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3.0 out of 5 stars56
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 17 April 2010
This was my very first DS game - it came with my DS. I was so excited, I'd never been on a DS before, not even a friend's or my sister's. I was let down.
The most fun part of the game is the first bit where you design your character and your pet. Since this part was quite fun, I thought the rest of the game would be fun. But it's not. The graphics are awful, they're quite scratchy and a bit blurry. I will admit that the controls are very easy to use and make the game smooth running, but the actual game itself is really rubbish. The owners come with their pets, and I got to the customer straight away and she still complained about my lateness.
You have to check the pets over with the medical instruments and this gets tiring because each time you have to give them food to check if they have worms. You have to buy the food so you waste your food if they don't have worms. Also, if your stylus accidentally leaves the screen then comes back whilst you're stroking the pet, it thinks you're poking it so it's 'love' meter goes down.
This is another disadvantage to the game. The love meter goes down so easily. You have to brush the pet when diagnosing to check for fleas and this makes the love meter go down very much. It also goes down loads when you wash the pet. You have to buy very expensive accessories to make the pet's appearance meter go up and this costs loads and wastes your money. If you don't do this, you don't get paid as much money (as a bonus).
Basically, all you do in the game is waste money on things you don't even need so that you have none left to spend for yourself (like on furniture, ingredients for recipes etc.)
Overall, this game could've been great if:
1) the graphics were better
2) the overall gameplay was improved
3) there were more places to go - you can only go in your house and some park that is rubbish with hardly any people to socialize with
4) the items/pet food (etc.) were cheaper
5) the pets were more fun to interact with
6) it was confusing trying ot keep track of whether or not you've given the pet medicine for 3 days or 2 or not
Sims have let themselves down with this DS release, and seeing as it was my first game, it made me wonder whether all DS games were like this. Luckily, I have had many games since which are loads better than this, like Mario Party and Mario Kart, you should buy them instead. This game isn't worth the money - go buy something else. PLEASE!!
Love mwah xx
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on 28 July 2009
I'm Katie (aged 10). I got Sims Pets for my 10th birthday. I've played on it for days and I still haven't got bored with it. As I found out with my first account, you have to be careful and not spend your money too quickly (as you might end up not looking after the pets properly). You can take your pets for a walk, train them (which is fun). You can have your own pet, design it, dress it or make up a new breed. For my doctors, I have Doctor Seuss and Doctor Doctor, although you can have a third.
You have to look after the pets well or you don't get paid anything. All in all, a pretty good game.
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on 29 October 2006
Very disapointing, you can only go in your house or to a deserted park.No town to visit or people to meet, only clients. I have looked forward to this thinking it would be like Urbz or Sims In The City, but it's not.I can't wait for PSP version where you can visit town and meet people.
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on 28 December 2011
I bought this game with no real expectations. Good thing, since if I had ANY at all, they would have been crushed.

The graphics are nothing short of terrible- chunky sims, limited furniture, choppy animation. The young doctor that you play seems to have no realistic body motion, and the same goes for the pets.

You earn little or no money, comparatively speaking, and the only way to get more money faster is to buy a bigger house. Thus, I was stuck in the same house, repeating the same actions over and over. When I bought the second house available, I found myself repeating the same actions over and over... more times.

All through the game, this annoying muzak plays. There is an option to change it, with a stereo-boombox-thing, but the alternate options are even worse. Even now, after not having touched the game for 6 months, I can still hear it.

Dee dee doo dee dee dee (dooo deee)...

The pets are very limited- in the creation space, you can make a crossbred, which really means making a Frankensteins monster of a pet, with the back of a Chihuahua and the head of a poodle.

The back of the game promises that "maybe even a celebrity or two" will come and visit your practice. My third customer was Hilary Duff. After this, nobody else came.

Overall, this game is really repetitive, with poor graphics and the worst soundtrack in the history of everything.
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on 15 December 2011
I am a huge Sims fan. I have nearly all of the Expansion and Stuff packs for PC, and many for the other consoles such as Wii and DS.
This game is one of my favourites. It is focused on running a veterinary clinic for cats and dogs only, and you also own a cat or dog of your own. The storyline is simple - you make your character, make your dog, move into the home/clinic, start examining the clients' pets and taking them in to care for and tend to, before returning them in a newly healthy condition and recieving payment in return.
The graphics are okay, quite good for the DS. Nowhere near the standard of the PC version, but of course PCs have much better graphics than DS's. Overall, it has better grahics than many of my much newer DS games, and better graphics than the awful Sims 3 on DS.
The creativity is quite limited. You make your character at the start, using very limited clothing and faces, colours for skin and hair, etc. Then you create your pet, which is worse. You can only alter the basics like body shape, coat colour, etc.
The fun factor is the best factor. It's a simple game, but very, very fun. I enjoyed spending money on buying furniture for the clinic/home, buying bigger houses (there are three different ones, each bigger than the last), and buying sewing patterns and materials for the great activity of using the sewing machine (honestly not a joke - I love it.)
I love this game, one of my favourites, great addition to The Sims games. Definitely buy it. The only reason it isn't 3+ is because it's too complicated for very young children to understand.
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on 5 January 2010
EA have sunk to the lowest of the low this time by cocking this game up. It did have potential, Sims 2 WITH PETS FOR THE DS. Nothing can get better than this.

After playing the game, I thought for a moment and concluded: Nothing can get worse than this. Granted Nintendo have dug themselves a massive hole by letting in Shovelware, but this game dosent take the biscuit, it takes the whole damn plate.

The graphics are awful beyond recongition and sanity, Even with the Playstation 1, who arguably had around the graphic capability back in 1995, (Ten bloody years before this game was out!) could have easily topped this and that was a decade old console. The colours are bland and uninspiring. Granted however I still play my Sega Genesis and Playstation 1 games, I was pretty ready to forgive it for the flawed graphics. What I wasent prepared for was, however, it's abhorrent gameplay.

Gameplay in the world of games can easily outshine graphics (often) controls, but this one fails at every hurdle. Imagine what if you were a vet, speaking they pretty alienating Sim language cooking the set meals, and dressing how EA wants to hammers it in. Now add a house, confusing and infuriating control system and a horrible linear pattern of looking after the pets.

I swear that the system is on a cycle, as people seem to come back to me with the same names, (which are utterly absurd, bare in mind) with the same pets... with, lo and behold, the exact same problem. Now, twice perhaps on very little I can understand, a flaw in the engine, but time after time is ridiculous. Once you did your thing with the pets, you sent it back, hoping you would never see them again. But you do, again and again! What the heck!?

Overall, a disgrace to EA, a hashed, shovelware game that should be "shoved" into a bin liner, unless of course playing repetitive, disgraceful flawed shoddy games are to your liking.
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on 4 May 2009
Judging by the front cover of the game, I thought the pets were going to be really life like, the pets would be up to mischief, running havoc everywhere, but no.
The pets don't casue any trouble to be honest, they don't scratch at the furniture or chew anything up, this is all very stupid as in reality, pets just don't do that, they chew things up, they mess in the house and scratch at your funiture, so there goes the reality of the game.
Also, the graphics are actually terribly amusing! If your pets in real life have sharp angles then I think this game represents them then! To be honest, what I am trying to say is the pets are no where near as real looking as your nintendogs, which lets face it, is what people want, to have pets looking like real pets.
Curing the customers pets I find very boring, great after about 5 times, boring from then on.
You get to make your own pet at the start of the game, you can play with it, and teach it tricks, teaching it tricks is pretty simple, they can learn all the tricks in the space of about 5 mins.
Playing with the pet is equally boring, throw the ball, yeah it looks at it, brings it back a couple of times, then you see the energy of the pet decrease and it refuses to play anymore.
Taking the pets to the park might sound exciting, yep it is after about 2 visits it then AGAIN starts to get boring, (I gues you understand what I am gonna say at th end of this review now don't you?!) The park to be honest isn't the most relaistic of parks, not many sims there, except a few, not many pets, looks like they have spend about 30 seconds designing the park and have taken no thought or time to make it look better and to provide it with better facilities.
So overall, yes the game is fun but playing it all the time is a no-no. It all becomes very repetitive and the graphics to say the least aren't fab. I would I guess recommend it for younger players (I'm 14) but then there is a lot of reading, so maybe they wouldn't quite understand it all.
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on 31 October 2006
I purchased this game with hope that it would be a mixture of the DS under the knife operation game, a bit of Nintendogs and a bit of the sims flare.

How wrong can you be!

The graphics are terrible. Its nothing like the quality you get with Nintendogs, everything is poorly done and it looks like EA games haven't even attempted to try. You can either be a male vet or female with about 3 faces and 3 hair do's and then a couple of outfits... nothing like the amount of options you get in the PC games. The characters face is very strange and looks like they have tried to make it realistic but its all gone terribly wrong.

The pets you can choose are a cat or a dog! These are cute but once you get them in your surgery you can't do an much with them until they get sick. I lasted about 30 mins trying the game and then took it back the next day and bought the PC version.

Now thats briliant and the graphics are amazing... don't buy this game unless you want to be really disappointed.

Buy the PC version its brilliant and the animals do so many things to amuse you and act just like real pets.
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on 17 February 2012
-u can cook and go shopping
-u can buy bigger houses

-u cant actually talk to ppl in the park u just choose praise pet or greet or whatever
-they say there will be celebrities but theres only one (hilary duff) and she's like the 3rd customer! i thought they would have rihanna or lady gaga or someone more interesting
-it says the pets scratch the sofa and stuff but they dont cos that would be cute lol
-its hard to remember if u have already given a pet its treatment that day and if u have u only find out when you've already wasted ur money and time!
-u can only stay in ur boring house or go to the tiny quiet park

so plz if u want a pet game get nintendogs its so much better
anyway I hope I helped
from a 12 year old girl
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on 16 November 2006
Im a huge sims fan owning every single game ever released, and once i got my DS i figured, genious! I can keep my addiction intact when away from my PC! But no! This game is a joke! Its so limited its disgraceful. Especially after playin the PC versions. There is no opportunity to let your pets make mischeif because you cant even let them out into your house! You can barely customise them, and the training took me all of 5 minutes to complete! The house you start with is so small with no room for improvement meaning you can only care for 3 pets at a time, limiting your income as the vet, and therefor raising enough money to move to a different house takes FOREVER!

Im realy upset that so many retailers are selling this game as part of a deal with the DS. So many people are going to be let down just like I was, when they realise their first and only game they get with it, keeps them entertained for an hour at the most.

Both the retailers and EA should be ashamed.
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