.

The reason I have only given this three stars is down to a simple lack of info on the part of EA. I believe there is a certain order that you need to install these stuff packs in, but nothing is mentioned about this in the instructions.
I installed Glamour Life BEFORE I installed the Open For Business expansion pack. I noticed that certain features that require Open For Business have been included (but were inactive) when I installed Glamour Life.
So then I installed Open for Business on top of Glamour Life, only to find that the new installation was asking for the Glamour Life CD in order to run, instead of the Open for Business CD. In fact, neither installation would run at all, as each one was asking for a different CD when I tried to run it!
Confused? I was.
I had to uninstall both expansions and revert to previous savegames, and then install Open for Business first. Kind of annoying - and only lucky that I hadn't done much with Glamour Life before deciding to try and install Open for Business - otherwise I could have lost a whole load of progress!
So just watch out for this if you do buy this stuff pack!
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on 20 November 2006
The Sims series is known for the inventive and compulsive way in which it milks the cash-cow dry of every last drop. In the case of The Sims 2, this means not only barrage of expansion packs (which, so far, have all actually been rather good), but Stuff packs. Basically, they locked one of the developers in an office for a couple of weeks, told him to create some content that generally followed a theme without messing around with the game mechanics, then sold it for a huge mark-up. 60 new items, clothes, wallpapers and floors. That's it. What constitutes just a fraction of what makes up a full expansion pack (which makes major changes to what you can do in the game and where you can go) is sold for more than half the price of a full expansion pack; 20% of the effort, yet 70% of the profit. Yes it is a sickening testament to the saturation of capitalism within the modern social structure.

But, unfortunately, the stuff is good. This particular set caught my eye because of the complete new modern-style (which is actually more art nouveau, but never mind) bedroom set. So far, the biggest downfall in the Sims is that hardly anything matches. Railings don't match banisters, stairs don't match floors, floors clash with walls and ceiling lights just don't go with anything. Finally, we could create a bedroom that was not only uniform in its style AND colour scheme, but actually looked good too (yet still, the ceiling lights didn't match a darn thing). Also, the clothes are great Long, elegant dresses for the women and smart shirts and suits for the men. No more plaid shorts and sandals!

Also, other reviewers have made the arguments that there is a whole internet of user-made content out there. True, but many of the people who play The Sims are not the types to go sifting through page after page of user-made content, let alone know how to find any. Also, except for rare exceptions, user-made content is, unfortunately a far cry from the level of quality and polish that is provided by the official content. The custom textures and/or mesh are usually poor, at best; the item will have no kind of unique secription, will not work properly, the sims' interaction animations won't look right, or it will be placed in the wrong section of the catalogue. Believe me, I have a hard drive full of downloaded content, and - not even considering the HUGE extra loading time all custom content lumps onto the initial load and all menu loads, there are very few items that I could say truly match Maxis original quality. Plus, most of these items require at least a couple of the expansion packs to work anyway.

So, user-made content is fine, but it doesn't hold a candle to what is officially released. It's a shame that EA see the game as little more than a money-machine (kind of like the aspiration reward found in the game, actually), but on the flip-side, their hunger for profits mean that we end up with more stuff then ever...
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on 13 January 2007
I don't usually bother to write reviews (although I do read other peoples). I was reading the reviews on this Stuff Pack for Sims 2 and thought that they were a bit harsh. It's not as bad as some of the reviews make out.

You not only get the 60 new objects, but there's some new interactions and new reward objects too, and there's 'chemistry' which I really like - Sims have little lightening bolts if they like another Sim and it points you to which interactions will go well between them. There's a new part of their personality traits for chemistry and you can change you Sims likes and dislikes, so it brings another dimension. They can scope the room and check out who they fancy.

On top of that, I think that it's good value for money because it means that you can get some new stuff for your Sims without having to spend out on buying a whole expansion pack (which sometimes slows you game down loads anyway - depending on how good your computer is) and it's easier to play than some of the full size expansion packs which are quite complicated for young Sim fans.

I am a massive Sims fan (and I'm not so cynical about EA games and them introducing stuff packs) so on the whole I'd say it great.
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on 3 October 2006
If like mine your PC can't cope with any big expansion packs, this is a nice little extra that helps make your Sim's life a bit more interesting. It won't add hours to your loading, and there is no time consuming moving between sites.
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on 8 December 2010
This addition to the Sims collection is a stuff pack, it's normally a lot cheaper than the expansion packs and as I write this review on Amazon it's about £5 which isn't actually bad when you think about it. I'll go straight ahead and tell you the positive and negatives about Glamour Life.

- I myself really like the furniture, it's really nice and modern and very glamorous!
- Glamour Life is perfect for people who don't like to download custom content from the Internet, if you don't like to do this or whatever applies then stuff packs are really great for additions to clothing, especially at the prices now!

- In my opinion the everyday clothing isn't very good, but there is a large addition to the formal section - which is expected and I do like that.
- Not much is added, it's a stuff pack and I understand that and the amount added isn't going to be loads but I don't think it's a lot.

Overall - it's good, it has pretty good furniture included and some clothes aren't that bad, I guess it depends on your taste.

It's currently listed at £4.99 directly from Amazon and 60 new items are added, so I think it's a good deal myself. It's not an expansion pack, it's a stuff pack - bare that in mind.
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on 13 December 2007
This in my opinion is the 2nd best stuff pack (H&M being first). It has a wide variety of nice clothes and furniture. There are many new art pieces and scuptures and very glamorous clothes. The furniture is modern but at the same time has a slight art-deco theme. The reason why I marked it down a star is because they dont have any new hairstyles which is something I love getting. But its definatly worth buying and I recomend it to everyone.
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on 8 January 2011
The sims 2 glamour life gives your sims all things high end and glam.
Okay so it may not be the best of the sims 2 collection but still way worth buying. The stuff pack includes new furniture, clothes and hair for your sims.
The game introudces the well bred and co collection of furniture, which all have fancy names and look very sleek and elegant. Some of this range include a luxuroius night's sleep double bed, prosperous perch sofa, banquet of six table and first class shelves, plus many more.
My favorite feature is the new art and posters the game gives. They are very unique and will look good on any sims wall. These pictures include pop art and photos of grilled cheese.
Glamour life also gives a selection of classic sculptures and some beautiful fountains for the garden.
The outfits are a little odd, especially the weird dressing gown thingys but the dresses are beautiful, great for the evening with your sims.
The instruction book informs you on the pleasantville tatter and gives some fashion tips.
Overall a good buy for sim fanatics.
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on 26 July 2008
This game from the outside looks really fun but there are hardly any more clothes and these are limited to adults and about 3 for teens. I was really excited by this game but it was a disappointment. The new house items are very limited and they are not even that glam! I think that this game is not worth buying unless its to complete the collection.
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on 29 October 2012
When you first see this game, you think you'll get lots of new outfits and lots of glam stuff ... that's only true up to a point. This is a rather limited expansion pack.

There are new outfits, some of which look great on your Sims, but they're limited only to the adults and even then some of them aren't all that flattering.

If you've got the other expansions and need to add this to have a complete collection, then yes, it is worth it. However, if you're looking to dress up your Sims so they can have better formal outfits and suchlike, I'd recommend a different pack. The Celebration Stuff expansion, for example.
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on 26 January 2013
The Sims 2: Glamour Life is a nice addition to the Sims 2 series. It adds new furniture, clothes and decor items to the game.

So what does The Sims 2: Glamour Life add to the game?
- New Lights
- New Electronics such as a new stereo.
- Pop Art Paintings
- New High End Bedroom Set
- 60 New Glamorous Items
- New fashionable clothes

I found Glamour Life a fairly small addition but certainly not a bad addition. Definitely worth getting especially for any serious Sims fan!

I am rating this addition:
Price: Five Stars
Fun: Four Stars
Overall: Four 1/2 Stars
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